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Ommallaredpanda chapter 16 . 15h
The plot thickens...
Ommallaredpanda chapter 15 . 11/19
I Am Legend... Huh. Such a good film.
Ommallaredpanda chapter 14 . 11/19
Ommallaredpanda chapter 13 . 11/19
Thank the Force! The angst is eventually here!
Ommallaredpanda chapter 12 . 11/19
I'm all for 9 more chapters of falling apart! Been waiting for too long, if you ask me!
Ommallaredpanda chapter 11 . 11/19
I kind of want to see Ani die before he gets redeemed, turn into a Nazgh or whatever they're called and kill tons of people. But he can't kill padmé.
Ommallaredpanda chapter 10 . 11/19
Please no smut
ArchitectMama chapter 21 . 9/12
I know this story is several years old, but I just discovered it and thought it was wonderful! What a fresh take on a Vader/Anakin redemption and adored the way you wrote Lorne- I could hear his snarky charm in all the dialogue you wrote for him, simply wonderful. Thank you for writing and sharing!
Emmielady225 chapter 21 . 9/11
This was AMAZING! I know you did this, like, 7 years ago, but it's still relevant to the new canon and everything. I super-really enjoyed this story!
The Shogun Warrior chapter 21 . 6/4
This is perhaps one of the greatest fanfiction stories I have ever read on this site. First and foremost, it's a fully completed story with an incredibly satisfying ending (although it is a shame that the sequel - Ad Lucem - will most likely never seen an update since the only chapter was published nearly eight years ago). However, this does not detract from the fact that this story is a literary marvel.

Main cast characters, such as Padmé and Anakin, are very well-written. Their motivations, beliefs, and flaws are believable and fit with their canon interpretations. Furthermore, the characters show considerable development as the plot progresses. On the topic of well-written characters, the OCs are absolutely incredible. They feel authentic and not added for the simple sake of plot progression that would only benefit the main cast of characters, which seems to be a common flaw for many fanfiction stories.

Also, the world-building in this story is phenomenal. Inventing different planes of the afterlife and describing them so vividly is a mighty task, and you managed to completely smash it out of the ballpark. The second world feels realistic and alive, especially with the divisions and unrest between the Core and Outer Rims, and also with the different settlements near Junga Roth; the first world is rarely described, but you gain a sense that the place is akin to that of the Christian Heaven or Nirvana; and the third world was such a magnificently disturbing place with its chillingly grotesque imagery.

And finally, the villains of the story - the Narzgh, Lyonides, and the Sith. The darkness of the story was palpable and the villains casted were excellently implemented. They felt like genuine and dangerous threats with their twisted goals and motives. This dark tone was especially prevalent in the last-third of the story, especially with the gruesome descriptions of the aftermath of several disturbing events. It really set out the feeling that the stakes were beginning to ramp up near the end.

All in all, this story is an example of everything gone right with a fanfiction story. I still hold onto the hope that maybe one day you will revisit your sequel and continue fleshing out the second world and all those living within it. However, if not, I appreciate the fact that you finished this particular story and did so to the best of your ability. I thank you for the genuinely enjoyable experience of reading your fanfiction story and hope that you find great success in any and all of your future endeavors.
RyuuShadow chapter 21 . 5/19
Awesome story! :'D
Wayne Fester chapter 21 . 1/15
The story was amazing. I could stop reading it. I was wondering what hapened to Anikin/ Darkvador after he died saving Luke. It nice to read Anikin ans Padme had a happy ending to their story.
Fouinar chapter 2 . 12/15/2016
(part2, sorry) and I would like to see how everything goes, and more of Obi-Wan.
(Now, I don’t want to be imposing or anything, but if you ever were looking for an idea of a small side-story, well, the idea of Padmé and Qui-Gon talking got me hooked up. Because, if they do talk to each other in the movies, it’s not so honestly for the most part, and I find it funny how they never say the other’s name (or am I mistaken?). There is that distance between them, but they might meet on the topic of Anakin and their love, maybe unconditional, for him. So, I wonder what words they could have had for each other.)

