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Bluewolf80 chapter 5 . 8/26
I can definetly see Draco doing something like that!

There seem to be more grammar mistakes and typos as this story progresses. That is dissapointing. I know it's completed but I hope to see it cleaner as I read on.
SlytherinLegacy 338 chapter 30 . 8/16
wow, what an interesting story. i found this rather fulfilling, though an epilogue would of been nice lol

happy writing! 8D
mythrica chapter 7 . 8/12
Loved the 'tip of the hat' to The Wizard of Oz. That quote is one of my favorites.
Krazyangelkat chapter 30 . 8/7
I have recently been reading your works some for the first time (harry Crow) and others for a second or third time, and it is amazing to see the progress you have made in your writing style. I loved this the first time i read it and again when I re-read it but now that I have read Harry crow and some of your other works I see where you have developed as an author. I hope you continue to churn out excellent fic, maybe I will wish you more cold icky weather so you will stay in and type more fics for us. :) jk you deserve lot of sunshine for the great work presented here.
suziq968 chapter 30 . 7/25
I don't know how you followed this. I do know that everything of yours I have read I have loved. You have a great talent and I thank you for sharing it with us.
Akumi99 chapter 7 . 7/25
Okay...I was loving everything even though it was all a little extreme and very much sudden superharry in plot, but I am a little put off with Hermione being suddenly one hundred percent okay with her husband holding a girl she knows for a fact loves and lusts after him all night and then even joking about and letting said girl kiss harry in front of her. Then suddenly they're adopting said girl that's really one year younger than them or if you take the magical sudden growth in account, only a few years younger? It doesn't match her character and I don't know any woman that is secure enough to let someone that loves their husband in a sexual way kiss him and then invite her into their family. That's insane. Unless they were going for a stable triad, then more power to them, but that's not what's happening here. It doesn't match up with hermiones insecurities you've given her or her shows of (completely normal and healthy) possessive behavior to suddenly be okay with this situation and even almost encourage it by laughing and joking about it.

I've noticed this is also a running theme in your stories, where harry plays this big brother role to other girls that have well known romantic feelings for him and he acts in an overly affectionate way and even sometimes let's them kiss him or he holds them close and it sends really awkward signals to me every time. I'm all for long comforting hugs for a friend and even a kiss on the cheek when they need some affection, but him acting like a suave boyfriend with every one of his female friends is really off putting. A chaste boyfriend, but still more touchy feely and romantic than I think any sane real girlfriend or wife of his would be comfortable with.

Most of the time it's Luna that fills the role of being suddenly awkwardly close to harry but not his girlfriend role and I love her character and that she gets a better deal in your stories, but if you want Ginny or Luna to land harry, then do it that way. If you want a triad, well, you've already figured that out with a few stories. If you want Hermione to be his real love, then have her be treated like it in actions as well as words. I just always feel like Harry suddenly becomes this suave smexy beast and he gets to cuddle, kiss, and give gifts to any and all girls in his acquaintance while using the blanket statement of them being friends or seeing them like sisters. Where's hermiones harem of males she's allowed to do the same to?

I'm not an insecure person, but I know all about being one as I went through years of therapy to deal with my insecurities and have faced them head on. Still, now that I'm more confident person, I wouldn't be comfortable with my husband cuddling and kissing someone else that I knew wanted him for themselves. They can totally be friends because I trust my significant other, but that's crossing a line I think almost everyone can agree on unless we all agreed to an open relationship or triad. I think it's disrespectful that all these girls are able to cling to harry and him welcoming it and then Hermione suddenly doesn't have insecurities anymore and is okay with it all. You can't establish her being insecure about him being attracted to her one moment and then the next having her okay with another girl kissing him. It doesn't make sense.

Or if you're going that way at least have Hermione have some close male friends that worship her or are allowed to kiss and cling to her. Of course Hermione doesn't let anyone else act like that with her though because she respects harry and only has eyes for him. Please have a little more equality in this no matter which direction you go.

I have read most of your stories and that means I generally really enjoy the trips into your worlds where harry kicks ass and is smarter and the love Hermione with him. So please take my comment as constructive criticism and not an attack. I like the twists you introduce into the world and the story is always entertaining and a fun read. I think maybe I read too many in a row in the last few days and the things I found just a little annoying became bigger because the other stories that had the same things were fresh on my mind.

The main formula your stories follow is harry becoming smarter and more powerful in some way, some fun character bashing, hermiones parents suddenly being involved in everything, a female friend of Harry's being his semi platonic "sister" figure, and them changing the wizarding world. I adore harry being more confident and smarter, I love well thought out character bashing, or just pointing out there flaws in a very blunt way and making no excuses for them, I also enjoyed seeing a little more of the parents feelings and reactions and I absolutely adore the problems at the core of the wizarding world being addressed and changed.

I just kind of want to see a little less of the parents and Dan's always present fatherly anger and my feelings on the awkward "sibling/friendly" relationship has be overly well addressed. Those two things are very much present in every one of your stories, some more pronounced than others, and they either get a little annoying to me or creep me out. I also feel hermiones blind devotion to harry can be somewhat described in a way that's a little unhealthy, but there could be an argument for that being cannon and I won't comment more on that.

