Reviews for My Brother's Best Friend
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 12/24/2016
The talking with the others at the beginning of the chapter, I think, was meant to help Bella out. Instead, I believe Angela benifitted from it most. Especially when we got to the guys part of the chapter and Ben realized how he's been with her. That was sweet. I, once again, feel Bella overreacted to what Edward was saying. She simply could've be very mature about it and said she was wearing a thong and left it at that. Instead she got pissed off at him and threatened to punch him again. She acts likes she fifteen sometimes. No wonder the men in her life treat her the way they do. I also think these women are giving her bad advice. Well, except teaching her how to do what she did at the end there. Seems she not only did it for the first time but, she did it right. Enough for him to comment they should write a book. Interesting to learn that no man had tried to give her oral. I'm glad Edward was her first in that department. Very sexy ending of the chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 12/24/2016
I really liked the beginning of the chapter, with the two of them discussing things so openly. Bella's relationship with Jared, was a little sad. It almost seems that Jared knew the whole time that she was always elsewhere emotionally. From the way she described things, he seemed okay with it too. Maybe he was just as emotionally unavailable and it was the same for him? Maybe that's why it worked. Very odd. Alice says Bella is being too available for Edward. He's only there in Seattle until the wedding is over, then he goes back home to San Francisco. It's really quite okay for them to squeeze in as much time together before he has to leave and get back to work. Why are Alice and Bella forgetting this? Then she went on a rant about him monopolizing her time and proceeded to commandeer her for the rest of the day and the night. Now who's monopolizing? Sheesh. Bella has to being feeling like a rope in a tug o' war game right now.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 12/24/2016
That was a very surprising chapter. They actually sat there and discussed how they felt years ago. How they feel now. And, how to handle those feelings for now, while she finds her way. I'm glad he's decided to stop holding back from showing his love to her. That's a great move on his part. I'm glad she agreed to it. Rosalie made a very good point when talking there at the end. She said she thought that now that Bella can act upon her feelings, that was what is scaring her. I hadn't thought of it that way, yet it makes sense. Esme and Tanya were cute in the early part of the chapter. Jasper was quite sweet to help Bella from being stunned in the foyer. I'm very happy that they seem to be back on track again.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 12/23/2016
Once she kissed him goodbye the way she did before she left with Jacob, I knew they'd be just fine. You don't kiss someone like that and then say goodbye forever. Jacob was wonderful in this chapter. He was there for Bella and that was fantastic. What was even better though, was that he was there for Edward, too. He gVe Edward some insight to help him with Bella. And, so far it's working. Even though you explained better in this what Bella is thinking, I still think she's off her rocker. Edwardmhas not been perfect throughout this whole story. Has she had him on a pedestal? Absolutely. Did he belong there? No. They both suffer from massive miscommunication. Moreso than I've ever seen here in the fandom. I get her wanting time. However, she tends to internalize and then decide of bad facts. Most of them wrong, as she assumes too often. I think she'll do the very same if left alone too long. You said there was a tissue warning for this chapter but, no tissue moments happened. Was that to throw us off?
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 12/23/2016
Bella lost her damn mind in this one. Yes, he left. He finally told her why he left. Just because she didn't like that his reason was because he loved her, she lost her shit. Jacob saying that Bella is a fighter and strong woman, was laughable. She's anything but. She has had her father, her brother, her brother's best friend to some extent and her her best friend Alice all running her life. He'll, even Rosalie has run roughshod all over her since they met. She has not once done anything in this story that was what she wanted to do. Fighter my ass. She is a damn pushover! Webster's probably has her listed in the definition. I can understand a slight pinch of WTF run through her but, thi? No. She is overreacting in the worst possible way. Their communication has sucked through all of this and now it is worse than ever. I think Edward should go back to San Francisco and just count his losses at this point. She's lost her damn mind.
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 12/23/2016
I did not expect that, with how slow they have been in just talking about their feelings. Color me surprised. Even with your warning at the beginning, that the rating was earned in the chapter . . . when you got to Emmett and Rosalie, I thought that was what you'd referred to. They were perfect together. And, they went more than once in the one night. I loved that. Him missing in the morning made sense to me, as I knew he left for the same reason as before. He didn't want to be caught by anyone. He went about it the wrong way, by not waking her to let her know. Or, he could've left a note. Emmett finding out that Edward is in love with Bella went over quite well. I'm glad he knows now. I did feel Bella overreacted slightly. Neither of them have an ounce of communicating skills with one another. They can seem to get things out of their mouths to others, just not the one that matters. That's a wee bit frustrating to the reader. Makes me want to bonk their heads together and lock them in a room until they effing speak to each other. Even at the end here, Bella wants to talk to Edward and he stop her to play his piece he's written for her. That could wait an effing minute until they talk. He's waited this long for her to hear it . . . what is one more freaking minute? Ugh.
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 12/23/2016
I was surprised that Edward admitted his feeling a for Bella to Alice. I hint she was just as surprised. Him telling her not to interfere in any way, was a bummer. That was the point whennshe should've told him that she knows Bella has feeling for him as well. She hadn't promised Bella the same as she just promised Edward. There are always workarounds. They finally admitted some thing to one another round that fire. I like that they kissed each other 'on purpose'. That they seemed really happy with that too. Why didn't Edward just go to Bella's room? If Emmett was being that obtuse, he probably wouldn't even notice. You made me crave a s'more though.
