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Dany le fou chapter 18 . 6/17/2014
Oh God, Gendo is so far gone that he needs to reassert his authority by having a defenseless teenager beaten within an inch of his life, simply because he can't stand that a bunch of superwomen don't have antthing to fear from him. That part actually made my blood boil. Please tell me he's gonna die. I'm begging you.

So as an outlet, and because I really want to kill someone right now, here's a contribution of my own. Warning : not funny.


Omake 1 : didn't see that one coming - take one

Rei didn't say anything. Didn't even move. She just stood there for a time, her eyes narrowing sharply as she looked at Chiron. "Why don't you go inside already?" he asked, getting annoyed with the pathetic robot Misato had brought into her home. "I'm not in the -"


Chiron looked dumbly at the smoking in the First Child's hands - the Major's he noted - then down at the blood stain that appeared on his stomach. Two more gunshots rang, and his two croonies fell down, a bullet hole in their heads. Rei didn't say anything, nordid her face or eyes betray any emotion as she stepped to the Section-2 leader, placed the gun on his head and shot twice.

Rei looked at the corpses with silent fury, and made her way to NERV, trusting the Majot to care for Shinji. Only one bullet remained in the gun.

That bullet had Gendo Ikari's name on it.


Omake 2 : didn't see that one coming - take two

"I trust that you all now understand the consequences of acting against NERV's..."


Gendo's tirade was cut off as Hyuga and Aoba opened fire with the MP5s the longhaired tech kept hidden under his station in case Central Dogma was ever invaded by a hostile force, finally shutting up the smug bastard once and for all, the spray catching Chiron as an added bonus. The pair of techs then walked to their Commander as they reloaded their weapons, and emptied the fresh clips into him to make sure.

Scratch superpowered women, sometimes normal, good people will reach their breaking point, forget their fear and simply do what needs to be done.

Gendo Ikari, in all his arrogance and confidence in his so-called 'power', had forgotten, or just ignored this.


Omake 3 : even perverts have standards

In the confines of his supposedly unbreachable office, the Superme Commander of NERV glared at the figure looking down on him. Said figure barely reached his knee and looked like hewas two centuries old, yet had sent him flying with just a swing of a smoking pipe. Thenhe had paralyzed him from the neck down with a touch, and made him unable to talk with another.

"You know Gendo, I am many things. A liar, a crook, a thief, a pervert and even more." the old man said sagely. "But never have I beaten anyone who couldn't fight back for my own sick satisfaction. So imagine my reaction when I heard what you did to your own son. I couldn't even continue my current haul." He pointed sadly at the half-full bag of panties on Gendo's desk. A large cherry-bomb appeared in his hand, which he somehow managed to fit in Gendo's mouth.

Then he shoved another, three times as big, up Gendo's ass.

"Oh, and those are *not* the fireworks type." Happosai laughed. "Bye Bye Gendo! Happo Fire Burst!"

Traitor of All Traitors chapter 18 . 6/15/2014
You made Gendo sound like Ozai!
Quathis chapter 18 . 6/13/2014
So yeah, I really wanted Misato to Smash Chiron and his cronies when they dumped Shinji. Really liked the omake of that, very cathartic.

Lot of build up here. Angels making plans that aren't directly related to wiping out mankind, and Gendo decides mutilation and torture are good leadership skills. No bet on how everyone else will take the more visible development, and it likely will give Surfer and Spirit all the motivation they'll need to let the Angel's plan go without their involvement. Rough stuff there.

Until next time.
Jetzul chapter 18 . 6/13/2014
Gotta admit I was surprised by the update. I'm glad you didn't drop the fanfic, and I'm sorry for the loss of your parents. I hope things will get better for you soon. And thank you for not giving up on this fanfiction, despite how hard life currently is! As a reader, it makes your work even more worthwhile!

I wasn't surprised by the use of torture on Shinji. But holy cow, his father is freaking insane. He just proved he's a hypocrite: he doesn't want Shinji to die, but he puts him in a situation where he can't pilot the Eva.
Damn, I wonder how NERV is gonna respond this. I know that the bridge gang won't follow the old man so blindly, and Misato is gonna be soooo pissed. BADASS MISATO IS BACK!

And wow! Mari as Captain America's descendant. Didn't see that coming. Another superwoman joins the fray! Gendo is soooo fucked.

Yeah, I gues you're right about Shinji. He does become more badass when he's trying to help others (Episode 1.0 when he's battling Angel number 5 and saves Rei). And I understand Ritsuko. Thank you!

