Reviews for Masks
Kerohime chapter 1 . 6/27/2008
I love this pairing so much. :D

It was a touching story and you should write more of this pairing! :D
El Nino1 chapter 1 . 6/27/2008
There is a depth to the emotions expressed in this piece that comes across rather well. The dialogue was particularly good; I enjoyed the conversation towards the end. I just have a couple suggestions. It gets a bit vague in certain places. The beginning was hard to follow. I do like the "silver met white" lines and such-just try to be more clear without sacrificing the poetry of it. The other issue is that with all the talk of people falling in love with other people, it gets a little too much like a soap opera. However, you deserve bonus points for focusing on a friendship between the two main characters and having that be what pulls them through. Romantic love is the most commonly written relationship (and written badly most of the time) and I'm always pleased to find another type of relationship take center stage in a story.
Lacto3.1415 chapter 1 . 6/26/2008
Roy: *starts laughing* OMG! ThAt WaS sO fUnNy!

Mewtwo: No it wasn't. Now GET BACK HERE! *pulls Roy out of the Brawl*

Roy: Aw, man!

Good ol' Meta Knight...gotta love that guy.

Meta Knight: Oh yeah, I'm so good!

Marth: *sighs*

Ike: God I hate you...

Marth: I know. Truce?

Ike: Truce. Wait, what?

Toon Link: TAGZERS! *pokes Marth and runs away*

Marth: Okay...

Snake: Ike and I make the best team ever...we should call ourselves teh KEs. Whaddya think?

Ike: Stupid. I kind of like being in "Team Even Lamer."

Snake: Why?



Mewtwo: *knocks Roy out* Sorry about that everyone! *grabs Roy and leaves*

Marth: I kind of miss him actually...

Ganondorf: Hmhmhm...I DON'T!

Marth: Jerk.

Ganondorf: I know.

Ness: This is going nowhere...

Lucas: You're wrong! It's going everywhere! Heh heh!

Ness: Sorry, but no.

Pikachu: Mind if I shock everyone?

Go ahead.

Pikachu: Pi...ka...CHU! *shocks everyone to death* Oh, that's not good...

I don't know...I kind like the whole Marth and Meta Knight pairing...CaUsE yOu CaN nEvEr GeT tOo UnIqUe!

Pichu: Yeah ya can...

*wasn't mature enough to understand that the topic was depression* Aw, man...

Yet again, you have created another fantastic one-shot...yayzers!

Aw, man...I can't say update soon...oh, update your other fics soon then. Ha ha! Ha ha. ha ha...
Herr Wozzeck chapter 1 . 6/26/2008
And since you posted it here, I'm faving it here.

You've read my DA comments. :D