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TimeShifter chapter 36 . 12/5/2009
Rather than write a bunch of questions, I'll simply state that I'm confused by the existence of the Irikim, though I assume they're related to the Uzumaki, and want to know just what kind of connection the two clans have with the bijuu. Maybe next chapter will give me a few clues...
TimeShifter chapter 35 . 11/7/2009
Going from start to finish; the Iwafutae are interesting to read, I like how the ANBU get entertainment from anything involving Naruto, and the political scene with Kakashi and Shizune was a nice look at the administrative work going on after the attack. I'm curious how Madara thinks Sai can hide having a Sharingan eye and a new arm.

Hinata interrupting a cliche comedic moment was great; I'd predicted Sakura's reaction when Shion was first brought into the story, and dreaded it become a big thing, so I'm glad Hinata ended it early. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing Momiji as a character, and how she interacts with Naruto, Hinata, and Kanaeru (and even Shikamaru and Sakura; the former should be funny). I also want to know how Momiji is related to the two Uzumaki there, and how long we'll have to wait before finding out. I'm guessing when they get to Whirlpool, Kanaeru will finally start telling us about the Uzumaki clan.

Seems I was right about Momiji taking the bijuu from a former Jinchuuriki, but I wasn't expecting it to be Bii. How'd he end up with the Hachibi no Gyuuki then? Next chapter should be illuminating, though Bii does lose something without the rhymes. Still, that's hard to write, so it's forgiven. Enjoy your December break!
DragonOfApocalypse chapter 35 . 11/7/2009
great story and chap! X3

i cant wait for your next one! :D :3
marc chapter 28 . 10/16/2009
great story
zzz chapter 33 . 10/9/2009
i have finished reading your story to even see if you had a hope of changing it for the better and all i see is a Fucking strong Naruto and a pathetically weak comparison. you give her yakedo and she still has yet to WIN ANYTHING she beat two fucking weak chunnin oh my gawd that totally makes up for all the times you make her run away and Fail to the fucking extreme. tell me something do you auctually think that your hinata deserves Naruto? i have yet to see her do ANYTHING worthy of praise. she has yet to auctually DO ANYTHING. your words can make it look pretty but this is just Cannon with a new plot and hinata is still just a fucking useless plot device at least have some FUCKING morals for writing your characters and stop making shit plot devices for Naruto to DO EVERYTHING.
zzz chapter 29 . 10/9/2009
i cant fucking believe this no matter how much fucking power you give hinata once again SHE NEVER FUCKING WINS SHES STILL JUST A PATHETIC LITTLE GIRL NEDING TO BE RESCUED if you are going to fucking make her stronger then at least give her some fucking dignity and let her do something that others cannot she cant even fucking hold her own in 1 6th the strength of something naruto did this is fucking inexcusable im sick and tired of all this bullshit attempts of people to make hinata look better but she never changes shes still the fucking pathetic girl and Naruto still pulls all the work how is that fucking love if she is only able to be saved SHE DID NOTHING SO STOP FUCKING DELUDING YOURSELF SHES STILL FUCKING WEAK AND NOTHING CHANGES THE FACT SHE DOESNT DESERVE TO FUCKING CONFESS TO HIM IF SHE CANT EVEN DO A SINGLE FUCKING THING TO HELP. Your writing is just among the many who turns Naruto into a figure of godlike power and makes hinata just a "proud" loser which doesnt change the fact shes still worthless and incompetent if she can only win agasint two fucking chuunin while running and be captured every other FUCKING CHAPTER congratufuckinglations for ruining a story
Zzz chapter 9 . 10/8/2009
look im sorry but you shouldnt bring up points of hinata losing right after she gets kidnapped and we see her relatively weak. it doesnt matter how much you fucking grow if you never win a fight because you are still a weakling if you cannot beat anyone with your strength.
TimeShifter chapter 33 . 10/7/2009
Wow, go Hinata! I take it that scene was influenced by the Mizu guy (Aoi?) from canon? In any case, I'm glad to see he's dead, though it seems Madara is going to put Sai in his place. I take it you don't like Sai, or at least the fact that he just suddenly became good, even though he's still under Madara's control. Beyond that, perhaps the Earth representatives?

Also, I'm not sure I forsee your foreshadowing, unless it's about the event Tsunade wants Naruto to attend in 3 months, or the fact that Madara has war hawks in all the 5 main villages that he wants to overthrow the current leader and take over. Was the forshadowing in this chapter, or will it come later on. I suppose Ibiki and Inoichi searching Danzou's body means they'll realize that with his eye and arm missing, someone may have it. If Sai suddenly shows up with a Sharingan, or his arm covered, I think people will figure it out.

