Reviews for Children of the Red Sun
Montara chapter 20 . 11/13/2015
Why did it take a week for Jor to become weak enough to penetrate his skin when the other kryptonian could have made a hole in his skin with ease? If Karia can't feel Jor this means he's now evil?! Hope not :(((

I can't believe Kale's father! Wow! At least his mom will help. I wonder why Kale can't clone Mara when she'll die from old age?
Montara chapter 19 . 11/13/2015
Oh, no, he took Jor! And he wants to turn him evil! :(((

Wow, it wasn't the vong but Thrawn's clone who had the crystals! And he wants an alliance...

Hope Kale will arrive in time to save both Mara and Jor!

Poor Jor, he was taken prisoner by the vong and now by this kryptonian! Hope his sister's face telling him to not turn evil will help him in the future!
Montara chapter 18 . 11/13/2015
I'm glad Karia made Jor aware of the path he was taking. Hope this will be enough.

Karia was jealous over Anakin...and she's more kryptonian than Jor...maybe he's her mate? :D

I really thought this was it and Kale will find his crystals! But the vong are really good with this plan to keep him occupied while they conquer the galaxy.
Montara chapter 17 . 11/13/2015
Oh, no, another Kryptonian...and he wants Kale and his family to suffer :(

I can't believe the new leader! As a saying from the fanfic Written in the Stars, "it's easy to convince people to vote against their own interests."

I loved Leia's duel with Fey'lya :))))
Montara chapter 16 . 11/13/2015
Kale was right, hope Jor won't turn dark and he'll take care from now on!
Montara chapter 15 . 11/13/2015
What a blow!
Montara chapter 14 . 11/13/2015
Vong really are powerful! But they don't have Kale and Han :))
Montara chapter 13 . 11/13/2015
The Vong wanted Kale dealing with Mara's illness but that brought him right near where they want to hit.
Montara chapter 12 . 11/13/2015
Elan...why do I have the feeling she'll be Jor's imprint? Hope I'm not right.

The feeling of losing her children...poor Leia :( I totally understand her.

Anakin seems like a sweet kid but he was the one starting a betting pool :))
Montara chapter 11 . 11/13/2015
Hope Kale will find the crystals and the informations on them will help Mara. I wonder if Jor has "imprinted" on Danni the way Kale did on Mara or it's just a crush?

It seems Jacen is trying to woe Danni only because Jor likes her...

Vong has spies among them...not good :
Montara chapter 10 . 11/13/2015
They found Kale! But, so many died :( At least they won this battle!
Montara chapter 9 . 11/13/2015
Hope Kale is alright :
Montara chapter 8 . 11/13/2015
Daddy to the rescue :)
Montara chapter 7 . 11/13/2015
Kale showed again why he can be useful but what could happen if he'd be their enemy. Still, I think Han can see only the weapon Kale can be...on their side.

I loved Han's plan that destroyed those two big ships!
Montara chapter 6 . 11/13/2015
Wow, Kale and Han...
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