Reviews for Modern Major Scientist
Vadercat chapter 1 . 2/1
Some songs are just catching...Raindrops keep Fallin on my head...
dragoness simplicity chapter 2 . 2/6/2015
AhHAHAHA! Hilarious. My brother and I love this song. Like any song, once you know it well enough to sing it automatically, it doesn't matter how sleep deprived you are, you sing it without thought. XD

It was a beautiful rendition of the song and quite amusing. You wrote the character interactions very well and I loved chapter 2, the song's revenge!

Overall, beautifully written.
theicemenace chapter 2 . 3/16/2014
I remember reading this a long time ago, but didn't realize I hadn't done a review.

Very funny! I can see Lorne getting the tune stuck and asking Ronon to stun him so he can sleep...and Ronon doing it without hesitatiom. LOL
Aileil chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
You know, I have a friend that always reminds me of Rodney. He starts singing when he's been sleep-deprived. Now I just need to see if I can get him to sing this, 'cause that'd just be awesome! Thanks a million!
Formosa Non Katalaveno chapter 2 . 4/27/2011
WOW! That story was hilarious! I love that song, although I understand how it might get annoying after a few rounds...LOL. Great story. I mean, I don't think I've ever read anything like that before.

Really, wonderful story!
Tlyna52 chapter 2 . 8/17/2010
Oh God, I loved this! I would be happy to get stuck with Gilbert and Sullivan. The last time it happened to me was when an elevator played The Girl from Ipanema. YUCK! At least Rodney and then John has someone to help them. LOL.
sga gatekeeper chapter 2 . 8/8/2010
Just got through laughing my way through this. Too too cute! Especially loved when Lorne showed up!
Azamiko chapter 2 . 6/16/2010
*grin* Oh man, I wish there were video.
hajimebassaidai chapter 2 . 4/23/2010
*curses* guess what's in my head? Anyway loved the idea of sleep deprived Rodney singing Gilbert & Sullivan and John deciding to join in. Bet Rodney would never admit it in the morning! Then John meeting Lorne when it's stuck in his head so they end up singing it! The comments on what makes Sheppard a different commander were a great touch!
Penelope the Perky Penguin chapter 2 . 2/6/2010
YAY! I'd read this story before but I've been thinking about those 2 songs lately and I had to read it again!

I LOVE PIRATE KING! Modern Major General, not so much, but it's good too.

*Adds to Favorites*
scrapture chapter 2 . 9/18/2009
Oh yes. That song is an infectious parasite. Who will Lorne pass it on to! Too bad Ronon doesn't know the words because he'd infect the entire population and who could stop him? My money says Lorne gives it back to patient zero. Or the marines. Good story, thanks.
iamkagomeiloveinuyasha chapter 2 . 9/1/2009
oh no! poor Lorne!
J loves JS chapter 2 . 11/14/2008
This was hysterical. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.
Trishkafibble chapter 2 . 8/20/2008
You have given me *such* flashbacks to my highschool singing/acting career! (Such as it was.) Our director was a Gilbert and Sullivan nut...well, the less said about that, the better! Ever so much fun, both chapters. And just so very right in tone and mood and characterization and warm fuzziness and slice-of-lifeness, too, because that is what you do! And I love it.
Whirlwind421 chapter 2 . 8/4/2008
I laughed so hard! Awesomeness!
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