Reviews for My Brother's Best Friend
Guest chapter 13 . 1/18
And Bella is strong and independent? She's not allowed to stay alone in her apartment!
Guest chapter 13 . 1/18
I realize it's a way to keep Bella there with everyone and get things straightened out, but I refuse to believe that the road to the cabin is THAT treacherous, that only people used to the one-mile plus driveway could safely get out of there in the dark. The weather wasn't bad that day. Jake couldn't have driven 5mph down the driveway to leave? Really?
Guest chapter 12 . 1/18
So, Bella is critical of the Emmett/Rosalie sex because it's not private/special, but she hops right into bed with Edward much the same way. Hypocritical much?

That alone is bad enough, but add in the fact that she didn't know how Edward felt about her.

I'm not one for pure, virginal Bella saving herself for her true love. But, this Bella annoyed me this chapter. The lemon itself was good. But, Bella is saying one thing, but doing another. Whatever works for her, right?
Guest chapter 7 . 1/16
*midriff (not mid-rift)
Guest chapter 4 . 1/16
Sushi isn't always raw fish. Lots of times, it's all vegan or at least cooked seafood.

Also, it's sake, not saki. peeves.
Guest chapter 23 . 12/30/2015
this story never gets old! gets better everytime. your edward is so adorable and I love the subtle way you portray bella!
JBokan chapter 23 . 12/18/2015
I really enjoyed this story. To be honest, I'm really disappointed with the epilogue. Btw I don't mean to be rude.
Lethargarian chapter 4 . 11/23/2015
I tried. I really tried...but this is the end for me. It's just too boring.
Lethargarian chapter 1 . 11/23/2015
This is boring.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/22/2015
This was painfully boring. So bad. Much yawns.
Atwiggs chapter 3 . 10/5/2015
I wish Emmett and Charlie would let her alone. She's a grown women. Looks like Rosalie is gonna have to get along without Edward soon.
Atwiggs chapter 1 . 10/4/2015
I love nice long chapters, even when the story is complete. This is my second time reading this. I didn't finish before maybe it wasn't complete or I was too sick to read. I'm bedridden now but fanfic saves my sanity! ️
KNG1986 chapter 12 . 9/17/2015
That was worth the wait. I did want to smack Emmett a few times.
KNG1986 chapter 10 . 9/16/2015
I'm really enjoying Edward and Bella being so awkward with each other. I don't feel the story has too much angst, more like frustration and its kind of amusing.
ebdarcy.qt4good chapter 23 . 9/15/2015
Great work! Loved it!
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