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Fan chapter 55 . 11/6
This was amazing. You clearly have a very good understanding of both worlds and have blended them beautifully. I'll admit i was a bit cautious of some moves but it was brilliant. It was a fresh new perspective. I really loved how none of the relationships just happened everyone needed to learn and grow and played off each other. I was captivated. It also showed how sometimes the wizaring world can be a bit dense and down right stupid at times. Danny wasn't over angsty but didn't conveniently forget his whole world was lost as he created his new one. And the story was actually finished. I would have been so upset to never learn the end. I loved the work on tolerance and respect. I can't praise this enough. So good. Just so good.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/30
Hello there!
I just started reading your fanfic about a week or so ago and I think a story such as this deserves feedback after such a long time.
First things first, I did enjoy "A Vent Comes to Haunt" very much. It was intriguing to see your version of how these characters interacted and how the stories coming together ended up changing the overall plot. I like how you handled Danny's secret identity - only the smartest or likely characters found who he was and you didn't have to go through the whole dramatic reveal. I thought that Danny's relationship with the ghosts was well managed. It was nice to see the Hogwarts spirits appreciate Danny. On that note, the way you highlighted the halfas' drive for equality was both interesting and refreshing. I laughed at the many uses of situational irony. 'You expect a 16 year old boy to be the savior of the entire wizarding world? Soulless morons...' The story archs all came together in a deliciously satisfying way and I will definitely reread this fic.
While there were more pros than cons, there are a few things I feel like I should address. The spontaneity of a death eater attack was a bit off-puting. It would've made more sense if you eased us into it more. I was incredibly depressed and slightly annoyed with the fact that nearly EVERYONE Danny ever knew died. He didn't save anyone?! Anyone at all? His family didn't have some back up plan to escape into the ghost zone or Danny didn't turn anyone else intangible? Why was this not explored further? It was just - they're all dead and Danny is only depressed about it when convenient. While the father/son relationships were nice, I do feel like they were a bit rushed. Both Snape and Vlad were enemies woth our dark-haired heroes. I do think that you're right in the assumption that the two pairs of lost boys will develop deeper relationships, but it feels so forced and... almost unnatural. There were a few instances where characters feelings/actions/orientations didn't match up with their usual traits, but as the author, it is yout choice on how they react. Some of them werr a bit odd though.
Overall, it was a good read and I found myself fangirling at more than one point. It may seem like I complained quite a bit, but please dont take them to heart. I can be very picky. Bravo on a job well done, especially over an entire two years of writing. It seems that you haven't really posted in awhile and while that is fully your choice, I'd love to see more of your work. I will definitely be reading through the rest of your fanfics as fast as I can.
- a fully satisfied reader :)
trninjakiller chapter 2 . 9/9
Since glad is going too the I am done reading.
16crk chapter 55 . 9/2
It took me a little less than a week to read this whole thing, but I quite enjoyed it. That said, if I am ever not lazy enough to log on I'll make sure to favorite this story. ( that's saying a lot from me because I really don't like giving out too many favorites and clouding my section with stories I might not like enough to read again.) plus, if you even still read these comments, I have a question for you. I may have missed in which case respond with the chapter and I'll reread the whole thing, but who won the house cup. It may not be important but it is interesting. Also did Malfoy ever get his special project with Danny? Anyway I'll sign off with my username so you will know who to pm.
- forever your admiring fan 16ckelmen
Lord Vortrex chapter 55 . 8/30
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. You've made a powerful story with a lot of great aspects. I especially enjoyed how you managed the Slytherins. You gave Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle wonderful redeeming qualities, and your touch of Vlad's little ending was a nice touch, especially with Dudley.

Overall you have a wonderful story here, with almost no problems whatsoever. My only grievance with it is how little you touched upon the romance (which I know you mentioned you didn't want to make this into a romance story), it would've added an excellent tool for character development. (Regardless I was happy to see that there are others who agree that Danny and Luna make an excellent combination)
Guest chapter 33 . 8/1
This isn't Danny Phantom. Its a bunch of prissy damn prudes having a tea party 24/7. They merely have DP and HP names. Honestly this is the longest and boringest troll fic I have ever seen.
Krusher chapter 28 . 7/28
1. The story is developing at a very slow and excruciating pace. 2. Characters are WAY OOC. Maybe Vlad and Danny could pull of the whole getting-along-as-nephew-and-uncle thing. But NOT Harry and Snape. Yes they have similarities between their two relationships but there's one big difference that makes it possible for Danny and Vlad to get along while Harry and Snape wouldn't. Vlad and Danny are the only two of their entire species. Danny has nobody else that could possibly understand him and that's the only way he and Vlad could look past their differences. Snapes just some ass that hates Harry and liked his dead mother. There's no reason at all that Harry would want to stay with him. Not one reason. At all. Ever.
Zhaoq chapter 55 . 6/18
Candy Phantom chapter 8 . 6/6
Rainbow: she's rereading.
And I have a new nickname for Professor Lockhart, Professor Narcissist.
Candy Phantom chapter 38 . 4/7
When is the next quiddich match? Did I even spell it right? I don't know if I did.
Candy Phantom chapter 26 . 4/6
Oh no, you have reawakened the Box Ghost obsession. Is he going to come back later?
Candy Phantom chapter 24 . 4/6
That boggart thing was crazy.
Candy Phantom chapter 5 . 4/6
Why is there a number on the bottom of every chapter? Is that important to the story somehow?
Guest chapter 55 . 3/25
Overall it is s great , well paced, well researched and detailed. The plot is a mixture of hits a misses. I loved how thou portrayed Slythereen issues and Snape's guidance. The different point of view issued by Vlad is also a great read, as well as other various insights about the wizarding world.
Leaving both halfas as muggles is something new and putting Danny in Slyhereen is done often enough, but the reasoning was surprisingly unique. Thanks for redeeming Draco too, his growth was the one best done.
The most flawed character, I think, was Danny. In some cases he was just too damn perfect - pointing the unseen issues, always well reasoned, liked by practically eveyone. And at the same time, how many times was there "poor Danny"? He seemed like a poor defenceless child that rose pity and protectiveness to his peers. The reasoning why was he so liked did not seem to be flushed out enough. There were some hints with Draco though and I was surprised the secret was not revealed.
The one a bit unbelievable plot was between Harry and Snape. Not as if it was impossible, but it still looked like a bit too big of a jump.
princessbinas chapter 55 . 3/13
Bravo! Very interesting and very well written. In fact, finding well written stories with that much description are hard to find, much less write. I know this because I have tried to lengthen my descriptions between dialogues and they don't become as long as I like them to be all the time. I guess that is because I am more of a "don't beat around the bush" kind of person. But like I said, bravo! I could actually visualize everything happening (as in use my mind and have every written scene play out, gotta love spatial/visual thinking).
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