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CosmicEssence chapter 11 . 4/3
got to the end of this chapter and realised...there isn't anymore. I got so caught up reading it didn't even notice we'd got to the lack of chappie part :p
I enjoyed reading this one or I wouldn't have kept at it however I do a have couple of dislikes about it:
1. Naruto became too much a 'jack of all trades'; it wasn't that he as too powerful it was more that he was the one who constantly seemed to be charge regardless of the situation...say when his sensei should have been in charge.
2. and on that note everyone deferred to was unnatural. his reason for his change wasn't the best lie and it just seemed so odd that everyone was willing to defer to his knowledge on the subject (Kyuubi, his change etc) for no apparent reason.
Suffice to say you somehow managed to turn the main character into a type of Mary-Sue (or in this case Naruto-Sue)...always 1 step better each step of the way, his actions control everything, the other characters come across as sycophants as a result (I think the most character building we saw was when Naruto wasn't there to override everything or when Kakashi caught him after Kyuubi died)...also pretty sure Naruto wouldn't be able to use Sage mode as this body hasn't had the training yet and also he has no access or clones at Mt Myoboku (can't spell it sorry).
3. This Kushina theres virtually no backstory she seems like another Mary, so far her presence hasn't added anything of value to the story.

Aside from those 3 above, granted they're fairly major points, I did like your homemade jutsu, the Zabuza and Haku bits, Tsunami kissing him, the Kyuubi death and the fact everyone saw it/felt it, Gaara's turmoil and the fight with Orochi...and some others. Don't suppose you'll continue this huh?
meshack chris millan chapter 11 . 3/30
you are awesome keep writting bitch
HurricaneShippu chapter 1 . 3/4
Wow, this is so dodgy... Kyuubi having jutsu, giving Naruto insane power ups listing them off like a grocery list, having a wisened Hokage who has been through three wars, fall for something like that without getting suspicious. I just can't read what you are going to do with Kakashi, it's too painful :/
I hope you learn some basic plot devices rather than just handing Naruto everything on a platter, for both our sakes.
Black Artist - Alucard Masters chapter 11 . 2/28
so very punny. ah but a naru saku ino fic. sakura and ino may just be the two girls that fit perfectly together in almost any posi-er-situation :P yeah...(without dealing with human morality that is...) so this is a good fic. can't wait to read more my friend.
J.T.P2013 chapter 11 . 2/18
Are you going to update this or has it been put on hiatus or has it been abandoned?
yoai's of Naruto chapter 11 . 2/8
Uuuuuuuuugh! I want the next chapter!
CrystalVixen93 chapter 11 . 1/29
Love ur story and can't wait to see what happens next so I hope u update again soon plz.
fireforge92 chapter 11 . 1/26
Great story. Can you please update it though. Update soon... Please?
Wildheart21 chapter 11 . 1/21
please update this story you have a good thing going here
Fan chapter 11 . 1/18
You posted this three years ago... 'Sweat drop'
phongcae23 chapter 11 . 1/7
I read both your stories and I like them both however...I would like an update please :3
Kicknessell chapter 11 . 1/2
Though I think your jumping around alot, but thats a personal opinion...but keep up the good work man! :D
kamiros chapter 11 . 12/24/2013
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Kurama Thunderstorm chapter 11 . 12/7/2013
oh please, when the next chap released?
btalover chapter 11 . 12/2/2013
PLEAASSE PLEASE UPDATE! This is such a good story and I love how you portray Naruto *drools*
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