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kelwin chapter 9 . 6/15/2016
good fic. I hope you will consider continuing it some time. thanks
kelwin chapter 3 . 6/15/2016
oh that was not good. why did they just attack. I hope it was not aviendha he killed.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/3/2013
Your story sucks. You are making Rand as a bitch of the White Tower.
Uknown chapter 7 . 9/8/2012
Wow... awsome
Uknown chapter 4 . 9/8/2012
could you lend it to me next ... still need book 12 and onwards
LadyAnnatar chapter 7 . 3/13/2012
Nothing like a light, feel-good AU fanfic to pass my evening with. :) I was grinning all the way through. Do continue it, considering how AU it is, further publications shouldn't effect it. Lanfear/Rand-LTT FTW!
Jaco chapter 7 . 11/2/2010
awful just awful
Avarenda chapter 7 . 10/7/2009
nice, a rand lanfear fic. there are so few of these.
Ahrimal chapter 7 . 10/1/2009
It is understandable that Matrim would want to become drunk, after a rather terrifying experience with Perrin and wolves. I suppose that settles the matter regarding Perrin, though. He seemed to recall a spark of his old self, just enough to refrain from harming Matrim and Ewin, but at the same time, the encounter showed again that he truly is a wolf in a human body now. He could not go back with Matrim even if he actually wanted to.

I wonder what Matrim is doing in Baerlon, though. Perhaps he just wanted to get away from the Two Rivers in order to forget the awful experience. I hope he at least informed his family before he left, about what happened with Perrin and why he was leaving. In this case, I suppose there is no reason for Nynaeve to chase after Matrim.

Well, since he is there, it is no surprise that he met Elmindreda. I wonder what danger Matrim is in, though, since the Shadow seems to be concentrating on Rand, not him or Perrin. It is not as though trollocs and Myrddraal are going to be chasing him. For that matter, there should be no reason for the two to go through Shadar Logoth. Still, if they are going to the White Tower, it will be interesting to see how they interact with Rand once he gets back home from Tear. Given how much Rand and Matrim's paths diverged 10 years ago, they are virtually strangers now. I imagine Rand will not be particularly impressed or patient with Matrim's womanizing ways or indulgence in gambling. Furthermore, if Matrim were to mouth off to an Aes Sedai within earshot of Rand, that would certainly exhaust Rand's patience for him. As for Elmindreda, given that Rand was not taken with Elayne at all, he will probably not give Elmindreda more than a passing thought. Just as well for him, considering how Lanfear would react if he did show such interest in the girl.

Speaking of Rand, it was a nice save to think so quickly of a cover for Lanfear/Selene. I do like Moiraine, but I wish she would at least knock next time before entering. Rand's feelings for Lanfear continue to develop, considering how sad he was feeling that she was not acting like herself. I wonder how Rand is going to let Moiraine know that he is actually allied with Lanfear, though not for the Shadow. It is going to be tricky to do so without Moiraine potentially reacting very badly. Also, Rand slept in the chair and let Lanfear have the bed for the night, I see. Let it not be said that Rand is not a gentleman _ So, Rand and Lanfear's plan involved Lanfear working herself into the inner circle of the High Lords? Well, since that plan is defunct, I wonder what strategy they will devise next. Perhaps they will decide that Lanfear should try integrating herself into the Tower's hierarchy instead. It would be a good chance for Lanfear to cross paths with Mesaana, and if not, well though Rand is currently in Tear, the White Tower will still be his home base, so to speak, so it could not hurt to try it.
jsports19 chapter 7 . 9/30/2009
I love the story so far. There are not many wheel of time stories out there that are as good as yours.
SuperiorShortness chapter 7 . 9/30/2009
Thanks for the quick update!
Ahrimal chapter 6 . 9/25/2009
I see. Thank you for the answers. I do hop Kamarile Sedai reviews soon. I enjoy reading them, and it feels less lonely giving longer reviews.

After a meeting like that, it is no wonder that Elaida has not forgotten Rand even after a decade. Give that Lews Therin had forced his way to the fore the very first time, I imagine it would not have taken long for Rand to plunge into the madness soon after. Given that, along with other factors like being raised by Aes Sedai, it is no surprise that Rand is grateful to Elaida, who is also part of his extended family. I do hope the second meeting with Rand left Elaida with a more favorable impression of him.

It is very amusing to speculate what Moiraine is thinking, along with what Siuane will feel once she finds out. After they made their pledge regarding the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine has been searching far and wide, only to now discover that the Dragon Reborn has been right under her nose all these years in the White Tower, raised and trained by Aes Sedai. Indeed, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. It does make the situation in some ways easier for Moiraine thought. Rand clearly does not need any sword training from Lan, and his upbrining in the Tower has seen to his education regarding politics, diplomacy, current events, and so on.