I do think she gets regulated into Harry's shadow or sidekick a little as Harry's always conveniently slightly (or a lot) more powerful than her and he's suddenly just as smart or smarter than her too. I'm not a raving feminist, but a little bit more girl power and having her fight her own battles and making her own changes would be nice. I'd like to see more into how much changing the world means to her and how the bigotry, assaults she's faced, and the demoralizing aspects of the wizarding world has effected her. You kind of just focus on Harry's pain of his past and leave hers out completely or brush over it or generalize it. Even Luna and Ginny get more character depth with their past hurts explained and explored. Hermione just ends up getting revenge or more often harry gets revenge for her.

Even in one story she was almost gang raped and choked out, saw people's arms cut off and even laid in their blood but was miraculously over it in the same night with no emotional damage whatsoever. However, in that same story, every hurt harry ever went through was gone over and his emotional scars were explained. I understand loving harry as character and it's clear he is the main character in all your stories, but you put Hermione there too and I just feel she should get as much fleshing out as him. Having her parents there all the time means a bigger part of her character's life is there, but her character itself is kind of in the cutout category if you don't expound on her as more than the grangers daughter and Harry's love. Even in the story where she had all the memories from the future and should have been severely emotionally scarred, Harry was the one who's nightmares you focused on and he became the leading authority and person people listened to. Even her having to be protected from malfoys sexual assault in that story was glossed over in a few lines. It's like she can get tortured, gang raped, and killed and she'll be fine but Harry's childhood and any nightmares are much more emotionally damaging and must be the focus.

Still, all complaints aside, you're now a favorite author and I understand I won't like everything in a story and the writing is something a writer should do because they enjoy it and want to share something they create, even fanfiction. You should always write what you enjoy and have fun doing it because otherwise there's no point. I do, overall, truly enjoy your stories and can see a huge improvement in writing style and your writing talent as I've read through your stories from the first to the most recent story you've published here. Well, I've only read up to this chapter on this story so far, but I'm enjoying it and consider it very well written for a first fanfiction. My first fanfiction is easily a hundred times worse and embarrassing to me, so I'm impressed.

I just hope you keep writing and hope you maybe start branching out from the same formula you've been using and explore creating more flushed out characters. I do have to say one of the things you do an absolutely amazing job at is always showing the other side of revenge and effects it causes. It's the same story where I disliked hermiones issues being glossed over. Hermione sends them both back to the past in a ritual and they enact revenge/stop the people they know will be problems before they become said problems. I really loved your ability to show the emotions of the people that lost someone to the revenge/premtive strikes and even seeing the villains suffering in a way that makes them a little relatable or at least more human. I like that it wasn't just passed over and that the consequences were shown for the people that had to live with losing someone or someone that was bad getting hurt, because even the bad guys sometimes have someone that loves them. That's life. A few of your other stories show this same thing as well and I love it and applaud you. I just wish Hermione got that same courtesy and emotional depth.

Anyway, I love your stories and I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm such a horrible person when it comes to reviews. They always come out sounding more harsh than I mean and my social ineptitude doesn't get better even in writing to someone over the internet so I generally don't comment. I just figured I read so many of your stories I should make one huge comment at the very least. I hope your life is going well and please keep writing!
Books85 chapter 26 . 7/24
About your question at the top of the chapter; it is not profiting from writing fanfiction if you save money by staying home and writing since you could also have saved the money by not writing but staying home to watch the tele. If course, the one makes you a creative person, admired by your readers while the other makes you a couch potato.
Hmmm.. if you were to switch read fanfiction for watch the tele you would get, ahem, me. Oh dear.
Thank you
Just call me couch potato.
SnowWolf43 chapter 30 . 7/18
Sorry I just got to your fic just this sat and I'm sorry I never saw it before now. It is and was a Wounderful fic
PLEASE READ ME chapter 1 . 7/16
what is: I hope some growing up?
Jasmine R. Evans chapter 15 . 7/17
Tilty.bbb chapter 30 . 7/14
This was a fantastic read well done
StephanieTronco chapter 5 . 7/13
Why did u kill Draco?
VioletBuckbeak chapter 1 . 7/8
Wow that is some kiss if it can take out the horcruxes and all corruption in a single blow
IncandescentOne chapter 30 . 7/6
That was lovely, I think it moved rly fast at the beginning and then slowed to a nicer pace, perhaps you wanted to skip to the bit you were interested in or perhaps you were changing how you wrote as you went? Either way this story is rare in that the beginning was the romantic interaction rather than the end, it was nice and very well done :) Plenty of good feels, got a smile on my face!
Harmony Lover chapter 30 . 7/1
There is no way this was your first story! I thought it was written by someone who had written stories their whole life! It was a great story and it ended perfectly and at the right time. If it was any longer we would wish it to finish, if it was shorter we would be sad it ended early but it was perfect!
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