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Isis the Sphinx chapter 8 . 10/13/2010
Wow. This is fantastic. Wonderful storyline, interesting plot, and with a complete surprise twist. Brilliance. Absolute brilliance.

Nicely, nicely done.

Keep writing!
DZiah chapter 8 . 10/2/2010
1WiththeButterfly chapter 8 . 9/23/2010
This is-was- amazing. On a completely different level to anything I've read for pokemon, ever before.

Halfway through, I'd already decided to scrap all ideas for pokemon stories I've had. I was planning on writing one after I've finished my latest big project, but I'm not anymore. Because there is no way it could be as /good as this/

And then...well, it started getting creepy. really creepy. It preyed on the one fear that I've always been unable to shake, when all those other fears just went away. Heights, Darkness, Loneliness, even death. But there was always, in the back of my mind, the fear of being made into something else. Mind Control, Corruption, Possession are things I cant deal with. When those themes are touched upon, I shiver, I freeze up. If someone offered me the chance to fight a horde of zombies, or to have someone invade my mind and try to change what it found there, I would choose the zombies every time.

So, I hope you understand, that after this epilogue, I cant really say that I loved this story. Up until these last two chapters, I did. I would have aspired to writing something, one day, that is as good as this. But now...perhaps not.

Fear is primal, irrational, and maybe thats why I'm not comfortable with this. If I were to ommit these last two and pretend it ended with Ivysaur and Marty in Arbok's stomach, I would praise you for the themes of loyalty and determination. I would point out that Marty, the true Marty, giving his last real words made me stop reading, and have a good cry.

It would have been one of the best things I've ever read, and now it scares me. I'm deeply saddened by this, but I cant let it influence me anymore. This was amazing, and I should treat it as such. If I have to pretend that it ended two chapters earlier to truly appreciate it, I will.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for writing this. Regardless of how I feel of this end, I loved the story. So, once more, Thank You
Celtic Guardian 7 chapter 8 . 9/13/2010
Fantastic read. This is the sort of fanfic that makes me glad to actually search through the sight, a true gem amongst many pointless stories. I was gripped from the start. The character development, and the look at how heartbreaking the Pokemon world can be, is nothing below excellent. Tears came several times and they were well-justified. A story that can cause a reaction such as that is well worth reading.
ShinyTogeticFTW chapter 8 . 9/2/2010
Ok, something I want to say up front... I read all of the reviews on this fic and about 5 people said "I almost cried". OMG, "almost"? I broke down crying a few times over the course of the story!

One thing that confused me (and like the only problem I had with the whole thing) was that you put "Fifty-two months later..." at the top of Chapter 8; I mean, why not say "Approximately four years later..." or something like that? It's not like there's anything wrong with the way you have it (poTAYto/poTAHto), it just seems like it would be less brainwork to figure out how long it's been (after all, I don't refer to myself as being 257 months old).

Anyway, I usually don't go for the sad kind of stories (because in all honesty I am extremely sappy and become immersed in stories, books, movies, etc. very quickly), but this is a case of "I'm so glad I decided to read this (even though it took me like three and a half hours to read it (but I was hooked, I just couldn't put it down (that expression really doesn't work when you're not talking about a tangible book, does it?)))!"

I actually heard about this story from my sister, who told me it was the only story that had been favorited by someone who gave her advice on making the summary of her fic better. I don't even know if she has read it yet, but I will make sure I tell her to. Also, there is a good chance I'll be reading it to my mom (she likes the way I read; something about how I put a lot of feeling into it makes her able to imagine it like she's watching a movie).
xXxMartelxXx chapter 8 . 8/31/2010

The title drop was not what I expected at all, the hints you dropped everywhere were marvelous, and I'm kinda sad that they didn't win the championship, but I like this new arrangement they managed to bring about.

This also has to be one of the creepiest fics I've ever read. 'Uneasy feeling in my gut' kind of creepy. While I read this I felt uneasy playing with my Pokémon cartridge. It just didn't feel right. But I think I have found a new appreciation for the creatures.

Your world-building, character-building and developing, and your narrative skills are superb. I so did not expect his outcome when first I started reading this, but now it makes an odd kind of sense.
Coppelia Kitty chapter 8 . 8/24/2010
This is possibly one of the best pieces of fanfiction that I've read so far. The concept is original, and the ending is chilling. Wonderful job.
Gangster Dog chapter 1 . 8/12/2010
Wow. You are an absolutely brilliant writer. You've managed to get me emotionally attached to a boy and his Bulbasaur in /one/ chapter. This is going to be such an angst fest, I mean Jesus! I was getting a little misty eyed, and I'd like to reiterate this, the /first chapter/. Dang.

And crap, you have one of those amazing lines: "We're going to give it our all! No one will ever say that we gave up! Agreed?" That is just so absolutely bittersweet.

You've already put so many layers into the ANGST. Gah!
RandomReader96321 chapter 8 . 8/7/2010
This story is very intriguing. A ghost Pokemon possesing a PKMN trainer in the name of his honor...How nice...Not to mention such loyalty.
Leighton Darko chapter 8 . 8/7/2010
I'm very terrible at leaving reviews, and when I stumble across something that leaves me as inarticulate as this, it's just a nightmare. I feel I can't even begin to do justice to what I have to say. I guess, that being said - I am kind of blown away. By and far one of the most original fanfics I've seen for this fandom, and by and far one of the best I've read period. Words honestly kind of fail me right now, and though my words keep turning in circles, I can't find where to begin...

