Reviews for Life Agendas
lesa.blazer chapter 39 . 2/16
Please continue this series soon
Maja s chapter 22 . 2/1
Snakes don't have eyelids
Maja s chapter 21 . 1/31
I love this!
It's altar not alter.
More often than not, it's than not then.
Nelui Wysteria chapter 1 . 1/16
I have written to you before, a long time ago back when you were still in the middle of writing out "Life Renovations" but I felt the need to comment again. The "Life" series is my favorite book series. A few or more years ago I started reading your story and fell in love with it. Shortly after re-reading it for the 11th time I started to print out each chapter so I would always have it even if you took it down or the Internet collasped. I know some people don't think that a fanfiction can have any more impact on a person and their life than just mere entertainment. But your story means the world to me. It took me to a place where family wasn't about who you were related to, it was about who you would bleed for, and die for, and fight along side. You showed me what it was to embrace who you really are and fight for what you believe in even if the whole world doesn't understand and wants you to be different. And you showed me that it's okay to be a Slytherin and that ambition isn't purely a selfish gain but is also something that shapes world's and empires and protects people. That embracing power is just fine and dandy but embracing ones own power and the power of those that love you is how you find where you belong. I don't really have any critiques for you other than a request that if you should ever become an author for whatever reason please, please let me know so that I can buy your book. In fact I think you may find Y to be an interesting place to start should you choose that path. There are many original stories there all owned and people pay to read them. Thank You, from an inspired follower.
MiaHominaTelosWrit chapter 1 . 12/29/2016
Can you explain the specialized glamor. I don't understand what is being showed to only ppl of a certain age
crmcgarvey chapter 25 . 11/30/2016
floophoenixLing chapter 10 . 10/25/2016
No matter how many time I read this chapteryes, I read numerous time already because this story is amazing!it never failed to make me cried.. literally crying my heart out! I hope u can update the new chapter of Life Crusade soon.. *pout*
crmcgarvey chapter 21 . 10/15/2016
Vu&CNNare. bn. urffuuh
crmcgarvey chapter 3 . 10/3/2016
ludossarah chapter 24 . 8/17/2016
Love, you really need to figure out the difference between using 'then' and 'than'.
DrarrySxRLover chapter 5 . 8/15/2016
love the proposal. I literally squealed!
EdwinBottero chapter 4 . 7/19/2016
Hello !
I just love this chapter, especially the first meeting remembrance ! 3

There's a thing I didn't understand.
You said Ozemir was more than 2000 years old and you also said his first meeting with Brumek was during the civil war (so 500 years ago, wasn't it ?). But Brumek talked about Ozemir as a young one, as he was younger than himself...
I've always understood Ozemir was much older than Brumek.

I guess I miss something. Can you enlighten me ? How old are they ?
Thanks for this beautiful fiction !
mattdombast chapter 37 . 7/13/2016
So sad that we lost talyn
mattdombast chapter 36 . 7/13/2016
mattdombast chapter 34 . 7/11/2016
Yeah I do love the twind
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