Reviews for The First Day
Guest chapter 55 . 8/22
Marvelous view at the year after. I think you did incredibly well to look at the different ways grief express themselves.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/6
i cried when i read this and i don't get emotional easily so this would be a first for me
thanks for the story
wotan2 chapter 55 . 7/29
Thank you, I spent many hrs when I should have been asleep reading and enjoying this.
ju.zelbova chapter 55 . 7/26
This is fantastic. I love that you don't go into the whole "Ginny and Harry had no issues getting back together", it's so out of character for both of them, especially Ginny. I like the struggle here, I think it's realistic. Wonderful story, I really hope you'll keep writing.
Guest chapter 55 . 7/23
Thank you, thank you, for writing this. I am so glad I found this.
envirosue chapter 55 . 7/25
This was an incredibly authentic story. Thank you
HufflepuffMommy chapter 55 . 6/3
This took me about 4 days to finish, but I loved it all!
I attempted to write a fic like this, many years ago, but it's currently on hiatus. I'm you stuck with it and finished it. It was raw and real and heartfelt.
Guest chapter 55 . 5/24
That was beautiful
mysuvone chapter 55 . 5/23
Thank you so good
Galeswinthe chapter 26 . 5/23
Oh, this chapter is really brilliant. I love all the "Percy" thing, it's very realistic. Of course, as a French, this reminds me of the "épuration" after WW2. It's kind of strange to see a character we know and like being accused of collaboration, because he actually collaborated. It's not as if he was falsely accused. I wonder how it'll turn for him.

And poor Harry is not appreciated! Honestly, the Wizengamot isn't really grateful. It's like Harry has to justify for saving the Wizarding World... Ugh.
Also, I like how he wants to protect Snape's memories, it's very delicate and thoughtful.
The dialogue with McGonagall was so "Harry-like"! "Tell me something I don't know". Your Harry is sarcastic and sassy as in the books, I love him.

Thanks for this chapter and once again, sorry for the English mistakes...
Djgardner chapter 3 . 5/8
I cannot fully express how much your writing has meant to me. You’ve picked JK Rowling thread seamlessly, and sometimes I feel you are her writing under a pseudonym.

Selfishly, I ask you to please continue as long as you can. This is best HP fan fiction I’ve ever read. You capture the characters humanity so well.
Guest chapter 18 . 5/5
Glad I came upon this story. So far I’ve enjoyed it. It’s very well written. I know JK said that Harry joined the Aurors after school, but I honestly have a hard time believing it. I don’t see how a person who has gone through what Harry has experienced, been manipulated by people he had trusted, been through war as the tip of the spear against that generation’s Hitler and somehow survived, decides to become a cop for an organization who’s track record shows nothing but contempt against him. Had it been me, considering he had a small fortune left to him by his late parents, was part owner in a successful business and inherited the Black family fortune, I would just relaxed the rest of my days and have had an executive box at all of my wife’s quidditch matches. He gave that world enough.
Galeswinthe chapter 1 . 5/6
I know this fic is quite old, but I'm just discovering it and I really like the first chapter. It's very realistic and delicate, especially the way Ginny takes care of Harry when he's asleep. I also could feel the pain of the Weasleys. Harry seems to be completely lost too. It's a brilliant first chapter, I'll come back from time to time to tell you what I think of the next ones!
(Sorry for the mistakes, English isn't my first language ")
Sam Willard chapter 55 . 5/3
How do I thank the author for this magnificent story? This should be completed as between the author and JK Rowling as the true final book.
I cried. I fell in love with the story all over again.
And now, art he end, I feel like I am saying good he to a dear friend.
Thank you, dear author.
LunaFlos chapter 9 . 3/29
I have been crying all over these chapters. beautiful work!
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