Reviews for With Me
KJHWCCS chapter 43 . 8/20/2013
Finnnnnnnnnnn *victory dance*

So far this has been my favorite. What I loved was Razer's resolution throughout the story, right from when she returns to Greece up until the end and ANGEL. WHY DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING AHFHEWH4TUOHGRHWEJGNJhsjkdgs (makes me wonder what a corrupted Devil would be like can you imagine that lawl)

UGH NO SEONG-HADA BB NO THOSE DIRTY FUCKS so glad Devil Raze slaughtered the bastards jfc.





The ending omg D: I actually thought Raze/Jin was the outcome but YASH SAILING RAZERANG LIKE NO TOMORROW

Ok damn holy crap one more to go and fuuuuuuuuck looking forward to it. I just really enjoyed Razer so much in this one because she really, REALLY grows and develops which is fantastic and has me pumped for the next one jfc what happens.
Huntydamus Belmont chapter 22 . 11/5/2010
Hey, Razer it's Hunty -

I've spent most of the day either writing my stuff or reading yours. And I must say it's real intense. You truly put your heart and soul into it. Again, I'm amazed and flattered that someone as talented as you are a fan of my little bit of stuff.

Will finish up when I'm not driven insane by my job...
Danko Kaji chapter 42 . 9/17/2010
Ugh, Jin's epilogue... -_-' Not to say your writing is terrible. I'm mentally, psychologically, emotionally preparing myself for the worst (and best that I don't want to face in a man who isn't Hwo).

Yesh! Baek and SH bonding time! The new son/brother in the family! And they're relocating in Japan. :3

His eyes widened,"Oh geez, I am going to have my hands full again! More so now than before! Prying one from beating the other up, telling one to apologise for taking something, preventing further verbal assault… Can you please be well behaved? Please? I know you are all adults but even adults act increadibly childish." - Look at his wrinkles go, they're deepening so fast! LOL Imagine April Fool's with these guys.

"Okay, I'll be the resident chef then! I'll make your taste buds orgasm with every meal!" - Seong-Hada, you're love. XDXDXD Really, you are.


"…'Shiny' means 'good', right?"

"On the internet it does I guess…" Miharu noticed this and snickered.

"Well whatever. It's awesomeeeee! I can't believe it, a real house!" - *huggles SH* WHY AREN'T YOU REAL, SON?

"A stunning combination of everyone's favourite blonde-haired, blue-eyed boxer… with a prissy, pink, delicate, flowery, feminine bag hanging off his arm," Miharu taunted with a teasing smile, "Is there something you're not telling us?" - Steve's masculinity in a nutshell. ROFL

"I'll tell you what I will do…" he began, looking up with a light smile, "I will transfer him here, to Japan, under my medical division, and I will fund the research and have my scientists search until we have found this cure. Is this acceptable?" - Aww, Jin is so kind! :D (And no, I'm not being sarcastic; you can say I've mellowed somewhat to Sasuke look-alikes :p)

"Well… you've changed a considerable amount. At the start of the 4th Tournament, when I met you, you were so anti-social, so quiet, so… far away, and just… lost. You were so lost, love. I could've waved a thousands pieces of your favourite food in front of your face, or the most attractive man in the world, or your worst enemy, or an alien, or I could've threatened to bowl you over with a stone boulder… you just would not budge. Despite your progress, you reverted back to that same girl because of the… unpleasantness… near the end of the tournament.

"And now? Look at you. You're not as cold, you're not far away or lost. You're smiling. You're happy. If I dangled a thousand pieces of chocolate before you, you'd snatch it up, for sure; and I had somehow gathered enough strength to lift Marduk and hold him up in front of you, I'm sure you'd beat him to bloody pulp. You're living. And it's just wonderful to see. For that I'm proud of you, because you're not letting anything hold you back from what you deserve." - These two paragraphs are LOVE. *_* Steve, you're hilarious. XDXDXD

"Well, we'll need it to check out jobs and stuff!" Seong-Hada chimed, sipping on his coffee.

"Learn to use the newspaper. Next."

"Advertising?" he suggested again, this time in unison with his former gang leader.

The 48-year-old rolled his eyes, refocusing on the magazine crossword puzzle before him, "Flyers."

"Porn!" Hwoarang growled, narrowing his eyes, looking for any excuse under the sun. Why was he arguing about the internet?

"Get laid."

"Fuckin'…" - OMG, pwned... Baek, you provide the awesomest burns EVER! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

The whole Razer confessing (indirectly) of getting together with Jin and Hwo's pain, but acceptance, and the dreadful awkwardness... ;_; My soul is crying, because Hwo still didn't get her, even though I'll keep hope alive. But, this entire scene kind of touched me empathically. In other words, I couldn't relate to Hwo more. *sigh* Love is complicated. :p

I say 'prolonging the inevitable' is BS, because they're losing days they could have spent together. Oh, well.

'He flew to the highest peaks after drowning in the pits of hell', one had said. He couldn't help but laugh at the irony. - The young man's been through a LOT, so I guess I gotta give him props for surviving. :3 DON'T STOP BELIEVIN, JIN! XDXDXD

Another queried, 'Can this man change our future?' - Uh-oh, foreboding~

"One step at a time," she confirmed, pulling him onto the pathway before them, both in the physical and metaphorical sense. - AWW! You have succeeded in not being too fluffy! :D If anything, I like subtle intimacy, which you passed with rainbow-flying colors!

You know, I like both epilogues. Just like Razer, I'd like to see where their relationship will take them, to see if it can tip the scale or balance the rivalry. :3 (Wow, is this me? Did I really say that? Am I... actually feeling SYMPATHY for Jin of ALL PEOPLE! 0_o I AM growing up. XDXDXD)

Now on to Whisper For Me... when I wake up in the morning. XD I'm tired.
AngelEyes87 chapter 43 . 7/6/2010
Woo, this was the chapter that I have been waiting for! FINALLY THEY ARE A COUPLE! XD *dances around stupidly* And it's about bloody time and all :P

"...I mean, Han-Geong actually thought that you two were so comfortable around each other that you wouldn't bother turning away to change underwear and stuff."

Hwoarang looked at him dumbly and spoke sarcastically, "Why didn't that ever occur to me?"

"What didn't? Not bothering to turn away when –"

"No, it explains why he used to give me funny looks every morning."

"Yeah, I remember them. I think you hit him in the balls once because of that…" - I am freaking cracking up here! :D The image of Hwoarang hitting that guy in the nuts is so hilarious!

I feel kinda sorry that all his old gang mates had died in various ways - they never got a chance to see how well Hwoarang had done for himself and I think if there were still alive Hwo would have set them a good example. I'm glad to see that Hwoarang's injury is getting better even though he is still limping, lol. And I liked how you included some snippets from the last chapter in this, but changed them in some way to suit Hwoarang being there in the scene. It's kinda like alternative feel to it if you know what I mean...'There was nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. There were no threats, be they of supernatural origin, of family or of internal struggles.' - And they should consider themselves lucky to have survived what they had to endure through :)

'The fight to survive.

