Reviews for Nightmare Turned Dream
I missed mickey chapter 1 . 12/19/2016
Oswald: oh mickey...
your body most there?
forgave me brother?
most the christmas?
i love you...
you'll never to be sleepy too...?
Ortensia: (sad-look-oswald)
what happened?
what's wrong mickey?
Oswald: (look-ortensia)
king shadow blot, he's fired of the stoned...?
he's too late, (look-mickey's-stoned)
poor mickey mouse?
he's turning to stoned?
Ortensia: ohh... i'm so sorry?
please don't cry...
i'm sure your little brother okay now?
Oswald: (hold-for-hugs-me)
i want to seemed mickey mouse again!
for right now?
Ortensia: there there, hunny-bunny?
i'll do it, did you'll want to save your little brother?
in you and ebby mlebby, purple basketball transform ball?
you should ebby's rebecca stallman southgate school the last day,
on the christmas?
you promise oswald?
december 25th most christmas,
than... december 31th to rescued all-anyones,
and mickey too?
i'm going home now?
Oswald: (open-my-eyes)
what am my going to do?
Ortensia: you understand, oswald?
good luck oswald?
Oswald: (smile-in-blush-face)
i well but dearly cat?
thanks i know you'll counting with me?
Ortensia: farewell hunny-bunny!
Oswald: (look-mickey's-stoned)
i'll see you again brother?
forgotten mickey?
i'm sorry mick?
i'm so sorry?
my always little brother...
and worried, now?
goodnight mickey mouse!
sweet dreams...
be there mickey?
be there...
even i miss you too...
mick's lullaby chapter 1 . 12/11/2016
Oswald: sweet dreams, mick?
hush now...
little brother?
it's time to sleepyhead...
please quiet down, (pets-slow-ypur-back-softs)
please mickey...
rest now?
you'll need close your eyes...
come on...?
but pretty please, don't get up...
your tired?
and i love you...?
i miss you?
you slap about off it...
you're not nightmare mouse?
and there it's no dark moon...
and you, come back too stay with me.
i can't believe you're turned into the stone...
poor mickey...
poor mickey...
good night...
gooooood nighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht?
night night my little brother?
i'll seemed the morning, okay...
oh well, i'm going back to sleep right now?
Meet mickey sad chapter 1 . 12/2/2016
Oswald: *look-mickey's-stone-sad*
ohh... mick?
remember me...
hey oswald the lucky rabbit?
Oswald: *look-light-ultimate-mgaebot*
is not a statue?
Light-ultimate-mega-ebbybot: (blank-sad)
so that's mickey mouse?
Oswald: *look-mickey's-stone-sad*
he's left?
by kidnapped: king shadow blot?
than, he's disappearing...?
even my brother, he's turning stone?
and i'am just sad, he's gone?
but mickey, died?
king shadow blot, stolen by: mickey's heart?
take it looked? *mickey's-master-yen-sid's-paintbrush*
Light-ultimate-mega-ebbybot: *look-oswald*
was that?
Oswald: who that?
ohh.. that's mickey's his master yen sid's paintbrush?
he's get to me...
he can't helped it too?
i'll never get to free for mickey mouse...?
thinner disaster?
Light-ultimate-mega-ebbybot: thinner disaster!?
so what happened to mickey?
Oswald: well alright,
i'll still never seemed mickey again?
i'm miss him, so much it was too late?
and i was crying, poor mickey,
king shadow blot's fire to get stone for mickey?
he's making so sad faces...
i can't rescue for mickey?
mickey's memories and losting feelings?
even dark soul body too?
but he's just sleeping, can't hold the dark moon,
and mickey's transformed of nightmare mouse?
he's evil eyes, and sharp teeth too again?
i was fighting too nightmare mouse?
i was dying?
i was alive again?
i was defeated by nightmare mouse?
even i was mickey's the moon-rise?
than, i was to hug by my brother?
he's missed him so much?
but mick need rest?
in trouble?
and now?
he's can't to sleepy...
he's bad dream...
he's not alone?
he's eyes closed?
he's too rest?
i was quietly by my little brother...
he's smiled?
and, he's loves me?
not you?
he's likes me?
and still not you ok?
oh, i'm sorry...
and ok, wanna sad story it you?
Oswald: that's right, light ultimate mega ebbybot?
but i'll killed mickey?
he's haven of memories?
Light-ultimate-mega-ebbybot: ohh. i see?
i see...
come on oswald?
your brother later?
and let's get back to sleep?
