Reviews for A Vent Comes to Haunt
Guest chapter 1 . 7/25
I have read this three times already and I will read it again, just watch me
Guest chapter 55 . 7/7
Wow... I am so glad that I tried to read that book (it wasn't fanfiction, It's way too good!). I regret that I hadn't started it earlier. I believe that the only reason why your story isn't at the top of the page is because the summary is unspecific. :D Sorry for my grammar :-( and Thank you very much for your hard work!
Meep chapter 27 . 6/22
Can I just say how happy I am that you don't hate on Dumbledore? It's just another reason to love his story!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/16
cheese doodles
Guest chapter 55 . 5/16
This is the first story in a long time to actually make me care for he characters. Good job.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/27
So long and thanks for all the fish

If u don't get this, it's a reference from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Guest chapter 34 . 4/24
I really and truly love this fic. There is no doubt that anybody who reads it will understand how much time, research, and love you put into it. But I have to say there is one thing about your writing style that I just can't come to terms with... While I would agree that you have an exquisite understanding of the characters, their feelings, and their relationships to one another, I can't help but feel like everyone is much too, as you keep saying, logical. Some of the characters like Harry and Danny are way to articulate than what seems natural for them. I can sort of understand that Danny's constant exposure to Vlad might slowly impact the way he talks, thinks, and behaves, but Harry especially doesn't sound like himself. Also the way almost any situation seems to be resolved almost instantly by some kind of emotional but logical outburst of thinking about another person's perspective is just much too easy. Not everyone is as quick to just understand or admit that the way they see things is wrong. Some people are as stubborn as mules and just can't be reasoned with or easily humiliated for their arrogance and/or ignorance as you like to do to them when they lash back or try to insult each other. And the way everyone appears to be so easily persuaded to change their feelings or be willing to show vulnerability in telling their feelings and insecurities with each other All The Time also seems really convenient. Continuing, truly emotional breakthrough moments in a story tend to lose their meaning when something or another like that seems to happen Almost Every Chapter. And this is just my personal opinion but as fun and interesting as it is to see what someone else thinks about something that happened earlier in the story you don't have to have the character tell them in such great detail about what the reader already knows just happened. It's kind of redundant and slows down the pace of the story. Honestly whenever something like that happens I usually just skim through it until I get to the other person's reaction; because, like I said, there's no point in reading about something I just witnessed in such great detail again.

So to summarize: Work on making dialogue (speech patterns) more natural for the characters. Put a bit more emotions into the characters don't have them think quite so logically for everything they do all the time. (I know Harry himself can be quite logical but also relies on his gut and intuition most of the time). Emotions/feelings dont necessarily run parallel to logic and people can't always be reasoned with or shamed. Try not to be so overly thurough when restating something that just happened when the reader already knows what happened because it kills the pacing and sounds redundant.
moonmunirah97 chapter 55 . 4/18
this is the best Harry Potter fic i have ever read in my life. i think i like this version better than the original. sorry, jk Rowling. no offence.
ElizabethBathog chapter 55 . 4/14
This story took me some days to read but it was so worth it! This is awesome work and i like this ending better then the original Harry Potter ending! I like how you take up stuff like children welfare laws and other laws about stuff in the wizarding world that is bad or not good at all! Heck i would probably give the adults hell for how Harry been treated if i could!

Snape adopting Harry made me smile, the relationship between Danny and Vlad and the rest was pure brilliant and made me squeal in happiness! This got me so hooked that i was up late then i should be since i have school!

AWESOME WORK ON THIS! This is one of the best HP x DP I have read!
Tsukiko K chapter 55 . 4/5
Why doesn't Draco learn about Danny? I'm sure he'd accept him
Fan chapter 55 . 4/4
This was amazing. You clearly have a very good understanding of both worlds and have blended them beautifully. I'll admit i was a bit cautious of some moves but it was brilliant. It was a fresh new perspective. I really loved how none of the relationships just happened everyone needed to learn and grow and played off each other. I was captivated. It also showed how sometimes the wizaring world can be a bit dense and down right stupid at times. Danny wasn't over angsty but didn't conveniently forget his whole world was lost as he created his new one. And the story was actually finished. I would have been so upset to never learn the end. I loved the work on tolerance and respect. I can't praise this enough. So good. Just so good.
I was recently re-reading this amazing story and saw my review in the box. I'm not sure if it was posted or not. Just in case I'll post again.
LatelyDifferent chapter 52 . 3/25
Loved the story, honestly wish Danny destroyed voldemort like complete annihilation. But hey i like it all they way!
memories.of.rain chapter 55 . 3/12
This has been a wild ride from start to finish. It never crossed my mind that your fic would bring me such fascination and joy. The beginning was quite emotional and I thought it was interesting that Danny wasn't expressing grief in a way I was expecting. But throughout the story, Danny has these moments of absolute grief from remembering that his family and friends and basically everyone he knew was dead. I also adore the character development that everyone has. I particularly enjoyed Vlad and Danny's relationship blossom from enemies to father and son. It was believable, they didn't immediately get along, but they learned to work through their differences and grow. You have an excellent talent in building tension and releasing it before repeating the process.
I must comment on your ability to keep track of your characters and loose ends. Throughout the story, I didn't catch a single thing that contradicted something you wrote in a previous chapter, and that is harder than it seems. All in all, this is an outstanding story and I'm so glad that I invested the time it took to read it. Thank you so much for writing such a delightful story and I hope that you continue writing!
DorothyMichaels chapter 49 . 3/4
i just realised something! the date you wrote was the one in which Danny and Vlad first met was the day in which I was born: January 17, 1995. it's really cool, although I was actually born on a Tuesday, not a Monday
MoonKishi chapter 29 . 3/2
I really loved the theory on Hagrid. This story talks a lot about nonhumans and half-breeds in general. But I never thought to assume Hagrid's human and giant tendencies before and him taking care of creatures to subdue his violent nature really does raise a level of respect for him.
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