Reviews for The Path We Walk
TimeShifter chapter 4 . 8/24/2008
OK, what? No one reacted in time? I'm a little disappointed in Hiashi, Tsunade, and Kanaeru. Now Naruto's probably going to chase after Hinata and put off training with Fukusaku (which makes sense; all the nin needs is to get to the border or take a few minutes and remove her eyes). Then again, maybe Tsunade will order Naruto to go on to his training and only return when he's done. That ought to be enough motivation for him to finish quickly and return to get Hinata back. I do expect Hinata to fight back once the shock wears off.

As to everything else; Gayt seems to use nature chakra much like Hermit Mode does. I've no idea how Tenten's mission relates. I'm curious how you had the concept of Gayt using nature's energy before we learned of it in the manga; once again, your forethought matches canon.
TimeShifter chapter 3 . 8/10/2008
OK, things are starting to make sense, though I'm still not sure what Naruto's "legacy" is, where Kanaeru's been all these years, or why Gayt has a Navi-like creature following him around. It appears Hiashi and Kanaeru have a history and she hates the Uchiha, though if Sasuke has really been acting in Naruto's best interest she may have to learn to like him. The fight scene was great, though I'm wondering why you call it "Sabton" and not "Sabuton;" there is no character for just "b" in Japanese. It's also good to see Hinata growing (though it shows best when she's protecting Naruto; she's might as well be his kousotsu), and Neji seems to have really grown to like him as well.

In reference to school days, I still don't know what Naruto's battle dress looks like; you mentioned colors, but is it the same design as his old one? Also, what did Hiashi and Kurenai talk about?
TimeShifter chapter 2 . 7/27/2008
Wow. There's a lot of new information this chapter, and I don't quite know how to process it all. Naruto has an aunt? She can use something like the Kyuubi's chakra? Everyone has two chakra types? And what exactly did that scroll do? Did it contain the Kyuubi's memories? Why did the Kyuubi know Kushina? Clearly the Uzumaki had some relation with the demon, but what kind, and why? So many questions!
TimeShifter chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
I was wondering through the entire chapter if this was the sequel, so thanks for that note at the end. Your summary is amazing, so well done there, though I don't know what "AC and V" means. Care to inform me? As to the chapter, the fight scene was well-written and I like how the tragic flaw of overconfidence was based to both brothers. I also really like how you write original characters; the two brothers are fun to read about, and Kankuro's team seems interesting. It ought to be fun when Tsume meets Naruto in Konoha (I imagine that will happen), since he's probably not everything she thought he would be, though in School Daze he seemed to grow a little less dense about things. Anyway, this was a great start to the sequel, and I'll be eagerly awaiting more!
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