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Jacob Pfarrer chapter 1 . 2/13
This is beautiful. Gave me the chills. It might as well have been a part of the novel. Thanks for creating this, though it seems that this post is just about ten years old now. It's rare to find fan fiction that's well written, which this certainly is, and I was tired of looking through the It category and only coming up with Finn Wolfhard erotica and Bill Skarsgard clown porn fantasies. Bravo!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/12/2014
It's Beverly Marsh
Miehczyslaw chapter 1 . 4/10/2014
IT is my favorite book over all, including many of Stephen King.

And I suffered a lot with the end. Not only because Eddie also died, but because after all they went through together, Losers forgot. And it's depressing.

I liked your oneshot, is IC, is realistic, and makes me want to curl up on the floor like a ball. Simply I can not stop to mourn.

HermioneJMalfoy chapter 1 . 7/23/2013
I just read IT, and I must say I was really sad about the ending. It's just not fair, they had a wonderful thing, and they will just forget it. If there is an after-life, I hope they meet again.

However, I was happy because Beverly and Ben finally got together, I hoped they would, and it pained me to read about Beverly's crush on Bill.

And this morning, I opened my laptop, wanting to find some nice, good IT fics, revolving around them and was hugely disappointed when I only found Horror stories. This was a nice surprise.

It was beautifully written and although it wasn't long, I think you captured their characters really well.

The ending, the names, that was really heartbreaking. I'm so happy they have each other.
I'm.Crazy.All.The.Time chapter 1 . 12/17/2010

I've come across some good fics on this site, and this has got to be one of them. Although I'm not a big fan of IT (reading fics I mean) this is the sort of work that would make me indeed continue reading fics on the book.

How heartbreaking, and this was written with care and thought. Feelings were expressed through this, and you can tell you took your time to write this. It shows you study the characters, flesh them out well, and...

Commend you for the detail. I can't read a fic if I can't see it vividly. If fics don't do that, in my opinion, they suck dick. Details are what makes a certan someone see a fic. You have. Thumbs up for you.

Well done for the grammar. I couldn't spot one mistake, not that I'm nit picky. When there is only a few spelling mistakes in a fic, I don't mind, but when it's all the way through... Eekk.

First time writing IT? If so, then this is what I say:


You have met up to my expectations which is why I am leaving a fairly big review.

Well done with writing this piece of cracking work. Kudos.
Saeshmea chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
I think it was a very sweet ffic Really very nice!
PinkPurple chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
Wow! Just when you think theres seemingly nothing more that can be possibly further pondered from a story so already rich and full as IT, especially in fan-fic form, and as a result theres rarely been anyone whos anywhere near a strong enough writer to do the mounteverist of source material challenges close to justice. Only two storys from this site have ever dared to find and explore the uncharted waters of this most sacred source material. The first was the rather lone girl of the losers, female coming of age take of 'Beverly's Disision' which alass appears to have vanished into that good night and then there twas the shockingly somewhat more original, alternate universe What If? take on the mythos offered up by 'Without IT' which took BD's title of FF's best IT fic and...promptly took it's ball and went home to seemingly never be continued just like the countless others. Now finally a new champion has emerged from the ashes. One less as fun yet far more powerfull and meaningfull then it's two previous title holders.

What lies at the heart of 'Fade' as a story is ultimately the fundermentals of what made IT so dam special to myself and countless others. As another like-minded reviewer so fittingly put it, IT is about so much more than just a monster clown. Don't get me wrong, I love Pennywise as much if not more than any of his most diehard fans. He's by far long been practicaly my number one favourite fictional Villain of all time in fact, but the character is such a showstoppa that like anything thats overwhelmingly entertaining and offers such flash and sizzle, it tends to blind people a little to whats really most important and as such IT never gets the full respect it so richly deserves as one of the classic coming of age tales of both the sheer magic and very nature of friendship and growing up.

The main issue this particular tale raises is a well argued one in my view. I'm forced to agree that idea of the Losers loosing the one constant we as human beings get to possess and maintain in an endlessly changeing world over the course of a lifetime, our precious memories is rather tragicaly sad.