The long road, the truest struggle.

The hardest test that he had ever endured.

He nodded firmly, his smile a little wider, "It's over." - Absolutely stunning!

Angel really seems nice and I have to say I am starting to like her even more - she really is helpful and encouraging rather than her former corrupt self. This will serve as a huge favour to Razer as she can spend the rest of her life peacefully and being happy too. "What do you think I would be doing at work? Creating pornographic videos with my secretary?" - Heh, I would buy those sort of videos ;) Ah so this is where we pick off at when Jin and Razer were discussing that important thing - very cool to see it finally as I've been wondering what they spoke about in the last chapter and now it has been revealed! "A wise decision indeed, my friend. With my new position as the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, I do not think I will have time for a relationship for a while. Besides, I need to get used to this before I can leap into anything else that is new. I am glad that this weight is off your shoulders, and I truly thank you for the brief time we did have together." - it's good to see that those two can get along and still be friends no matter what has happened to them, and I know that Jin will be one of Razer's close friends in the near future. And wow, Razer is going back home to Greece? I'm pleased that she can conquer her fears as well as her demons and put them to rest - she really is a strong character both physically and mentally :D

"Just make sure you don't tire yourself out, or put your back in a… corproising…? Position."

"'Corproising', SH, isn't a word. It's 'compromising'."

"Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut upppp!" he huffed, pointing a finger at him. He couldn't hide the slight smile in his frustrated voice,"If it wasn't for Razer, I wouldn't have bothered with this stupid language in the first place! You should've taught her Korean, dammit! Korean is not difficult; English is!" - LOL! And double lol at SH paying up to Hwoarang :P

I love the exchange with Hwoarang and Razer and I like it how they can share memories with eachother like their old home and their new home kinda looking like it, what with the tree being there and all. "I do not see how you can envy yourself." - Epic line there for all the right reasons :D And I couldn't stop grinning when Hwo knelt down and hugged her stomach while Razer is gently patting his head - it's kinda like a mother/son image. And I bet that Hwoarang is thrilled that she chose him over Jin, and they are finally together after being close friends for so many years. 'The look in his eyes… that you have not been able to pin a name to yet… It is protection.' - And he shall protect you with his life, Razer XD

Those two settling down in their new home in Greece was very well described and it's good to see they are moving on with their lives together. 'Their best purchase, though, had just slipped her head under the covers of their bed and began to lick the fallen male hand vigorously. The act grudgingly roused the sleeping youth, who raised the attacked hand and looked at it through heavy eyes, noticing slobber all over the back of it. Disgruntled and still in a sleepy daze, he wiped it on the duvet before peeking over the side, seeing their puppy attempt to jump up on the bed.' - And aww, their puppy is just too darn cute! And I like the name Snowy and the reasons behind Razer naming their puppy that - after all they are starting a new life with one another and all that kinda thing. I love the MSN chat with Hwo and SH (their pen-names suits them very well!) and congrats on SH for getting an orange belt! And the chat with Baek is really loving and all that - I bet he misses his students and how they used to be. 'While the compliment pleased Hwoarang, it unsettled Razer slightly. Would he be proud of who she was? Would he be proud of how she had shaped herself? Of how she lived? Of who she was with? Of her friends? Anything? - Bah, her father wouldn't be proud, but her mother would be - that's for sure!

Jin's email was such a read - I loved it. And I laughed when he bragged about using emoticions in his email to Razer. It's good to see that he takes the time to keep in contact with her to see how they are doing and all that. He really is a considerate guy :P And the idea of Jin admitting he's getting fat - WHAT THE HELL? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD HE GET FAT! I'm pleased that the others in Japan are getting along fine and all that. 'The persistent little thing is trying to teach Xiao and Mi how to play… what was it called… Soul Calibur?' - SOUL CALIBUR? OMG,YOU HAVE INCLUDED MY FAVOURITE GAME! XD And Razer's response to the email was just as good as well :P Have to say that I do like the idea of Mi setting up her own company to rival's Jin, hehe :D

The scene where Razer was shpowing Hwoarang the streets of her neighbourhood and things like that was just plain full of love 3 She must have let go of the past in order for her to do that and I'm proud of her for doing so :D It's kinda like a hero's welcoming when returning home in some ways, ain't it? And Razer's speech to her mother...that's the most emotional thing I have ever read thus far in this fic :D And yay, Angela appears in this chapter! "Home is who…" Angela murmured with a smile from around the corner, "Not where." - A brilliant endling line to such a brilliant story ending. Well done with this, Raze! :D
AngelEyes87 chapter 42 . 7/6/2010
Aww, such an awesome chapter and I like how it focuses on Jin's side of the story - you're pretty good, Raze :) Heh, but I know this is one side of the story unlike the canon ending ;)

Baek is gonna own his own dojo in Japan now? Awesome! I bet he's gonna teach some kids and adults Tae Kwon Do with SH being his student, and Razer and Hwoarang helping Baek out with the classes, lol. And lmao at Baek's memories of the past and realising he has to pry them apart if any fights break out XD "Okay, I'll be the resident chef then! I'll make your taste buds orgasm with every meal!" - SH, you're a freaking genious! It's good to see Baek back to his old self again now that he has the adorable SH to keep him company!

Good to see how you included Feng Wei in all of this thanks to the convo between Mi and Xiao. Good, Feng deserves to be caught after what he done to Asuka's dad. See, the game doesn't wrap things up which is annoying, but I'm glad to see that you managed to include what happened to him finally. There's some other guy going with them though. He's got like… dark brown hair, a large brown trench coat, goofy glasses that are almost as big as crackers, and so on. You know, I think he was around here last tournament too!" - DETECTIVE BURTON! Aww, I was beaming when SH was hyperactive about finally getting a house to live in - he's so damn cute :P And I do agree with Christie suggesting that Xiao should go out with SH as they would make a cute couple. PLEASE HAVE HIM GO OUT WITH XIAO IN YOUR T6 STORY! *falls to knees and starts begging* Ahem...yeah, if you can do that then I'll be glad.

"You have to walk by a giant statue of an old fart every morning?"

Her voice turned flat, "Yeah."

"Mm… Creepy." - lol, it would be even more creepy if the Heihachi statue had hidden cameras inside and if any student is doing something wrong like breaking the rules, a deep booming voice that sounds like Heihachi comes from the statue, "I AM WATCHING YOU, GO TO MY OFFICE NOW!"

"A stunning combination of everyone's favourite blonde-haired, blue-eyed boxer… with a prissy, pink, delicate, flowery, feminine bag hanging off his arm," Miharu taunted with a teasing smile, "Is there something you're not telling us?" - Yeah, Steve is totallt gay for Marduk XD Just kidding! And it's good to see that Xiao has handed out photos to all of her friends too - she is like photo crazy, hehe!


Meanwhile, Detective Burton was still shoving Feng, violently tossing aside someone who had badgered him about what was going on. He was clearly drunk, as his friends nearby shouted 'Johno!', his name, and dragged him away, apologising, dragging one another way away from the clearly frustrated man.' - lol, oh dear...

