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SMackedCaskett chapter 4 . 3/25/2011
Hey, how about you revive this one, too?

It has one of the most unusual cases I've ever seen and I'd really like to read a conclusion :)

So, if your muse allows it, it would be nice to see this story continue :)
gumfrog chapter 4 . 12/13/2009
please keep writing
temporary relief chapter 4 . 8/6/2008
Alright, I'll review this one too. Geez! Goodness gracious! Heavens to Betsy! Seriously, how many more sayings can I come up with? This is going to be short as I am insanely hyper which is pretty much the opposite of what I should be. They put spacers in my mouth so I can't eat sticky food or solid food for that matter. I guess ice cream has sugar XD

'His hand gently brushed away the smudge of dark soot that must have transferred when she had absently pushed her hair back. For a brief second she thought about how she would kill Danny, who could have hardly avoided noticing it, but the thought drifted away unmissed. “New forensic technique,” she said, grinning. He laughed. “Very scientific.”' Absolutely brilliant! I stole lily's word, but it merits the cause. (Sorry lily) Very amazing! I could so see it happening. It was a brillian Mac/Stella moment, and I do believe I could go on for forever talking about it, but I might just bore you to death.

I loved the Adam scenes. He's such a cutie! And then this line! '“Voice recognition software?” someone asked dryly.' I could so see Mac saying that! Absolutely laugh out loud funny! I do hope you update soon... or else I'll make more empty threats *evil laugh*. You know I would. Yep I'll threaten to come over there and make you change it. Well, you left us off with a spot of hope. Hope you have a fantastic day... sorry that this isn't very long! :D
temporary relief chapter 3 . 8/6/2008
Alright! Alright! You win! I lose! I'm reviewing! But I'm still going to pressure you to get this off hiatus. I'm talking when you're not expecting it. I'm like a ghost.

That was spooky. It was like ghostyish (made up a word, I did, and talking like Yoda, I am). So they're being followed? Cool dos, but not really. I mean that as it's a great add on to an already AMAZING story. Nice save by me... not to toot my own horn.

I bet Danny could drive faster than he's supposed to. I bet Mac does too, but that's for another day. And then boom they're being followed... creepy! This guy can't be good. Well, in your stories you never know which is so fantastically wonderful about your stories. But I have a hunch that he's not a nice guy.

And then boom he's gone! Whoosh, just like that! I think I've surpassed the legal limit of exclamation marks *wink wink* but it merits it.

Alright so let me get this straight... Danny and Stella were being video taped and are now being followed? Wowsers!

Alright I'm onto the next chapter as this one was obviously amazing and incredible and I can't say anything else! Hope you have a fantastic day! :D
marialisa chapter 4 . 7/25/2008
Another crime scene; I was wondering when Lindsay, Hawkes and Jess would make an appearance!

Lindsay's hands covered in blood - I'm looking forward to finding out more about this scene and how the two cases tie together (because I'm guessing they do!)

Poor Adam - I can feel his frustration as he tries to find something that will help the case and understand completely why he said what he said to Mac. The ending has me wishing that I had another chapter to read (hint :)!

This is another perfectly crafted and beautifully written fic and I'll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter (and hopefully work and dying laptops are a thing of the past and I wont fall so far behind again!)
marialisa chapter 3 . 7/25/2008
Curiouser and curiouser (isn't that a line from Alice in Wonderland?) - the case (and the mysterious biker) becomes more and more intriguing!

Danny's driving made me smile - I can imagine he'd drive like that and that he'd be able to recognise a bike again!

So Stella has remembered that Grace was still talking when the train pulled in and is trying to remember what she said (or the shapes her mouth made so she can try to work it out) - I suspect this is important but as I know you like your herrings a vivid shade of red it may be nothing!

More information about Grace has emerged with the news that she has recently had an abortion and I'm sure this will all start to fall into place...eventually!

Your writing is as excellent as always and I'm completely hooked!
marialisa chapter 2 . 7/25/2008
Nice characterisation of Flack - he woudl make a crack as long as he knew Stella was safe. Loved the conversation about crowds at a concert and Mac's confusion.

The case has grabbed my attention now. The apartment completely cleaned out, scrubbed with bleach and then everything burned had me feeling very curious and then you go and throw in the camcorder recording them and I'm intrigued. Nice thing about being behind is I get a couple more chapters to read straight away!

