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Azurela chapter 8 . 5/14
I know it's been some time but I hope you find the time to continue this. I really like hoe you've written Reno and the humor you've inserted into this.
silvermyth chapter 5 . 6/28/2015
Oh my, these two together are just too much. Such teases.
silvermyth chapter 3 . 6/28/2015
Oh man, I've been enjoying this fic, but this chapter was so funny that I was giddy with laughter. Your humor is spot-on! :D
EvanescentWhisper chapter 8 . 10/6/2014
Hey :) So I thought that maybe, picking up a different story might make the wait for HS more tolerable *heart*. The description of this story of yours drew me in :3 Of course I knew what I was doing, that this story is also on hiatus (probably permament hiatus), and will probably never be finished, BUT I COULDN'T RESIST.
GAAAAAAAH I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START. Once again, I read this in one go, so I'll just blurt it all out :3

I think I wanna start with Leon's car, which I think was a nice touch :3 I remember it had made an impression to me when I was reading Water, and maybe I'm just *overanalyzing*, but something as small as keeping a car that's practically a wreck, can reveal so much about a person's character. I don't know how to explain it :P It's like, in your story, Leon has the virtue of acceptance. Like, how the car (or it could be anything else) may be flawed, but he still keeps it around because it's his, he loves it none the less. And I LOVED that Cloud knew all the 'tricks' to the car, it gave me the feeling that their relationship was comfortable. And the way they were together all the time, but knew where the other was even when they weren't. GAAH, comfortable and loving relationships I think are the best kind of relationships. Where there's much love, and room for a little tease here, a nudge there (same with the car XDDDD). I could TOTALLY picture Leon and Sephiroth throwing insults at each other. :P I could picture Leon getting furious at the ex that just won't give up, and strike the balls at the top of his strength. The scene made me laugh so much, because I could clearly imagine it. THANK YOU I LOVED THAT :D :D :D *heart*
I LOVED (LOVEDLOVEDLOVED) your characterization of Reno and Rude :P How they're mistaken for a married couple because they're ALWAYS TOGETHER, how they know all of each others' quirks :P Your portrayal of both of them was SPOT-ON, Reno being the looks and Rude the brains is how I think of them too, especially after watching the movie. (With one of my favorite Reno-Rude scenes being the one where Reno clumsily steps on the sunglasses and Rude just casually pulls out another pair XD). You just gave Reno the ideal dose of goofiness and sex appeal, and created the perfect recipe :3. Call me what you want, but the scenes where he acts like a douche were the ones when I found him most ADORABUBBLE. He may be a douche sometimes, but he's the kind you just can't hate, YOU GOTTA ADORE HIM, just lavishly ADORE him. *heart* With stalwart Rude being his conscience, dragging him out of shit XD I loved how he always acted rational (because, well, someone has to be), and how his word was taken seriously.
I get so excited when Demyx makes an appearance in your stories :D :D :D (also a reason why I'm pretty excited to pick up M&H together with you ASDFGHJ) It's not only about how much I love him personally, it's how I always enjoy it when you write him :D It's kind of how I imagine him too. Lazy, a slob, a sucker for free stuff (free food haaaa XD), carefree and a good person, a good friend. You conveyed all of that, and I greatly enjoyed reading him :) It's easy to imagine an emo-guy who rarely speaks just open up to him so easily, and I loved reading his lovestruck reactions every time he received an SMS *heart*. The misunderstanding with the balls was HILARIOUS 8DDDD. How he was reluctant to repeat what he heard, the way he misunderstood (does that make him dirty minded? I'd say not too much XD), how I could picture him shriek 'you pervert', yeah, it was hysterical. I loved it TO BITS :3
Roxas was a little weird in this story, I understand of course, that it was intentional, since the story isn't AkuRoku. I bet that if the story were to go on further, it would be revealed that his life isn't as comfortable as it seems with a first look (or am I wrong again?). The tension between Roxas and Axel was obvious, and I think it was there mainly because (I had this feeling anyway) Roxas had hopes that maaayyybe they could get back together (even Cloud thought that Axel was good for Roxas-big brother's seal of approval has got to count), whereas Axel didn't want to get involved with him again. I mean, why else give Reno the wrong number? XD. So, all that inevitably brings tension and awkwardness. Which I could feel. I felt awkward inside my warm blanket fortress :P Hats off to you for that. I also thought that, maybe, you made the atmosphere between them so tense, because they are always so meant to be, and well, this fic is Axel-Reno, and they shouldn't be XD.
I'll admit, I didn't know what a 'bouncer' was, and I'm still not sure if I understood completely. I had this feeling that it's bad for Axel, because he used to have a bad tendecy to brawl? I really couldn't tell DX Which made me wonder why Roxas would offer him such a job in the first place. Was it a desperate attempt to keep Axel close to him, better *that* job than no job at all? I guess I'll never find out ;
Last but not least, the stars of the fic *hurrrrrrs*. How is it possible that you took two characters I would NEVER imagine together (Axel and Reno are so similar-intentionally) AND MAKE THEM A FREAKIN COUPLE. I mean a convincing one. Not that they actually got to be one, but matter of time. I don't ship them outside the games (like I enjoy couples outside the games thanks to awesome people like you), but DAYUM, they were HOT. After reading that pool scene, I was tempted to dress pretty and go shoot some pool XD. Seriously, THAT WAS SO HOT. WHEEEEEERE'S MY MOP? *I'm drowning in my own saliva seewhatyouvedonetomenowihopeyourehappy*
I was reading about the bet, and all I could think of was 'OH NO, you can't do that, don't accept', and he did and it was like 'you know you want Reno to molest you', and naturally, I was expecting it to be a bit... dirty. But woman. It involved a pinkie finger only and it was hot enough to burn my insides and melt them. Because something like that doesn't have to be dirty. It can be hazy and erotic instead, which is SO. MUCH. BETTER. UGHHH it just started like 'hmm let's see if we like this' and endeed like 'I CAN'T GET ENOUGH'.
I loved this story so much, for all the reasons I mentioned, and for others which I can't really remember right now (and even if I did, I would lack the energy and the capacity to write them down. It's 3:30 in the morning here and I should be asleep, but I really wanted to write a few words at least, let you know, it was really exciting to read something different). Also, I'd like to find out what happens next. Not asking, not even daring to THINK of asking, I'm just saying :) :) There were things that made me curious is all.
I really hope everything is going well for you *heart* Missed you on dA (but I ALWAYS understand that when you're gone, it's for a reason), but at least I'm sloooowly making progress with my fanart for you. ITSSOMETHING.
Much love
Kunoichi21 chapter 8 . 9/24/2014
I'm loving this so far; why isn't there more? I envy your ability to write AkuNo, because I certainly couldn't do it. I'd be making Axel turn back to Roxas and be like, "I'm yours and yours alone; keep the perv away!" xD
nuttyfruits chapter 8 . 9/2/2011
LOL! I am LOVING this fic! XD I read it non-stop till the latest chapter! It's really good! I'm game with many pairings and this one seems really great! It's very refreshing from the usual fics and I like it very much.

