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royano chapter 47 . 2h
when is the next chapter?
Luck-of-the-Irishmen chapter 47 . 9/26
This is amazing! I love how detailed your chapters are, delving just deep enough into the characters to give a definite sense of what they are feeling and thinking without going overboard or leaving us floundering. I especially like the POV switches- instead of getting just the one perspective, a whole range of experiences are spread before the reader, making the whole narrative so much richer and more complex. Excellent work with The Meeting of The Friends- Harry will no doubt be interacting with/being bemusedly trained by some of them, and the fact that he's such a different kind of celebrity already and they are cool about it can only endear (which would make Sasuke happy, in his repressed 'oh-good-maybe-I-can-convince-him-his-old-home-is-really-poop-and-he-should-live-here' way). Thank you for the fantastic chapter! A real treat!
RamenKnight chapter 47 . 9/24
So, read this while my pc was busted. Made reviewing a bit hard, i like leaving more than on generally. Just wanted to say thanks for making this. Really did enjoy this. If your looking for constructive criticism, I do have something. The power levels of wizards relative to ninjas seems to be changing. When they first picked up harry Naruto and Sasuke where moving at speeds that Harry could barley see, yet the death eaters seemed to be able to track them.

I have enjoyed your mixture of the world. About part of Naruto do you base your Ninja strength on? The later parts get Dragonball-z-ish IMO.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/22
I am so happy to see that you're updating this! This has always been one of my favorite fics. I have been rereading it all over again the last few days, and loving every bit of it (although the chapters when Sasuke bruises Harry are really upsetting to me for some reason - I remember bursting into tears and having to stop reading last time too). I'm looking forward to seeing how Sasuke takes Naruto's news - it's probably a very good thing they've gone somewhere else!
Caspian123 chapter 47 . 9/18
Naruto is inmune to the killer spell, I'm calling it now.
Are you going to mantain canon Naruto happenings (Naruto and Sasuke losing their arms, sage mode, kyuubi mode for Naruto, Sasuke's and Naruto's sage of six paths mode etc etc?)
I think some HarryxSakura action (even one sided) would be very interesring to see.
I can't wait to see the interaction between ninjas and wizards in Hogwarts
draco7347 chapter 47 . 9/16
cant wait for new chapters
Kage Hakari chapter 47 . 9/13
Thank You so much!
Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros chapter 4 . 9/10
Itachi didn't make any mistakes, he trying to save little hariken.
gaaralover1989 chapter 47 . 9/9
Lee! He is one of my favorite characters! I am so glad to see that youve updated! I cant wait for the next chapter!
LunaDragAngel chapter 47 . 9/9
Enjoying the story, but the days to chapters ratio is a little daunting. I guess i do appreciate having them before roken down into smaller bits rather than have an author drop off the grid for months at a time before each update. I like how Harry's starting the fit in with team 7s cohesiveness & how Sasuke is trying to make allowances. I also enjoy Naruto & Sakura mediating.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/6
Nice job. I like lee and it is interesting to see how harry thinks he can only tell them a bit of information/not everything.
Tourmaline82 chapter 47 . 9/5
I love your Sasuke so very, very much. I think it really helps that you started writing this before watching Shippuuden; here, Sasuke is more human, Naruto is clever under the boisterous exterior, and Sakura has grown beyond her crush. Your Sasuke is still a prickly bastard, but he's trying so hard at this whole family thing! And Harry is still a traumatized, angsty teenager, but he's trying too. The Uchiha showdowns between them make me laugh so hard. XD Now you have an idea of what dealing with you is like for others, Sasuke!
Riddle-Snape chapter 47 . 9/5
well I found this today and I like it... but I hope that Harry will be more... active... I know they are hidding he is wizard, but he isn't normal person... also... PEOPLE COULD JUST TALK! damn, like, sometimes is it jsut mess... someone told this but not other stuffs... no one ever think about sit for day and talk? ...I hope you will update soon...
ThomasNealy chapter 38 . 9/2
I was kinda hoping that this Harry would be somewhat smarter then Cannon Harry was but I get the feeling he is just as much of an idiot as he was in cannon. He has been learning magic for 5 years he should have been able to give more then a choppy Hagrid type explanation. Not only that getting expelled is not the only issue with breaking the statue of secrets, prison is a much more realistic outcome. But the fact that he is no where near Britain should have told him that it would not mater in the first place.
JayneParker chapter 47 . 9/2
So. Happy.
You updated. And themyree chapters. And amazing, and full of character development and relationship building. It's so cool to see Sasuke get so over protective of his family. I hope someone points out to Harry how much he means to his cousin. And go Naruto. Love it when he has moments of genius. He just gets people in a way dear Sasuke doesn't. And Sakura tries to keep everyone alive while Kakashi reads his dirty book. Lol.

If you can't tell. I'm really. Really. Really happy you updated. I reread the whole thing and got all happy and YES!

SO update soon, and let me sing my praises to you!
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