Reviews for Connections
Ayarin Koto chapter 43 . 3/5
Well it figures. You were doing so well and now you've ruined it. The only spell that could even touch most Shinobi from the Naruto series and hurt them enough for them not to get right back up and kill a wizard from Harry Potter is Avada Kedavra and the likelihood of any of them getting that spell off before being murdered is 1%. You say they can't win against something moving at light speed but they're trained to move exactly that fast.

Even an experienced entry level ninja from Naruto would mop the floor with a wizard or witch from Harry Potter. Knowledge is power, but if you can't hit the target your knowledge isn't going to matter. Sasuke has killed a kage level ninja according to what was said early on in this story but he can't kill a few death eaters? The fuck?
TheNextExorcist chapter 48 . 2/28
Hey, I hope that you are still working on this story. I binge read this in a couple of days and have really enjoyed it. I want to see how the plot progresses. Please do not abandon this fic.
ladyres chapter 11 . 2/9
Sakura can't protect a her protecting anyone is laughable as heck
AshbelleRyland chapter 48 . 2/9
Have you abandoned this story? I hope not, it's the best harry/Naruto crossover I've found so far. please continue it! also I think you got Naruto spot on and a neurotic sasuke is hilarious!
Monster King chapter 48 . 12/10/2017
Great story I really liked it a lot.
Arlujen chapter 48 . 12/5/2017
I Really Love this fic 3 I couldn't stop reading till the end :D I hope you continue writing
Guest chapter 48 . 11/27/2017
This is such a great story, so well written. I check back every now and then to see if you have updated and I end up rereading it every time. I still love it.
lunamoon531 chapter 48 . 10/5/2017
Ok, so, I really really love this fic and I want to read more! Your writing flows well :)
Harry and Sasuke are so cute! :3
Their bonding!

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day/night,
Lots of love,

lunamoon531 chapter 47 . 10/5/2017
I like the different povs :)
Damn it, I had things I wanted to complement and comment on but I've forgotten it all *pout*

Well anyway, I love Naruto and his way of being Alberto talk to people :)
lunamoon531 chapter 46 . 10/5/2017
Itachi? Hmm.. interesting, Snape is really being strung out isn't he? All that stress... one could easily just... snap under all that pressure *giggles*
lunamoon531 chapter 45 . 10/5/2017
Really liking this :D
Sasuke is really protective isn't he :) it's cute that they both care even if they get on each other's nerves a lot
lunamoon531 chapter 42 . 10/5/2017
Nooo! I bet they found him because of the trace or something, from when he showed Sasuke and Naruto some spells
lunamoon531 chapter 40 . 10/5/2017
Dumbledore... mentor... free thoughts... ah, the shits gonna hit the fan soon isn't it?
At least their bonding :)
lunamoon531 chapter 38 . 10/4/2017
I like Sasuke's pov of things, it's interesting to see how he concludes stuff :)
lunamoon531 chapter 33 . 10/4/2017
The cats out of the bag now eh? Well, I guess it's more of a fire out of the pit in this case... :)
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