Thank you again, and sorry again, and have some tauntaun again.
Fouinar chapter 1 . 11/24/2016
It is the first Star Wars fanfiction that I am reading, and I am wondering if I haven’t already stumbled upon the best one.
And now I am done reading it. *What have I done?*

I was literally carried away by that story. I swear, for several days, I was only living for it. I am happy it was that long and as enthralling to the end.
I love the world/worlds built. Though, I have to admit that I came in a little dubious ; for : Why would the afterlife be so similar to life? Why this portrayal of death and not an other? And why this one in the Star Wars universe when it seems to suggest otherwise? (In my opinion… I am thinking about what is said about Qui-Gon and his "immortality" at the end of 'Revenge of the Sith', about how he managed to learn the path to it, implying that it is a great and rather rare feat, and thus, not really expected from someone with no Jedi training (or other practices) like Padmé. I guess she could be a regular ghost ( … the common "ghostus domesticus"… I mean ghosts that aren’t blue and telling people to go to Dagobah), haunting the world for her own reasons, but still, giving a second life to everyone, and by that I mean allowing them all to maintain their identity and sense of it, seemed to dull a bit the Force Ghosts to me.) And some things are still puzzling me concerning the spirits. When Anakin was witnessing the celebration with the Ewoks, in what state was he? How was he next to Obi-Wan and Yoda without having deserved his welcome to the first world? Could Luke see him just like he could see his two masters? And did Ben visit Luke again after that? Would he be able to go back and force (*cough*) between him and Anakin, or between the first, second, and living world? Where was he when everyone was scrambling around to save lives/deathes? Why did he come back as his young self? Did Luke’s dead tauntaun met Qui-Gon in the first world?
But even without the answers to all this questions, I have simply seen how good it all worked out. Magnetic! The characters found themselves in situations and positions that were really interesting for them. It looked like it was not the characters pushed into an arbitrary artificial world, but the world and the story weaving about them and grasping on their lose threads. That’s why I couldn’t stop reading. For exemple, I really liked how one can find themself having to live with the people they killed, like Vader with his not competent-enough-subordinates or the people he simply erased to not waste any time, and how that cold decision backfired when he inevitably came to be as dead as them.
So, maybe it was in part because my expectations were not that high and I received a great surprise, but it was mainly because the twists and turns were astutely shaped. The whole thing was solid, clever and beautiful.

I thought the characters were accurately and well portrayed, IC and as lovable as we know them. The OCs were endearing too, appealing and not irking in the least, and they gave a lot of life to the world of the deads (but I also strangely enjoy reminding myself that all those friends I admittedly take for good people are still in the second world for a reason…). Sal’s friendship with Anakin is endearing, Lorne’s antics are decompressing, Padmé needed Freyrr, Lyonides (cool name) is this scary temperamental adult child, Ceetee is so cute!
But most of all, I really loved your depiction of Anakin. The way you see him, the way you describe him, how you handled him. The 45 years old that is again called "kid" — and it suits him. He is intense, particularly in his need to protect and his love for Padmé, and I think we see him doing the same mistake over and over again because of that : considering he actually died because he betrayed his master to save his son, and, now that he is reunited in death with Padmé, he makes the same decision as the one that ended up separating them ("He wasn't consigning her to hell, or letting her do it. He'd damn himself again first."). We see it coming, we wonder if it will happen again, and maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, but it does happen. The question of if he is bound to destroy and repeat his mistakes is relatively important for Anakin, and your story ingeniously introduced it. He chose light to save his son, but that was a moment and he died of it, so, can he actually live with it, can he live up to that choice? Not evident. Well… Ani is that hurricane (or this balance?) (though I might be as much in the wrong as him, that is why he has my love). But we can’t say that he did not learn anything either, and that’s another element I enjoyed greatly in your analysis of him. He is physically back to a young Anakin, but his mind is one of a 45 years old man who went from light to dark to light, and the experience he has gained is not forgotten by him nor by the author. He seems calmer, he knows how to conquer the crowd, he spares attention to some details and not only to the big picture anymore, … What I like is that it is not a return to Anakin, but a synthesis of Anakin and Vader. And it is already very interesting for him in itself, but with the context of the reunion with Padmé twenty years and some "You’ve changed … Come back." later, it calls even more for some questions about one’s identity and how relationships work. There is this sentence, during the first meeting with Lyonides, that is a good illustration of the dilemma : "Such as maturity, control and understanding; all three of which her beloved had lacked to some degree." On one side, we have three newly learnt qualities or skills that make him better, but the "beloved" is on the other. And in the past. But now that they are both dead, the present needs answers.

