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BABAGANOUSHE chapter 8 . 7/22/2010
...Words cannot describe hao much i loved this...u shud realy could b a GREAT AND AWESUMLY EPIC story! by!
bobwinkle12 chapter 1 . 7/22/2010
This is one of the most creative takes on Pokemon, and I really enjoyed reading it. I think the best thing about this fanfic is that it reminds the reader the main theme of the pokemon games - friendship. Together, with friends, you can do the impossible. I think the sencond-to-the-last chapter was my favorite. My only complaint is that there really weren't a whole lot of battles in the story, yet I understand why you left them out. I really wish I could've found out more about their adventure to pokemon league and how they battled. Again, great fic, can't wait to see what else you write.
Haya-dono chapter 8 . 7/19/2010
It is definitively one of the best stories I've read, even if I thought that by chapter 7 the story had taken an unexpected turn that I didn't like a lot at first. It sure provides another look at the relationships between trainers and Pokemon in the Pokemon-universe, especially the loyalty of a Starter. It's amazing, though I find it deeply disturbing that people think Haunter possesing the corpse of a trainer and giving Pokemon another chance is "heartwarming".

The ending made me think a lot in 1984 and New Brave World, especially when not only Pokemon are being brainwashed, but also the human trainers as well. Everyone is living a lie "for the greater good", but have been striped of that it's like to be human, as they have been stripped of their free will, even Pokemon. And they are fine with it. Everybody should be "happy" in this "perfect world". Truly depressing and disturbing.

The thing that bugs me is how unexpectedly Girantina and Haunters came around. There was no foreshadowing of these sort of events, the whole possessing corpses part. The imprinting on Bulbasaur was forshadowed at the beginning and hinted throughout the story, especially him mentioning that he was born for that. Also, Girantina is supposedly something akin to anti-existence, and should be in another realm (taking in consideration Platinum), so I find it weird it being here.

Anyway, you certainly thought a lot and created an interesting tale. I'm a bit disturbed right now at the Pokemon universe, with the whole imprinting part you've suggested. Still, I'm glad I took that fanfic recommendation at TvTropes. It was worth it.
doxievee chapter 8 . 7/6/2010
A tour de force of fanfiction. A deeply unsettling emotional barrage that happens to be one of the best works of short fiction, original or otherwise, I have ever read. And from a fellow Troper, too! Magnificent.
IdiotThinker chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
I know you wrote this sooo long ago, but I just had to review it. Holy dear sweet Jesus, this freaked me out. Like it literally made Pokemon depressing. And here I see reviewers saying that at the end it was sweet? (Well bittersweet) I thought it was mostly disturbing. Imagine all those pokemon being completely unable to abandon their trainers when they died? I would make it so that my Pokemon knew to to let me go. It was seriously incredible the way you made the idea of training and the PokeWorld seem so much more realistic than the sugarcoated one in the anime. almost like the manga, but yours seems a bit more dark. The antidote twist was seriously genius, and I was almost about to cry for Ivysaur throughout the last chapters. Consider yourself favorited and author alerted, you have restored my faith in PKMN fanfics.
anon-acct chapter 8 . 6/9/2010
This fic has the perfect balance between heartbreaking, heart*warming*, creepy and just plain well written. I... think I'll have to go back and reread it to let it sink in. Congrats, you've done what gets tried and failed at so often: you've made a Pokemon story that actually takes itself way beyond the original media.
Rozzlynn chapter 8 . 6/7/2010
... to know more. (Overshot the character limit by just a few letters there, sorry.)
Rozzlynn chapter 8 . 6/7/2010
I saw this recommended on TV Tropes, in a comment on the Pokemon 'It Just Bugs Me' page - apparently, this is an example of the sort of plot some people think is missing from the games. I can't quite imagine this particular story as a game (except maybe as a visual novel rather than an rpg), but it's an excellent read as a fanfic.

