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Daniel T. Stack chapter 150 . 9/4/2014
I tried taking a break. You have a typo about tossing Haruhi's bag into something. It has to instead of the. I wish I could be more specific but they aren't allowing copying and pasting any more.

Even only looking back once a month there almost is not enough story progression for it to feel like I spent my time reading well.

It is better this way but still un-fulfilling since nothing really Sailor Moon nor Ranma related have been happening. Oh the characters you are using have origins there but it has been so long since the plot was more than a spy drama its feeling like a rick roll that won't shut down.

Did Ranma come back to life with the world reset? Does Ranma still exist in this world at all? What about Usagi? Are any enemies to the Senshi becoming active?

What other than Phase White having had to eliminate the girl's relative for his transgressions is there to really follow plot wise here?

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Daniel T. Stack chapter 145 . 6/20/2014
So I'm beginning to think you have no wish to involve Ranma again at this point. I mean how would Ranma ever get involved with the group coming together in this situation and why? Is there even any reason for the once and future Senshi to even regain their memories? You have a world here that can be completely divorced from the source material on both Ranma and Sailor Moon's aspects. I know I said I should wait longer to comment again but at this rate it feels like entire concert tours will have to be endured before it gets anywhere near the SM or Ranma plot timelines again. And even then will there be any point to either one?

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Has anyone other than me even commented in the last 20 or so chapters?
Daniel T Stack chapter 144 . 6/7/2014
There will some day be Ranma in a fic with Ranma in/starting the title right? You seem to be giving us every day of Phase White for some reason without even a hint at where Ranma would be at the moment. Are you even going to get to where memories get restored some time this year? And will Ranma be back from China by then?

Will even one NWC end up involved in or at one of these revised history events before Ranma is back in the picture? So far its an alternate reality that continues to be divorced from Ranma or any of the prior story line before the Ginzuishou world reboot.

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Guest chapter 143 . 5/25/2014
Nice job on Rei. Wish I could say as much for the rest of the chapter. No real set up just the takedown and comments on it. I'm thinking I need to cut back on reading your updates to once a month so I get enough story progression to not feel a need to complain about it being so little. Even then re-reading the last 5 it still isn't much.

Ranma is still alive in this reality right?
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Daniel T. Stack chapter 142 . 5/10/2014
I hope you know how to write music in the style the band will be playing. It won't be enough to haveto pick j-pop translations out of the blue. Rei-chan has a distinctive style and she's shown to be something of a perfectionist. If you can't keep up to the level she has shown for herself in original language subs then this might become a challenge to stumble over.

Still could use some update on the training trip. Its not like Jusenkyo is the first place Ranma got to in China and definitely not the last, don't forget the dragon whisker incident after it happened. I really don't see how most people assume it was less than a month getting from the cursed springs back to Japan. Even a side story soft intro like you did for phase white could help avoid leaving his story completely out.

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Daniel T. Stack chapter 140 . 4/10/2014
The plot could have used a little more advancement for this to really hook people as the start of the next arc. So far its more like a lul between arcs. Just pointing out that the things that already happened have ways they are continuing.

Spokavriel yahoo. com

Still having login problems.
Spokavriel chapter 139 . 4/7/2014
Having login trouble so can't do it with my image today. The story is progressing and those previews are finally making a bit of sense but when are you going to have any more Ranma content? It will still be a story including Ranma Saotome correct? The trip to China wasn't exactly uneventful and the way the wish reset things involving Ranma and Ryouga it might be interesting to see if that challenge even exists here. Will Ryouga even have a place in the story now that he isn't a Mio fanboy nor likely to end up a pig?
Red0251 chapter 131 . 12/3/2013
You need work, and people saying stuff need emotion
steamrick chapter 3 . 12/2/2013
This is as far as I got.

Your conversation is way too wooden and artificial. You fail at describing actions and places in a way that makes it easy to imagine what's going on.

Also, the characters are way Out Of Character - Ranma especially. Doing a magical girl transformation and writing it off as 'not a big deal'? No way in hell!

Addendum: I skimmed the last three chapters. Your conversation is less stilted, but you still need to work on your description. For example from ch126 - "the ball of energy explodes around Usagi's Sailor Moon and causes a giant mountain of ice to appear". This is as boring as a fight scene can get. Use all the body's senses. Ice is cold and makes snapping sounds when put under stress. Energy - lightning - crackles. You can smell the ozone and you're blinking away an afterimage on the retina. The mountain doesn't just appear. Ice appears around the point of impact and then grows outwards like an avalanche of crystal, completely encasing a startled Sailor Moon.
Be inventive. Be descriptive. Don't repeat yourself (too often).
Sakura Lisel chapter 129 . 10/31/2013
*lol* poor Ranma. What is it with boys trying, and sometimes succeeding, in stealing a kiss from him? And he's not even in girl mode this time. *lol* does he have a new stalker?
Resop chapter 128 . 10/17/2013
Oakshaden: Don't worry about being blond, I'm sure that many people of many hair colors are also confused! But, to break it down point by point:

The Amazon version of the Moon Kingdom happened many many years ago. Sailor Moon, as it was revealed in one of the musicals, has been on earth many times in different incarnations.

Mamoru is most definitely a playboy.

Phrase White is real. The "cold opening" chapters of season one was a fan fic within a fan fic by Zoiki, however, he was writing a thinly disguised version of what was going on. Zoiki made up the lead character of the fan fic, but later on in the season he will meet someone who is exactly what he envisioned.

Things will become clearer in the upcoming chapters.

Guardoflight: Yes, that was a long break. Not as long as the break between chapter 1 and chapter 2, though.
Oakshaden chapter 128 . 10/17/2013
I don't understand what is going on! Is the amazon version of the moon kingdom the real one!? I thought you were building up to a Ranma/Mamoru pairing, but now he's a playboy? And is phrase white really what happened or was it a side story?
I know I'm a blonde but most of us are a bit smarter than Usagi so it can't just be me!
Guardoflight chapter 128 . 10/17/2013
Well its nice to see another chapter after such a long break and I have to wonder where this will lead.
tbd chapter 127 . 7/17/2013
cant wait for season 2
KeyM755 chapter 127 . 12/6/2011
I have some ideas for next season with time reset without Queen Metalia. Enemy: Tree of Doom

#1: Ranma-chan and Mamoru are dating

#2: Ranma-kun is secretly the MoonKnight

#3: Love-tri of Ranma/Mamoru/Usagi/Rei
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