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Haruhi haters chapter 1 . 8/21/2016
The next day, Haruhi woke up in her room with her face and head aching from all of the smashing, punching and slapping it had taken the day before. She wailed as she felt her face and head. There were bandages on her cuts and slap marks on her face. Her nurse aided them while she slept and a large breakfast had been prepared by her servants. Haruhi got out of bed, walked to her mirror and looked at herself as she ran her hands over her head and face. It reminded her of past incidents alongside yesterday's incidents at North High School and caused her to grow angry at all of them, including all the four of them, especially Kyon and Mikuru and even Yuki and Itsuki who just broke, cut and sever all the ties and all the other ties with her all because they were fed up with her tyrannical behavior so they want nothing nor nothing else to do with her anymore so she felt whole all the huge entire depressed rage burning and all of her blood bubbling and boiling up inside of her. "Here, here, Princess. I have your breakfast, especially prepared for a poor girl who had a rough day. This is a large feast, prepared just for you." It was her servant bringing her a large grand breakfast but Haruhi neither did nor said neither nothing nor nothing else but continued to glare at her head and face in the mirror as she was still fuming about all of her four former slaves and all of her other former slaves with pure rage, hatred and disgust. "Princess ... come and get your delicious meal." She took Haruhi under her arm and walked her over to the table to sit her down for the meal but Haruhi just finally exploded with pure rage at the top of her lungs at last. "NO I DON'T WANT THIS! GET IT OUT OF MY ROOM!" Haruhi screamed in rage. "But Haruhi, we spent all morning preparing this for you. You looked so tired when you arrived back from yesterday. What happened yesterday, Haruhi?" "THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! GET THIS OUT OF HERE ALREADY!" Haruhi demanded her servants to remove the feast from her chamber. They looked at each other as they were puzzled. One of them begun to lift Haruhi onto the chair so that she could spoon-feed her. "You love our meals, Haruhi." She said as she moved the spoon towards Haruhi's mouth. "Here it comes ... open wide ... just take small little bites–" Haruhi angrily knocked the spoon out of her hand. "I SAID TAKE IT AWAY!" Her plate was thrown across the chamber. Then she got up on the table and begun ruining the food, squashing the fruits, tearing the fish and throwing all of it into the shallow pool below. Soon the table was overturned and she continued to throw food at the servants. They watched in horror as Haruhi ruined the feast they prepared for her. A few hours later another servant arrived at her chamber. "Good day, Princess." Haruhi rudely ignored him. "You've quite made a mess. Your parents are unimpressed and they'd like you to clean it up. All of it. It's an insult to all who lived in this chamber before you desecrated it as you've done. It's also an insult your attendants who prepared your breakfast this morning today–" "NO YOU CLEAN IT!" Haruhi rudely interrupted. "Your parents have asked you to clean it, young lady. I won't disrespect their wishes, and neither you will. Now get to work please." Haruhi rudely stuck her tongue out at the servant with pure disgust as she stormed, stomped and stamped to approach the soggy mess in the water now polluted with the foods from her breakfast. She snatched a cantaloupe and threw it at him. "That's quite enough. I'll report your disobedience to your parents. Since you're unwilling to follow their orders, I'll send a group of my staff to your chamber to have it cleaned for you. They won't be happy with you and neither will your parents. You'll now resume your regular duties for the day. Lord Jabu-Jabu's patiently awaiting his meal. Now go to the fountain and prepare it at once!" Then he departed. "YOU STUPID SERVANTS!" Haruhi yelled as she rudely stuck her tongue out with pure disgust again. Haruhi recently refused to do her duty of preparing the daily meals for Lord Jabu-Jabu as usual. The reason behind Haruhi's pure rage is because the whole entire S.O.S. Brigade was already disbanded for good all because of Haruhi's constant tyrannical, insufferable behavior so Kyon and Mikuru even alongside Yuki and Itsuki were all finally fed up with her controlling, insufferable, tyrannical demands at last so they all ended their friendship with her for all eternity so they all broke, cut and severed all the ties and all the other ties with her for good. All of her former slaves and all of her other former slaves finally stood up to her at last just to tell her off to teach her a lesson until she finally learned her lesson at last so she'll make more progress than ever. Everybody and everybody else really hates her now with passions all because of her constant insufferable negativities. They all burned all of Mikuru's customs and all of Mikuru's other customs, deleted all the and all the other pictures of Mikuru, hacked their computer, broke their computer, stole their computer back, altered the S.O.S. Brigade, deleted all Mikuru posts and all the other Mikuru posts and any articles, any other articles, act super normal during meetings just to teach her a lesson, they all ignored her, one of them girls said "Kyon, you're mine now!" then one of the other girls proceed to to pounce on him and kissed him, they even brought Asakura back and set her on Kyon, stole all of their cameras, burned all the S.O.S. Brigade flyers and all the other S.O.S. Brigade flyers. They all finally left the wretched club for good without any nor any other gratitude nor goodbye at last. Nobody nor nobody else could care less anymore at all. Nobody nor nobody else misses her at all. They were all finally glad that Haruhi was finally, easily punished at last like detention after school so no more slaveries nor tyrannies nor S.O.S. Brigade club. That Haruhi Suzumiya was especially nothing nor nothing else but in a really, entirely bad, miserable mood. She finally got what she really deserved at last all because she made everybody and everybody else around her just as miserable and unhappy as she was. Nobody nor nobody else wants to be around her the same way nobody nor nobody else wants her around them either. Everybody and everybody else was finally free from her now. Everybody and everybody else was finally feeling better at last now except Haruhi who had taken it very badly, hard and the hardest. A few days ago, Haruhi had forgotten to arrive at the fountain to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu all because she was too busy having too many and many other angry thoughts about her former slaves. When she came the next day, one of the Japanese servants said. "Now, Haruhi, you forgot to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu yesterday, and he was very hungry. I had to feed him for you and his meal was three hours late! Try to arrive timely everyday to feed the great lord. You owe your heritage to him and forgetting to feed him is a clear sign of disrespect and directly against orders from your parents." Haruhi just angrily yelled within pure rage. "I DON'T CARE! NOBODY NOR NOBODY ELSE GIVES ME ORDERS! I'LL DO WHATEVER I WANT BECAUSE I'M A PRINCESS AND YOU'RE A STUPID SERVANT!" "That's not very polite, Haruhi. Respect is something all Japanese royals alongside all the other Japanese royals have for each other regardless of their position or title. You should be controlling your temper more, Miss Suzumiya. You should be more respectful, more polite and nicer to the others too, young lady! That's not very polite to raise your voice either!" Haruhi rudely stuck her tongue out at the servant with pure disgust before she stamped, stomped and stormed to prepare the meal. She caught large fishes from the water, placed them on a large tray as she violently banged and slammed the tray in front of Jabu-Jabu as loud as possible violently. She glared at him with a entirely, purely disgusted, hateful, dirty, cold, stuck-up look as she impatiently yelled. "WELL JUST HURRY UP AND TAKE IT ALREADY! I SHOULDN'T EVER EVEN BE FEEDING YOU. I'M A PRETTY PRINCESS AND YOU'RE A...YOU'RE JUST A... BIG...OLD, UGLY WHALE!" She shouted at him with pure disgust and stamped, stomped and stormed off away. As if on cue, Haruhi's yelling was still heard from the outside. It wasn't too long when she emerged from outside with her face still entirely pure beat red, her eyes still glared with pure rage and hatred, her clenched hands tightly balled up in fists, her teeth were tightly gnashed together with pure rage, hatred and disgust. "WELL ORDINARY, NORMAL REALITY SUCKS ANYWAY!" Haruhi shouted at the top of her lungs with pure rage, hatred, anger and fury as she begun to turn to stamp, stomp and storm away from the outside as she begun stamping, storming and stomping down the hallway. Everybody and everybody else suddenly stopped what they were doing as they watched Haruhi stamp, stomp and storm down the hallway. Haruhi rudely ignored them for she knew they all were giving her their undivided attention. Then she finally made it to her room at last so she violently burst and slammed the door open, stamped, stomped and stormed in and violently slammed the door with a huge, entirely, purely, very loud bang/shut alongside so much forces alongside startling roars that it echoed throughout not only just the halls but the whole entire Suzumiya household. Everybody and everybody else looked at each other in confusion. Haruhi, in her growing anger, wanted to get revenge on all of four former personal slaves, especially Kyon and Mikuru and even Yuki and Itsuki for their disagreement with her.
Haruhi Suzamya chapter 1 . 6/16/2015
that was the best thing Ive ever read there was absolutely nothing wrong with it what so ever. My favorite part was when I hit Sora in the face with a newspaper. I really think you hit spot on. the only thing you could have fixed was me hitting kyon instead. Thank you for the amazing read and ide like you to make more in the future.