At first, I wondered whether the liquid that Marty had drunk had anything to do with the way Bulbasaur had been prepared for life as a trained pokemon. Bulbasaur didn't remember anything prior to coming out of his pokeball, and Marty lost his memory; they both seemed relaxed and a bit euphoric right after drinking it in the forest; Marty was pliant enough to let Bulbasaur lead him away, rather than having strong feelings either way about meeting the woman he'd been told was his mother, etc. Since the final chapters have established that the antidote just poisoned and suffocated him, it seems like Marty was just a sweet, clueless kid who wasn't able to think for himself very well at the time. As it is, there's still the twisted strangeness that the very brainwashing inflicted on a starter to protect a human child was what led that pokemon to drag a dying kid around the country, separating him from his family and from anyone he could have really talked to about what was going on. Marty clearly trusted his pokemon, and living for them until the end must have been a lot better then dying alone, but it's still nasty to think that he couldn't understand his pokemon's words or hold a real conversation with anyone else for all that time. His pokemon had a hard enough time even without experiencing that degree of isolation and bewilderment. Ivysaur must have ended up regretting letting Ekans organise training that kept him in his pokeball during some of Marty's last nights; their part ends before Ivysaur gets much chance to look back on things, and at the time he clearly didn't want to think his trainer's death was so close.

The characters' flaws come through pretty clearly, but it's still easy to care about all of them. There are so many moments where they're selfless or funny or outright adorable. After seeing Bulbasaur try to reconcile an overriding need to train with the (literal) impact he was having on Weedle's life, it's understandable that he'd freak out on Beedrill; he had to deal with how quickly and completely the situation seemed to have changed as well as his own fears. It makes it pretty moving when their relationship improves, and when Ivysaur dreams of a version of the past where he was never even allowed to hurt Beedrill's feelings. Zubat/Golbat provides a relatively sane perspective, and Ekans/Arbok is quite consistently awesome. :3

The review that asks why Marty didn't use a flashlight is a bit strange - I thought flashlight was just the American word for torch, and it broke when he dropped it? I did wonder why Marty said he'd 'buy more torches' rather than 'buy more batteries', but he seemed generally quite muddled by then. As for the ending... The Author's Note at the end of Needless seemed out of place; it's interesting to hear your thoughts on your story, but a putting an AN with that much closure right before a bunch of pov changes at the end really breaks up the flow just when you're trying to come to the conclusion you've been steadily building towards.

In chapter 7, the way Haunter uses Ivysaur's imprinting to win him over, saving his life in the process, is pretty heartwarming, even considering how recently the last owner of that body passed away. Haunter may not yet have done much to earn Ivysaur's trust or loyalty, but Marty originally received it when he had done even less to earn it. The team seems to gel together remarkably well considering the tensions between some of them, but it's still believable. What with the way Beedrill reacted when he first heard about Marty's condition, it's very IC for him to hug Ivysaur and be really, really nice to him after hearing Giratina's explanation. Golbat seems to find well-phrased honesty quite effective. I'd imagine Arbok is talking to himself as much as to the others when he repeats out loud that this can work out for him and lists the reasons he hasn't really failed; with his history, I doubt he's going to find obeying Haunter very easy in practice, unless Haunter switches pretty thoroughly to dream-Marty's attitude and mannerisms. The group managed to make amazing progress even with a hopeless goal; when they realize that they have all the time in the world to make it to the League, they set efficient goals, and it looks like they have good reason to be optimistic in terms of strategy. It's not so clear how well all their other problems are going to work out.

In chapter 8, I like a lot of the things that some of your other reviewers don't seem so keen on. I like the zoom-out to see how the ghosts have put their wider plan into action, rescuing other starter pokemon and entering the League tournaments until one of them wins power and influence with the League that way. It's more realistic that the ghosts needed a few attempts before one of them made it that far, and it gives a greater sense of scale to their plan. Plus, the ghost in that meeting needed to be more dedicated to the cause than Ivysaur's Haunter in order to get the message across so thoroughly.

I'm not sure of the logic of allowing pokemon at the shelters to be adopted only by those who want to raise or breed them; surely some of those starters would be happier if they could keep battling, rather than giving up on their last trainer's dreams for them in order to please their next human they come to love. And how could they know how anyone intends to raise their new pokemon except by taking their word for it? Couldn't they ensure trainers learned to catch pokemon by letting those with a certain number of badges adopt, since that'd be a criteria that it'd actually be possible to regulate? When the president says that their security team's going to need a large regiment of dark pokemon, I'm not sure whether he means they'll need them in case they get trouble from the Psychic types after all, or to hold their own against the ghosts if negotiations take a turn for the worse, or to keep the ghosts from entering the tournaments, or to kick the ghosts out of the kids' bodies if they refuse to comply after the shelters are built, or some combination of the above, or what.

