Reviews for On The Edge Of A Golden World
Kaka chapter 40 . 7/1
please update
HAForever chapter 40 . 6/20
And how ironic that in history, Charles actually died on Elizabeth's birthday, the day he marries her in this story!
But, please, just kill him off! If not now, then later, after a while!
HAForever chapter 40 . 6/20
I feel so sorry for Elizabeth
I mean, while she is getting married, has a bright future ahead of her, with a hopefully amazing husband and all, she must have felt like crying- imagine, being a teenager, and having to leave your home and family, being able to visit only infrequently! And for a twelve year old to get married to a man she has never even met, to give up her identity like that, must be awful, especially for someone like Elizabeth. God please, please, please, just let the Duke of Orleans die like he is supposed to, and let Elizabeth return and somehow, just somehow, marry Robert Dudley, who is and was, undoubtedly, the love of her life, and if things had just worked out differently for the real Queen Elizabeth, I have no doubt that she and Dudey would have been together.
Please, please, please continue your story!
Kajune chapter 10 . 5/27
I have long not believed one could write a decent story based on a fictional world, on fictional events that followed something that could have, but did not happen in reality.

By this chapter I can no longer contain my surprise at the beauty of this particular work, ending my disbelief and drawing me in with eagerness for more. Sad to say you follow the Showtime's version of Tudor history, and when I first read that, I quickly assumed this would be poorly done.

No. I have come to adore this story and shall adore it still. It entertains me beyond all expectations and for a whole night it has been in my company. You deserve the good reviews you get, and I dare say the only ones who can beat this darling are true historians, which is probably because I personally like fact above fiction, but do not think that I wish to criticize a story such as this, one that may end up as a 'favorite' of mine when so many others, more than a dozen, have failed to please me this much.

I love this story, the realism in each scene, the tension and the emotions in them all. Thank you for writing, and, like Henry VIII said at the end of the show, "Well done."
Narcissistic Celebrity chapter 40 . 5/27
You're brilliant, Regan! You need to finish your story!
Diana Mary chapter 2 . 3/12
who did actually dismiss Jane? the king or the queen?
here you let us see the ambitious side of Jane... and her family. their hope that Jane to become queen.
will anne delivered her child healty? will it be aboy?
Diana Mary chapter 1 . 3/10
I've got this story just now...excellent written.
Thank god that Anne was not miscartied
Smalltownethics chapter 40 . 3/7
Almost three years with out an update. Please update soon!
Guest chapter 40 . 3/6
As much as this fic was brilliant, I hate the thought of Elizabeth not sitting on England's throne, ruling as the rightful Queen.
wendladarlings chapter 39 . 2/27
This was one of my favorite chapters by far. My heart swelled when Charles Howard and Mary were reunited. God knows Mary's could use some love in her life, and seeing Mary settled with such a beautiful, happy family is just amazing. She deserves as much, after all she's been through and lost. She has a family now and that's the best I could hope for her. :)

I feel bad about having finished this story again though hahaha. I feel lost! I tried reading it as slowly as possible but I'd just get sucked in sometimes and now I've finished it sooner than I hoped. It was so comfy, cozying up at home with this story. Great break from everything, there's no story quite like this one.

I'll have to look for something new to read in between senior year madness, but a little part of me is hoping that it'll be the conclusion to this story, somewhere down the line. :)
wendladarlings chapter 35 . 2/27
I literally dreamt about this fanfiction. Holy crap.

Anyway, I just have a question—if Anne was thirty two when she conceived Rose and Geoff, wouldn't that make Henry forty six in the last chapter? Why does he seem much older? :(

Also, can I just say that I loved that little moment when in his happiness, Henry called Mary his pearl. I feel for Mary. I hope Henry puts two and two together and figures out that Mary did not and does not have it in her to conspire to poison someone, especially a woman with child!
wendladarlings chapter 40 . 2/27
I read this from start to finish again. It's been long enough that I've forgotten some details, and the story is as engaging and perfect as ever. It's the only story I've re-read so many times in my life, second to only Hamlet. It's just amazing, and I love love love how textured and intricate you've made everything. I love how the relationships between the characters, especially Anne and Henry, have grown so organically throughout this whole story that I don't even notice immediately how things have changed. It's amazing to remember how Anne stood in shock when she learned about Edward and her father scolded her after reading about her willingness to be so kind to Mary and Katherine. They've all grown so much and so realistically, it's incredible.

I was so sad to read this last chapter because of how sad Elizabeth is—England is losing a brilliant woman—and how you talked of how Henry's growing old. He's in his late forties here, and I hope he grows old enough to see a grandchild by Harry or Elizabeth. He and Anne have lived such full lived that I'm actually emotionally invested in their marriage here, it's just beautiful.

Here's to hoping you get to update someday. In any case, thank you for the time you've spent writing this. The time I spent reading it has been such a pleasure, I can't thank you enough for writing this. I mean it. :)
The Owl Of Athena chapter 40 . 2/23
So are you ever going to continue? You left us all hanging.
wendladarlings chapter 14 . 1/18
I just want to say that I'm re-reading this for maybe the third, fourth time. The only other book I've re-read as many times would be Hamlet, I think! This is one of the most well-written, quality fanfictions I've ever read, and I'm still not tired of it. I'd buy this if it were a book. (If you sell any books, let me know, hahahaha!) Thank you for writing this; it's so engrossing! :)
Kilyen chapter 40 . 1/5
I really love this story, it's very well written. I so enjoy reading it. :) Thanks for sharing it with us!
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