Reviews for Harry Potter and the World that Waits
Difdi chapter 2 . 1/26/2015
One of the nofty things about the Marvel comics universe is it's basically our world, but with superpowered people running around.

That said, the Mutant Act would be illegal under UK laws, since it is a bill of attainder - a law that declares someone guilty of a crime simply for existing not because of anything they actually did. The United States made them illegal in its constitution, while the United Kingdom didn't get around to banning bills of attainder until 1870. But even so, they're illegal there.

Also, the City of London isn't actually all of London. The City of London only amounts to about a square mile or so in the center of London that is independent of the larger coty around it. It's pretty much a historic district with ts own laws, own police, etc.

Finally, you have a recurring typo. Every time you wrote adamantium, you spelled it uniquely differently from all the other times you wrote it. None of those times had the correct spelling.
LDK chapter 12 . 1/24/2015
Love the quesitioning of an implicit 'right and wrong' in this story, and Harry's horrid past really allows his character to explore this issue more in it's entirety. Great fic, hope to see an update!
Chim Cheree chapter 12 . 1/22/2015
Great story, read it once before but it was just as enjoyable the second time around. I like your Harry characterization, he makes sense, isn't moaning all the time but also not an evil overlord. I only wish you would update, that'd be great.
Luzith chapter 12 . 1/20/2015
Just brilliant. Sad it seems a bit abandoned but great writing. Thanks!
Guest chapter 2 . 1/12/2015
Only problem with this is that it's nothing actual like the actual Marvel London, meaning you didn't do the most basic of freaking research.
UseFistNotMouth chapter 12 . 1/9/2015
Good read. Thanks for writing this even if it's inconplete.
isis424 chapter 12 . 12/18/2014
XxXNightcoreQueenXxX chapter 4 . 12/15/2014
i know i'm in the middle of the chapter or so, but i got an idea for what harry can do. he can transform himself so would him transfiguring other things be that unbelievable?
i think i just wanna see him tranfiger all the weapons and communication devices into rubber ducks.
deadwinds chapter 12 . 12/14/2014
I know it's been a few years but I am desperately hoping for an update. This is just to good to not finish!
Tarix chapter 12 . 12/3/2014
Very nice crossover, would not mind HarryXStorm pairing :)
Goosen chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
This is a neat first chapter. A good concept!
TwinTigerLover chapter 12 . 11/17/2014
I love the cliff hanger. Your story if progressing really well but you might need to just go back amid read it again. You have just put the wrong name or word every now and then.
irezel chapter 1 . 10/29/2014
oh gosh i just did a reread of this, just as great as ever. i love harry's progression back to being a little bit more sane at the beginning. :D awww, you left off with hermione coming into the picture...ah well, great fic anyway. :D
Johnnyseattle chapter 12 . 10/14/2014
I'm not sure if you'll even still get alerts of reviews anymore, seeing how long it's been, but I just wanted you to know that this is still one of the very best HP/X-Men crossovers ever done in my opinion. Excellent work, sorry to see you lost your muse somewhere along the way. Thanks for what you did produce though.
TheLordOfTheSea1 chapter 12 . 9/23/2014
What's? Good though
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