Reviews for The First Day
Hannahzzz chapter 55 . 7/5/2017
This fanfiction (the whole series) is my all time favourite. I've been rereading the Harry potter books. I found the first three in Norwegian (my mother tongue) and then, since the Norwegian translations is one of those where 95% of names and places and magical jargon is translated (Quidditch is Rumpeldunk, mad Eye Moody is Gal Øye Bister) anyway I then started on the English books after that to relive it in its original language to chase away that empty feeling. Anyway the empty feeling came back when I was just about to read the 19 years later epilogue. So I paused, like I did when I was 12 and it was 2007 and I had just come to the same place in the same book for the first time. These books practically raised me. Mum read the first one to me when I was 5, I saw the first movie when I was 6. And re reading them brings me so much joy since I used to discover something new every time.

But then i grew up, became older than Harry (even in this fic) and I went through my mail and saw your last update notification for questions and answers, and I got so excited bc to be honest your series is the only fanfiction I have kept up with over a longer period of time and still gone back too even when I dabble in other fandoms.

I see now that I've gone and rambled on for quite a while, sorry about that. I wanted you to know how much Harry Potter means to me. And that through you Harry keeps living in a way I've been appreciative for for the past 7 years. Thank you so much.
Woadangel chapter 55 . 7/5/2017
Sigh. What an amazing, fantastic, work of art. I never really considered how much damage would have to be repaired both emotionally and physically after the war. Most fanfics gloss over it, while you have made it an entire tome. what a lovely, lovely novel you have written. Thank you so very much. I'm excited now to explore the rest of your stuff. You were recommended to me by someone in a geek forum, and I'm so glad they did!
purpleDelirium chapter 55 . 6/21/2017
I thought that this story was absolutely amazing. You did a great job on writing how everyone coped differently with the war. I liked how you stuck as close as possible to the original story line and how you kept changing the points of views of each character. In all, the is one of the best harry potter stories that I have read and I have read at least 100. Fantastic Work! I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

SmartKoala chapter 55 . 6/20/2017
I have never really read any fan fiction that followed canon exactly and helped me find closure in the characters. I was seriously disappointed in SMs skip of so many years for her epilogue. You helped create that closure I've always wanted to read. Thank you for sharing your talents and your stories with us! I read the sequel to this story first incidentally and it was a great way to carry the characters through their own lives into parenthood and beyond, but this story definitely set it all up.
Ashley chapter 55 . 6/9/2017
I want more! I love that this story was told from so many characters points of view. It was so sad, but amazing at the same time. It's gave the kind of closure J.K. Rawlings 19 years later just didn't. Don't get me wrong I love the books and Rowling, but the ending just wasn't enough.
Clavyus chapter 55 . 5/19/2017
Wonderful. Thank you for writing this.
Seruphenthalys chapter 55 . 5/18/2017
I cri everytiemBut sometimes, I also laugh, or become completely engrossed in the story. Your writing is still the best pieces of fanfiction I have read, possible with the exception of Philippe Painchauds infinite war series (supreme commander fanfiction). I am glad I found your work here.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/14/2017
Your stories are one of the best fanfictions I've read. I especially like the portryal of Harry and Ginny. Well done!
Alessandro jos chapter 1 . 5/11/2017
Fanfic very good,continue...
MidnightAwesome chapter 21 . 5/13/2017
Ignore my last review, i messed dennis up with dean. Its not goaltender but goalie and now it makes sense and im sorry for being an idiot
MidnightAwesome chapter 20 . 5/13/2017
Im pretty sure you meant striker instead of goaltender. You dont have a goaltender anywhere in Football {or soccer if your american idk}. A striker is our version of a seeker kinda. Not trying to be mean, just im a massive football fan and just wanted to let you know. :)
Seruphenthalys chapter 8 . 5/11/2017
here's a part I can't really wrap my head around: I assume harry goes in to wake Ron, and he says something and it comes up that they shagged. I assumed earlier that the part inside the room where they talked was in another story, but I haven't found it. did you simply never write it or what...?
Seruphenthalys chapter 1 . 5/11/2017
I don't get how he can go 36 hours asleep with no food, and then wake up, clean up, not eat anything, and then go to bed again. I suppose the exhaustion was inhuman, but at that level, shouldn't he be kinda actually completely useless? Can the human body really handle that? Anyway, great as always (I don't think there is anyone in the hp section of fanfiction that is as good as you are)

Guest chapter 55 . 5/7/2017
Loved it!
Minrui chapter 55 . 4/26/2017
I have read through the entire story. I can't thank you enough to contribute to the fanfiction community so much. Thank you for making my life feel complete again. Great plot and vocabulary!
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