Poor Rand, I imagine negotiating with the High Lords was rather taxing, since they are among the best at Daes Dae'mar. Given that he figured to himself that he is already ruling, I am curious to learn about the details of his negotiation with the High Lords. Rand's training in diplomacy has served him well, and he must continue honing these skills. At the same time, he does not need to do so alone. For the next nations, I imagine Rand will ask the Gray Ajah for help before meeting the rulers. Among other things, I imagine Rand negotiated or tried to negotiate for the hoard of angreal in the Stone to be turned over to the Tower's custody. He will probably take Callandor back there as well, since it will be safest there. I wonder what the High Lords think of Rand, mature, well-educated, and capable as he is. Speaking of the hoard of angreal, I imagine Rand will discretely go down there with Selene/Lanfear when he can, so that she can select a few choice angreal and ter'angreal, perhaps even a sa'angreal if she can find one.

It is good to see that despite all the incredible events happening to him, Rand is still taking everything in unflappable stride, much as Aes Sedai would. He went from threatening to kill Lanfear to thanking her and finally to accepting her proposal by this meeting, after all. It is curious to see Rand observing and analyzing his own thoughts and emotions in a somewhat, detached, logical way. I imagine his time with the White Ajah must have taught him this habit.

I imagine Rand will want to return home to the White Tower as soon as possible and report on this development, not least of all to Arya and the Green Ajah. I wonder how they and the other Ajahs will respond upon learning that he is the Dragon Reborn. That many of them know Rand as a human, have watched him grow up will make the adjustment softer and smoother than it woudl otherwise be. Rand is part of the family after all, as a son of the White Tower. Somehow, Moiraine will have to accept that Rand will also be confiding in Arya and Lanfear, one his surrogate sister and the other his eventual love.

The first thing Rand will probalby ask Lanfear to teach him is how to spin a gateway. Until the two of them can emerge openly about Lanfear/Selene's true identity, I suppose they will have to settle for Lanfear teaching Rand, and then Rand will pass on what he learns to Arya, the Green Ajah, Moiraine, and the other Aes Sedai. One last matter Rand should handle immediately is to determine he close he can approach Lanfear before the Mask of Mirrors unravels. If that were to happen in public, it would be disastrous for both of them.

It is interesting that by now Rand does not seem to mind Lanfear calling him Lews Therin, at least in private. Then again, your Rand does not have Lews Therin's voice in his mind, so that probably helps. I look forward to observing the growing alliance between Rand and Lanfear, and the love for her that is developing on Rand's part. Let us see how they resolve matters with the other Forsaken. Rand will either have to destroy them as he did Ishamael or sway them to him as he is doing with Lanfear. Among the female Forsaken, dealing with Mesaana will probably be the foremost priority for Rand, especially since she is in the White Tower, his home. I imagine it is going to require some frantic and delicate footwork on his and Lanfear's part, if Mesaana is close to breaking the Tower. Then, of course, there is the terrifying Semirhage. When Rand meets her, he will no doubt be extremely wary, given her sadistic nature. At the same time, the danger will be alleviated since his condition renders him immune to Semirhage's torture, and she would not stoop to physically restraining and beating him. There is Graendal, whose insight into the human mind would be invaluable to Rand. She herself admitted that if Rand were to confront her, she would either flee or throw herself at his feet and immediately begin convincing him that she was indisposable. I imagine Lanfear, at Lews Therin/Rand's side, would enjoy lording over Graendal in such a situation.

Among the male Forsaken, the first one I can think of Lanfear suggesting is Asmodean. Rand will sooner or later have to cleanse Saidin, and since he cannot touch the True Source, the only male channelers strong enough to access the male-attuned Choedan Kal are the Forsaken, and among them, Asmodean is probably the most likely to cooperate. Perhaps your Rand has an appreciation for the fine arts, music not least of all. That would be a good way for him to bond with Asmodean and start redeeming him. Another that might come later is Rahvin. Rahvin's specialty is diplomacy, and he prefers not to fight if it can be avoided, so perhaps Rand could negotiate some sort of understanding with him and thus try to turn him back to the Light.
SuperiorShortness chapter 6 . 9/24/2009
DreamWalker chapter 5 . 8/29/2009
This is an interesting story you have, so far. Is there any chance you'll be continuing it?
ace chapter 5 . 7/3/2009
I realy liked your story, but it seems to have some technical errors regarding timelines and channeling (not including the change you have made to Rand's ability).

1) Rand was 20 in the the beggining of tWot, in yours he is 16 yet both feature Logain's cupture an event unrelated to Rand's early gentling.

2) The Aiel's invasion of the stones dated atleast half a year after logain's cupture

3) Aes sedai can't tell that a man can channel, the red ajah can only find them due to residue, and reports of what men did with the power. They will certainly not be able to tell a 6 year old will be able to channel in the far future!

4) Logain is not that much weaker than Rand (channeling Saidin) Logain requires 5 woman atleast to maintiain his shield and Rand dosn't need a full cycle.

5) Lanfir would be able to see that Rand is channeling Saidar, and men can feel when a woman channels Saidar (women can't feel Saidin).
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