Reviews for Rabanastre Urchins
Delylah chapter 1 . 4/24
I generally prefer Basch/Penelo stories but this was too adorable
Nuclear Burp chapter 1 . 10/12/2008
Eleven: The epilogue



I don't remember just how we fell over into the gutter, but at least he's doing it just so that I can sneak a hand through his jacket and grope him. And his butt. Oh yes, the BUTT.


Heheh, I liked, girlie! Do more!

Nascense chapter 1 . 8/20/2008
This story deserves more reviews. So here I am, giving youa a review. *grins* Did I just make your day? Cause everyone LURVES reviews!
The DayDreaming chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
Oh, I loved this! I'm not the biggest fan of VaanxPenelo, but I actually enjoyed the pairing and the story very, very much. You did an excellant job on characterization (though sometimes it was a bit ooc); and I acyually laughed with most of it. What I didn't laugh at was poor Penelo and her phobia of birthday parties; that part made me sad. Very good job all around, and for having me like a pairing which I usually avoid. I hope you keep writing more awesome stories like this one. The DayDreaming out! Oh, and: insta-fave!
A Gentle Illusion chapter 1 . 7/6/2008
OH! I loved this! I'm such a sucker for a good Vaan/Penelo! And, haha, I love the reference to Phantom of the Opera in number four. :D Fantastic!
Zaz9-zaa0 chapter 1 . 7/5/2008
What's this right here? Adorkable Vaan antics/speak, as well as angsty/insightful/first-person (which was wonderfully presented!)/girly Penelo in and amid utterly cute, poignant, hilarious and IC moments of Vaanelo?

Me loves it. :D

(Even if Balthier steals some spotlight at the end.

And Vaan will never understand why Penelo must have those swishy-swishy pants. Or -in concerns to drug selling street urchins- that she's clean. XD)
Qwi-Xux chapter 1 . 7/5/2008
This was fantastic. :) Loved watching (erm, reading) the progression of their relationship. I laughed so hard at the masqued ball when they didn't realize they were dancing with each other. Lovd Penelo's 'you can be my ice-cream wielding knight in shining armour.' Felt so bad for Penelo for being scared of her birthday, but it really, really made sense. It was so sweet when Vaan climbed through her window, though. :D And of course, Vaan carrying Penelo home when she fell asleep during the play was incredibly AW-worthy.
Vixen2004 chapter 1 . 7/4/2008
Oh, you are so full of win! Buckets and buckets full of sheer awesome win!

This was just adorable. I mean, really.


"I want me to have them." ROTFL

"Mostly I think I just look like I’m going to die of consumption."

I think I kinda snorted a little I was laughing so hard. I am totally the epitome of grace and finesse. Most definitely.


"I think I broke you, Penny."

I can see Vaan saying that. It's like a line from the game the localization team forgot to translate. And, aw, he called her Penny!


Where do you come up with these situations? I was not expecting this AT ALL. And I absolutely love being caught off guard, especially when it comes to fic.

I just sat there, with my mouth hanging open, letting the flies in, and gagging on the consequently.

"I’m unsure whether I liked that resolution." Ha.


This was just flat out cute. I wanted to make this paragraph into a plushie so I could squeeze the life out of it.

"Summertime in Rabanastre is our most deadly enemy yet."

I love that line. So observant. Not only do you flesh out the characters, you flesh out the cities. I envy your talent.


I /adore/ how you execute poignancy. (And I think I just made up a word. Oh well.) How do you possess the ability to be so humorous yet so profound at the same time? I am dually impressed, which doesn't happen often.

"Vaan climbs through the window, and sits with me, and gives me a solitary cupcake with a lone candle speared through the middle."

I love this line because you take something so mundane (a cupcake) and transfer it into something so meaningful. And the way you worded it was just lovely. Candles spearing the middle? I liked the imagery. I want to marry it.


"Actually, it's one of the five."


-can't breathe-

And the best line: "Then stay."

So simplistic. Yet so Vaan like. That was a stroke of utter genius on your part. Bravo.


"My eloquent rant is cut off when he sticks his tongue down my throat."

