Reviews for I'll Give You a Nickel if You Tickle My Pickle
AA Addict chapter 1 . 6/25/2014
Good sequel! Oh God, these were so absurd! And creepy! Yet strangely laughable...

JEFF. I love that duck. Jeff the Duck. Jeff is a very good name!

Keep writing! And I always laugh at the polar bear one!
coolcat chapter 1 . 1/21/2014

tickle my pickle and ill give you a nickle, do this until you see a white trickle, when you see the trickle from the tickled pickle, only then will you receive a nickle, Give me the nickle, I gave you to tickle my tickled pickle, and I will tickle your pickle until I see a white trickle, then give me the nickle for tickling your pickle, later Ill pay you this nickle to tickle my pickle. Someday when our pickles are thoroughly tickled, a fellow most fickle will steal my nickle, and make me tickle his pickle, this fellow, most fickle said "Tickle my pickle and I'll give you a nickle, take your time, and you'll receive a dime, make me scream and holler, and Ill grant you a dollar" But after his squaller, there was no nickle, dime, or dollar. Tickled the fickle pickle, made him holler, but I got not a cent. The fickle man who's pickle I had to tickle told me "Repent, follow my ways, and in this world, you'll receive every cent". Well to repent? to restrict my freedoms accent to receive a simple cent? I reply "Well, you've taken every cent, and it seems to do you well to repent, as I having not a cent, am yet to repent to the teachings of the man with every cent, so you say if I repent, follow you, I will eventually receive every cent?" To which the fickle tickled pickle man replied "Yes good sir, in time, you'll receive every cent, and others will too repent, paying you in time every cent, and all pickles will be tickled in this land of never ending nickles" So I reply "Then I shall learn your ways, dedicate my days, make others repent, so I may receive every cent." But to my dismay, years after that day, I see that each man has followed the fickle tickled pickle man's way, and not yet a day can I say "I've held every nickel today, and my pickle has been tickled each and every way and I've not packed a bale of hay." Yes each day I bale hay, to my dismay, that fickle tickled pickle man was only to betray, yes I bale all the hay, I bale it each day, and not in many-a-day has my pickle been tickled in any way, for I have not a nickle to a tickler to pay. A warning to those who have not followed the fickle pickle tickled man's way, do not repent, you'll not receive a predestined cent meant for the way that which all mine have went, the fickle pickle tickled man. You'll work each day, and not a self spent cent, spend you may, because each earned cent will be spent on each breath you breath, and you it will not relieve, like said, each cent spent, to the fickle man. Each way, each day, every cent, his way has went, pay for every tear your fellow men cry, pay for every friend who has to die, pay even if not willing you may, lest others kill you and restrain you, pain you, in your mind train you till all you do is earn your cent, already spent, meant to be the fickle tickled pickle man's cent, a man who had told you to repent, and you would hold every cent, and your pickle tickled. Gone will be the ways that a nickle can be spared for a friend to tickle your pickle, only the man most fickle will hold every nickle, and you will each day tickle his pickle in each way. If you repent, and give in to his lies to earn each promised cent, simply by allowing yourself to repent, you'll not receive a nickle, for the pickles you tickle, receive not a dime if you take your time, and not receive a dollar even if you make them holler. My dearest friend, never repent for a simple cent, do not consent to crime for a petty dime, all good things are gained in good time, not through pennies, nickels, dollars, or dimes.
Ninjaru chapter 1 . 9/2/2010
*dies laughing* Oh em gee...I LOVED this one and the one previous to it, they made me laugh SO damn hard! XD
TenshiShanai chapter 1 . 7/4/2008
Xd very funny.. I mean I knew the ones in the other story but the pick-up lines in here... *shakes head* Nonono... Never going to believe that XD

Thanks for posting
Lover of Angelus chapter 1 . 7/3/2008
I laughed. Out loud. Very loud.
xNeissax chapter 1 . 7/1/2008
lol sometimes pointless funny fics annoy me but i found this one hilarious! " wanna see a trick i learned in prison?" PRICELESS! lol thatsfor brightening my mood!
Velvet Sin chapter 1 . 7/1/2008
Here's one that sounds weird:

If you are the apple of my eye, I must be the liver and onions.