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 12/22/2016
I'm a fan of the slow burn. That said, this definitely fits that category. At least the readers know that both of them have strong feelings for the other person. You've not kept it one point of view the whole time, which is fantastic, and the reason we know they both like each other. I love a good romp but, I'm more looking forward to them finally finding out that they like each other, more than friends. I'm glad he put the puzzle together and has, at least I think he did, figured out he's Mr. Dazzling. Thanks to Angela. It was funny that Angela was expressing what I was feeling. That he just can't be that clueless. That Bella can't be. Yet they both really are. It was also great to learn that he's only been with a limited amount of women. Even better, she's not a virgin. Glad to know, from your a/n, that things progress in the next chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 12/22/2016
Angela is a wonderful friend and I think she's trying to get Bella to see that Edward wouldn't be doing any of these things, if he didn't have feelings for her. I was bummed that Alice monopolized the whole dinner/non-date by talking wth her on the phone. That really would've been a great opportunity for Bella and Edward. I'm glad she went to him room and that they are spending the night together, intentionally this time. I hope that they come clean about their playlists. That could be a very fun conversation between them.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 12/22/2016
I don't know what to say without being a broken record. She is still letting everyone run her life and not fighting for herself at all. She wants Edward. Edward wants her. I believe Edward is waiting Bella out. Meaning, he will wait until she comes to him and he can see her feelings. Unfortunately for him, and your readers, she has perfected that wall of hers since middle school and he has no idea how she really feels for him . . . nor will she ever let on. They are ready for each other, yet neither will make a move until the other does. Complete catch twenty-two.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 12/21/2016
Okay, Bella is only one year behind Edward and Emmett and you've mentioned, than one, she's twenty-three. The seven years Edward was gone does not add up correctly. With he and Emmett graduating high school and doing UW for one year at college. Nope. With the timeline you've given, Bella should be twenty-five and the guys twenty-six. Especially if she is ending grad school this next week. If she's only twenty-three, he would be have only been able to be away for five years, not seven. The Maria story was interesting. Proving Bella could handle herself at a very young age. I liked that they got all snugly together by the end of the chapter. Very sweet. I wonder if she talks I her sleep? Ooh better yet, he talks in his and tells her he loves her. Of course she'll never think he's talking about her unless he specifically says Bella with the ILY.
ChristyWIX chapter 6 . 12/21/2016
Funny that she took his hand and placed it on her boob, when he was waking her up. Then he's in a complete daze because of this, the family noticing something was definitely off. His shutting down the idea of the weekend at the cabin, was weird. Why is her so hesitant? One minute he wants her, the next he's pushing her away. Same with her in reverse. She wants him, yet shuts down any and all attempts. Very odd. I do like that she changed his mind about going. It seems all she has to do is ask and he will say yes to pretty much anything. The undergarments part of this was funny. Jasper adding to it, made it funnier. I don't like that he is going to distance himself from her . . . he's only there for the wedding, then he's gone again. They have limited time. He wants to go to Atlanta for the CDC . . . she's still in school.
ChristyWIX chapter 5 . 12/21/2016
Okay, not only is she being controlled by Charlie and Emmett, now she's being xo trolled by Alice as well. Why does she let all these people walk all,over her. Has she no backbone at all? When Alice forced her into the salon, she said, 'I guess I have no choice.', and walked in there. She absolutely had a choic. She could've walked right out of the damn salon and the mall. Instead she let Alice control her. It's disturbing. Then when she get to the Cullen's and Edward wants to tell her, he simply doesn't and walks away. Nobody else will tell her and they are relying upon him to do so, which it completely opposite of how they act the another parts of the story. Everyone has an opinion on how she should act and live her life, yet not a single one of them will set her straight on the Edward/Rosalie thing. Not even Rosalie! It's ridiculous.
ChristyWIX chapter 4 . 12/21/2016
Very interesting day. I do wonder why Edward never spit out what he came to say that morning . . . he was struck stupid by a naked Bella but, he still should've spoke the words. Although I'm sad that Jacob couldn't be her friend while trying to get over her, I understand. Hopefully he'll come around and be her friend again. Not if he's going to cause any whit though. That's not acceptable. He seemed pretty cool about it all though. Understanding at least. I'm glad that Alice wanted a girls night. Bella wasn't happy it included Rosalie but, I think she was better with it by the end of the night. However, it made me wonder, again, why Alice and Rosalie didn't tell Bella that Rose is not with Edward. Why are they all leaving it up to Edward? At this rate she'll find out after the wedding, lol. Poor Edward having to deal with a very amorous Bella. I wish we would've been in the bedroom in lieu of the kitchen.
ChristyWIX chapter 3 . 12/21/2016
Okay, so it seems I am correct on two of my guesses, it just hasn't been confirmed yet. Edward has liked Bella as more than friends in the past. Coming for the wedding has opened those back up again, if they ever even went away. Also, Rosalie and Edward are not dating any longer. There is something there, that has to do with Rosalie, with the way Edward questioned her being okay. It seemed more than just about him liking Bella and not wanting to share a bedroom. It seemed more about Rosalie. I like that she thinks Emmett is cute, too. It also seems as though both Alice and Jasper know that Edward has feelings for Bella. And clearly, with Alice's comment of being her maid-of-honor when she marries Edward, she knows of Bella's feelings. What the hell happened all those years ago? I still think Emmett or worse, Charlie, scared Edward off completely. Speaking of those two, they are seriously overwhelming overprotective. Ridiculously so. It makes me wonder what happened to their mom to make these two men so overbearing? Another thing, if Bella is twenty-three, why is she still in college? Is she doing a master's program? If she started when she was eighteen, she would have graduated at twenty-one . . . nineteen, would have graduated at twenty-two. Did she take a gap year? The age does not match up unless she is furthering her education. Additionally, I don't care what Charlie says or does, at twenty-three she can do what she damn well wants to. And, if he doesn't agree she could call the local police on him for harassment. It is all very strange that she allows Emmett and Charlie to do this to her at her age. If she was eighteen, it may make sense. Twenty-three is not okay.
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