Maybe you're forshadowing a lot of Kanaeru picking on Hinata? Aside from being a diplomat and a source of teasing, I'm guessing Kanaeru also wants Hinata along to introduce to whatever remains of the clan. It's been mentioned once or twice that Kanaeru forsees Hinata becoming a part of it. Maybe she'll tease Hinata with the fact that Naruto is somewhat betrothed to the daughter of the Earth daimyo, just to see what she does.

I also hope the other Kage are able to protect themselves from being overthrown, or at least Gaara, the Mizukage, and the Raikage. They're all interesting, and I'd like to see the latter two in their interactions with Naruto.

Your Sasuke is definitely evil. While he recognizes Naruto as his true brother, he flat out says he'll have to kill Naruto for his dream to be realized, a stupid dream at that. I've got this vision in my head of Naruto and Hinata possibly having children born with the Sharingan, but no one ever speaks of the Uchiha again, so while Sasuke's bloodline may reoccur, his family will be forever forgotten. That'd be a great thing for Naruto to tell him right before he's finally forced to kill him.

Also, I thank you for not turning the Sharingan into a superweapon belonging to the son of the great Sage of the Six Paths. Ten-tailed demon? Moon hypnosis? An interesting idea, to be sure, but we've come so far from what ninja were at the beginning of the story. Also, all that "Sharingan came from the Byakugan" has apparently been thrown out.

Anyway, what I really want to see next chapter is Naruto and Hinata finally talking about what happened during the battle, Sai's confrontation with Madara, and Kanaeru explaining herself to her nephew. We'll see how much of that you actually have planned.
TimeShifter chapter 32 . 9/23/2009
Yeah, that was a slightly weaker ending than I'd expected, but at least you rationalized Pein reviving everyone. Of course, Naruto and Hinata still haven't had a chance to talk yet, and I'm not sure why no one, including Hinata, has brought up the fact that Danzou was using ANBU and working with Hanzou, or that many Konoha nin were killed by a traitor. At this point, I'm just hoping Hinata and the others can win over the daimyo to support Kakashi. Not that it really matters, since the jounin council wouldn't support Danzou, but still...

And of course family comes first! Thanks for the conclusion, but there's still a bit of a cliffhanger here; Danzou, and just how many war hawks Madara has out there.
TimeShifter chapter 31 . 9/16/2009
That makes me sad, and I never hated Madara or Orochimaru in a story as much as I do now, but it didn't seem that dark. The genjutsu wasn't too bad, though it weakened her, and I'm guessing it was when she called for Kyuubi in her mind that Madara extracted it/her. Then she died, and Rin died, and then Minato did what he had to. Now I understand how she saved Naruto but couldn't save Rin, but how did Madara fill the Kyuubi with such blind rage? Currently-unnamed Sharingan abilities? Also, Fugaku didn't seem to hate the Yondaime, or at least he had mobilized his clan and was ready to follow orders.

As to Momiji, it's not that I doubted my theory, merely that I forgot it for awhile. I wonder now how much of Whirlpool is still standing, and if Madara attacked them. I also wonder (like last chapter) what their pact was with the Kyuubi, how that happened, and if they had a pact with other bijuu as well, like the Hachibi that's in Momiji. Perhaps she was the jinchuuriki (or whatever the Uzumaki call them) and then the clan was attacked by Madara and she escaped, which is how she became an orphan? But it seems based on things that Kanaeru has said that the clan is still around, so maybe I'm just throwing around random theories. Either way, I'm curious how Kushina made it to Konoha and met Minato, but hopefully Kanaeru will enlighten Naruto on his family history, and where she's been the last 16 years.

Oh yeah, I want to see Pein get beaten down, and Konan as well (only so that Momiji's secret can't make it back to Madara), but I'm really just eager to watch Madara suffer a painful defeat and death. Kushina clearly found a way to counter his technique, so hopefully Naruto will remember and copy that.

Is there one more quick update this week then? You said Wednesday I believe?
TimeShifter chapter 30 . 9/12/2009
I'm confused by the tane. That female form was the other half of the Kyuubi's chakra right? At first I took tane to mean that the other half of Kyuubi, in Kushina's form, was saying Kushina was the Kyuubi's seed, or daughter. Now I think tane just means the other half. Still, Kyuubi called Kushina family; is that just a phrase, or did the female Kyuubi, in human form, give rise to the Uzumaki line? From chapter 1, which I'd forgotten, we know the Kyuubi had a pact of sorts with the Uzumaki and Whirlpool.

