Reviews for The Tale of a Brutally Loving Father
Tami R chapter 3 . 8/10
I'd really like there to be more of this story, it's a great idea.
safeiyra chapter 2 . 3/27/2012
UPDATE! Update? Where the eff is it?

Its freaking 2012 man! Dont do this to me! SinCe 2010? Are you effin serious? And dont go on my profile mentioning how long I havent updated my own story, this isnt about me, its abot YOU! YOU!

Just what have you been doing with your life? Huh? _'

Okay that was a bit harsh... No wait, Im serious.

You better have a DAMN GOOD reason for this. And when I say ''good reason,'' I mean as in, ''Someone sawed off my fucking arms and Ive been in the process of getting them reattached,'' good reason.

I wont tolerate anything else, unless of course you were hit by a truck and had your legs crushed. Oh but wait, your arms are still working... Why havent you been writing?

I need, as in NEED to see more of this story. I've even reviewed before and you pm-ed me back if you remember...

Dont let me have to get my doll out... cause I will...

I dont even need your hair or anything, I'll stamp your email address all over it and then... I'll shove one of my markers ALL the way up it's/your ass.

Guarentee you'll feel it. And if you still dont update, I'll burn off your god damn nipples.

Go write me a new chapter.

And produce it. IMMEDIATELY!

I really dont want to have to come back here and review again, 'cause I'll break something if the site tells me some shit about a duplicate review and I find myself unable to cuss you properly.

I refuse to apologize for this behaviour, because this is your fault.

You're the one who made me like this.

louise chapter 3 . 1/31/2012
just found this fic...hope you update it cause id love to read some las vegas fic with ed and danny a s the main characters...
yumi2482 chapter 3 . 7/1/2011
Interesting start. I hope you update soon it's getting interesting. It would be cool if Rylie and her fiance were over with Danny at the Montecito (sp) for some reason.
safeiyra chapter 3 . 3/11/2011
Dear God... O_O're one savage bitch! _

You should be locked up for freaking author abuse *_*

It was PAINFUL, painful I say, when I was all anxious and shit to get to the next chapter and then...all of a sudden ...

WHAMMMMM! this fucking Authors Note.

I tell ya it punched me in the god damned face. HARD as fuck. Fell clear off my chair O_O.

Just cruel, CRUEL!

I been swearing at you the whole blasted day. I had to go lie down before I could review cause I woulda left my kepboard in frigging pieces! And I swear ur eyes woulda been bleeding from how much I woulda cussed you out-.-

...CRUEL PERSON! *glares nastily* _

... anyhu~~~

I just love this idea! hehehe yes me and my ermmm perverted/sadistic self *hides face in shame*...*_*

Em well actuallY I aint shame at all, I just LOVE Danny ansgt and this whole thing about his father being 'attracted /kinda bordering on obsessed' with him because of how much he looks like his mother... o_O

and the barely restained violence that surrouds his dad...

Errrmm ... it suffices to say that youve got me hooked cause it makes for some SERIOUS danny angst... *gulp* not to mention abuse... especially if your talking bout his father raping him...

O_O Good gawd! What the heck kind of person am I to be liking those sorta ideas?o_O..

I guess... a totally fabulous one! hehe just like you are for coming up with it~~~~!

*points upward* Ignore the previous 'flattery' and dare not assume that I like you. It was all lies...cause right now I wanna just shoot you in the face for hurting me like diss _

You had betta update dis soon cause your giving me severe daily migranes with the amount of time I spend fantasizing on whats gonna happen next...bout what his father is gonna do in the middle of that resturant...


Your putting me through severe emotional stress! TT_TT *sobs sob* (looks around to see if *umm cant get ur name written* is watching)...

ThePotatoEQueen chapter 3 . 1/25/2011

i'm frech so i didn't understand everything but it's alright : ) I just can't wait for the next chapter!

YaoiBatman chapter 3 . 1/14/2011
I'm hanging in there! Want more!
FireFriday chapter 2 . 10/16/2010
Nice story :) And don't worry about the sadist coment, a lot of fanfic authors are like that, I totally get it :) anyway, awsome chapter!

FF Out.
TroubledxEyes chapter 2 . 8/5/2010
i think this is reallygood and youshould keep updating and im sorry i couldn't review when i read the first chapter but please update soon
nbclasvegasfan chapter 1 . 7/9/2008
Great start. Looking forward to your next chapters. Hope Ed is in the story more.
suzybabyQ chapter 1 . 7/8/2008
this one's good too, darn you need to continue with both of them! honestly dont wait a couple months to update