Reviews for The Feeling of Love
merry christmas chapter 1 . 12/25/2016
Oswald: merry christmas everyone!
Ebby: i'm here austin?
Austin: ohh ebby?
can you see mine your business?
isn't that right cousin chris?
Chris b.: right cousin austin?
Ebby: bro, cousin chris?
Austin: yes?
Chris: yes?
Ebby: may i fanfiction, please?
Austin: all right than, sis?
forget yourself?
Chrisb.: yeah cousin ebby?
Ebby: don't worry about me?
impmon, oswald?
Impmon: yes eb?
Oswald: what is it, ebby?
Ebby: christmas day?
Impmon: YES!
Oswald: YES!
Austin: who you talking too?
you'll better come out now?
Oswald: (look-austin-mad)
did you mine, i trying gets too see your sister!
Impmon: oswald calm down!
come on let's go see youtube?
Oswald: right?
Ebby: you too?
be careful?
merry christmas pt.2
Ebby: so austin?
you playing on dices?
even your playing cards?
Austin: ohh... really?
i'm busy too cousin chris?
right cousin chris?
Chris: right i'll playing the dices or cards!
and for you go play, cousin ebby?
an this time?
i'll should business?
Austin: yeah ebby, (look-ebby)
now go on?
Cuddles softhim chapter 1 . 12/22/2016
Oswald: (cuddles-for-mickey)
Mickey: mmmmmmmh...?
Oswald: (light-bulb-smile)
aww... he's that cute?
Mickey: (laugh-blush)
minnie, minnie stop, that tickles?
Oswald: (mad-smile-laugh)
oh you're so softy, even a fluffy too?
like wow...
relax mouse?
you're getting sleepy...
very very sleepy...
Mickey: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...?
wow, a softy, a fluffy, even a cuddles...
you touch me on my back...
you're so soft fluffy cuddles, i'm so sleepy...
nicely nicely nicely nicely, i love you?
Oswald: (my-face-on-red-blush-smiles)
ohh.. isn't that cute, on your sleeping?
you'll cuddles softy fluffy, your face on my bodies me?
he's likes me?
and he's loves me?
Mickey: i'll give you, your kiss face?
come here now...
Oswald: (smile-love-hearts-faces)
aww, brother...
he's kiss me on my face?
ohh? true love?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me, mickey loves not?
mickey loves me...?
ahh. mick.. you're so pretty, even you're so beautiful too?
i love you mickey mouse, (hugs-me-in-mickey)
forgive you?
Mickey: (open-my-eyes-look-oswald)
what am my doing?
don't touch me!
Oswald: (look-eyes-heart-mickey)
oh-yes, you're so happy?
Mickey: what!?
Oswald: i said, you're so happy?
Mickey: i won't happy with me!
i was a dream me in my girlfriend minnie mouse!
you'll shouldn't the with you, not minnie mouse!
how couldn't you!
don't touch my back, don't touch my fluffy hair, don't touch cuddles me, don't touch softy me,
don't touch you in me!
Oswald: (look-eyes-scare-mickey)
what? whaaaaat?
you don't make me, mad?
i was kidding!
you're trying to kisses my on face?
even i like you?
mick. i'm so sorry-i?
Mickey: face it, ozzie!
and stop loves me?
i'm leaving alone!
goodbye oswald!
Oswald: (look-eyes-sad-no-mickey)
aww, but mickey?
mickey mouse...
don't go?
blast it!
aw come on?
my always little brother loves me, and likes me now?
this is so my fault?
mickey not listening with alone!?
oh well, i give up?
no cuddles, no softy, no fluffy, no mickey loves me and mickey loves not,
even no he's kisses my on face, not you guys?
i wasn't talking too you?
i was talking too my little brother mickey mouse?
he's loves me and he's likes me too?
and than he's is so cutely?
i'm just annoying with me?
an i gotta go, you guys?
i'm sorry?
poor mickey mouse, he's still no be happy!
even he's still no be true love again?
right now!
you'll pay, what we done too mickey mouse!
and that's it!
now go home, NOW!
Guys: (sad-face-sigh)
Oswald: and stay OUT!
(think) what's it's wrong, for mickey mouse?
that mean everyone, they looked at me...
it didn't worked at me?
he's on frustration or madness,
he's won't listening to me along?
it's doomed, but mickey not sleeping too?
why did not too listening again...
he's on feeling of love my little brother mickey mouse?
even he's wakes-up! no...
just like twisted winds of comic books?
mickey's be happy, and he's touch me?
he's cuddles, fluffy, softy, and i wake up too?
even mickey's good it laughing again?
hold me nap,
he's cute me?
an now, you see me in my little brother mickey mouse daydream?
no, i was daydream?
i can't believe this!
whatever still not you?
i'm annoying for MICKEY-MOUSE!
you'll have too leave me alone?
an now remember, can you run along?
i'm trying too busy, for MICKEY-MOUSE!
now go away!
you're be sham yourself!
i have of command alone, it's suppose to wait for MICKEY-MOUSE!
gets here?
not for YOU!
that's not fair, an never you'll seen mickey mouse in me again!
the choice it's yours?
The Feeling of Love?
shoot, all-most never me alone...
it cannot too listened for me?
ohh.. i missed mickey mouse?
he's never did wrong...
bye bye everyone, and you too mick?
i'm going back to youtube, see you later...
he's brokenhearted?
i'm alone, i want to see my little brother still again!
something was wrong for MICKEY-MOUSE...
ooh, what an my going to do?
Hannah Clifford chapter 1 . 2/15/2016
Minnie loves mickey chapter 1 . 11/8/2010
oh how sweet I love the romance between mickey and minnie. loved it loads
Trunks6 chapter 1 . 9/12/2008
I think you did a pretty good job here. Although as I said before you don't need to be repeating how each character feels about the other in just about every paragraph. That's already been established. Spend more time on the describing the actions of the characters in a much more uniform fashion. You don't have to describe every expression, you can leave some of that up to the readers imagination, as Alfred Hitchcock did with his films!
Wise Assassin chapter 1 . 7/7/2008
omg! u r like, the best writer! your stories are long enough to the point when we are not bored, and short enough to the point so we dont say "Aw, its over?" you have so much great description, and can make things romantic with out all the super passionate kiss with tonguges and nasty crap. and its not hardcore romantic with fight and screams and more crap. its just right. i think you and i had the same idea because in my disney story, mickey an dminnie have a cnadlilight dinner at mickey house, and they end up with a tickle fight. (btw, im just right now finishin gup this cHapter.)but as mickey said, great minds think alike (just hope they dont look alike)