Much love for you including the scene with Eddy asking for Jin's help to find a cure for his master - it sets the scene for Eddy's Tekken 6 storyline :) And it's good to see that Jin is being all caring and you know, being nothing like his othr family members on the Mishima side. I agree with all of the things Steve said to Razer - I really do love him! Ah yes, there will be a next tourney Xiao, but it's gonna be unlike the others, that's for sure :P

The scene with Jin and Razer was very touching and I'm glad that they don't bear any ill-will to one another and she has forgiven him for what he done in the past like break up with her. They must really care for one another, that's all I can say. And Jin being the CEO of the business and wanting to try and make it different than before when his family members ruled it. It shows he does have a heart, and that comes from his mother. The photos of the three most important people to him must be such an inspritation to keep on moving onward.

"Porn!" Hwoarang growled, narrowing his eyes, looking for any excuse under the sun. Why was he arguing about the internet?

"Get laid." - Haha, Hwoarang got pwned by Baek! Damn, I can't help but to feel sorry for Hwoarang when he realises that Razer has decided to date Jin again, but then again it's Jin's time to shine I guess. But it's good that he understands that Razer still considers him to be special like always and that they will be like brother/sister and all that kinda thing. 'There was no tears, no fears and no overwhelming despair as they hugged one another tightly. Both sides expected greater pain, but were surprised to find that this time, it wasn't choking their system. It was there, but it was proving easy to ignore. Because, the Blood Talon was right. This wasn't like a loss. This was just… prolonging their time, giving other people a chance to capture their hearts and measure up against the best friend.' - Lovely way to describe their future together XD

'And until the world has been altered, mortal, you are not the man who will change it.

Jin simply smiled, We will see.' - Well Jin does change the world evntually, but in a different and bad way thanks to the Devil. Maybe Devil is silent so it allows Jin to relax and thinks he is safe before Devil strikes him when he is weak, knowing Jin can't defend himself...

A slight nod, "I assume you are with him now?"


The Japanese man couldn't help but freeze in place, eyes slightly wide, heart in his mouth, "I would've thought…?"

"He and I have had our time, Jin," she explained softly, also stopping. She looked to her boots, "Six years worth, practically. I only had two with you. Don't you think that scale needs to be balanced out? Because I sure think so, if you're willing." - Whatever you do Jin, don't fuck your chance with Razer again!
AngelEyes87 chapter 41 . 7/6/2010
Yay, what an awesome chapter this was! And I was smiling like mad when I read Jay's cameo in this - by the way, well done for presenting Jay very well XD. And yes, please do a Tekken 6 story - I know that you're doing it but I would love to see it :P

Aww, it saddened me a bit to see the amount of pain Hwoarang is in during the chapter - I just want to do anything to make the pain stop for him, but sadly I can't. Yeah, I know how he feels that he doesn't want to admit what really happened that night so I don't really blame them. People will find it a bit hard in believing him I guess. 'His left hand curled around the bar, gripping it severely until his knuckles were a deathly white. He was sure one of the two called his name, though he couldn't hear it. Just focus on blocking out the pain. Just focus on… blocking out… the pain…' - Fuck, I feel sorry for him right now, the poor thing :( I admire Razer and Jin for taking care of him though - they really are good friends to him. Tsk, you can't fool Razer, Hwo, as she knows you are hurting quite a lot. I knw that hwoarang is going through a world of immense pain at the moment but he should consider himself lucky that he's still alive and all that.

A bowling party? AWESOME! I bet you were inspired by that bowling mini game in one of the Tekken games, lol ;) And trust Xiao to host yet another one of her parties at the end of the tourney. Good on Hwo for sitting out on the bowling - that way he will try and get some much needed rest if possible :) "Are you coming or are ya just gonna stand there like a stunned mullet?" - I have no idea why, but that made me chuckle :P I love SH's new nickname for Hwaorang - Limpy - it suits him well. 'Jin was so phased out at one point that he almost tripped over his own shoes with the heavy bowling ball in his hand.' - It would be a lot more funnier if Jin tripped (with the bowling ball in his hand), sliding down the slicked lane, got to the end and scored a strike, lol XD! It's clear to see Razrr does care about Hwoarang and I really like her looking after him in between her turns.

'Asuka was beating him, and he couldn't have that. He was the self-professed 'Pwnastic Bowling King'. To have his title rattled, especially by a girl, did not please him.

As he stepped towards the line, he heard Hwoarang yell out, "Penis!"

There was a heavy thud, jittering laughter from himself, and the sound of coffee being spat out by Baek a few feet to his left.' - lmao, fucking hilarious :P

"Yes I do have a big penis, thanks for noticing." - I never knew that...Why, how big then? XD

Man, it looks like the events that happened a while back is strill fresh in their minds and it adds not only to their physical pain but also their mental pain :( But still they just have to find a way somehwo to block out these bad memories and look to the future where they will be happy again without a doubt. 'You will need to talk with him sometime soon. Jin as well. You cannot simply inform one of your decision and leave the other crawling in the dark, looking for the answer.' - Some unresolved tension of Razer having feelings for both Jin and Hwoarang - oh dear...I still say that Razer picks Hwoarang as it's about time they should become a proper couple! And plus the fact Hwoarang has known her for 6 years, which is a bloody long time, and he has always been there for her through the good and bad times.

'It seemed the hand was just about to make contact when the young Korean distracted the obviously European man by talking in his native language at a million miles an hour, and very loudly, "And just what are you going to do to this woman's butt? Okay fine it looks really, really nice; but do you really need to grab it? Look with your eyes, not with your hands!"

The woman, surprised by the volume, turned her head over her shoulder and noticed exactly where this man's 'stray hand' was going. She furrowed her eyebrows, somehow recognising the man as a host from a Jerry Springer Style television program, and moved on to slap him hard, before walking away in a huff, leaving the complex.

"That is probably the worst slap that I've have received…" the man murmured in his British accent, frustrated.' - I LOVE Jay's appearence in this, and trust him to be perving on a girl thus getting himself into trouble. I shall have to include this somehow in my chapter with SH and Jay presenting the show together, lol! Thank you ever so much for including Jay in your fic :) And Jay deserved to be pwned like that too, lol!

I love Scar and Faith in this too and my God, I laughed when they told SH off as he took a sip from her milkshake :P And SH kissing Sanah's cheek and causing a bit of a riot was very funny too :D It's good that SH is a funny character in this as he knows how to enho himself and make people laugh. And yay, Xiao taing lots of photos!

The exchange between Jin and Hwoarang in the toilets was well written and very touching to say the least in some parts. Good to see them friends and all that - differences can mak them stronger I guess :) And I liked how you included their reasons for having that rivarly in the first place and them seeing how futiles it was, especially Hwoarang. And Hwoarang being jealosus of Jin? Well, that is understandable as Jin was better off than Howarang in some ways if that makes I'm glad that Hwoarang doesn't obkect to Razer being with Jin and all that - he's a real nice guy.

