Reviews for Not Just A Bad Dream
WayLowHalo chapter 1 . 6/28/2008
So I can give my opinion of it now, right? Since it's posted and everything. Right?

Well, let me see now, my opinion...

Well, first off, you included one of my all time favorite characters. Major plus right there.

When I was going over it, doing my editing as per usual, and I came across Snape's first line I was so excited! Is he going to be a main part of this story? Cuz you know I'd love that.

Furthermore, I think you're showing a good grasp of Bellatrix's character. Her tendancy to try and make other people look bad and therefore ingratiate herself further into Voldemort's good graces. Know what I mean?

Yeah, she's really rather nasty, that one.

And Lucius. *shakes head* Well, I'm reserving judgement on him for now.

I'm curious tho, on where in the timeline of books this story takes place? Obviously the 7th can't have happened yet.

And since Snape still has to face the Order does that mean Dumbledore's still alive and the 6th book hasn't happened either?

And as for the 5th, well, Lucius made a mess of things in the Department of Mysteries and ended up in Azkaban but he's obviously free here and in relatively good graces w/ Voldemort.

So where does this fit? Just out of curiosity.

I really do like it so far tho! Update soon!