Reviews for Swords and Sorcery
NevemTeve chapter 1 . 10/2/2008
It was a good and original idea (I liked the thougth of Neville becoming a rescue hero), and there were many really touching and exciting points in it.

Still it was a bit too long for a oneshot, at least some section-separators should have been added in between the scenes.

PS: Maybe the external references (StarWars, MrBean) could have been left out.
Matt Quinn chapter 1 . 9/12/2008
It would probably have been best to break this up into multiple chapters instead of one long one.

Ginny an abusive girlfriend? Tsk, tsk. She could be obnoxious, but I don't see her physically assaulting Harry and I don't see Harry, he of the anger management issues, taking it.

In an interview, Rowling said that Hermione, as a Ministry official, went about erading "oppressive pro-pureblood laws." I would imagine this might be one of them.

In the Ministry confrontation scene, it was difficult to tell who was talking. Was it Lucius Malfoy who said that having the Weasleys duel was a joke?

An animated fencing dummy? Interesting concept. It is something that the wizards would come up with, I think.

I found Lucius's comment about his shampoo amusing.

I see you've brought in Draco's interview-canon in-laws, if "Greengrass" is who I'm thinking of. I think it's "Greenglass" though.

Daphne's sister died in the war? I see you wanted to get rid of Asteria/Astoria. :)

I do like the comment about a maniacal barber.

Not sure what's going on at the end. Did Neville and Cho actually marry? They're certainly rather close now. :)
1angelette chapter 1 . 6/30/2008
The slow-and-yet-fast development of N/C's relationship really, REALLY worked for some reason.

Small flint: Earlier, Luna named herself as Neville's second, but later Neville asks Harry to do it. Is he, like, unconfortable with the idea of Luna in the position or something?

Noddy made it into the fic! Noddy made it into the fic! Noddy made it into the fic!

You do a good job of carefully balancing the roles of the other members of the Sextet, always giving a little dialogue here and a little dialogue there.

Was the conjunctional reference to retching and Harry being glad he wasn't potentially marrying Draco a shout-out to that bit of the DT where Harry puked at that whole brothel thing? ...nah.

Subtle Dead!Astoria BRILLIANT.


Wutteheck is Leon Paul? A British store or something?


Darth Vader ROTFL.

Dumble... dore... Lemon... Drop... Disorder... *laughs*

Wait. It's... over? No! Fluff, though, and my teeth are rotting. Nicefic.