I have to be honest with you, your Xiao, even though you have kept her in character, there is a curious and serious side to her which I do like. I have noticed she is really observant. Her reactrion to how Hwoarang was killed then got back to life again was pretty good. And "How cliché. That sounds like something directly out of a fan fic or something." - lol, that is very ironic!

'Seong-Hada had even started to harass the man and woman he had come across earlier, though if he didn't stop soon, it looked as though he was about to receive a punch to the face. Julia was trying to pull them apart, Lei was threatening police action if any physical attacks were thrown, and Baek was just shaking his head.' - I totally love this section XD
AngelEyes87 chapter 40 . 6/29/2010
This has got to be one of the most favourite chapters of this fic ever!

I was pleased that Hwoarang wasn't dead dead,that his soul still does exist as such if you know what I mean. At first I was a little confused as I thought that Razer could hear him, especially when they were 'speaking' but I realised that his spirit was replying...'Characteristically, he flipped him the bird with a sneer' - lmao, sounds just like Hwoarang XD'He turned his head and looked back on where he had been lying previously, and it was then that he understood everything as he looked at himself lying cold, unmoving, bleeding and lifeless.' - Looks like finally he is coming to grips with the situation at hand then. And ouch, a liver shot? That is very lethal.

"We were s-supposed to… We were supposed to do… so many more th-things… Together… A-as everything… As always. Travelling… more tournaments… snow fights… e-everything… Maybe even… us… Even if… Even if we had to… wait… for our time…"

He smiled despondently, his heart wrenching.

"I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered. - Aww, this is such a sweet moment :) You could really feel the emotions in this.

I kinda laughed when Razer attacked Jinpachi and he was sent flying - he really deserved it! I can sense that both Razer and Jin are fighting due to anguish and anger and I don't blame them at all - after all Hwoarang has been 'taken' away from them, especially her. 'Victoria Athane. The voice finally had a name, and the 'please protect my little one' statement finally made sense.' - AWESOME! Razer's mum has made an appearance in this fic at last :D Aww, I can tell Razer faours her mum's looks then. And Hwoarang being polite to her is pretty good :) I like the pasrt where they both watched on during the fight as it is somewhat sereal in some senses. I could tell that Victoria was greatfeul for Hwoarang and all that he done when him and Razer were growing up - that was veru nice of her to thank him like that. I think it makes him feel special inside. "That's Jin's Mother, Jun. She does what I do, basically." - Yay, Jun! And she is watching over Jin boy as well :D

The battle scene wth Razer and Jin against Jinpachi was pretty well described and I winced a few times when one of them got injured by that demon. Devil's sowrds are a bit disturbing though, and I liked the line with light being constrasted with dardkness. Jun's words must be such a comfort to Jin though as it renews his purpose and all that. "Yeah, it does. Right now I want to do nothing more than punch that demon in the face." - I would love to see Victoria do that! And my God, Jinpachi is such an evil lilttle bastard ain't he? Seriously, I can't stand the guy as he's even more evil than Kazuya or even the Devil as well! "Come out come out wherever you are, little girl… Come out into the light where I can see you, and be met with darkness." - Fuck that, I wouldn't dare approach him. And Razer is right, Jinpachi is just like her father in some ways. Good thing that Angel is trying to comfort Razer though XD 'For the sake of revenge… For you, for you. I'm doing this for you. I'm doing this… for you.' -Well done Razer, now show Jinpachi who's the victim now!

The way they both killed Jinpachi was pretty amazing - beautifully written as well. And to hell with the Devil for trying to stop Jin from destroying Jinpachi too...'With a harsh cry, he slammed his right fist into Jinpachi's back with closed eyes, ignoring the sickening squelches deriving, ignoring the flesh, bone, giving way past his knuckles,and other bodily parts he didn't want to even think about, feel or name.' - Wow, pretty graphic there XD.

hat moment when Razer confides in Jin about Hwoarang is really tender, and I felt sorry for her. "And do angels not have the power to heal? To give life again?" - Clever idea, Jin XD And hooray, Hwoarang must be relieved to brought back to life again :P I loved the moment when he came back to life again and Razer told him that she loved him in Korean - that was very sweet :) Now it's finally over, and that means they can continue with thier lifes again. 'Thank you, Mother. I love you too.' - Aww! And Hwoarang making a truce with Jin is great :D
AngelEyes87 chapter 39 . 6/29/2010
OMG, HWOARANG IS DEAD! Shit, that was a fucking awesome end to a very epic chapter for all the right reasons XD

I like the tension of the upcoming fight between Hwoarang and Jin and how much it is being talked about. And the media presented them as two people who are so different to eachother - opposite ends of the specturm I would say.'When she had first arrived in the 3rd Tournament, they had apparently linked her up romantically with Hwoarang immediately, unknown to her, and others to Jin later. It was like a stupid pairing war.' - I have no idea why, but it kinda reminded me of the actual pairing wars of this site in the Tekken fandom, lol! And it's good to see that Razer is going back to Raven so she can try and cure the corrupt angel even though the 'angel' realises the danger and doing everything she can to try and get Razer to change her mind. 'It was time to say goodbye, about to take her last dance with the 'devil' tonight.' - Beautiful line there, Raze XD

Jin and Hwoarang fighting in Grond Zero? Well, that's a first -still I like how you used the last stage ever to set up the final stage. Well done on this :P And it's kinda strange that Jin's Devil can sense Razer's corrupt angel and some kind of change being done and all that kinda thing...Detructive for the Devil it is but it serves as an advantage to Razer (and possibly Jin) in a way. The way Hwoarang turned up was brialliant as it ass more tension to the scene :P The exchange bwteen the two is very swift and tense and you can sense Hwoarang's anger towards Jin for what happened in the last battle aganst Razer - looks like Hwoarang is sticking to his proimise in giving Jin a right good ass-kicking XD I was a little surprised when the red said the fight won't be hosted on live TV as the host of the tourney wishes to make it private - that sounds a little suspicious if you ask me...Excellent fight scene with Hwoarang and Jin, and I like how you included Hwoarang's purpose for winning because of Razer.

Ah, Razer wants the full cure then - sounds awesome. And the things that the corrupted angel were saying made me laugh, especially, ' Crack open your beakers boys and girls, its time to find another way to fail in this 'experiment'.' XD Looks like Raven is moved by Razer's reasons for wanting it to be done, and I don't blame him. At least I think he is doing the right thing and Razer too.

So while Jin and Hwoarang are rekindling their rivarly again, looks like they get interrupted :P And snit, something must not be good if Jin tells Hwo to back down, and it is very clear he is panicking - poor Jin :( A part of me just wants to hg him though. I loved how the ref had a go at Jinpachi at first but not soon afterwards he ran for his life, lmao :P It would have been funny if Jinpachi smacked the geezer silly :D God use of dialogue from the game, especially Jinpachi, and I liked the description of Jinpachi's transformation from a man into a demonished form, and the reactions of the two other fighters are well done.

He opened his mouth and let the three syllable word rumble out, "Sakujo."

The Korean turned his head and looked to his rival, not understanding the word, "What's that mean?"