Padmé was quite touching too. Really sweet. And her relationship with Anakin was really the heart of the story, with its tension, fear, sadness, resentment concerning their children, love. And their first meeting under the rainy night… poignant. It was one of my favorite parts. The other is the fight against Maul. I don’t know when was the last time I have been that absorbed during a battle. Honestly. I couldn’t stop reading. Though, I have to admit that I am not a long-time citizen of the Star Wars fandom, and I haven’t gotten yet into the novels, comics, animated series and stuff… So, I wasn’t familiar with all the references, including their previous aggressive meeting. (And yes, someone serious ought to get to know the canon before reading the fanfiction, but "you’re asking me to be rational, that is something I know I cannot do"!) But even without that, it was an enthralling moment. And it was again a good surprise, as the epic action parts are usually not my favorites. The end of it was a little frustrating, because we will not know for sure if Anakin would have won without the intervention of Padmé and friends, but that’s what living with people is. A mess! Hence, I find this situation interesting for Anakin, because I think this is a part of why he likes robotics and screw up with people : mechanical order is easier to deal with.
And the trip to the third world was hair-raising. The description you gave was impressive, and Padmé’s breakdown gripping. I could all but smell the place. Great moment. With the trial, too.
(However, about Padmé : "Her looks had always been a happy accident, and one that she'd hardly ever considered". I’m not sure about that… She is a bit too much of a fashion master. She already has a huge wardrobe at home when she comes there with Ani.)

Now, on a less positive note, the end, however, did disappoint me a little bit. I had the feeling that it started to become less meticulous in the last chapters, we could fall on typos, repetitions, Padmé’s and Oboné’s accents sometimes tried new options, … The confrontation with Palpatine didn’t insufflate the same enthusiasm as with Maul, the end was somewhat expected, and that’s probably just me (really), but I had some difficulty understanding who was standing where, what the roof of the building looked like, what was broken and what was still standing.
But this last battle gave about the same vibe as the one in 'Return of the Jedi', so it made it still satisfying.

Also, I think Sidious is not an easy character to deal with, so congratulations on taking the challenge. And you gave some insight into the Sith psychology with his "how pathetically mundane" : I guess he is just above life.
But I have been wondering… "I should have followed my first impulse and left you to die on Mustafar, my very treacherous apprentice." : what made you think Palpatine considered that first? Granted, Anakin was in a pretty bad state that suggested he was close to 'useless', but he was still the "Chosen One", and I imagined instead that Palpatine would want to keep him anyway, if only just as an ironic trophy (the Jedi count on him, Palpatine takes him on his side to destroy them). Plus, we actually saw that with this universe’s medicine, saving a half-man burnt to the Anakinth degree is not unimaginable. And if we take a look at how the master treated his other apprentices, Ani seemed more precious than Maul (I’ll get Skywalker later, whatever) or Dooku (Kill, Anakin, kill! Good boy.).

Speaking about Dooku, he was classy! 8D Take that, Sidious!

Not a lot of humor, but when there was, I liked it. Especially "that weird rock formation shaped like a you-know-what" serving as a beacon to save friends.

So… It got a bit unnecessarily long, I’m sorry… I hope I sound more excited than cocky… Please, feel free to ignore the questions... All of that to say Thank You for that great moment and engrossing atmosphere. I dreamt I went to fight Maul myself, had something to look forward to when I woke up, and daydreamed about Anakin a lot! :3
I know it has been some years, but I kinda wouldn’t mind it if you continued 'Ad Lucem'... I don’t know if it will be as exciting now that the big Anakin’s redemption has been accomplished, but I love this universe
Dirtkid123 chapter 21 . 11/5/2016
Thus ends my new favorite Star Wars FANFICTION. This was astonishing, and I found myself at the edge of my seat after every paragraph. I laughed, and I cried... your writing has such power over me! Thank you for writing this, and I hope that I will read more from you soon!
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