Reviews for Parallelogram
Carole chapter 10 . 2/9/2013
Gorgeous. I love how you blended the Twin Peaks insanity with that of LOM. Sam, of course, is the magician and a fellow traveller as Major Briggs says. And Cooper is not unscathed by his time in the Black Lodge. It is too bad that Twin Peaks is obscure enough that you have so few reviews because this is a wonderful novel that I suspect I'm going to reread many times.
Dark-Sephy chapter 10 . 10/3/2008
Hey, you got me hooked to your great story-telling. I love your Life on Mars stories )

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Twin Peaks but I felt like I didn't need to anyway, I found you integrated the characters well into your story, for me to able to read it without any previous knowledge of Twin Peaks. One funny note, the way you described Major Briggs was really good and it created a mental image of Don S. Davies in my head while reading it. Well, it was funny to find out that the character is played by said actor, so... great descriptive writing.

The story in itself is very interesting and it just kept me hooked up until the end. Fantastic job.