Reviews for A Vent Comes to Haunt
lum chapter 54 . 6/18
the story was honestly so damn slow paced I gave up reading. you literally took out ALL the things that made Danny Phantom, Danny Phantom. the only thing left was his powers. Vlad did a whole 180 change and its unrealistic. it's super cringy to see Vlad and Danny being so lovey-ish and father/son. no hate here, you're a dedicated writer but I think you need to work on developing your ideas out a bit more. I like how your plot doesn't contradict with what you wrote before and you have good grammar, spelling and punctuation. the only thing I fault is your plot.
MerciLani chapter 55 . 5/24
I just finished reading for my 2nd time, and found it to be just as fabulous as the first time I read this, if not more! I'm not usually a fan of crossovers, as I find it confusing and irritating on the clash of two different worlds. But this, my word, this, had a wonderful plotline and was interesting to the very end. The chapters weren't short at all, the characters were deliciously OOC (there is a difference between annoyingly OOC and deliciously OOC). The vocabulary was interesting (I had to use my dictionary quite a bit lol) and it was clear that you understood the differences between the HP world and the DP world and how to blend them seamlessly. How both Vlad and Danny change the dynamic of the Harry Potter world was rather refreshing. The witty banter was also enjoyable. Overall, this fanfic was rather wonderful to read. Bravo! ~MerciLani
DPTTrocks chapter 55 . 5/21
I can think of only one word to describe this story: wow. The story is well-paced and the cbaracter development is very good.
Fanofgr8writeing chapter 55 . 5/19
Your crossover was fresh, interesting, and had a great plot. All of the characters had solid motivations and focuses and none that were focused on we're two dimensional. Your humor was quick witted a and funny, and successfully carries over into any media. You used all three types of irony correctly and I can tell you had great fun doing so. I would take a career as a writer being a viable option for you.
Gwntan12 chapter 30 . 5/15
'Did she weigh the same as a duck?' I then suffered death by laughter before coming back. That was a reference, wasn't it?
ShadowedFang chapter 6 . 5/15
Can't imagine that using a pewter cauldron would be good at all. Since its an alloy of tin and lead you can't even put something faintly acidic like tomato juice in it without leaching lead into the mixture. On the other hand... Heavy metal poisoning would go a ways towards explaining why half the wizarding world is utterly insane.
Phaten chapter 55 . 4/28
*blushes and looks away*(I am a girl) heh heh nice no wait This was a great story indeed, good plot, long chapters and its completed great work!
A nobody chapter 48 . 4/28
Um...I don't mean to offend you(or anyone) but...please...can you um please remove the mountain and Muhammad(S.A.W) part? Please...its might offend some people (like me a bit) please I don't mean to sound rude but..please remove or edit those lines...I'm begging you...please?
Phaten chapter 34 . 4/27
Waaahh! No action yet but I really appreciate the long chapters and I do agree on the part to take it slow but I reaaaly wanna see some action..well back to the story
Phaten chapter 3 . 4/26
I'm just getting started! 55 chapters!? Yup you're dedicated(even if it takes you time) well let's get on it, I hope when I reach chapter 30 theres a chapter 56 there ;)
Eagle Dreamer chapter 55 . 11/12/2016
It was really well written and hardly ever got dull. I really liked it. It was the best Harry Potter Danny Phantom crossover that I've read so far.
The-Pug's-Quill chapter 55 . 11/7/2016
This was an absolutely amazing story. It's easily one of the best on the sight, and it's so intriguing. I love it. Very good job.
Ick chapter 55 . 11/2/2016
This fic just sucks the joy outta reading dunnit? No action and everything is so OOC I'm in pain. This fic basically takes the opposite of everything that is Danny Phantom besides the names and THEN has a crossover with Harry Potter. If someone likes this fic then they likely hated the real show because this is nothing like it at all. It's like the Star Wars vs Star Trek comparison. Danny Phantom is like Star Wars. Action packed and fun. This fic is like Star Trek, it's all talk and ickiness and the little action there is is terribly boring.
4everfictional chapter 1 . 9/29/2016
Hopefully not to Obliviate them.
BBCDP2 chapter 55 . 9/26/2016
Hey. Just finished your story and i just wanted to say that it took me four weeks to finish because of how long it was and I have to read in my out of school time. I highly enjoyed the story, but i wish there was more parts with danny with his classmates. Don't stop writing :D
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