It's pretty cool to hear about Haunter-Marty's achievement at the tournament and creepiness at the awards ceremony from an outside perspective. It's awesome to hear that when the League tried to keep their problem under wraps, the ghosts made sure the news spread absolutely everywhere; that ought to pressure them to follow through with ideas to fix the system. And I'm glad to see an example of the way trainers are responding to the news; when Olivia asks Squirtle for pointers, it really sets the whole thing up as a worldbuilding change that will lead to trainers in general paying more heed to their pokemon's opinions and needs, however well the League's new infrastructure works.

It's a bit confusing when Olivia asks if Squirtle will possess her when she dies. If the ghosts had spread the news until everyone knew, wouldn't she know that they were the ones possessing bodies? Did Squirtle nod because it couldn't clarify that part, and judged that 'yes' was closer to the truth than 'no'? How did Squirtle know, if it had only just been let out of its pokeball with no prior memories? Had they already changed the imprinting method since Bulbasaur's time, to give pokemon that knowledge instinctively, or to let them remember talking to people before meeting their first trainer, or did a Gastly just chat to Squirtle outside the lab? That chapter says that the League had made changes, plural, to people's lives; what changes did they make, besides the shelters? How well did they end up working, in practice? Every other chapter describes the emotional and practical consequences of events on the characters' lives in beautiful detail. This last section is so vague, it doesn't feel thorough enough to conclude so much as leave us guessing.

Haunter-Marty collapsed during the awards ceremony, then sat up, surrounded by medics and League trainers, and the events that unfolded became gossip in Pallet Town - so what happened? Did they arrest him? Did they dissect him? Did the League's psychics and the Jennys and Joys let Haunter leave and keep training, did they interrogate him, did they hear any of the ghosts' concerns and demands from him, did they catch him in a pokeball, did they give him to a human trainer, did they release him, did they let him get a message out on live tv at the awards ceremony, did Ivysaur (or Venusaur) cope with whatever happened? Did Marty's mother try to get in contact with him after seeing him on tv? Did she meet him? When Ivysaur figured things out in chapter 6, he thought of Marty's mother and remembered Zubat telling him that "Our babies are very important to us"; that moment almost had me crying. I can imagine that Ivysaur might not have wanted to get in touch with her once Haunter took over - they had a secret to keep, and they couldn't have given her back her son - but after the awards ceremony, wouldn't things have changed? Emotions ran so high between them all for most of the story; that was what made the plot compelling. How long did it take for Ivysaur's teammates to relax around him, knowing that he would die if their plans fell apart? Did they ever let that slip? Did Haunter manage to act more like ideal-Marty, or did he keep his attitude and somehow win over all of the others anyway? Was Arbok ever really happy around him? How convincingly did he pass as a human once they reached town? Did the League's changes allow pokemon to be recognised as trainers, in our out of a human body? This world's so interesting, it would have been great to know
Shng Lotn chapter 4 . 5/30/2010
This is really good so far, but do you realize that since Bulbasaur is also a poison type as well as a grass type, that he's immune to poison
Scarlet Pikachu chapter 6 . 5/27/2010
"He grabbed me in his mouth, stuck me in some goo, and rubbed my legs over those balls. I don't know why." Perverted thought alert!
Scarlet Pikachu chapter 4 . 5/27/2010
What song is that? I can't find it.

Poor Marty.
Scarlet Pikachu chapter 3 . 5/27/2010
Where'd you find the song? I know what it is, but I want to listen to it.
Scarlet Pikachu chapter 2 . 5/27/2010
Fear is a powerful thing.
ArtikGato chapter 1 . 5/6/2010
Right. So as a result of this entire story I am now *terrified* of Arboks. Just so you know.

There's not much else I can add as a review that nobody else has. You've definitely put a spin on Pokemon that I won't be forgetting for a long time. It started out as a tragic story that I for some reason just couldn't stop reading and turned out something incredibly twisted. But your characterizations of the Pokemon were really well-done, so good job in that respect.
Yami Vizzini chapter 8 . 4/25/2010
Wow. There aren't a whole lot of words that describe the tale you've woven, but wow! The way everything just comes together (notably Bulbasaur's flashback after he understands his poison affinity) is astounding.

I am a little unclear on the ending. Certainly a lot of blanks should be left for the reader to fill, but I take it ghost Pokemon are starting to possess starter Pokemon? Are the starters' original minds still in there? The shelter idea seemed fine by itself- but then, another safety net is no bad thing, and, again, depending on the reader's interpretation, that may or may not have come to fruition. Sorry if I'm overthinking this, but I think it's testimony to how you've sucked readers into this world.
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