But again, as another reviewer mentioned, it leaves me at least thanking the ficional heathens that Bev and Ben still have each other in the end. Not least of which because I will always have a special place in my heart for that pairing. You see, many, many years ago way back from when I first discovered what would become my favourite ficional story ever created, when I first experienced the world of 'Stephen King's IT' Bev/Ben became my first ever experience with loving and rooting for a favourite fictional couple long before 'shipping' had a term for itself. Spawning a passion for both the underdog and the underdog getting the girl. I used to even somewhat fear ever finding fan-fic for them since as I've noted I felt that both their story and IT itself had been too richly served to the full to leave any possibilitie of fan-fic being capable of offering anything left to be done with such untouchable material. Nore did I ever trust myself with the notion of being capable of doing something so beloved of mine justice in FF form myself either.

Now here I sit after reading the most bitter sweetly beautifull, probably closet thing I'll ever find to a Ben/Bev fic ever written and if that should be so then thank you Lady Emily from the bottom of my heart. It's not even officaly a ship fic of course, its so much more than that, just as IT is so much more than a killer clown and I guess its a credit to this writer that as a proud Ben/Bev shipper not only did I dig this tale in it's own right but I was also able to however unofficialy get that special Bev/Ben 'fix' I thought I'd never get in fan-fic form.

As a parting gift token of my thanks, I leave you dear Emily with the words of Ben's poem, as I attempt to remember it on the spot. I honestly never fully understood it but it sounded so cool and beautifull in my eyes anyway:

"Your Hair is Winter Fire, January Embers, My Heart Burns There Too."
spearofhope chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
Most people's stories based on It, or even most people's impression of It is hinged on a clown going around and killing people, which I hate.

You captured the True reality of It - it isn't about the killings, or anything like that. lame as it sounds, It is about Friendship.

CloudChaserMcGuirk chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
i hated it, too. and i like your story, it's very well written.
FreekyDisaster18 chapter 1 . 5/2/2009
It does make you want to weep at how they forget the people that had been their everything.

This is beautifully written. It brings across the emotion that Bev is feeling and makes the reader feel it too!
stephenkinglover chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
OMG one of the BEST stories i have ever read! IT was one of my fav. books, and you write so well! Amazing!
Sikar chapter 1 . 12/27/2008
Well done! I absolutely loved this. First of all, it's always a relief to come across a writer who actually takes the time to make sure everything in their story is grammatically correct. Second of all, this is a great little story; a wonderful and poignant look at Bev, who, by the very nature of her gender, has been the axle upon which the Losers' club has spun - she is what has kept them from flying apart. This is a delightful look at what she must feel like when that duty is over, and she can never again return to the wonders of her childhood - not even those she shared with Ben, who will soon perhaps become nothing more than just a barely-known lover. I applaud your style, particularly the ending, both as a writer and a reader. And on a personal note, "It" is currently my favorite novel; I've been through the thousand-page whopper six or seven times now, and still can't seem to tire of it. You've done it justice.
Completely Bunned chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
Yeah ! I know ! I HATED THAT TOO ! GOD ! sniff :'( Your fanfic was great ! It was almost like what King could do ! Really good ! Loved it !
Tamira chapter 1 . 10/16/2008
You hated it too? How they forgot each other... again! ... Yeah, I cried then... And I am nearly crying right now! ... At least Bev DOES have Ben... and he has her... I somehow think this will hold... and they will love each other and stick together... But the memory will be gone so far, soon, that they won't even recall they are missing something!

It's so sad... Nobody will remeber what happend to Eddie... And there is a saying that a person is not totally dead before totally forgotten... And Eddie WILL be forgotten, at least the REAL Eddie... His wive will remember him, of course, but she will only remeber the fearful, scared, easy to manipulate part of him... And while she loved him for sure... There are things missing of him, she never could know!

At least Bev has Ben... And Bill has Audra, her mind came back at least (and for her it actually might be good not to remeber!) ... But somehow it's not enough... Somehow they should not forget each other!

Thanks for this story... and sorry for my long-winded, mashed up review...

Bye, Tam
pedal chapter 1 . 8/19/2008
And you write IT fiction too! How amazing! This is so sweet and sad and covers my thoughts exactly-I hate how they forgot. Memories are some of the most precious things people have, and after all their hard work, this is how the Losers are repaid?

Anyway, I loved reading this, and it made me miss the book and even the crappy movie so much. Thanks for the great read!
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