Reviews for A Clandestine Reality
LashesToAshes chapter 2 . 5/9/2019
Oh my god... my heart was in my throat! How dare Room switch her potions! That's so wrong but my god if you didn't flip it.
One minute I was angry at him then the next I'm sad for him as he's infertile.
What is Hermione going to do...
LashesToAshes chapter 1 . 5/9/2019
Aaaahhhthis is such a good first chapter!
I love how you've set this up to explain the past but also give us more questions that need to be answered!
Flips eagerly to next chapter...
DaughterofOwls chapter 20 . 5/4/2019
awwwwwwww loveeeeeeeeeeeee
jacmarram chapter 20 . 4/24/2019
Such a lovely story. I read it all in one sitting. It was beautiful.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/3/2019
Awwww this story is so cute - a little unrealistic but I liked it
ila123 chapter 20 . 3/10/2019
Thanks for this great story author-san,thank you so much.
crochetaway chapter 20 . 2/5/2019
This was so great!
deleted007 chapter 15 . 1/28/2019
ugh this was so painful *heartbreak* I wish you just killed Ron in an accident or smth rather than make him go through this
Anonymous chapter 8 . 1/27/2019
I know it's super nitpicky, and way too late to really matter now, but the final battle of Hogwarts was May 2nd, 1998 meaning Rose's birthday should be somewhere around January 23rd of '99.
Rishima Potter chapter 8 . 1/21/2019
Takioki chapter 12 . 1/17/2019
I hate this. I hate when a story has to make the Weasley's uncharacteristically awful people in order to try and make the Malfoys more relatable. It's a cheap and lazy writing trick.
ninaFelton1967 chapter 20 . 1/8/2019
loved it!
Guest chapter 14 . 12/27/2018
wait if hermione fell pregnant then she had not a realatie with ron right so thecnical she did not cheat so what are you complaining about Ron
sheepnz chapter 20 . 10/25/2018
OMG! this is now my favorite fic! That epilogue though! it is just amazing. At first I was a bit iffy about Hermione being a cheater but it grew on me and I am a sucker for a good dramione fic. Thanks so much for writing this!
ladylove001 chapter 1 . 10/13/2018
Do u have another story like this cause I've been trying to find it?
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