Reviews for On The Edge Of A Golden World
leavesmichelle chapter 42 . 7/12
I really love your story, Anne Boleyn has and always remains my favorite and most fascinating character in history. Looking forward to whenever your next update is :))
Annexhenry chapter 1 . 6/6
Will you continue with your stories
Elena2214 chapter 42 . 6/5
Love this story!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/20
Can you will writting that story
Crockett Rocket chapter 18 . 5/13
I'm going to be totally honest here. I have always felt that KoA DID consummate her marriage with Arthur and she lied through her teeth to get to marry Henry and kept on lying to protect Mary. She had grown up firmly believing that she would be Queen of England and would bear the next heir and her pride wouldn't settle for anything less. I don't think she was the paragon so many people think she was...
ButtonPusherExtraordinaire chapter 42 . 4/14
I’ve just read all of your story thus far, and I have to say, what an incredible tale. You’ve got me hooked, my friend. Take whatever time you need, for no matter the wait, it will be great.
gogomohamad229 chapter 42 . 4/5
amazing story , plzzz update soon... xxxx
Emerauldessence chapter 42 . 3/17
I'm absolutely thrilled that you're continuing this utterly amazing work! I first read through the first 40 chapters on AO3, and was saddened that it hadn't been updated in so long, since I adored it so. It's honestly my favourite piece of historical fanfiction I've ever read. Imagine my absolute pleasure at finding more recent chapters here at this site. This is such a wonderfully intricate world you've woven, with strings of events cascading behind each little change. I especially enjoyed the way you portrayed the children in this chapter. I love how each of the children is so tonally different, but easily recognizable as themselves even as they age and change. I can't wait to read the next installment of this. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/8
Continue please with your story
Guest chapter 1 . 3/2
continue with the story
Guest chapter 1 . 2/13
You can finish this story
gabbygrl247 chapter 42 . 2/5
I love this story! I hope you continue
salazarastark chapter 42 . 1/28
Wow, okay. I'm dying to know how exactly this is going to go down. I don't think Henry's going to be very happy at first, but I don't see him being that upset for long. Henry likes children and he likes his royal blood so I don't think he can refuse a child that has both. I actually hope he legitimizes Katherine to be an official Howard, not just a Fitz, and gives Charles a peerage. To be honest, it's the least he can do. I'm also looking forward to seeing Mary's second child, one that hopefully Henry will have a better reaction too.

I also can't believe that Henry's historical death date will becoming up soon. You passed by Brandon's and the Duke of Orleans', but you still might have something planned for them, especially Orleans. It would be very interesting to see Elizabeth become a widow who is not really a widow. It would also be interesting to see her in France in two years time, so either way I'm looking forward to it. Though I am sad that it seems with Henry's death, this story will end. Alas, all good things must, and given the hints in these last couple chapters, it looks very likely that January 28, 1547 will be the last date in this story.

I am also wondering what is up with Cathy Brandon. Is she helping Anne with Katherine, stuck at her home, or is there something else? No matter what, I can't wait to read it when you have it!
Sarah Zitter chapter 42 . 1/22
I love this story update on this story please. Plus let Henry forgive Mary his daughter please. Plus let Harry aka Henry the ninth rule England as a grown up and when Anne dies let Henry be there in heaven waiting for her please.
taylor115 chapter 42 . 11/28/2017
Love love love love love love it. Soooo amazing!

Taylor x x
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