Well, either way, it was great to see this in my inbox, and thank you for updating it. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
Jetzul chapter 17 . 6/1/2014
It's been two years since this fanfic has been updated, so I'm guessing it's safe to say that it has been dropped. I gotta say, I'm kinda disappointed with you ditching this fanfic. The quality of the writing was exceptional, and your loyalty to the official personalities is amazing (I'm still floored by how you managed to perfectly reproduce Rei back in chapter 1 and 2).

And the plot twists are just amazing. The Angels going crazy with Adam's death, the creation of other hybrids (Spirit/Horaki was totally unexpected), and the way Asuka became a captain caught me totally off guard. I really wish I could see what else you had in store.

You gave Misato the personality she freaking had in the anime, and Rei's view on matters is incredible. How she sa Gendo as the law fits her perfectly, and Asuka being the total bitch suits her perfectly.
I think you screwed up a little with Shinji though...he isn't the type to fight back so early, even if he did get a good confidence boost.

Just one thing: I'm still not too sure about Ritsuko's position in all of this. You made it clear that she wanted her to feel hope (with Rei destroying Adam), but she continues to blindly aid it done on purpose?

Generally, the omakes were great to read, though I quickly got bored with the Ranma 1/2 one.

Well, I don't know what you plan on doing next, but I'll be reading what else you've written, and I'll be waiting for the next chapter to be out!
Akuma-Heika chapter 17 . 2/17/2014
Why is she limping and what happened to her ankle?

Is she black like Storm?

If Adam was made into an inert form could he not be awakened?

Stillborn by design or just hibernating?

Why the norse references? Storm in canon was African and worshipped as one of their goddesses.

Why is hikari calling her Misato-sama?

In Eva canon the Geofront is the Black Moon in its entirety. Luna was forged from its impact however. Another point is that they did not land on Earth at the same time. The white moon landed/impacted long before the black moon did.

The dinosaurs became birds and considering the birds were reverted in the presence of the Lilin Anti-AT Field that would mean the dinosaurs would have been Lilith’s creations as well. The canon also stated that Adam was put to sleep the moment the Black Moon landed. I understand you changing things to fit the plot (and it is a good plot) but just wanted to put in some info.

Considering Lilith’s Lance of Longinus was made to kill her I am pretty sure she would be happy it was beyond anyone’s reach. Second Impact was caused from Adam’s Lance touching it after all.

Rei was cloned from Yui. Its why Gendo is extra obsessed with her and why Shinji states she looks/feels familiar. Originally Gendo was trying to resurrect Yui but he was unable to draw her soul from 01 (or she didn’t allow it mattering on the interpretation) and thus came up with his 3rd impact scenario. If he couldn’t bring her to himself he would join her. The reason for Lilith’s transformation into a giant Rei was because rei had fused with her. Before Lilith had no true gender and was only a vague humanoid with no real features.

What of angel 6 and 7? Why did she not collect samples of it?

More than two angels.

What is the armor based on? Your own creation?

Why did she not declare martial law and start evacuating?

How can she carry the heritage of the Golden Race when that race could not reproduce?

How is Rei powerless without the board? In canon she was stronger than all other Angels except Adam and Lilith.

Forgot to ask but what is Gladiator based off of?

Two things why does Kensuke still have a will buried under everything? Shouldn’t the persona of Kensuke be a fake?

Someone suggested Excalibur if that is the case might I suggest using other holy swords as well? Durandal? I forget the name of the blade but I have heard it called the Excalibur of Vietnam. Kusanagi? Damn cannot remember any Divine/Holy Swords right now…

After the assassination attempt I think Surfer should have claimed to be the core of Angel 18 Lilin and then had Ritsuko explain what that would mean if she died (core destroyed Angel dies) and watch Asuka’s reaction especially if she treats her as a child.

Curious on whether Iruel will kill Gendo when it learns the truth.

Why does none of the dept heads realize that if the angels have been around for so long how is humanity living? No evas could be made 10000 BC after all.

Why did Rei not think of killing him?

Why would the effects prevent them from collecting samples? Only the parts of them could have ebeen transmuted. Much of the flesh would be untouched considering the S2 Organ protects them. She would have to shoot them as a corpse to erase their DNA.

How many claws for both? Copy of X23? Will the claws be covered in energy/an At field like canon nevermind on that last one. I am assuming it is like X23 (probably my favorite Marvel girl).

No Eye beams? Well considering her other powers the physical melee ones would be best for her to acquire. The muscles also give her added protecting from blow. The cross blasts sound similar anyway.

Diamond BodySuper strength…that is a dangerous combination. Her AT Claws and Whips while in Diamond state would be even more dangerous.

