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Jerden chapter 6 . 4/1/2013
This chapter is the best so far in this story. A brawl, suspense, a twist ending to surprise the reader - I must read more!
Jerden chapter 5 . 4/1/2013
Well, the situation just gets worse and worse for Neville and the tension just keeps building. Another great chapter.
Jerden chapter 4 . 3/31/2013
Another interesting chapter, in which Neville goes deeper into the mess he's already plunging into. The tension just keeps building!
Jerden chapter 2 . 3/31/2013
Chapter 2: in which the mystery deepens and a team is formed. This is going to be interesting.
Jerden chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
This story has intrigued me already, and I've only read the first chapter. It seems like it's going to be very interesting.
Susan M. M chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
Believable and painful.
CarolanneFernandez chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
This story and its predecessor are the best Harry Potter stories I've ever read. Thank you so much.
FashionablyHospitable chapter 28 . 1/1/2013
A HAPPY ENDING. Yay. But also a sequel. Nobody die please.
FashionablyHospitable chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
People are going to die in this, aren't they.

Emily chapter 9 . 11/22/2012
Ya feckin' hypocrite, Auror! Life ain't more value to ya than to me, ya don't bother that they're dead, ya know they're scum same's I, but just because I'm gettin' a thrill by it and ain't weepin' into me breakfast the next mornin, I'm a monster. How's it a better thing when a man who deserves to die gets what he's got comin' but manages to hurt the one what took him down? Better, ain't it, that the one dolin' out the justice ain't the last victim."

The thing thy scares me about Seamus saying that is, that's how maniacs rationalize what they're doing. Nazis, Death Eaters, whatever. They see the people that they're killing as evil and doing bad and think that murdering or torturing and that like As the proper right Thing to do. Death Eaters saw muggles and muggle borns as a threat to their ideal, as poisoning the well, hurting the wizard populace. They vilified them And saw murdering as taking care of a problem. Substitute death eater for Nazi or any of the awful groups you hear on the telly and look what you've got.

I live Seamus, and whether he was baiting Neville or not, he's got some scary thought processes going on.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/22/2012
"Ya feckin' hypocrite, Auror! Life ain't more value to ya than to me, ya don't bother that they're dead, ya know they're scum same's I, but just because I'm gettin' a thrill by it and ain't weepin' into me breakfast the next mornin, I'm a monster. How's it a better thing when a man who deserves to die gets what he's got comin' but manages to hurt the one what took him down? Better, ain't it, that the one dolin' out the justice ain't the last victim."

The scary thing for me
RumbleRoar811 chapter 26 . 10/30/2012
You're not soulessly evil after all! Yayyyy! Sorry but I've been dying the last couple of chapters... Who am I kidding I've been dying since Neville and Ernie were almost whipped to death in DAYD. You have woven an incredibly intricate tale of love, loss and friendship, all surrounded by death and pain. I love it.
Rebakah chapter 22 . 9/23/2012
Oh and forgot to mention, the scene with Snape is my favorite. Well really Neville going back and having to act again as he once was. It was a spectacular eyeopener
Rebakah chapter 28 . 9/23/2012
Wow. Unbelievable.
Your portrayal of Seamus is just out of this world. You make a man teetering on the brink of insanity (with some pitfalls) who murders brutally with little empathy likable. Lovable. I found myself routing for him throughout the story. And the friendship with Neville that develops at the end is what we've all been routing for. Putting them back on the same team.
I must admit I appreciate the happier ending. I read DAYD ages ago and loved it, but couldn't bring myself to read the sequel for ages because you make your characters so real that their deaths were heartbreaking. I think we all still mourn Ernie! If Neville had really lost Hannah? Ginny (one of my favorites in your stories though usually not) dead? etc.
On a side note, could you please explain the ending to me? Does that mean Dumbledore chose? Huh?
Amazing story.
khaleesea chapter 7 . 7/29/2012
"They were so different; the plump, bookish youngster who had only survived the battle because he was almost instantly stunned and the tough, high-spirited officer who had according to Ginny at one point held off five Death Eaters at once."
That's another thing: war changes people, and people are unpredictable when put into a corner. I mean, look at Pettigrew. No one expected him to betray his friends, but see how that turned out.

"'Don't say that!' Neville snapped, shuddering. 'Makes it sound like I forced him the way Ulster did me or something. Or like he was my house-elf! Ernie never –'
'I'm sorry!' Hermione flushed, looking a little startled by the vehemence of his outburst. 'I didn't mean it that way at all. I know you'd never do something like that, and even if I didn't know Macmillan particularly well, I do know that he had just as much stubbornness as loyalty. I don't think there was anyone who could have forced him to do anything at all against his will.'
'So what you're saying, Hermione,' Ron cut across the argument as he stepped carefully around the spreading pool of blood to join them beside Utterson, 'is that you don't think it could be him because it's not his wand, Macmillan having nothing to do with anything.'"
I like that it's Ron who's the levelheaded one here, though I suppose it helps that he doesn't have any particular emotional attachment to anyone they're discussing.

"'Brilliant question,' Ron smiled at him, 'actually about to ask that myself. Auror Weasley, Ministry of Magic.' He gestured at the other two, 'Auror Granger, Auror Longbottom – though him you might remember, if you haven't gone completely off your wand since the D.A., Mr. Utterson.'"
Aren't they all in disguise? How does Ron expect Icarus to recognize Neville? For that matter, the Polyjuice only makes you look like someone else. Would someone have to keep redoing the Transfigurations they did to Neville? Or would they stay until someone removed them?