Oswald: ok, ok?
goodnight mick...
i still most rescue very soon!
i promise i'll going back to sleep alright?
sleep tight, (whipers) i'm so so sorry...
i'll seemed the morning?
Dark moon ll chapter 1 . 11/28/2016
what? what's happening? (transform-dark-nightmare-mouse)
Dark-ebby-gray: hello?
dark mickey mouse, are you here?
dark mickey mouse it's that you?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (open-my-dark-evil-eyes)
ohh so it's you?
and who's dark mickey mouse?
is not my name, i'm not dark mickey mouse!
Dark-ebby-gray: than who are you?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: my names dark nightmare mouse?
Dark-ebby-gray: dark nightmare mouse?
it's that mean, you're turning to with dark mickey mouse!?
Dark moon ll part.2
Dark-ebby-gray: it's that mean, you're turning to with dark mickey mouse!?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: yes i am?
have you seen nightmare mouse?
talked, i know you can?
Dark-ebby-gray: okay okay, i'll talked i'll talked?
nightmare mouse he's up his house of nightmare moon that way!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: yes how can i, thank you?
nightmare mouse?
where are you?
ohh there you are?
Nightmare-mouse: uh-oh, i know you, dark nightmare mouse!?
i bought you're dead?
and are hit by my eye, even scratched scar hurting me!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: i found you?
it's good too see you my buddy?
i want come with me, (grab-nightmare-mouse)
Nightmare-mouse: what the-!
hey let me go, dark nightmare mouse!?
Dark moon ll part.3
Nightmare-mouse: helllllllllllllllllllllp!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: ooh shut-up!
Nightmare-mouse: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: be quiet!
buddy idiot?
welcome to my dark living room?
Nightmare-mouse: your dark living room!?
why are you grabbed me, all along!
you're so wrong?
put em'up, put em'up!
what's killed not worked it's this?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: nice try, buddy?
prepared to attack, nothing!
(sing) the cloned, don't fight, cannot defeated me, sorry nightmare mouse!
not along again now! (no-sing)
Nightmare-mouse: ouch? (bong-move)
no way...!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (laughs-evil)
what's the matter buddy?
did you want to killed me!
Oswald: (kick-your-head)
Dark-nightmare-mouse: oo-! (bong-move)
ouch? my head...? (play-dead)
Oswald: you leave him alone!
Nightmare-mouse: *look-oswald*
you again, no i told you, getaway for me!
Oswald: no, it wasn't me!
dark mickey mouse did it!
Nightmare-mouse: dark mickey mouse?
that's dark mickey mouse!?
you're turning with dark mickey mouse too?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (ailve)
that's right, working together!?
Dark moon ll part.4
Nightmare-mouse: *look-dark-nightmare-mouse*
you're turning with dark mickey mouse too?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (ailve) that's right, working together!?
Oswald: why are you doing this, *look-dark-nightmare-mouse*
you'll supposed, do not hit by nightmare mouse!?
dark mickey mouse or nightmare mouse i mean, dark nightmare mouse!
Nightmare-mouse: *look-oswald* enough for that!
that's my buddy clone?
Oswald: *look-nightmare-mouse*
your buddy clone?
ohh really?
Nightmare-mouse: yeah idiot,
i was time ago, he's hit on my eye face scratched scar me, he's remember me!
even broke his dark wing, (sing) he'd can't fly down of him?
your wing is gone, cannot jump the fall fly! (no-sing)
i'm just kidding, not you oswald the lucky rabbit,
i wasn't talking to you?
i was talking to my buddy clone dark nightmare mouse!?
Oswald: okay...?
so that's it the story of your memories and this happened?
again now?
Nightmare-mouse: why yes, now fool?
Oswald: good idea?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (mad-face)
with you together knocked it off!
how's dared to me!
it's so cool!?
Nightmare-mouse: *look-dark-nightmare-mouse* what now! (mad-face)
Oswald: *look-dark-nightmare-mouse* (mad-face) you're not never with you long time!
Nightmare-mouse: yeah dark nightmare mouse this it's your fauit,
is stupid jerk buddy!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: me?
no one so that's oswald the lucky rabbit!?
Dark-ebby-gray: ooh my god, we're busted!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: *look-dark-ebby-gray*
not you dark ebby gray?
Dark moon ll part.5
Dark-ebby-gray: ooh my god, we're busted!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: *look-dark-ebby-gray* not you dark ebby gray?
i was talking to nightmare mouse and oswald the lucky rabbit!?
i'll battle with, now get out right now!