Would the silver bullet not have transmuted #9 as well? For number 6 the ability she would receive from that (if you rewrite this part) I would suggest an AT field which lets her cut through the water and maybe hydrosis (the name is wrong but it’s been a long time since I read up on it) letting her extract air from water. 7 maybe resurrection from death? No idea the limits for it but that was there other power besides splitting.

Thanks for the story!
Akuma-Heika chapter 8 . 2/13/2014
Is the older man Stan Lee?

Flooding my ship with EVEN more children.

I am curious on the daughter of the All-father (which is incredibly Norse lol) is.

Why is Ritsuko optimistic?

Rei needs to get better at using her AT field.

Does the board have its own S2 engine?

Rei hates the girl or the girl hates Rei?

Why do the Children of Adam have so much individual personality? Lilith said Pure hive mind with only Adam and possibly Tabris having a sense of self. Also why did they not use Ramiel’s child/reincarnation to restart the cycle?
Akuma-Heika chapter 4 . 2/8/2014
Technically Lilith is Seed of Life 02 not Angel 02.

Does your Gendo care about Shinji?

Why wouldn’t Gendo tell Shinji that if the Angels get to the geofront humanity would die regardless to where it is? That can only motivate him. If he is in the Unit he might die but if he is out of it he will die.

How is Lilith thinking when her soul is within Rei? Rei is Lilith in a metaphysical sense.

How did Ramiel still have power when its power supply was annihilated?

Rei did not have an S2 engine based on my memory. While she was made of the same particles as an Angel her DNA structure was that of Ikari Yui and she did not have an S2 Organ thus Rei would not. If she did she could have fought Angels better bare handed. This does provide an interesting plot twist though. I am looking forward to what you do with this. I hope you explain about Ramiel and how it was connected to this and how.

When Rei gets her memory backed up than she would be able to safely come back and have Lilith reactivate her S2 Organ whenever she enters her Eva or LCL tanks.

In canon Rei didn’t care if she was replaced at this time…at the same time I am loving your representation of her and her difficulties with the situation.

How will she be able to use the board without bringing attention to herself? Even if she becomes a Silver Surfer the fact she disappears whenever it appears to fight Angels will be suspect when she is supposed to be piloting Unit 00.

You did a great job with displaying her…situation (cannot think of the word I desire).

The overhaul will give her a good excuse but not perfect. Even if she has no Eva she would still be required to turn up with Shinji and wait for the possibility of piloting 01 if Shinji became unusable due to battle and they had to switch.

Why would she be annoyed at Gendo not knowing how Rei would react to an Angel of Adam’s line? It is a serious concern that I would believe she would share once she thought/knew of it.

What was/caused the feedback error?

How could a small child be a threat to Gendo’s scenario?

Will she turn the metallic shining silver of the Movie Surfer?

What happens when they examine the shadows? If it has limited independent action Gendo will catch irregularities.

I thought they were smiling and laughing faces (creepy as all hell though lol)?

What of the fourth state of matter plasma? That would be something to see. Plasma Mercury.

As the Silver Surfer will Rei introduce herself as the Perfect form of Angel 18 Lilin, or maybe Angel 19 Eve? As a mindfuck to Gendo and Seele? It would be humorous if they think it’s an Angel that was not predicted. We already know the inspiration for this fic so there is no reason you have to use the comic title. Rei’s reluctance to lie wouldn’t even interfere since she is a new form of human, a new Eve (and a perfected form of lilin).

Wouldn’t the cameras that pcik up the Surfer be able to identify her body structure (especially since she is for all intents and purposes nude; something they have on record in great detail)?

Surprised she would be blinded from lights when the Surfer stared into stars without an Ozone layer.

The best OPTION to master its capabilities.

SO the board has an S2 engine of its own?

She didn’t follow the pose of the image she had in her mind though.

Blue lightning (like Sith lightning) or plasma blast?

Couldn’t her S2 engine also sustain her? She breathes in oxygen and the CO2 she breathes out can be converted to energy for her cells replacing food.

How did her clothes reappear when they were absorbed into the board but she left it fast so how did it teleport from board to her body?

Of YOUR own fruit of life TO guide it.

What are the pills for?

I thought you said the gift was the first time she was curious? With the food it would be the second. Then again it is not important.

How can the board create food if she does not know its make up?

Was the woman pregnant? Haha I was right!

Anything about IT.

Surprised she was able to control the output so well considering her training was for making outputs designed to injure angels.

Curious on the voice. The only one I can think of “crying out in delight” is Kensuke.