"'Hate that permanent death part,' Ron interjected lightly, 'lots more inconvenient than the temporary kind.'"
This is kind of weird, but I think I unconsciously quoted this once at a kayak rental place.

"He had delivered the same litany himself dozens of times, but Neville remained impressed as always by Hermione's ability to do it in what always seemed to be a single breath and letter-perfect, even the commas audible in her flawless recitation."
Of course, it's Hermione. How could I have ever expected anything less?

"'Tragic how people will just drift apart,' Ron said sarcastically. 'But the thing is, we're pretty sure he's got something to do with this Sluagh business too, and Longbottom and I are really eager to catch up with him. We were all roomies for so long, we've been feeling nostalgic.'"
I love Ron. A lot. I love his sarcasm and wit (though at times he can be cruel and resentful), and I like how you've kept that while still letting him grow as a character.

"Ron looked down at the few remaining bites of the hearty breakfast she had insisted on preparing for all of them and nodded sheepishly, blushing. His mouth was still too full to answer, but Hermione sighed deeply, rolling her eyes. 'His mother feeds him plenty, Mrs. Finnigan, and so do I, I promise…no one's really been able to ever figure out where he puts it. Ron's just a particularly corporeal Vanishing Spell, I think. By all rights, he should be the size of an elephant. I'm so sorry….'"
I just really love Ron, okay. (I'm sorry, you probably expected some intelligent comments, but...) I suppose this is really just another one of my "wow look how well you write these characters" comments.

"'That he is,' Kate's smile was a tight mixture of pride and pain. 'Sent him to a Muggle primary school, ya know, and he'd be fair furious to hear me tell ya, but I kept the note from the first lass whose teeny heart he broke, I did. All in crayons and letters big's your fist, and she spelt his name s-h-a-y-m-i-s but t'point's clear enough: 'ya kiss me and ya kiss Molly and Sharon too and so ya stink lots.''"
Awwww! Just the thought of baby Seamus going around kissing girls is adorable. I can imagine it perfectly. Seamus was so charismatic and likable and I suppose that's one of the reasons I have trouble reading this one, because I love his character so much and I just want him to... get better? To be friends with his friends again? To stop brutally murdering people? Maybe it's that I want him to be a character I won't feel ashamed of loving, and I kind of hate myself for saying that, because I do love his character regardless (or perhaps because) of what he's done and what he's been through.

"'There are only two witches left in the Auror Department,' Hermione replied, 'so Ginny and I always wind up getting sent when the boys have chickened out about an upset witch. Rapes, murdered and missing husbands and children, having to tell witches that their loved ones are Death Eaters or informants…I've seen more of other women's pain and how they handle it than I ever wanted to by twenty-three.'"
Oh, those poor girls. Not only have they been through a ton on their own (far more than they should have by twenty-three), they have to deal with other people's pain as well?

"Merlin, but he'd been young. Young enough that he had mistaken pain for complexity, things that hurt for things that were truly vague in morality."
This is an interesting thought. I suppose the difference is that most complex decisions do hurt, but not all things that hurt are complex.

"Indeed, it was because magic – real magic, deep magic, the kind he'd only felt a few times in his life, not just simple little spells – was so awesome, so humbling, that he did not believe in a religion. It just seemed presumptuous to try and put words or rules or names on it, though he understood why others would want to."
I love all the tolerance that's in your fics. I also like that Neville doesn't believe in a religion: it suits his character.

"Seamus's hands slid down the sides of his head, running frantically over his cheeks, his neck, his shoulders and chest; pressing, stroking, seeking and petting him as his face shone with a manically rapturous light. 'Oh, mercy,' he murmured, 'I thought – I saw – but no, oh, no, 'cause here ya are and ah, what a fool I was, what a bloody feckin' fool, that's what they musta been tryin' to tell me, and I wouldn't listen, I thought – sweet Jesus, Dean.…'
Neville shook his head, trying desperately to regain his bearings. It had backfired, backfired completely. He had no idea, had never guessed that there was anything more than friendship between his two former roommates."
Okay, maybe I'm just saying this because I've read this before and know how it all plays out (and let me tell you that this is one of the most awkward scenes I've ever read, with the whole "let's have sex while one of us is wearing the face of your dead best friend" thing), but... in what alternate universe could this situation have ended well? At the very best they would have captured Seamus, but he would still be extremely angry at them and feel (rightfully) betrayed, so I can't really see him "snapping out of" his crazy murderous state. I suppose it would stop the killing, but it wouldn't help them save their friend.

"It was breathtaking, speaking of hundreds of hours of pain endured to form the ornate patterns that framed dozens of Celtic crosses, each inscribed with a name. Creevey. Patil. Brown. Macmillan. Thomas. Corner. Whitby. Boot. They were all there, every single one of the D.A. they had lost, and the living graveyard was the most beautiful and terrible thing he had ever seen."
Oh, no. I just... Seamus, love, it'll all work out, you're going to be all right, everything's going to be okay.
There's a reason I've reread DAYD multiple times, but haven't been able to bring myself to reread Sluagh before now. This just breaks my heart, it really does.
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