Jin quickly stood into stance, motioning for Hwoarang to do the same, "Annihilate." - Oh dear XD. And Jinpachi must be a handful for Hwo and Jin if they are struggling to fight him due to their injuries. I just hope that Hwoarang makes it to Razer in time before Jin gets into serious trouble...

KAZUYA PRAYING? My God, that is very strange, lol XD This means something is REALLY wrong and the situation is beginning to be a bit more dire than it seems.

"Have any of you guys even bothered to ask Kazuya? He might know what's going on better than little Miss 'Look-Down-My-Shirt-And-Up-My-Skirt'."


"The receptionist!" - SH, you're amazing :P

Good to see Hwoarang turned up and phoned Raven up - he must be totally pissed off and scared/desperate, and I don't blame him. I don't think that Raven was a fool for not suspecting Jinpachi as the evil but he was almost right - at least Razer has assured him it wasn't his fault. AND OH GOD, IT HAS WORKED! The pure angel has finally broke through - I love her as she is so much different to the corrupt angel and she genreally gives Razer encouragement - I bet Razer is thrilled that she won't have to suffer any longer XD

I loved the scene with Jin fighting Jinpachi and how the Devil side is tormenting Jin while he is doing the chain of attacks - very brilliant! And good choice of attacks too :3 'Jinpachi had grabbed the coming Corpse Thrust punch in his larger hand, and began to squeeze it hard, hoping to break the hand torturously.' - Ouch, that has got to hurt :( And alright, Razer and Hwoarang are to his rescue and teaming up against Jinpachi - COME ON YOU THREE, KICK HIS ANCIENT DECAYING ARSE! Brilliant fight scene afterwards and Razer's transformation into an ngel, with the pure angel helping her along the way, is beautifully written. I ovehow Jinpachi stepped back as if to say he didn't know what the hell just happened there, and how she somewaht floated towards him. It would be epic if she smiled sweetly before punching him right in the head :P Good use of team work in trying to take down Jinpachi :)

'Woah… She thought to herself, closing her eyes, taking deep, deep breaths in, Remind me not to do that again just yet…

The laser attack is a strong one. You have significantly weakened your opponent. I'm trying to stop the dizziness.' - Ohh, so that explains why Jinpachi was on fire then, lol XD Smart move there!

I have no idea why but I can picture Hwoarang running up to Razer then taking her down with him before getting hit in the process in slow-motion. And fuck, her dreams are coming true as he is living out her last nightmare :(

'Her eyes were finally open, and her hands flew up to her mouth, not masking the scream that followed.

There before her, pain had been redefined.


The laughter increased in volume as she took in the form of Hwoarang, dead beside her.' -Dammit, even I was shocked!
Thunderxtw chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
I'm reading the story little by little here. I'm just going to go through everything and leave it in this review. Hope you don't mind.

A great opener for this story. Instead of everything starting things off normally, you've started this story with a bang that immediately draws the reader in. All ready you've thrown Razer into an tense scene with the attack on Seong-Hada, her killing off those traitors and having to rely on her inner devil. Hope Steve's ready for abnormal guests. He should be, being he's related to two lovely ladies who are out of this world. XD

Chapter 3

Aww, Steve and his aunt are so sweet!

hwo is hilarious as ever: "You woke me ya know"

That convo between Hwo and Raze. Painful obviously. Another thing:

"Fox wondered what Heihachi was trying to achieve twenty one years ago when creating him. Was he going to try and raise him so he could be a fit owner of the Mishima Financial Company? Was he going to be induced into the Tekken Force, fighting and capturing at a very young age? Was his just an… experiment?"

That's a damn good question that's been on everyone's minds for so long, including my own. Why did Heihachi create Steve? We'll probably never know, but I kinda like the purpose of his origin being an enigma.

Ahh, Razer's return home. Very tragic it sounds, yet heartwarming at the close of the chapter.

What's with the creature within being nice all the sudden? I guess even inner creatures know when to respect!

"I was thinking that maybe he was your boyfriend or something."

A small chuckle, "No, just best friend."

Just a best friend, huh? Liar! XD

"I don't care about the others, I don't care if I never see Steve or Midget or Kazama ever again, but there's no way I'd be living if you weren't with me… I need you, Hwoarang. More than anything on this fucking Earth."

"I love you…"

"I love you too."

"I love you more."


Like I said: Just a best friend, huh? ;)

Family inheritance. Awesome!

Tsk tsk. Never tell a woman she put on weight, SH, it's not polite!

"Or all your stuff. I can just see it now. 'Hwoarang's Boxers, An Iron Fist Participant – 200 Dollars'."

"You'd be the first bidder."


Oh, Marduk. Your favorite!

"I don't see a point in talking to monkeys stupider than humans, such as yourself, Gorilla."


Baek reunion! I always wondered about the story involving Ogre. Another thing Namco gave us little of.

Hahahahaha! Hwo dancing! Sad scene between them, though. :(

Fight time! Marduk's POV.

"a… very hot woman with a red dress on"

Damn right!

"dancing whore"

Christie? Ouch, Craig.

"Three minutes now," He replied, then adding, "Please do not call me Yoshi. I am not a Nintendo character."


Raven sighting!

Aww, too bad he lost. Not that I wasn't rooting for Razer, of course. With what little role he had, you portrayed him well...unlike a few other stories I've seen with him in it. Thank you.

Hm...corrupted Angel gene. I'm not sure if I've ever seen it used as a plot device before, but don't worry about anyone giving you crap for "stealing" it. We all tend to have ideas we developed on our own, only to find out they've been used by someone else. People will think I got the idea of one of my stories from T6's plotline, yet I had it thought up long before T6 was even announced. It frustrates me to no end, but I plan to continue with it as planned anyway, someday. Anyhoo...moving along from the rant.

Hwoarang comforting Jin? Well that's not something you see everyday...and now they're getting close to each other and...

Wait...did Jin just ask Hwoarang way...YAOI moment! XD

"Go away, Phat Farm." WTF LOL!

"I don't need another wing to fly. I'm your angel only. No one else's… And when you're by my side, your love gives me the other wing I require so I can soar."

I knew Hworang was a womanizer but I didn't think he had such a way with words.

Oh, and Asuka owns! "Pleased to hit you, Pervert." XD

'HAMBAGAH TIME!'? That SH is quite the quirky fellow.

The parts with Baek and the locket made me sadface :(

"You'd be surprised about some of the stupid stuff he'd tell me, just to get me to laugh. 'I just had a wank'. 'I threw my rubber at the teacher'. 'You've got nipple stag'. Oh my O_O

More Raven!

The man finally had a name – Eagle. What was with this organisation and having bird code names…? What was the boss' code name? 'Phoenix'?

Oh Razer. XD

Feisty angel.

And you're right. Raven can be a useful tool in any story, which is why I find him to be extremely underrated. Glad somebody knows the truth!

Back in her hotel room. That Raven reminds me so much of Batman and his mysterious ways.

Aww, helping Wang and Asuka. Razer's such a good sport.

I'm at chapter 29 now. I know we haven't seen the last of that Angel gene!