Is Chiron a legit character?

An explanation she could tell Gendo is that she was contemplating what she would say the next time Misato asked to give her a ride home. Or make a clone that looks prepared and have it go at that instant.

Why not hide it IN a wall?

Will Rei heal Toji’s sister?

Another Superwoman?

Hikari was her name wasn’t it? Ah typo. First time you said Horaki. That typo occurs a few times.

I am guessing activating the board activated her S2 engine considering hikari is giving her looks.

Next half hour or the next 30 minutes.

Why is she now calling him Ikari-kun when she was addressing him by name beforehand?
Kaelas17 chapter 6 . 9/11/2013

Alright, this might be entirely off the mark, but was that Stan Lee with the sketch pad? It would fit perfectly...

Anyway, great series so far. I've read through your Fiery Return, The Favor and plan on reading Rebirth next. Your Rei is brilliant- a great blend of canon and growth- Lilith is doing a great job of teaching, not guiding.

Thanks for writing.
Zaralann chapter 17 . 11/24/2012
FateBurn chapter 1 . 7/21/2012
Good start
Xenriel chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
Let me see if I have this right. Spirit now has; claws on her hands and feet (X-23), whip-like hair (Medusa), optic blasts (Cyclops), and diamond skin (Emma Frost) in addition to an improved physique (which she seems to enjoy) and her prior abilities? Wow. The next battle she’s in is going to be epic. The opposition won’t know what hit them.

Asuka is a Captain now? With the ability to override Misato if need be (which will probably be abused at the first chance she get)? That is a much better plot twist that I could have ever thought off. Gendo really knows how to use his puppets. But what will Shinji’s fate be? And who it this so-to-be-newcomer?

Oh, I have to wait to find out? (pouting) Alright, fine…
Ronnie R15 chapter 17 . 7/17/2012
Spirit's new powers:
*Emma Frost
gunman chapter 17 . 7/17/2012
First of all, let me start off with the omake.
I thought it was hilarious, especially Maya using her elastic powers to get Happosai's attention. Just hilarious. (Maya Ibuki with breasts the size of 'Shizuka Marikawa' from Highschool of the Dead was priceless)
Though I'm still having trouble with imaginging Shinji being sandwiched between She-Hulk's/Misato's breasts as she is running down the street chasing the super pervert.
(Hmm, makes you wonder if Happosai and Jiraiya went to the same school or something)
In either case, your updated chapter itself is a very good and detailed read.
I've never hated Asuka more than I do now.
Her ego is easily bigger than her Eva, her selfishness knows no limit, and her venomous hatred is beyond anything I had previously expected or seen before.
I figured Gendo would let Asuka off the hook, but still remind her of the pecking order of NERV, but I didn't think that he would reward her. That was unexpected and very scary for the future of NERV. Most of NERV already doesn't like Asuka, and giving her extra authority is just going to make things worse.
Now in regards to Spirit absorbing the Angels DNA, I was laughing my head off when I saw that she now has the Angelic equilivant of X-23's claws, Medusa's hair, Cyclops laser vision, and a pumped up athletic body. If she had absorbed the 9th Angels DNA, she might have gained either acid breath or web-shooters or spider-like legs coming out of her back as well as wings.
And it still bothers me that Asuka's hated and ego have not put Hikari off of being friends with her. I mean, she practically declared that NERV gave her permission to kill HER and Rei, and she openly declared her joy at being able to eliminate both of them.
She doesn't think NERV needs anyone but her, despite how well they did before she arrived, especially with a 'useless, untrained baka' and a 'drunked slut' as she calls Shinji and Misato. She despises Rei and doesn't think much of anyone else. She even hates the Commander, but she HAS to obey him otherwise she'll never pilot her Eva again.
And that's what she's all about. She cares for nothing and no one else. (Maybe Kaji but the kind of care she wants from him would put him in prison)
It's rather sad, but in stories like these everyone would have been better off if she had died in that volcano or crushed by the 10th Angel, or even beaten to a pulp by the 7th. I'd even have settled for her being eaten by the 6th.
Not much more I can say about this chapter, other than 'keep it coming'.
Talk to you later.
Write on!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/16/2012
Yeah, that meeting with Gendo was as anger-inducing as I thought it would. Bet Misato wishes she had She-Hulk's condition there, take care of the "ugly bastard man".

Spirit got one heck of an upgrade there. Reminded me of a Rogue in control of her powers draining several of her teammates. Once she gets all those down she will be a truly awesome force to reckon with. Add in Asuka's fits and we'll probably see that power sooner rather than later.

Until next time.
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