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TimeShifter chapter 27 . 7/21/2009
I'm guessing the Kyuubi is the reason Naruto's genetic makeup, combined with Hinata's, is what's required for the Sharingan. The Kyuubi must have been the original reason behind the creation of the Uchiha's bloodline. We'll see, I suppose. This was mostly a fighting chapter, but the fights were great. I like how you gave Naruto a variation of Sasuke's Chidori manipulation, and it's form as a whip makes sense.

I'm eager to see when Hinata decides to tell Naruto she loves him. Will it be sometime in this battle (I can't imagine her not getting a chance, however small, to try and defend Naruto), or after, when she has to deal with Shion telling Naruto he's a father? When will Kanaeru use what she's learned to fix Naruto's seal? Furthermore, will Naruto learn about his father, will Kanaeru tell him she's his aunt, and will we meet the Uzumaki clan anytime soon? I'm loving the fights, but at the same time I still have questions. I guess I'll have to settle for now. The fight scenes are fun to read, so I'll deal with it. See you next time!
Bloxham chapter 27 . 7/14/2009
kool naruto is kicking ass even more than he did the manga, awesome cant wait for the next chapter
samueltm2 chapter 25 . 7/4/2009
Nice going so is back,cant wait for the next up the good work.
yes man chapter 25 . 7/4/2009
Valdimarian chapter 25 . 6/28/2009
Wow... that's quite impressive... Rikka and Katsuyu are doing what the modern military has been trying to do for years! She's connecting every squad leader to every other squad leader, and everyone to the command post!

I just read through School Daze and The Path We Walk in less than a week and am really quite loving it. I love that you're using that scroll Jiraya left for Naruto through Tsunade... Unlike the manga-ka who keeps introducing MAJOR plot points, then ignores them for some bullshit that could have waited for 30 chapters if it needed to. I mean, why'd Tsunade wait on turning over the scroll? And Hinata's battlefield confession? Ignored for some meeting with the Kumogakure ninjas that could have waited a few chapters while Naruto and Hinata talked about the implications of that confession. Hell, the don't even need to CONCLUDE talking about it, just frigging ACKNOWLEDGE it happened!

Anyway, I didn't explicitly leave a message just to complain about the manga-ka. Your story is awesome, and a prime example of how it should have happened.
TimeShifter chapter 25 . 6/23/2009
I laughed when I realized that Kakashi is THAT addicted to Icha Icha; even war can't stop his subconscious desire to read smut.

It's interesting to see how Rikka quickly became important to the village, and just how far in advance you must have planned that. It was far too convenient for an accident. In any case, I'm glad Saiga's dead, though I hope Root fails to kill anyone, or gets caught in the act. It's disturbing that Danzo thinks Madara is the "true Hokage," meaning Madara probably thinks it too (how is anything Madara's done beneficial to Konoha?), and aparently Danzo isn't able to go against Madara's orders. I'm curious what seals/other technique give Madara that level of control over my most hated character.

I'm glad Shion and Momiji are off to safety, and I loved how those three evaded Ningendou. I'm curious if he'll leave them to engage Naruto, or try to use Hinata as a hostage. I'm also looking forward to what Kanaeru's going to do, and if it involves fixing Naruto's seal during the fight/before Hawk arrives.

Kakashi's means of defeating Shuradou was awesome, and I'm glad people besides Naruto are proving capable of handling themselves and defeating the Paths, even if they just regenerate (minus Shuradou).

"It seemed to shift in the sky, and the blond genin could tell it had moved very slightly, a short distance from him." What moved? Pein? Was it to avoid Naruto? I'm also curious how three toads handled six glyphs, and what the approximate area of the summoning area was. If all three were killed in the blast, and Naruto and co. are within the field they set, wouldn't they also have been affected by the explosion?