Ah, Anna cameo! Aww, she came to see her nephew!

Epic fight between Devil Raz and Jin.

Miharu and Hwo break up. Burn! XD

So Razer's cured now? Awesom-whoa. Hwoarang's dead? What the hell. So much going on in this story.

Nah, he's back. You sneaky little Aussie.


"I'll make your taste buds orgasm with every meal!"


A satisfying close to a good story. Sorry for all this being jumbled up into one review. Right now, I am very tired, so if I missed anything I apologize.

Yes, the latest chapters were long and made my eyes hurt. I will have to reward you with a stinging glare next time I see you online. Congrats on finishing the 3rd in the series and the 4th as well, even though you haven't posted the chapters yet. ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go pass out. Toodles!
forcedimpact chapter 2 . 12/18/2009
It's done perfectly so far.

Gonna read more later.
AngelEyes87 chapter 38 . 10/21/2009
Excellent chapter there, a bit heartbreaking in some moments especially when it comes to Hwoarang and Razer and their 'problems' if you know what I mean, but still it's a good read :P Turns out everyone is day dreaming in this chapter then, hehehehe xD

I love the flashback scene of the break up between Mi and Hwo was perfectly written. I know it was difficult in him admitting it to her as he thought he might hurt her or something like that...Ain't easy breaking up with someone anyway but I won't go into that xD Well, at least she seems understanding about the situation - she was distant for a long time now so she knows that Hwo does love Razer more than her in a way I suppose. At least Mi and Hwo are still friends then so that's great. The playful banter between Xiao and her made me smile a few times, and I know that Miharu seemed upset after the break up, but Xiao is always there for her to cheer her up 3 “The little… He left you for another woman,” Xiaoyu growled. - It would have been a different story if he did cheat on her though, but he ain't that sort of person xD

I wasn't surprised that Hwoarang sent Jin a glare in the gym, and the Devil isn't making anything btetter too with the constant taunts being thrown at him...But what do you expect, the devil is a pain in the arse :P 'The only monster here is you, Jin Kazama. And don’t you forget it!' - A part of me wants to slap 'him' for saying that...Still Jin does have to take his mind off things so he can focus on his training. 'The force of the attack sent the item in a little flying spin, before coming back, wanting revenge on the human.' - Beautiful metaphor there xD I can honestly say that Jin is right about SH - he is the male version of Xiao. 'Hwoarang squealed like a little child, muttering ‘yes’ a thousand times under his breath in hyperactive joy.' - I can imagine Hwoarang doing a little dance on the same spot; so adorable xD Seong Hada does give some solid advice and Razer should listen to him. She knows Hwo loves her but still she is at a crossroad so it would seem...“Can’t you watch where you kick?” Seong-Hada growled, upset, trying to shake the ache from his hand. - Ouch XD

Hmm, strange how Razer is having thses dreams/thoughts about a certain situation in the future to come - perhaps it is a warning, but who knows xD Still Razer must have been a bit stunned when she heard of Hwo's break up with Mi, and lol Xiao getting glares from Paul and King Kong - how grumpy can they get :P Maybe Paul failed to get a date from the receptionist and Marduk...well he is a total arsehole annyway! Still I thought it was heartbreaing when Hwo couldn';t finish off the sentence cos his emotions got the best of him - man, he has been wanting to say it for so fucking long but the worse cannot come out :(

“I… do… want to be with you. Know that. I just… feel like… When I look at you, it feels like I’m betraying Jin. And when I look at Jin, it feels like I’m betraying you. Like I have an obligation to you. To both of you, and I just end up feeling so guilty… It is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. I do not know if you felt it too when you were with Miharu, but… it is difficult. One minute I feel like throwing myself at one of you, but then there’s a voice in the back of my head reminding me of how much I love the other, and why, and I remember everything the guy in question and I have been through, and then I just…” - Favourite bit of the chapter xD

Anyway I'm glad thay Jin and Razer are still on friendly terms with eachother so that's all good :D
AngelEyes87 chapter 37 . 10/21/2009
I don't know why but I felt that this was a short chapter *shrugs* Weird, I know...Anyway it was a good chapter and I really loved it. Nice to see Baek in this too speaking with Hwoarang and trying to give him some kind of advice and all xD

Well, looks like Hwoarang has been thinking quite a lot then since he's sitting down trying to write what's on his mind. And I think there might be serious thoughts come to think about it...I like the idea of him comparing Razer and Miharu as it seems as he's conflicted at the moment and he cares about them both and all. 'Yet nothing came to him. The answers were just sitting there in his head, yet they refused to go through his fingers and out the pen.' - Sounds somewhat like writers block xD Hmm, I like his hair too, and I don't mind his length too. Thank God that during when he was serving in the army that he wasn't bald, lol. It's good to see Hwoarang getting along wth Mi's family. I guess the dad is a bit iffy towards him as he is not too keen on him or that he doesn't know him well enough to make a decision or something like that...It's cool that Mi has a younger brother - does he have a name? :P

I like the random things he put on his list under the two girls, but of course he's bound to put a bit more things when it comes to Razer - meaningful things and all that xD

‘She’s beautiful, in every way.’

‘She’s saved me.’

‘I can’t imagine life without her.’

‘I love her.’ - That has to be my favourite bit of the list as he is showing his true feelings there...Shows that he is crazy about her, and maybe even loves her too.

Still it must be hard on having to compare two girls and come to a decision about it even though he is kinda debating about his first choice. Baek putting Hwoarang in front of a mirror, huh? Well, self reflection is good for the soul and it makes you realise who you are too. 'Where the hell is he going with this…? And how is this supposed to help me…? He questioned inwardly.' - It would be funny if Hwo thought if Baek was high on something, lol :P I think the things that Baek and Hwo said to eachother is pretty well done, and it proves that Baek is trying to giude him to make the right choice, which obviously means Razer. I liked how Baek mentioned about the rocket pendent and also the promise ring as they are symbols for their love for one another. And the angel wings tattoo is permanent just like the fact he is always there for her no matter what. "Two things you treasure so much, that you refuse to let them out of your sight. And why? Because the person who gave them to you is so damn special to you. You don’t want to let them go. They mean so God damn much to you, just like the person.” - That kinda refers to me as well so I can empthasize with that. I smiled when Hwo and Baek reffered to eachother as father and son - that is touching :D ‘My world.’ - And that completes the list xD

'The receptionist was being chatted up by Paul. Lili and her butler were waiting behind him, the former screaming at the American to hurry up.' - Firstly what girl in her sane mind would be chatted up by Paul and not say anything to him so he can piss off (lol!)? And secondly I don't blame Lili for shouting at him. It would be funny if she hit him over the head with a glove or an umbrella xD Ah, so you included Steve's ending in all of this then...and I was wondering where he was in the last chapter too. Looks like Seong Hada is not too haooy with Hwo for supposedly upsetting Razer, but honestly it isn't Hwo's fault...The 'voice' scene was well written and I think that is what made Hwo realise that he was meant to be with Razer after all. And by the looks of this ending I think Mi and Hwo is gonna split up...
AngelEyes87 chapter 36 . 10/21/2009
Aww, cute chapter Raze, I really loved it despite the fact it was kinda heartbreaking towards the end xD And it's about time you included a bit of Razerang fluff too!

