Reviews for Miscalculations
jkthestral chapter 1 . 12/10/2016
Oh my god I love you i love you iloveu so much fanfiction lover's dreams! This is awesome pllz plz plz plz plz continue
abi chapter 1 . 9/29/2015
you seriously got a restraining order sheesh
Annabelle Mapel chapter 1 . 9/15/2011
This is awesome! COntiune please.
Chibi Tenshi Sama chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
Nothing short of hilarious. I enjoyed this while it lasted, and truly wish it had lasted a bit longer. (And yes, I.I.'s Self-Reliance was brilliant, I agree).

Keep up the good work!

MyBeatingKokoro chapter 1 . 8/12/2010
This WAS AMAZING! It was so feed! I cried and wey myself at the same time! This is now one of my favorite fanfics ever! I love how you added not one! Not two but 4 characters from different stories in flawlessly in! Hatori from Fruits Basket! Then Sasuke, Naruto and Itachi? Just too much! :D all that's missing is Rock Lee screaming about youthfulness and Gaara running around sticking his hands down the jeans of every boy he sees! LOL! Feel free to use that idea. It would be really hysterical if you did!
lcla chapter 1 . 1/13/2009
...don't bother to continue this monstrosity.
Keiko-kohai chapter 1 . 12/9/2008
That is actually a very brilliant idea! I really like how you explained that situation, as many other mpreg fics give a stupid excuse or claim it as natural. Can't wait to see how it happens! (I guess he'd have to have a c-section, huh?)
Blue chapter 1 . 7/19/2008
love it. :)

Kyoya makes me laugh. such a clever idea, a pregnancy jutsu...

oh where oh where is Sakura-chan...

can't wait for another update! ;D
wannabeawriter chapter 1 . 7/18/2008
there is one thing i could say: It's weird.
Kuma-cchi chapter 1 . 7/18/2008

The first story in MONTHS that made my jaw touch the ground. I mean, like, whacky dude! xD Hugs to you. Update please!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16/2008
omg... i've read like ALL ur stories... this 1 is like the best... besides two sides... UPDATE SOON!
Venka's Sister chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
OMG that was crasy as hell. I wish It was longer. I think that haruhi is going to mess everything up with her insensitivity.

plus self reliance is a great story right the best on yet
Kalachuchi chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
ColdYetStillFeeling!Type - snorts

Sasuke joining the host club, that i gotta see.

sa totoo lang, masakit pa rin ulo ko sa kababasa nito. hmm, saan nga pala dadaan yung anak ni kyoya? sa likod? oh god. I feel sorry for him already. hehe. Pero enjoy talaga. _
Ran chapter 1 . 7/12/2008
Needless to say that I nearly fell off my chair, laughing at (again) 4 am that you submitted another story yet again.

I don't really know Naruto, and I'm not really fond of yaoi either. I did watch a few episodes, yes, but I don't know the whole storyline. But you know, since it's you who write the crossover, I don't need to think twice to read this, hehe. I won't really bother with other writer though.

I cried (kid you not. I couldn't help it) when I read your profile, saying that you won't come up with Het stories anymore. Which only means the most dreadful news ever: you won't write KyoHaru ever again. Sigh. You. One of the best KyoHaru writers here. Yet I will support whatever choice you opt, because it's the least I can do to thank you for all your wonderful KyoHaru fics which always make my day (emo mode: on, hehe). So, thank you, lovely.

Still, I pray to dear God up there to bring back your Het muse from wherever He put it away from you, hehehe.
Wandering Around Wonderland chapter 1 . 7/12/2008
Wow! I love it! I'm reading your other stories too, and they're awesome! Udate when you can!