I'm looking forward to Sasuke's return next chapter, and hopefully his assassination of Danzo (though whether Madara will allow it is questionable; does he value Sasuke or Danzo more?), but mostly I want to see Naruto's battle with Pein, and how you'll handle the confrontation with Naruto and the real Pein (if someone else doesn't stumble on him instead).
MeltedFace707 chapter 24 . 6/16/2009
Man! that was some good reading! i finally caught up. and now im sad. i want to read more...
MeltedFace707 chapter 15 . 6/14/2009
even if i kinda saw that coming, im like "WTF?" poor Hinata. hopefully, it will turn out well for her. im a Naru/Hina fan. lol. youre good at plot twists. too good...
serin2 chapter 24 . 6/13/2009
'They made a great team to cover each others weaknesses.'

gai doesn't know what their weaknesses are by this point. be sure to keep your timelines striaght! this story is amazing so far!

ja ne,
samueltm2 chapter 24 . 6/13/2009
Awesome.I like the battle so far,I hope Naruto arrives on time for me to see his where is Sasuke ?Please keep up the good work.
TimeShifter chapter 24 . 6/10/2009
Sorry; I knew it was Yumiko's child that became the first war hawk, but I wasn't sure if Madara was the man who took that child, or if perhaps Ahiko had become the first Uchiha and changed his name when he grew up. However, as I'm wrong, I'll assume you're following the canon, in that Madara was one of the founders of the village. Either way, Danzo seems to have some form of his space/time ability, and I'm wondering if it was him that ruined the glyphs, or if it was an effect of Pein's attack.

I'm curious what item Kakashi put away, and if it's even important for me to be wondering that, and where Rikka's run off to. She'd be useful for uncovering Danzo's hidden agendas. What demon does Kira Bii possess, if not the Hachibi? Was he the initial container, and then the demon was moved to Momiji? It is strange that a three year old is the Jinchuuriki; where was the demon before? Perhaps you have it that the demon was sealed a few years prior to Kira Bii's birth, and then that container died, forcing the Raikage to use Momiji? But then how did she get away? I'm sure you'll reveal it soon enough, but I like asking questions.

Will Ningendou reach Hinata and Momiji before Naruto arrives? Will Momiji accidentally release some demonic chakra, thus alerting Nagato to her presence? Will Kanaeru be forced to fix Naruto's seal mid-battle, while his friends run interference, so that he'll be strong enough to defeat Pein? If Nagato goes through his whole spiel, how will your Naruto react? I suppose I'll earn all this and more next time, but know that this chapter was a great combination of sceming, sneaking and a few battles, and I'm really eager to see the Aburame be the ones to defeat Pein (Wouldn't it be funny if a clan he never saw as a threat defeated all of his other bodies?).
samueltm2 chapter 23 . 5/29/2009
Awesome done Naruto returns soon.
TimeShifter chapter 23 . 5/25/2009
Reading your response to my last review, I realize I wasn't really thinking clearly when I wrote it. Ah well. More than anything else, Momiji being the Hachibi Jinchuuriki really threw me. I guess this means the Raikage doesn't have as much of a reason to worry about Akatsuki.

If Danzo's the third war hawk, I'm guessing Madara was the first, unless Madara was already a traitor at that point and the first war hawk was his spy. And it seems Danzo's status as "war hawk" is what gave him the ability to be in two places at once; I'm interested to see how that works. Sai being the fourth war hawk threw me, although I always wondered why, if Sai was Naruto's friend and had changed viewpoints, why he didn't tell the Hokage everything about Danzo...unless Sai was faking it. Kishimoto probably never realized that massive plot hole existed, but you obviously did.

Since Danzo works for Madara, I doubt he'll stop Tsunade sending word to Naruto, and there's no way Naruto wouldn't come to help protect his friends. We'll see if I'm right in two weeks...
samueltm2 chapter 22 . 5/18/2009
very well written, please update soon.
serin2 chapter 22 . 5/18/2009
nice, i love how this story is going so far.

and with the ego, superego, and id, i was going along something like that in one of my stories without knowing it. THANKS! it will make my story much more beliveable. *stolen*

the technique you used on the hyuuga compound had it's own name i think. it is the one he used to destroy konaha in cannon, right?

ja ne,
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