I can understand why Razer wants to be alone in her solitude as she wants to reflect back on what happened between her and Jin in her last fight, and she has every right to. She knows he isn't the one to blame as it was both generally out of their hands so they couldn't do anything about it, even him. I have a feeling Hwoarang is stil pissed at Jin but he won't admit it out loud as he doesn't want to hurt Razer's feelings, you know. It is in Jin's nature to ran away like this as he wants to protect himself and also his friends too so I can understand that. Jin might be feeling sorry for himself no thanks to the Devil's taunts about being forever alone - his pride has been severly damaged. And yeah, Devil Jin is very much different to the Jin she knows - I don't think she has seen him in his Devil state so it came as a big blow to her. I would love to slap 'her' silly right now as she is being a fucking Class-A bitch again *shakes fist* Why can't she shut the hell up but no! Maybe it is a good thing that Hwoarang came just in time so she'll no longer have to suffer from her inner torment. See, he loves her and cares about her 3 Man, Razer has a bad habit of biting her nails then when she's feeling down or nervous - I do that too, lol. And I liked how he tried to pry her fingers away from her mouth - that's cute :D “If you gotta chew something, chew my nails instead of yours.” - Ew! But I do love the exchange between them two - he's like a lovable rogue! 'He was too strong for her. No matter how hard she tried, the Korean was simply picking her up and pulling her out the door like a rag doll. Throughout the situation at hand, she whined like a little child, “I don’t want to… Hwoarang, put me back, I don’t want to leave my room. Put me back? Please?” - LOL! It would be funny if he carried her over his shoulder out of the room with her weakly punching his back XD

'Inside, he was snickering, because she didn’t want to come out of her room, but look at her now.' - I do that sometimes. Whenever someone asks me to go out with them (family) sometimes and I slightly complain but when I'm out I'm fine and I start enjoying myself. Maybe it's the change of scenary that does make a difference then xD Man, so final battles are always held at night then - that sucks xD And I loved how Hwo forgot where the match is held thus Razer playfully hitting him hehe :D

It's cute to see Hwo and Raze going shopping with eachother, it's awesome! Most men wouldn't like shopping with women as they think it's broing, but Hwo? Nah! He'd do anything to make her really feel happy;-) "Just try it on. It’s not gonna kill you. Don’t make me undress you and put it on.” - lmao! I'd laugh if the jacket landed on his head, covering his face/view :P

The curtain hooks scraped over the metal bar, catching his attention. He turned around and jumped, “Fuck.”

“What?” Razer inquired, hands behind her back, uncomfortable.

It took him a moment to recover and start giggling, “Nothing.”


“You. In a dress. You.”

“You made me try it on!”

“And I stand by my decision. Let’s buy it!”





“You’re poor Hwoarang. You can’t keep flaunting money everywhere.”

“Who says I’m paying for it?” He sneered, reaching around to his back pocket, withdrawing a card.

Razer studied it for a moment before looking back at him, “That is Baek’s!”

The sneer was replaced by a cheesy grin.

It took a moment for everything to click, “Oh no.”

“Oh yes,” He growled, still grinning, taking a few steps back, about to run.

She reached out a hand to take it, however he was too fast, and skittered off to find a counter.

Cheeky little bastard, The corrupt angel within chuckled pleasantly. - Classic scene there, C, I LOVE it!

The corrupted angel is kinda right in what she is saying - she should be happy and not miserable cos Hwo is showing her how to live once again in the outside world, trying to chase her troubles away :D I love the playful jokes/insults espeically when it comes to Hwo's sexual undertones xD And yeah, it's about time they had some Japanese food as well. I can't even use chopsticks properly so I know how Razer feels when it comes to using them damn things...The waitress feels jealous of Razer as Hwo is showing her off, hehe. “Nan ara yo,” - what does that mean anyway? I laughed a few times when Razer was teasing Hwoarang and one of his reactions were hiarlious! Man, the corrupted angel sounds like she is suffering from PMS herself, lmao :P

Razer does have his heart, she has always had his heart since they were both teenagers when they first met so no one could compare to her, you know :) But I can sense that he is upset as he doesn't know what to do about it. There could be something between them but they are many feelings or things that they wish to say but they're too scared I guess. She is his whole world and he always longs to be someone more to her than just a friend. But he cannot do it as he is with Mi and he feels like he is cheating himself...“I love you,” He murmured weakly, his voice cracking, “…more than ever.” - RAZER, DON'T HIDE YOUR FEELINGS FROM HIM ANY LONGER! xD
AngelEyes87 chapter 35 . 10/21/2009
Awesome chapter, C - I really loved it :D I know I keep on saying this, but if I was allowed to I would marry your writing :P Seriously I love what you write ;-)

Hmm, where can I start from - so many things, lol...The aftermath of the battle between Devil Razer and Devil Jin was pretty well described and I could imagine that happening. Hwoarang sitting by her bedside, waiting for Razer to wake up is very sweet and touching - for fuck's sake he should be with her already! What the hell are you waiting for? *shakes fist* DON'T MAKE ME FIGHT CHU! lol xD But it's good to see she is still recovering despite her being in a coma - she was barely alive after that last match so it is an improvement. All the others were shocked so that is understandable and I bet Baek was more or less surprised as he raised Razer like a daughter if you know what I mean. Oh, and well done to Burton (groovy man!) and Lei for catching Feng Wei :P 'It was that last comment by ‘the voice’ that had made the Blood Talon enter such a thinking state. Those four sentences repeatedly flowed through his mind, even though they had been said to him, and only him, two days ago, and a fair few moments before Kazama took off.' - Ah, so that is the voice that he was reffering to after the battle then! Hmm, I wonder who the voice could belong to - maybe it is someone close to Razer herself :S I hope Hwoarang will figure it out soon and try to think of something worthwhile :)

I loved how Xioa comforted Hwo with a hug to ease his pain - it is fucking nice to see them as friends. I know they had their diffeences in the past and he used to call her names, but over the last two years they have come a long way and became closer in the process :D I think he needs comfrot right now as he cannot do anything to help Razer when she is out...and he's so damn scared if he loses her too. “…You know, I haven’t seen you with a stubble before. You look really different.” - I may sound stupid here but I really can't imagine Hwo with a stubble, I tried to but I've failed xD Nah, I don't think Jin would show his face when it comes to Hwo or Razer otherwise Hwo would kick his ass badly...

