Reviews for Selfish
Tanyataylor321 chapter 11 . 3/25/2009
aww! ! ! ! I love it!
twilover6638 chapter 11 . 3/21/2009
omg this is too good! i totally love this story! please update soon!
RawkStarr901 chapter 11 . 3/18/2009

update soon
XX123XX chapter 11 . 3/17/2009
It's in a way a sweet story so please update quickly I wanna read more!
tWiLiGhT gIrL chapter 11 . 3/15/2009
update soon!
11SarahN11 chapter 11 . 3/14/2009
AWESOME! update soon!
mscope chapter 11 . 3/14/2009
Oh Bea, I had forgotten how very much I like this story. This is one of the sweetest Edward/Bella stories I've read. He truly does like her and yet I am so afraid she is going to find out about the bet. And she really likes him too and if and when she finds out about the bet she is going to be so hurt. And James, uh-oh, could it be that he is going to see that maybe he likes her too? That he might want to come between them?

I know the story is about Bella and Edward but will Anthony and Jasper reconcile their differences in the story? As the oldest daughter and the middle child myself I can identify with Jasper's unique angst. In many ways I shouldered much more responsibility than either of my siblings. I think you've done a good job portraying this. Add to that growing up without parents and walla you've given us a new and refreshing scenario to follow. I really like how your characters have stayed together as a family unit and look forward to more of this storyline.

And last but not least...NEVER APOLOGIZE for real life. As much s I enjoy your story I would rather see you do well in school and have a personal life! The fact that you share your story with us as time permits is more than we can ask of you. Thank you so much!

pixiecullen chapter 11 . 3/13/2009
kl story! soz bit too tired 4 a betta review. u need to either re-read and check ur work urself or get a better beta if u dont mind me saying bcoz u have a bit of a problem with commas, randomly, being put in sentences. and there was a bit where someone hadnt read that u put seductively twice in the same sentence. something like 'the waitress seductively asked seductively'. soz abo the critisism, i really like ur story!
TwilightFan104 chapter 11 . 3/13/2009
Thanks for the update! I have a really bad feeling about this whole situation. Is Edward really naive enough to think that the bet won't come out? And why didn't he just back out the bet if he really likes Bella? We all know secrets like that always come to light at the worst times. Now that they have gotten closer, and Bella has agreed to be his girlfriend, I hope his reputation does not cause them problems. And then there is James. When is he going to realize that his feelings for Bella are more then sisterly?

And what is the deal with Anthony? Is there more to him being home more then we know?
VampWitchCat chapter 11 . 3/11/2009
RD2426 chapter 1 . 3/10/2009
Just started redaing but I like the coccky Edward and can't wait to seem him squirm his way out to Bella heart
jimemon chapter 11 . 3/7/2009
Great chapter :)
thelengths chapter 11 . 3/7/2009
aww. how cute.
moonlesslife chapter 11 . 3/6/2009
I'm totally in love with Edward in this fic except for the fact he won't take back the bet! Ah...I loved the chapter and I cannot wait to see what the next one will bring.

ny88 chapter 11 . 3/6/2009
great chapter keep up the good work work :D

cant wait for more
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