Dark-ebby-gray: alright? (go-to-my-dark-room)
Dark-nightmare-mouse: thank you?
*look-nightmare-mouse* *look-oswald*
and you working together!
get ready for battle with you oswald in me?
prepared to die!
Oswald: *look-nightmare-mouse*
nightmare mouse listened to me?
Nightmare-mouse: *look-oswald* what is it you fool!?
can't you see my your business!
Oswald: no!
it's not my business?
it's just the secret ears!
Nightmare-mouse: the secret ears!?
was the secret ears?
Oswald: the secret ears, have idea?
Nightmare-mouse: was it's your idea!?
Oswald: come over here now?
Nightmare-mouse: i don't think so?
Oswald: (mad-face) i said, come over here now!
Nightmare-mouse: (make-mad-face-sigh)
umm, alright than, what is the meaning of this,
oswald the lucky rabbit!? (walk-in-down-for-oswald)
what did mine?
Oswald: (secret-on-your-ear)
i want you'll to grabbed hold your buddy clone tummy on your hands claws, to stop him?
Nightmare-mouse: ohh? i see...
now what?
Oswald: just listened (secret-on-your-ear) than you hold,
i'll cracked by dark moon ll of the memories,
can you'll do that?
Nightmare-mouse: very well than you fool?
keep it eye with you!
now go oswald hurry!
Oswald: i well, thanks! (go-look-hide-in-there)
Nightmare-mouse: (mad-face) *look-dark-nightmare-mouse*
hey dark nightmare mouse?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: *look-nightmare-mouse*
Nightmare-mouse: you'll wanted, come it get me my buddy clone?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: no?
Dark moon ll final part.6
Dark-nightmare-mouse: *look-nightmare-mouse* huh?
Nightmare-mouse: you'll wanted, come it get me my buddy clone?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: no?
Nightmare-mouse: did you catch me hide? (go-look-hide-in-there)
Dark-nightmare-mouse: *look-no-see-nightmare-mouse*
nightmare mouse?
nightmare mouse?
where are you hiding, come from!
Nightmare-mouse: *look-dark-nightmare-mouse-(grabbed-hold-your-tummy)
i'm here now?
Dark-nightmare-mouse: let go off me?
what are you doing!
i said let go off me!
Nightmare-mouse: sorry buddy?
is time to say goodbye your dark moon ll of memories even destroy it,
it's so over, bye bye dark nightmare mouse!
*look-oswald* now oswald the lucky rabbit!
Oswald: i'm on away! (grab-dark-moon-ll-memories)
Dark-nightmare-mouse: what? my dark moon ll of memories!?
i'll be back, working together!
Oswald: not's so fast!
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (self-bomb-boom-dead)
Oswald: nightmare mouse, lookout!
Nightmare-mouse: (let-dark-nightmare-mouse-go)
Dark-nightmare-mouse: (dead-down)
Dark-mickey-mouse: (sigh-sleep)
what happened?
Oswald: (sad-face)
*look-nightmare-mouse* are you alright nightmare mouse?
Nightmare-mouse: *look-oswald* *gasp*
who me, of course i'm own kay!
and you save me? getaway for me oswald the lucky rabbit!
i'll do this with? *look-dark-mickey-mouse*
dark mickey mouse, but how?
Oswald: *look-dark-mickey-mouse* what's he doing in here!?
he's dead?
Nightmare-mouse: i don't think, he's not dead?
he's asleepy?
i'll eat the dark mouse now?
Oswald: stopped, don't eat him!
Nightmare-mouse: (mad-face) *look-oswald* huh?
but why fool!
Oswald: that dark mickey mouse is mine now, okay!
Nightmare-mouse: aww come on, oh okay fine,
i'm all-aways watching you, oswald the lucky rabbit?
i don't need your help not right now!
and that's it, you're happy now idiot!
i'm going home, leave me alone...
Oswald: hey wait a minute,
you'll sure not come alone!
Nightmare-mouse: sure, you never say word?
don't ever away for me brother?
i'll pay fighting weak/year now for this!
go home oswald, right now!
Oswald: but-i?
Nightmare-mouse: no buts,
take care free soul body for mickey mouse, they december soon!
goodbye oswald the lucky rabbit!
Oswald: okay mickey the nightmare mouse your house is not along!
oh well...? i'm going to light earth now?