P.S. I really think that there should have been more me in that story.
Eli-Hazuki chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
Haha, this is very good :D You should have finished the story with Sora,Roxas and Riku finally ending the dance, or maybe you could have made a whole story with this xD
Tinyterror chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
poor Riku... I am in too much shock and awe to say anything else.
Perpetual Dreams chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Kaorei chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
LOL. "Mikuru's big..eyes." This was hilarious!
PandoraMagic chapter 1 . 10/6/2010
Omg. Am I suppose to be easing an eyebrow at this? Cause I am! Loled!
The Alice Queen chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
Oh, yes! See? Haruhi knows what she's doing when she decided to remove Riku's top first! :)

As always, Beijing Express, your works are fantastic and always leave me in a good mood! In my opinion, it was a great crossover option! XOX
Drake Nolsa chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
Riku, you may be cool, but no one goes against the Brigade Leader! You think about making this into a series? It'll be funny to see Sora and the rest sent into the SOS Brigade.
TwiDawnLight chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
This... is the comedy of LIFE! XD

I absolutely loved it!

Claudii chapter 1 . 11/28/2009
I laughed so much when reading this people who heard me would have thought I was insane!

You are a great writer, please keep writing more KH fanfic!

seetheotherworld chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
This is a great story. It was the first one I read on this site and I just couldn't stop laughing. I don't know how you came up with the idea but just keep them coming. But I think the thought of the KH guys having to wear girl outfits is a bit ott.
Deven711 chapter 1 . 9/25/2009
LOL! Great crossover! I love both Kingdom Hearts and Haruhi and this was one of the best crossovers I've read yet!
Shade the Bat chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
LOL cant LOL breathe LOL
Uta Nishikawa chapter 1 . 6/24/2009
This is SO funny. How you thought of this, I'll never know, but it made me laugh SO hard. I loved the end. I'd been waiting for Riku's turn for torture. lol
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