Again: so completely and undeniably Vaan. And I just love how you ended that. It's all cute and squishy and then there's that. And the combination is so exquisitely VaanPenelo it's frightening.


"I love you, but you're and idiot."


You've transformed him into more than just a bumbling idiot! He has DEPTH in this story and I LOVE IT. OH MY GOSH HOW I LOVE IT.

"...I also could possibly be delirious."

You have the best closing lines. Like, ever.


“She’s mine,” Vaan growls. “Arr,” he adds after a moment’s pause."

Drunk Vaan is love. (And Balthier is love, sober OR drunk, for that matter.)

Oh, this was delightful!

You captured everyone so perfectly, and I am honored to have such a lovely story dedicated to me! (Bows.)

Thank you, my darling.

I will carry this to my grave. Possibly request to be buried with it, I dunno. Sounds like a good idea to me.

But then it may rot. Oh well. It's preserved forever in cyberspace, so others will have the pleasure of reading this magnificent one shot just as I did.

-tackleglomps olive-


Feeny chapter 1 . 7/4/2008
I just checked up and my stomach did a flip when I saw this Vaan/Penelo story! And I've read your other story and I liked it allot! So I was very happy when I saw this XD

Vaan is cute as usual XDD "Arr" So in character!

"Which he very well might; I’m very transparent when it comes to Balthier."

*giggle snort* Vaan is SO jealous! And Penelo having a crush on Balthier is hilarious! XD

“You are made of awesome, Vaan." Yes, yes he is! XD I see Penelo saying that too! XD

Penelo shoplifting! XDD and she landed on Vaan? D

This story is putting a bid ridiculous grin on my face! Oh and I forgot to tell you I have a habit leavening mutant sized reviews. Most of the times there bigger than a page so...XD

"There’s an incredibly attractive masked blonde boy in the far corner, by the balcony."

Your not fooling me, Vaan! I KNOW IT'S YOU! That is SO cute!

“Do you want to dance with me?” he smiles sheepishly, almost as if he’s expecting disappointment regardless. It seems familiar somehow.

*Feeny dies right then*

"We pull each other’s masks away at the same time.

And then I stare.



*burst out laughing* That is just...*squeals*

“I am astounded at your philosophical capabilities. Whatever will you think of next?”

That is so Penny! Wait, does this Penelo hasn't eaten Ice cream...seen as Vaan's trying(And failing XD) to explain it to her? She has NOT lived!

..oh wait...she has B *dumb sound*

"swishy-swishy pants" I like that nickname for Pen's pants XD. And it's something she'd say!

"I rest my head on his shoulder. “Thankyou for buying me ice-cream, though. It was very gallant and chivalrous of you. You can be my ice-cream wielding knight in shining armour.”"

Cuteness is killing me...again! *waves arms around like an idiot*

And I'm at the Birthday section and the switch in tone confuzzeld me...but it makes Penelo seem more human I guess. She couldn't have a past like that and come out all completely happy and stuff I guess *decides to stop yapping and reads on*

"Vaan climbs through the window, and sits with me, and gives me a solitary cupcake with a lone candle speared through the middle."

And the big stupid grin returns...I so want to squeal right now...*does so*

“Actually, that’s one of the five,”

*gigglesnort* I keep laughing at every other line in this story! XD Penelo being sarcastic is hilarious!

“Because I’m forcing you to clean the bathroom.” AHAHHA! I is loving this story!

"The time I decide we’re going to be lovers is when Vaan takes me out to see my favourite play, and carriers me home when I fall asleep during the intermission."


““I love you,” I feel the words slide off my tongue, as though they had been there all along."

*Feeny dies again*

"My eloquent rant is cut off when he sticks his tongue down my throat."


"And as he places me on the bed and goes to get some bandages, I grin idiotically to myself. Because he might not have realised it, but that’s the first time he’s said it to me."

I doubt her grin is bigger than mine! *waves arms around again*

“…avast!” Vaan tells Balthier, as the man loops an arm around my waist. “Get your own fair maiden, arr!”

And I is laughing again! Drunk Vaan...*shakes head* XD

(Yesh, I over use "XD" me thinks)

“You two are so in love.”

*falls over* I REALLY liked this story. *thumbs up*

Vixen is very lucky! XD