*look-dark-mickey-mouse* see ya?
Dark-ebby-gray: *gasp* *look-dark-mickey-mouse*
dark mickey mouse?
are you alright?
please dark mickey mouse!
Dark mickey chapter 1 . 11/27/2016
Dark-mickey-mouse: (evil-smlied) hahaha?
what's the matter you all-everyone, how'll liked my new dark absorb of armor!
All-everyones: Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Mickey: ...everybodies...noo?
stop dark mickey mouse!
i said stooooooooooooop!
Dark-mickey-mouse: *look-mickey-mouse*
what mickey mouse? (mad-face)
wanna mean stop, is too late mickey?
Mickey: let all-everyone's bodies hearts go!
(mad-face) that's it!
what? what it's that power thing!
and what it's this not worked?
Oswald: (sad-face) mickey!
stop dark mickey mouse cannot fight with dark blockedga,
prepared why's with out you power heart and your brain?
you cannot fight dark power with it!
Mickey: go oswald, get outta here run!
Oswald: no, mickey!
Mickey: (sad-smlied)
goodbye brother?
Dark-mickey-mouse: *shoot-dark-sleeping-mickey*
take this..? you mickey mouse sleeping!
Mickey: (tearsdrop) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
is this my hair?
Dark-mickey-mouse: bye bye mickey mouse?
Oswald: (look-gasp-mickey-mouse)'
lightga power my body!
i'm coming mickey!
Mickey: (close-my-eyes-dead)
Oswald: huh! (sad-face) (tearsdrop)
no brother...
come on mick?
mickey! mickey! wake up mickey!
mickeeeeeeeeeey! can you hear meeee!!
ohh mickey,
mickey? please don't died!
i believe with you, wake uuuuuuuuuuup!
you're not sleeping again!
Ebby: no use...?
*gasp* (sad-face) aww oswald?
*look-mickey-mouse* what's wrong for your little brother?
Oswald: *look-ebby-gray* ebby?
but mickey he's just a sleeping dead of dark caused!
by dark mickey mouse did it!
Ebby: no... is that true?
Oswald: yes!
poor mick?
i'm so so sorry...
this is so my fault...
is my fault?
i couldn't i couldn't watch me, your make sure didn't with you!
Ebby: and wasn't your fault, oswald...
don't worry oswald, i'll sure mosted december get him back to freed now soon?
Oswald: (my-hand-light-to-free-off)
Ebby: (happy-face) yes, but come on?
cheer up, i hope mickey be okay?
i'll give your hug oswald?
Oswald: (sad-smlied) ohh thank you ebby gray?
i missed my little brother mickey mouse too again?
Ebby: (pets-him-off)
there there oswald?
but now don't cry?
or don't be sad again!
open your eyes oswald the lucky rabbit!
Oswald: (open-my-tears-off-eyes)
Ebby: no buts?
now quite your brother not sleeping dead again,
need sure turn off your mirror please?
come on let's get some to eat and watch youtube!
you'll see mickey later, right!
Oswald: (happy-face) okay?
*look-mickey-mouse* hang an here, brother promise i'll going watch on youtube?
ebby heroes-friends, and i be back soon okay, well don't sleeping it december very still save me soon?
goodbye mick? (turn-off-mirror)
*look-ebby-gray* hey ebby, wait for meee!
Mickey: oswald...? (tears-drop-my-eyes)
Nightmare mouse chapter 1 . 11/13/2016
Mickey: oswald? *knock-door*
did you want play with me?
why you come with me?
but even come to see?
i'm just it's know listed,
but things i do?
and i'll getting really mad!
how dared you, long time ago,
but even never frozen like anna and her older sister elsa too?
i hated you brother!
no like me, no like to listening,
no love me, no see watching of tv frozen?
we're was young, and you're magic punch me again stupid!
i'm going, alone you jerk?
i'm remember hated like frozen tv!
don't you oswald?
i'm watching you!
the *earthquake-my-feet-down*
Nightmare-mouse: *mad-evil-eyes-open*
*laughing-sharp-teeths* hahahahahahahahahahaa!
*mad-evil-eyes-close* *mad-evil-eyes-open*
isn't that wonderful?
Oswald: *sad-face* i'm sorry brother?
okay fine you must stop!
Nightmare-mouse: ha-ha, never?
later loseeeeeeeeeeer!
Oswald: *open-door-no-see-mickey*
*gasp* ohh, mickey come back please!
this no time to leaving alone okay?
ohh mickey you can fly?
why you up too!
okay you mouse, you get back right now!