You always write Mac and Stella well and this is no exception, but I also loved your characterisation of Danny and Flack too.

Off to read the next chapter...
marialisa chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
Seriously behind with my reviews - very, very sorry!

Loved the description of the city coming to life around Stella as she clutched her coffee - so very New York. Everything so normal - the coffee being spilt; Stella thinking she shoudl have left earlier; just missing the train; playing 'guess the crime' (which I loved too!). Everything so normal, lulling us into a false sense of security and then the woman appears, with her face of 'panicked urgency' and then nothing is usual about the day.

The ending was clever. As Stella and all about her are shocked and horrified by what has happened the automated warning shows us that life continues around us without any acknowledgement of what has just happened.
nomorewriting chapter 4 . 7/20/2008
GO Adam! Tell us what you found! This is an excellent case-fic. Creepy and intriguing. Looking forward to more.
ChibiDawn23 chapter 4 . 7/18/2008
I hate not having Internet. I'm so far behind right now... :(

Anyway, now that I've had time to catch up, two very awesome chapters. You weave this mystery together well, I wish I had time to go back and read through these again to see if I can pick anything out (but you're so good I probably won't until it all comes together later).
sarramaks chapter 4 . 7/18/2008
Nice opening, the description is lovely - great imagery. The second sentence is fragmented - it would read smoother with 'In one alley in particular, it wrapped...'.

Nice contrast with the second paragraph.

As Hawkes is now a CSI its unlikely he would carry a liver probe (although excuse me if he has done in the series, which he may have). I know he's analysed TOD and COD from observations though.

I'm somehow doubting motive was robbery :)

I like Lindsay here, she is very in character, quite humanly flawed too.

I know, the cat's the murderer - one of mine regularly murders frogs!

I love the description of Stella's heels as the only sound - very evocative!

Great last line, very anticipatory!

Apologies for the late review - busy busy week.

chrysalis escapist chapter 4 . 7/15/2008
I loved the description of the evening falling, complete with the personification as 'it wrapped gently around a woman who was oblivious to the cooling air, and to the dew condensing on her cold skin and in the folds of her clothes' and what a wonderful way to say that there is a dead body! And I really wonder what happened to her. Also loved this bit 'The dusk was encroaching while she worked. Shadows swept around her as she moved, darkness drifting to collect into pools around and under dumpsters, in corners of the thresholds of the tightly sealed doors, and along the joins between floor and wall.', a brilliant description! The use of the rustling sound as Lindsay approaches the crates was excellent. I have a feeling the cat was a 'witness'? Blood on her hand, oh dear!

Another line I loved 'The dusk pressed against the windows of the crime lab, repelled for now by the glass, and the lights.' Your use of light and dark is just so good. And like magic the moment I reached the line about the motorbike one pulled away outside my window! I understand Stella's hesitation to tell Mac but I hope she won't have to regret it! I loved Mac brushing the smudge off her forehead and the gentle teasing underlying their conversation. But I have a feeling Stella isn't going to get much proper coffee in this story ;) I loved this bit though, and as before, I know the feeling...

Loved Adam, and the details you give us of what he sees on the various feeds are very interesting. I have a feeling though the decisive moments are the ones missing on the camcorder, very curious what you have in store for that. Also, what Grace is 'telling' Adam. Also loved the interaction of Mac and Adam, it seemed very much like them!
Lionessmon chapter 4 . 7/15/2008
WEll done, very good chapter. You are keeping me in the dark and I am loving every minute. Keep up the great work and post soon.
Queen Em chapter 4 . 7/14/2008
Oh spooky, how has Lindsay got blood on her hand after stroking a cat? I liked the little interaction between Mac and Stella, they so belong together! As for Adam, well he is silly, I like how you show his as earnist and desperate to be approved of. Interesting story and I;m looking forward to where you will take this.

SallyJetson chapter 4 . 7/14/2008
I admire Lindsay's guts in trying to determine what's making the rustling noise. But what did she touch that put blood all over her glove?

I really like this detail about Adam, 'After several hours spent staring at the screen, he half expected to see the whole world in monochrome when he looked away from it.' Again another interesting detail with the camcorder supposedly stopped and then restarted. Why?

And now I have to know what it is that Adam saw! Update soon!
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