Still it was brave of Xiao to try and carry on with normal life but I bet she is still a bit unsettled about what happened. Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with Miharu too - maybe she is feeling left out as Hwo is not with her? Yeah, I didn't think Hwo was very mich in love with Mi, but he does feel some kind of affection towards her, but he is more or less loyal to Razer by the looks of it. “First and only love. It’s like you with Kazama – do not give me that shit, by the way, it’s still pretty fucking obvious. He is your first and only, and she’s my first and only. First loves are just special like that. Cheesy as it sounds, but you’ll always love them and do everything within your power to ensure their happiness and protection. Its like first crushes. You might never see them again, for whatever reason, but you’ll always remember them.” - Well said, Hwoarang! What he says is true as I feel that way about Nick despite the fact we broke up last month. I love Nick as a friend and I still care about him as he was my first love so he'll have a special place in my heart forever 3 “He could always use someone like you. Good luck with him.” - HAHAHAHA, I always knew Xiao had a crush on Seong Hada!

But yeah what she said about Razer and Hwo is true. They don't have that brother/sister relationship, but there is something more than that despite the fact they haven't been's like as if they are kindred spirits or soul mates so to speak. Rang - hehe, I love that new name for Hwoarang! Good on SH for telling Hwo what happened back in Korea - it may have been hard on him but at least he feels better by the end of it :P

I like the "dream" that Razer had and all that - very vivid and awesome! By the way, how comes you tend to use 2nd person for scenes like that anyway? :D I love how you portray the imaginary and what is going on in Razer's head as well...I wonder whose footsteps can she hear anyway. But I loved how you tied in the scene with what Hwoarang said beforehand and that image of fire is very important as it represents Hwoarang's warmth and love for Razer. That light will never go out as far as I'm concerned as she is the one who is responsible for Hwo's fire. ‘You’re alright. You’re protected. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.’ - Hwoarang, I fucking love you :P

The convo between Razer and Hwo at the end was really sweet and I loved how affectionate they can be towards eachother as they care for one another. At least Hwoarang is alright now as he knows she is getting better xD
AngelEyes87 chapter 34 . 10/21/2009
As Kefka says "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!" xD But bloody hell, that took me ages to read, but it's a good thing as that, my friend, was the BEST chapter ever that I have read in this story :P WOO-HOO, YOU GO, RAZER! xD

I loved the training montage at the start of the chapter with Baek giving her instructions and all that. You know, she's bound to be normal as she is up against Jin, so she is aware of the upcoming danger ahead even though she doesn't know what yet. And I see the corrupted angel is being a pain in the arse as well - trying to convince Razer to make Jin regret pushing her away and all that. Pretty vengeful if you ask me, but hey that's what I expect from the corrupted angel. Looks like Hwoarang could sense Razer's anguish/worry due to the semi-final (I think) match and he does care about her well-being...Atreyu is a cool band - I like them xD And I love this part:

“Besides, I’m not the only one that listens to this type of stuff, and this isn’t all I listen to. Anything with a guitar in it and I’m sold.”

She sighed with a smile, “Typical boys with their guitars…”

“Let’s not forget motorbikes,” He added cheerily, looking back at the entrance, arms now behind his head. - Typical Hwoarang that is XD!

I couldn't help but smile when you described Xiao's laugh as a 'hacking cackle' - I bet she sounds lke a witch! I like the batner between Hwo and Razer including the joke about him surrending to her if they were to face one another in the next match :P I can tell he is concerned about her, but at the same time he assures her, but she is taking it seriously as she doesn't know what to expect in this match...I love how the corrupted angel refers to Jin as the child of the devil - it suits him well to a degree. The fight was pretty good, but I bet it is hard on both of them as they were once a couple then they're friends as well and they obviously have shared a lot during the past two years or so, you know. Jin's devil is slowly starting to get to him and I was surprised he managed to take over which stopped Jin to fight for a momen. The beginnings of the trnasofmration was well written and you can see Razer trying to encourage Jin to fight 'him' off but he is struggling to...Jin must have been enduring such a large amout of pain to yell out like that and all that, but what got me before he transformed properly was when he said to Razer he was sorry - that was the last glimspe of his human side ever, and he knows that he can't control it any longer...Looks like Xio found out the truth the hard way, but Hwoarang is right, there is nothing she can do to save him as he has already sumbmitted to the darkness. Okay, I think every individual's reactions to Devil Jin were amazing - you described them fucking brilliantly! That was one of my fav scenes.

OH, DEVIL JIN SPEAKS! :P I love how bloody evil he is, trying to lure her into a flase sense of security, saying he is the real Jin Kazama when he isn't. I was on Razer's side when she defended Jin like that until Devil Jin struck her savagly. 'Jin Kazama is whom you see before you, He chortled, moving to close the gap between them.' - I think if that happened to me I would run away screaming from him, lol! I love the small fight between them both when Devil Jin is making taunts about Jin, the man she onced loved in order to make her weaken her resolve - good thinking xD Man, just when you think things can't get any worse, they do, hehe :P Now the cirrupted angel is giving Razer grief - this msut have been the exact same thing that Jin was going through when he was transforming...But her corrupeted angel wants to be a part of Jin's devil so they can destroy the world together. And while this is going on, Hwoarang is trying ti give her supprot and I laughed when he responded to the corrupted angel's name calling. “Mi ahn hae yo.” - I felt like crying when she said that to Hwo :(

The interaction and the actions between Devil Jin and Devil Razer were outstanding, simply out of this world! But the betray that the devil made was simply shocking - I didn't expect that at all...'You should know better than to believe the promises of the devil, Angel.' - Fuck me, what an excellent line :D

The fight between Devil Razer and Devil Jin, even when they took to the air to the moment when she was hurled right into the catherdral's roof was well described! It just takes this fight to the next level, lol! 'Below them, the spectators remained perfectly still, like statues within the cold cathedral. If they held their breaths and didn’t blink, every individual would’ve easily been mistaken for one. People frozen in time, simply standing there. A portion of a painting, cultivated to capture a part of the scene above.' - I really adore that :D I like the fact when Rzer tried to break out of it until it didn't work. But yeah, haing said that the fight scence was fucking epic and I loved all of it. To he honest I thought Devil Jin killed Razer, really I did. If that did happen then I would be very pissed off! It was really dramatic and tense when Jin was beginning to come back, that the Devil Jin was slolwy going away, what with all Hwoaran's infuriated commands to let her go, not to mention his insults. 'Kazama’s emotions swirled within him, like a massive surge. It was with that surge did Devil’s downfall commence, first with the release of the Greek youth. He stumbled back a fair few feet, brown eyes invading the red, and held his head in his hands, shaking as though he were cold, My nightmare… My nightmare, my nightmare… ' - I feel kinda sorry for Jin there :( Poor guy...

He could hear the other male scream at him, though, “Fuck you, Kazama. Fuck you!”

This wasn’t supposed to happen… Jin thought sadly, almost at the door.

“You, and me. Finals. Wherever the fuck they’re held… You are dead. You hear me? Dead! Asshole!”

The 21-year-old was long gone into the night before the remainder of his sentence managed to finish. Hwoarang breathed in a sob, lifting the body higher, now holding her in two arms, pulling her as close to him as he was possibly able. He refused to relinquish his unyielding grip on her, even as the paramedics stormed inside and were being told what happened under the direction of Xiaoyu.

He felt nothing as the world moved around him, getting lost in the night." - WHAT AN ENDING! I have a feeling that Hwo would make Jin regret everything that he caused in this match!
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