Reviews for homunculus
Tikaya chapter 1 . 2/26
While I have no idea of what's really going on here, I like how introspective it makes me feel.
It's sad how there seems to be hope for the clones (well, maybe not all of them to the same degree) yet the originals don't seem to realize that. Just one little push... On a regular basis...
Caleigho chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
wonderful character study of the very ignored dark turtles. This was gut-wrenching, but bueatifully written.
SpaceMeta chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
*gasp* poor Dark Raph!i feel sorry for him! D8

still,good story though.:)
somesortofthing chapter 1 . 5/7/2009
Lady Katana4544 chapter 1 . 7/2/2008
This is absolutely a very wonderful and awesome drabble set that you have written and I absolutely loved reading it. This is so very awesome! ] Keep up your writing style with the fiction like this! It is very facinating to read and it seemed to suck this reader into the story.

Your way of writing the characterizations of each and very character in the story is very beautiful and fantastically done.

Just in reading this, I want to actually re watch that episode that has inspired you to write this amazing fic.

So this is a very excellent and great fic of yours! I was very happy to read it and enjoy reading something about the Dark Turtles.

Excellent job with this story. I can't wait to read more of your work.

Aubretia Lycania chapter 1 . 7/2/2008
I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again-you really need to write more fics in this glorious vein. Your crack is hilarious, but you can do SO MUCH with this style, and you plumb into depths of the canon that so few can manage! One thing I love (which you share with Winny) is that you don't take the oyster and throw away the shell-you use, as I mean to say, every part of the animal that is canon. So many writers create meaningless OCs, or reuse the same tired plots-but you take the canon and dig deeper, taking the discarded scraps and the ideas that we take for granted, challenge them, reincorporate them, retell them, and in this make them your own. This is the ESSENCE of fanfiction, or true REcreation, making something new from a set of ideas, and I believe that this is what separates the cut of "good" writers from the bad in this fandom. We have an immeasurably huge, rich canon, with so much to pull from, and rather than finding this daunting, you feed off it and make something larger than life, which is firmly rooted in canon while still seeming completely innovative. So, I'm just happy to have you as a friend and fellow writer and watch these great things progress.

As for the drabble set... after seeing the first three through email and PM, I didn't know there would suddenly be a bunch more to surprise me! I've given you feedback on those first three, so I'll focus on the others, shall I? First, your talent for brevity, which comes from your crack-writing, translates well-you can do amazing things with a small amount of space. In utero remains the most breathtakingly beautiful for me (and it's the strongest start to a set anyone could dare ask for) but Mirror's Close Regard is a close second. I was blown away when you took us deep into his heart like you did-the raw hatred he felt towards the turtles (as opposed to his more distant feelings when they were only a concept and not a reality) was shocking and very human. I found myself disturbed even that you were able to delve so deeply into his mind in so few words, and you certainly challenged the humorous way in which the turtles mocking their clones was portrayed in the episode. Seen from the clones' point of view, and with a healthy tweak on the show's paradigm, we see their cruelty-and the irony, given the turtles' stance as ugly outsiders to humans. Much like Dark Don translating his pain onto Raph, one can see here the original turtles translating their sense of alienation onto their clones. I also greatly enjoyed the ambiguity you imbued into the end, which remains true to the episode while also giving us extra room for thought, and taking us full circle to the theme of birth, stillborns, and artificial life. Leo's ideas at first seem artificial, and as he becomes more of an authentic person, he becomes more capable as well as trapped; he still is not full, original life, and his decisions always seem to box him in further, but he can also question his own nature, and become something new. In this way, these homunculi are very much like the concept of fanfiction I discussed earlier; one can make a flimsy "cloned" imitation of canon with a few meaningless add-ons, or, chimera-like, make something new, magical, and touched with a soul. You've given one dark turtle a soul today, and that is original unto itself. So very well done.

I look forward to more "underdog" fiction from you, and don't quit!

Alonein-Darkness7 chapter 1 . 7/1/2008
Wonderful story! I adore the Dark Clones and I just can't believe how great of a job you did here with Dark Leo's thoughts. The part with Dark Raph, my favorite, being tortured really showed me how different the Dark Clones are. Still, this was great!
Kallasilya chapter 1 . 7/1/2008
Oh wow, this was great. It made me want to re-watch the 'DNA' episode, keeping all this in mind. I love how you've managed to make him so much like Leonardo, and yet so completely different. Particularly this bit:

"He turns the corner and takes everything in as he usually does, like it could all be a danger or a weapon and he must take note of every minute detail should an attack occur."

- That's such a quintessentially LEO moment.

Also the part where Raph is being 'punished' and their eyes meet... made me really sad. The whole story did, really. Because he's so -close- to being Leo, but he never can be. *Wibble*
Nineteenth Souljah chapter 1 . 6/30/2008
Ahh, we're certainly lacking in some Dark Turtles fic. I love that episode and thought the Dark Turtles were the only ones worth mentioning in the FF series.

Nicely done. Thanks for writing this!
54Viruses chapter 1 . 6/30/2008
Facinating story. What I really hated about FF was how they started so many good ideas -Okay, mainly just the clones- and didn't take advantage of the potential there. I guess that makes the dark clones fair game for fanfiction!

Great story!
lost-katana chapter 1 . 6/30/2008
I gotta get back into this reviewing thing. XD

For starters- SQUEE! Dark Turtles! For simply writing non-badfic Dark Turtles, you are honored with a statue. Seriously- this fandom is quite overdue in these regards.

Moving on- the way you wrote the characters is fantastic. All of their individual personalities and voices come through very clearly! This includes Dun(n?) even.

Dark Leo, of course, came through perfectly throughout the entire story. I love the small points where we can see the aspects of his clone's personality bleed through here and there, and the confusion reflected in him when it does. And his thoughts, as well- such a good insight into his character.

Dark Don was PERFECT. My god, I love how you wrote him! So evil. That challenge, especially. Bravo!

I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Michelangelo. 'Stugly'. Bwahaha! That was excellent! Makes me want to say it, even. XD Very in-character as well- I could definitely see that in the show!

There was only a little of Dark Raph, of course, but even that little seemed great to me. _

Another thing I must commend you on is the way you added the newborn aspect of their cloning. Absolutely wondeful. The was you described it along with the imagery that followed made it easy to imagine yet still awesome in its reading.

So all in all- excellent fic! I enjoyed it very much so! (bows)