The characters you have created are phenomenal - they are all believable, and they are all as "real" as fictional characters can get. People seem to fail to flaw their creations, but you did this so well. The story holds up through all of it, and the characters move it along in a way that's just sort of heartbreaking and almost inspiring all at once. Heartbreaking - I guess that's a bit of an understatement. This is one of the only fanfics I've read that has moved me to tears. Not to mention the horror behind it all; the idea of slowly mentally deteriorating, unable to help your partners, and them being unable to fully help you... I don't feel I'll be sleeping well tonight.

I'm rambling and not really coming to any points at all... but, I guess I'll just sum it up: this is incredible, and I am so, so very glad I read it. (Incidentally, it seems a lot of the reviews came from people following the TVTropes article; I came from an off-kilter GameFAQs post, heh. I guess you know you've done a pretty damned good job when you're being referred to from all over the internet...)
SnowLion no Miko chapter 8 . 7/28/2010
Wow. I have to say that this is one of the most well thought out, wonderfully written Pokemon stories I've ever come across. I loved how everything changes throughout the story. And the ending! Simply amazing, how everything tied together. I think you did a lovely job. Amazing work!
Keltena chapter 8 . 7/25/2010

Okay. Let's start with the "my god I don't know what to say", get that out of the way so I can tell you some more substantial stuff - if not critique, specific praise.

The thing I love most about this fanfic is that it starts seeming purely like a character-driven, tear-jerking tragedy, and then ends up having the ghost Pokemon moving the pieces behind the scenes... and it does so seamlessly. It's not jarring. It doesn't destroy what it's built up, nor does it fail to work due to the previous tone of the story. That is a very good accomplishment.

I also am very impressed with the amount of planning that obviously went into every detail of this. I did notice that Bulbasaur shouldn't have been poisoned at the beginning, like I think most people did; it took me until the "we have no use for Antidotes" line to realize that it was planned out. Simply put, I love how everything comes together. It's all wonderful, but the absolute best part? Ivysaur's breakdown as he realized he was never poisoned, with all the flashbacks to previous, seemingly unrelated lines. Everything ties together; thematically, plot-wise, all of that.

This isn't to say that the early chapters weren't good; they definitely did more than, say, just serving their purpose. I will admit to crying when Marty spoke to the team and agreed to follow their goal for a lack of his own. All the Pokemon characters were very distinct and well-developed, in stark contrast to Marty.

Finally: the ending. On one level, the whole story was really doing nothing but building up to that point about the starters; Marty was just an example to prove it. And while I think I've rambled fangirlishly about the rest of the story plenty, that was definitely a good thing. The whole idea is hugely original, and you carried it out without sacrificing the meaning of anything, whether it was intended as a plot device, a clue or red herring, or a way to develop characters.

Anyway... I'm out of words now, but I hope I've done a good job of at least pinpointing everything that made this story great, if not anything that could have been done better. This is one of the best, /possibly/ the best fanfic I've ever read, and I'd like to thank you for writing it. You're incredibly talented, and I'd love to see more.
BABAGANOUSHE chapter 8 . 7/22/2010
...Words cannot describe hao much i loved this...u shud realy could b a GREAT AND AWESUMLY EPIC story! by!
bobwinkle12 chapter 1 . 7/22/2010
This is one of the most creative takes on Pokemon, and I really enjoyed reading it. I think the best thing about this fanfic is that it reminds the reader the main theme of the pokemon games - friendship. Together, with friends, you can do the impossible. I think the sencond-to-the-last chapter was my favorite. My only complaint is that there really weren't a whole lot of battles in the story, yet I understand why you left them out. I really wish I could've found out more about their adventure to pokemon league and how they battled. Again, great fic, can't wait to see what else you write.
Haya-dono chapter 8 . 7/19/2010
It is definitively one of the best stories I've read, even if I thought that by chapter 7 the story had taken an unexpected turn that I didn't like a lot at first. It sure provides another look at the relationships between trainers and Pokemon in the Pokemon-universe, especially the loyalty of a Starter. It's amazing, though I find it deeply disturbing that people think Haunter possesing the corpse of a trainer and giving Pokemon another chance is "heartwarming".

The ending made me think a lot in 1984 and New Brave World, especially when not only Pokemon are being brainwashed, but also the human trainers as well. Everyone is living a lie "for the greater good", but have been striped of that it's like to be human, as they have been stripped of their free will, even Pokemon. And they are fine with it. Everybody should be "happy" in this "perfect world". Truly depressing and disturbing.

The thing that bugs me is how unexpectedly Girantina and Haunters came around. There was no foreshadowing of these sort of events, the whole possessing corpses part. The imprinting on Bulbasaur was forshadowed at the beginning and hinted throughout the story, especially him mentioning that he was born for that. Also, Girantina is supposedly something akin to anti-existence, and should be in another realm (taking in consideration Platinum), so I find it weird it being here.

Anyway, you certainly thought a lot and created an interesting tale. I'm a bit disturbed right now at the Pokemon universe, with the whole imprinting part you've suggested. Still, I'm glad I took that fanfic recommendation at TvTropes. It was worth it.
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