Reviews for Guardians Saga
One Lucky Unicorn chapter 2 . 6/11/2013
Still enjoying this a lot, and a lot of my praise from before still stands. I don't have any concrit this time.

Okay, the scene with the gargoyle beast pup soon-to-be-named Nudnik, Bronx, and Graeme, was very cute, and I like how the kids seem to be bonding with Hudson. Also, I like how you've included both Sata and Katana in here. I haven't read the Gargoyles comics, so I l know little of Katana, but truth be told I personally prefer Sata's design, and I like her personality too. Poor little Lex, I hope he'll either get a friend or a love interest in here at some point.
One Lucky Unicorn chapter 1 . 5/24/2013
Hola! :) I honestly don't have much in the way of criticism for this. Your grammar and spelling is good, the characters were all in character, and you understand how pacing works. You also use description quite well. The few errors I did notice I'm sure were completely unintentional/or missed, given the lack of misspellings throughout the chapter. Here are the ones I picked up on:

"Why is this many might wonder. It's because of the artifacts that lead to gargoyles." - The first sentence should end in a question mark.

"The museum is a favorite for these peace-thinking New Yorkers" - "Peace-thinking" sounds a bit odd. Maybe "peace-minded" might work better?

"Did ye lads bring yuir radios incase the lass tries tae reach ye?" - "In case" should be separate.

"She too wore a modified kimono of midnight blue with embroidered sakura and Lillie blossoms. - I think Microsoft Word gave you the wrong version of lily.

"The male looked over his shoulder and said, "Uchi da! Koko kara zenbu hajimatta no!" "I'm home! This is where it all started!" - Is the second sentence supposed to be a translation of the first into English? If so, I think FF . net borked your coding. It did the same thing when you had Nicole St. John talk about the Wyverns' website, only it completely removed the site address in that instance.

The mysteries you've set up are intriguing. Lyath Wyvern is obviously more then he seems, though how he's connected to Goliath I have no clue. I recognize that red-headed swordsman , but I'm wondering how on earth he became mixed up with the gargoyles in the first place. I reckon *that* will be an interesting tale. I haven't read TGS in its entirety, but I am fairly familiar with it. I can't wait to see how you've put your own spin on TGS stories and what these new characters bring to table. I'm going to try and R&R a chapter of this fic every week at least.

BTW, I like Lex's new get-up. :)
Kenshin's Soul chapter 25 . 6/18/2010
Is this truly the end? Or are there more? O_O

Very interesting. Thailog was holding a soul.

I think I'm beginning to understand why you spelled Constantine a different way. I didn't realized you were showing us there were two souls in on body - or is three? There's that Lamen person.

Oh, I just realize the fic's not quite over because we need to know how the other battles went. Did Kenshin and the gang survived and so on.

I shall await for you next chapter if there is any.
Kenshin's Soul chapter 23 . 6/18/2010
Sanooosukeee! Woohoo! You're right it wouldn't be right not to have Kenshin's battle partner! Awesome!

LOL wouldn't be be a fic without Hiko. XD

Oh you know what's funny? New Moon is the name of Cutter's, of Elfquest comic book, sword. In the RK manga, in the bonus story the Hiko from the warring states, his sword name is Crescent Moon. Did you give a name for 13th Master's sword? Just curious.

Two more chapters to read. :D
Kenshin's Soul chapter 20 . 1/1/2010
I read four chapters tonight (chaps 17 to 20). Whew! Pretty long.

Wow! There are gargoyles in Egypt? Now that's neat. XD It'd be very interesting to see them in ancient Egyptian style clothing. _

Hopefully in time, Demona will help out her former clan and maybe she'll like humans. ;

Thailog is Goliath's twin brother? O_O Wow.

Maybe see Kenshin again? x
Firehedgehog chapter 12 . 5/27/2009
love it
Kenshin's Soul chapter 12 . 3/29/2009
Wow! I read three newest chapters. _ It's good to know that Kenshin will look after the New York clan.

I really miss watching the Gargoyles on TV. Someday I'll buy all the DVDS. I have most of them on tape from the 1990s. Japan was my favorite ep. _ Maybe you can draw Kenshin next to the leader of Ishimura clan in either a human form or a gargoyle form. XD

That's next with the whole of Goliath's family is together.

I'm a tad confused. Is Rael a grandson of Odomus? Or something? -_- He called Goliath "brother".
Kenshin's Soul chapter 7 . 3/21/2009
Aw! I thought for sure that Kenshin's the only one from 1880s. I had thought his friends had died from old age and he was immortal, considering he was a long time friend with the Wyverns. Oh well.

Hmm black gi and dark gray hakama? He sounds really good in those colors. XD

Two more chaps to read!
Kenshin's Soul chapter 6 . 3/21/2009
Wowee! Who would have thought that Demona is Constantine's descentant? O_o

You portray Demona so well. How like of her from the TV series. _

But somehow I can't help sorry for her in some ways.
Kenshin's Soul chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
I'm not sure what happened but I think ate my review for chpater 2. _ Got to redo again.

Ah, that answers partial to my Kenshin question.

Now to know how did Kenshin met the Wyverns and why.

I love Brooklyn's family. I love his wife's name - Katana. :D His babies are cute and I love their little pet. So cute! XD

I'll still alot of reading to do. :D I'm loving it so far.
Kenshin's Soul chapter 1 . 3/17/2009
Wah! I can't believe no one reviewed you! *hugs the poor dear*

Katana means sword. It looks weird when you have "katana blade". Maybe just leave the word katana and hopefully everyone knows it means sword. It also helps to put the terms at the end if you use any Japanese word other than Kenshin's. *grins*

Speaking of Kenshin, I'm very curious how he got hired by the Wyverns. Is Kenshin AU or is he from the past like the Gargoyles or close to it? I'll just I'll have to keep reading. Heh heh. ;

From your fic - "“It is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand and what they fear, they often seek to destroy. That is something I hope to change. These beings may only seek to understand us, or even to live among us as friends. If we succumb to fear and bigotry and try to destroy them before we’ve had a chance to understand them . . . I fear the repercussions would be terrible, and we would regret it.”" - Oh, how very true today! Nicely done on that part.

When the reporter gave out the Wyverns' website, did you give out a fake link? In the fic it was like this "...Wyverns website at(blank)". If you did, ff. net doesn't allow links even if they are fictional. Maybe put periods after the words instead of "/". Or space them out.

The twins sound so cute!

I really enjoy reading this. Keep it up! Oh, I'm very sorry this review is really long. It has never happened to me before.

now moving to chapter 2 to read...