I think the Axel was really cute in here and Reno with his badassery really cool too. :) I'm kinda sad with Roxas and Axel fighting though. Hopefully they can patch things up and still become friends. :) It's understandable to be so awkward when dealing with an ex.

I visited your profile and I'm glad you're updating again. :) I hope all is well in your life and that everyone is ok.
Eletigalo chapter 8 . 11/2/2010
Ooooo~! I love this story(: I've just recently gotten into this fandom with Reno/Axel, and I'm glad i found this story!

Can't wait for more!
Neferkitty chapter 8 . 7/16/2010
Nice story, it's quite rare to r ead an AkuNo multichaptered fiction ! Like your style and Reno in this... what a nice asshole 3 I sincerely hope you'll continue this story !
KnightlyLady chapter 8 . 7/8/2010
I magically stumbled upon this story again and, wonder of all wonders, it's still just as fantastic as it was the first time I read it! I'm officially regretting not reviewing every chapter the first time I went through, because it definitely deserves it. Maybe I'll reread in its entirety sometime soon (I just kind of skimmed and jumped around this time )

Reno is freaking wonderful. Not that all of your characterizations aren't but... I kind of love him to pieces :D This story is so witty and pleasantly real and serious and not all at the same time, and it's fantastic. An update would totally make at least my month ;) because I'm dying to know how this date goes .
DarkSapphireXx chapter 8 . 5/29/2010
Lol! Love this story! And the traitorous pinkie! :D

I think that the characters personalities are all, well, in character. No ooc-ness here and that's great!

I find the zemyx in this story oh so adorable too!
NocturnalMorning chapter 8 . 4/13/2010
Hm loosen up? LOL I'm excited for the next chapter keep on writeing! :). ( not the best reveiwer ever sorry)

mid-eul chapter 3 . 4/4/2010
I love your writing style! How did you ever become so skilled at dialogue? It's so fluent and witty. Damn, I'm envious, really.
Elvenwannabe chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
O_o I really liked this chapter! I was laughing so hard when I read that one part about Cloud being a man-whore! I can SO see it. (hehehe) The relationship between Axel and Roxas reminds me ALOT of me and my old girlfriend. werid. I wonder what kind of job roxas will give Axel? Your an awsome writer, keep it up!:D
Comment-Chatroom-Groupie chapter 6 . 11/2/2009
Okay, first of all, EPIC FIC 8D . I think that would be the best way to summarize this.

You are an AMAZING writer. Like, you've probably heard this a bajillion times, but I like to repeat the facts and spread the word so.. YOU ROCK! AkuNo is awesome -although I could never deny my undying love towards AkuRoku- and the relationship twists and turns really keep me on my feet.

"Oh, we fucked in an alley and he made me call him ‘daddy’.”

I think I almost had a heart-attack from reading that line. Oh, good ol' Demyx. But, my all-time favorite moment in the story so far was THIS:

/"...because she can beer me, and Aerith can feed me, and then they can like, have like, pillow fights in front of me.”

There was a pause as the three men stopped to envision this./

Zack smashed is THE BEST. Like, THE BEST. I don't think my perspective on him will ever be the same again.

Anywho, keep them chapters coming and I will stay a loyal reader.
ilovecats86 chapter 8 . 10/29/2009
This is my first actual exposure to AkuNo, but I really do like it. Reno just always does have a slippery charm to him, and it's so interesting to watch Axel struggle with what his response should be!
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