Orochimaru and Madara killed Kushina, and then Rin saved Naruto. Rin had the "taint of an Uchiha" on her, I'm guessing Kakashi somehow, or maybe Obito (that would mean it lingered for years), unless it's some random Uchiha. After all, Tsubaki was a random Hyuuga you made up (How was I supposed to guess her? Did she appear in the prequel?). Then Kyuubi attacked, and somehow the attack must have happened right after Kushina was killed, since the Kyuubi kept Rin from saving Kushina. But how could Rin have handed Naruto to Minato, yet have the Kyuubi kill her before she could save Kushina? The timeline seems odd. Madara must have killed Kushina by extracting the Kyuubi, meaning she was the jinchuuriki before her son. And how did Minato trust Orochimaru, and lead Madara to Kushina? I don't see him ever believing the snake sannin.

I'm guessing Kanaeru's work fixed Minato's seal and worked in the unison seal, which is why Kyuubi can talk with Naruto now, and his power is different. It's probably more of a symbiosis. But are there any other effects? Any differences from the regular unison seal? For that matter, what did Minato break in the first place?

Anyway, these are just some of the thoughts going through my head after this epic chapter and cliffhanger you've left us with. I'm also assuming my earlier guess was correct and that Momiji is actually related to Naruto through the Uzumaki. And it looks like Kanaeru won't want Momiji living in Demons with Shion, at least not while Madara's alive. I'm also guessing that the "other Hyuuga" is Hanabi, which could potentially lead to a comedic scene.

I enjoyed how your Naruto came to an answer to Nagato's question much more than in the manga. Now I'm just eager to see Naruto kick ass, and whether or not he'll actually kill Nagato. Did you say something about 2 more updates coming sooner?
TimeShifter chapter 29 . 8/25/2009
Unless Gayt and Star come from the Star Wars galaxy, I'm not sure what you mean. As to this chapter; wow, that cliffhanger isn't much better. It's clear Hinata was somehow swapped out at the last second, or simply used some sort of a bunshin, but I'm not really sure what happened or how she did it. Perhaps that's what Gayt was up to. Also, I don't understand what Kanaeru's seal did, since Naruto just turned into the Kyuubi like canon. I was assuming it would give him the other half of the Kyuubi's chakra, and thus he could achieve some level of harmony and control that power properly. Clearly not, or at least not yet.

I wonder what Suigetsu's up to, and hope that Madara doesn't learn of the Hachibi's location. I can't wait to see how Naruto (hopefully) ends this, if he'll meet his father, and the conversation he'll need to have with Kanaeru if he remembers that she just called him family. I'm all for a quicker update with a shorter chapter, but you've got a better feel for where you can cut the chapter without loosing something. In any case, I greatly enjoyed the update!
samueltm2 chapter 28 . 8/2/2009
far,so and Hinata's strength are done with the battle so far.I hope Naruto finds a way to defeat pain before he does more it up with your good work so far.
TimeShifter chapter 28 . 7/30/2009
Wow, plenty to say here. Firstly, I'm glad you didn't relegate Konan to uselessness, and I liked your explanation of her paper powers; Kishimoto tells that jutsu are related to elements and then throws strange abilities out with no explanations. I also enjoyed how Kanaeru's ability changes when she hits the five tails, and now we now that Kyuubi's power is a focus of negative emotions. Tsunade's not dead, and Naruto sent a powerful message to all of the villagers, so he'll have a lot of support now.

I assume the "taint" Kanaeru sensed was natural chakra, since it seems to be the "mana" that Gayt and Star use. On that note, Naruto must be stronger than Gayt, since Star finds Naruto to be an abundant source of natural chakra, and has never shown the ability to take a human form off of Gayt's power. I'm curious if it's related to someone who learned senjutsu (perhaps Jiraiya's involved) or if someone discovered a different way to use that power. Considering Gayt can fight without a 5 minute mark, I'll assume the latter. Now I'm eager to hear Star talk again, if only to learn more about her and Gayt; it's not like the kousotsu will say anything. Or will he at a climactic point? If he will, I'm sure you're saving it for a perfect moment.

Your battle between Hinata and Tendou was great. I hated Kishimoto for Hinata's wonderfully emotional speech, followed by the failure of one attack and then her almost-death. My only issue is that we didn't see any response from your Naruto when Hinata said she loved him; maybe he's in shock right now and we'll see it when he snaps next chapter, but I figured I'd point it out. I was expecting a flabbergasted stare or something.

Hinata finally achieves Yakedo on her own; it all built up to this. Hopefully later on she'll learn to use it a little more effectively. Yakedo would actually be an interesting explanation for the technique she used in canon, her emotions taking physical form. Anyway, I enjoyed her ability to deflect Shinra Tensei, although I don't quite understand the "how." In any case, Tendou's done now. I imagine Naruto's going to draw on the Kyuubi, unless Gayt frees him IMEDIATELY, and even then senjutsu doesn't seem to be enough at the moment.

Well done on the first cliffhanger that's left me furious; two weeks is going to take forever! Awesome chapter as always; you really outdid yourself this time.
samueltm2 chapter 27 . 7/21/2009
battle there.I'm really happy with Naruto's done.
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