Reviews for The Taste of Ink
LoveOfMyLifeIs chapter 1 . 1/19/2009
That was a GREAT oneshot!
Black-Rose23 chapter 1 . 1/5/2009
Talk about staking your claim. I wonder if its possible to come across a scene like that in a tattoo parlor. I wish.
QC chapter 1 . 12/24/2008
Hot but cute. I liked it and would kinda like a continuation of it. w
Corrupted Anthro chapter 1 . 10/4/2008
This pairing is nothing but, SEXY! I loved it!

Tattoo parlor sex is just so fun!
irthos chapter 1 . 9/29/2008
cute! i loved AUs! although after reading this i wanted to get another tatt, and i just got my tenth last month! hehe, keep up the good work!
NixxiSixx chapter 1 . 9/25/2008
That's awesome. I have a 6 tattoed between my hips and nothing like that happened... That captured Grimmjow's nature perfectly
Violent Dance chapter 1 . 9/19/2008
Good, win, and awesome.
Lovedoodle chapter 1 . 9/17/2008
Wow... You shameless writer xD Grimmjaw and Ichigo having sex in a tattoo store is just too good to be true! And this is the best GrimmIchi fiction I have read so far, you are awsome~
Mythalie169-TreeSpirit169 chapter 1 . 9/15/2008
{}_{} aw, lmfao, its so cute...{}_{} will there be more? will there will there? I really did love it...{}_{} Grimmjow and Ichigo are a very nice-n-hot pair {}_{} good work... good work...
Reinamy chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
This was fabulously HOT! Like, steaming hot! This was probably one of the most sexiest GrimmIchi sex scenes I have ever read! God, so sexy!

And you also used THE word! (F u c ktard. I hear it all the time in GrimmIchi FF's, and soon came to love it! Lol!)

And the end was rather cute! Grimmjow is so clever! Lol!

I really loved this1
L'uke-chan chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
Ooh, I would come everyday at every time possible. Hot damn it -drool-! -squeals-AWESOME! Kya! I would glomp u dead for cheering me up! not to mention getting me all bothered..heheh... THANK YOU! 'cause as u know tomorrow school starts...-sob- well at least for me ~.~... So this fic totally got my deppresing thoughts away! YeY! As I said this is totally BRILLIANT! AMAZING! LOVE IT!
fullofmisery chapter 1 . 8/22/2008
HA. A 'G'! Like 'g', for Grimm! w Nom nom, smex!
kitari66 chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
And thus another happy fan girl was pleased XD no I really loved it great job!
SakuraxSkies chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
Haha, that was just great.

The characterization was perfect, too.

Yay for "tattoos"! Haha.
LunaAriana chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
That was an AMAZINGLY great story! The smut was oh so hot and well written! Great job!

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