Nightmare-mouse: *mouse-craws-destroy-house*
na na na na in your face oswald's house!
Oswald: no mick!
Nightmare-mouse: *look-oswald-mad*
what the-!
let go off me, ozzie!?
Oswald: whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Nightmare-mouse: oswald i told you to go home!
Oswald: *stand-up-in-look-him*
mickey, i won't fight you!
and why are you hit me liked that!
Nightmare-mouse: my names not mickey!
my named: is nightmare mouse!
Oswald: nightmare mouse!?
and you're not mickey i'll remember!
Nightmare-mouse: yes, you're so busted?
you're killed me what are you done to me!
Oswald: ohh, i'll killed you?
don't do this!
Nightmare-mouse: ohh shut-up?
Oswald: ooooooooooh!?
mickey...stop this?
Nightmare-mouse: you're wrong big brother?
what's the matter, oswald!
Oswald: oooooooooooooooooooow!
Nightmare-mouse: wha!
let go my hand!
Oswald: oh mickey?
please stop this again, snap about of it!
Nightmare-mouse: i don't think so...?
Oswald: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
Nightmare-mouse: *smiled-giggles-put-him-down*
sleep well brother?
Oswald: *life-my-body-curgas*
*gasp* no way...
aw mickey?
mickey... please forgive me?
i don't liked fight you?
no choice,
i'm sorry...?
ohh my dear brother...?
fight it no more!
we're disney friends mouse!
and i'm your big brother,
even i love you?
come back don't you remember me?
it's oswald the lucky rabbit!
Nightmare-mouse: enough remembered,
i'm not love!
and i have no disney friends?
i'm not coming back with me alone!
you lied, stupid lucky rabbit! *mad-face*
mickey mouse, it's no more you idiot!
Oswald: no?
your wrong mickey?
Nightmare-mouse: silence!
Oswald: that's enough mick?
why are you doing this to me!
Nightmare-mouse: because that's not remember me?
i don't liked you!
prepared to die!
i'm gotta killed you, ozzie!
you're too late?
Oswald: mick, you'll don't want to do this!
Nightmare-mouse: you're right?
so long brother?
Oswald: mickey...
i bagged with you,
please don't go fighting me!
Nightmare-mouse: too late?
goodbye oswald!
Oswald: mickey noo!
enough with shooting ready want to do this!
Nightmare-mouse: huh?
that's it!
i said i'm not mickey mouse!
why you?
Oswald: whoa dodge move?
mickey mouse!?
wait please!
Nightmare-mouse: noooooooooooooooooooo!
Oswald: *look-moon-rise-mickey*
*gasp* mickey?
aw mickey?
*fly-up-to see-moon-rise-mickey*
no... please come back!
oh-no... i'm terribly sorry?
mickey please forgive me?
mickey can you hear me!
say something...
speak to me brother?
speak to meeeeee!
ohh my god?
what have i my done!
mickey! mickey! mickey!
ohh mick, what happened with you...
why are you hold to dark moon,
even you're on turning nightmare mouse done with you!
this is so my fault?
i miss you my little brother!
did you want play with you...?
i'm sorry?
i love you mickey mouse..?
and i miss you..?
so much!
good night mouse...
sleep well..
i'm sorry brother...
i'm so sorry?
poor mickey mouse,
poor poor mickey mouse?
bye bye mickey mouse?
Brittany Bauer chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Can you get any more better? My gosh! That was AWESOME! I swear, people on this sight want me to cry! I so did cry at the part where Mickey died in Minnie's nightmare. Good thing it wasn't real. I think I would still be crying now. Anyway, nice job as usual. Keep up the good work and God bless!

P.S, may I say that you are my favorite author on this site? because you are.
i love coco chapter 1 . 5/8/2012
Wow! You made me cry and it was not even my nightmare! Plus that was so romantic. I really love this story, you need to write more stories. I can immagine this happening and thats good. You are full of joy and immagination! .UP Sorry if I hurt your eyes.
KawaiiKilala77 chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
D'aww that is so cute. I was also glad that it was only a nightmare and nothing bad happen to Mickey. They're interactions are so cute. -
Wise Assassin chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
that was so discriptic i was about to start crying but the way you worded eveything had me so into the story i couldnt! my heart was actullay beating so fast and when minnie woke up i was oh...okay. and it was so romantic. i love the way you write.