Reviews for Life Changes
sharebear chapter 39 . 8/4
lol you gave me butterflies I was about to cry! you should right more I amire your amazing art of these stories, I stay up tell 5 am reading this story every night
Shyann chapter 1 . 6/4
Great story..
Thesoccergirl30 chapter 37 . 6/1
1. I think Leo and Anna's relationships seems to be moving quickly, but at the same time I think it's a perfect pace for them. They're both mature and at times more grown up the. The others, so the pace their at fits them perfectly :3
2. I love how you made Donnie find out about the Raven. The movie they were watching that lead to the conversation where Tara finally confessed, I love how you set that up! But gosh I hope everything's okay .
3. OMIGOD YES I KNEW IT! As soon as you wrote that Kidby was having stomach issues I predicted this! I'm so excited and scared to see what happens! Not only because of the human and mutant mixed breed, but also that they're both teenagers and having a baby O.o I wish them luck! 3

If you haven't noticed, I love your story :3
Thesoccergirl30 chapter 35 . 6/1
Okay,the only thing that confuses me is why Winters would even have kids if he planned on eventually using the portal to die peacefully :O
Like... Did he think his daughters would be older and maybe get the time frames mixed up? That just really confuses me .
Leo's Girl chapter 44 . 2/19
*Sniff* That was *sob* the most beautiful thing I've *sniffle* ever read. Thank you so much for writing this story. I enjoyed it so much!

Sayonara, GirlyGeek-chan. :)
5seedapple chapter 44 . 1/20
Aaaahhhhhh finally! *Pants from reading so hard* -didn't think that was possible btw- I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this story! At first I was just thinking, -yes, one that starts with Donnie- then it turned to- Leo get your ass back so you can fall in love- add in countless fits of gut busting laughter that had my family concerned about my mental state, topped with delicious helpings of tooth rotting sweetness and lip biting lemon souriness; you even delivered the necessary edge of your seat near death and battle to the death, WITH an explosion! I'll be reading this AGAIN! If a story is complete, I don't review till the end, but so many, let me repeat myself, SO MANY, times did I almost press that little button_ to tell you off, to thank you, to cyber giggle over Leo's brothers teasing him... you're an amazing author! Favorite button poked.
FeralFauna chapter 44 . 9/26/2014

If I don't get a sequel with equal or more fluffiness and steamyness and goodness...

I might just die.

Fabu story, -claps- Absolutely fabu.
samanthatm chapter 44 . 8/19/2014
Pokie4life chapter 3 . 8/6/2014
LooksOnTempests chapter 44 . 4/20/2014
Sweet, sexy, with just enough action...I liked how you wove your story with the movie plots. Thank you for the enjoyable read.
xpetunia chapter 1 . 10/5/2013
Might have some error mistakes in my last review. Deeply apologize about that but hopefully you understand it.
xpetunia chapter 37 . 10/3/2013
Okay, at first this fanfic became an addiction o me. I LOVED Donnie's and Tara's relationship. It was adorable, until the other turtles had their relationship. Honestly, their love relationship became too sudden and rushed. (I'm sorry, but I don like rushed things...not that I hate this fanfic.) For example, Leo just came back to NY and he has a crush on Anna when he just met her. Then came a few weeks later when they start to make love. Yes, before they did it I was happy cause it wasnt rushed at all and I liked that. Taking relationships slow makes it more interesting until the scene when they did it made me pretty upset. That includes the other turtles as well. Donnie's and Tara's relationship was great cause you explained their whole relationship in every detail in most of the chapters. If you're going to make the other turtles have a girl too then make sure you explained it in every detail. Don't make it too sudden and make them like the girl cause of their beauty. I also didn't like when you skip time too. Plus, I noticed that all of the main girls have bad family problems. Honestly, can at least one of them have a happy family life? If you're going to make all of them have bad families that are pretty similar to the other, the. It's not going to be that upsetting to the readers. But the one that mostly irritates me was their relationships were just too sudden. Anyways, that was my honest opinion. If it's greg to the other readers than I don't mind it at all. Not complaining but I just want you to let you know about this. And keep up the good work and improve more. Hopefully you understand this and no hard feelings. I still like this fanfic. :)
Yaoi-Beloved chapter 30 . 8/12/2013
Anna-Banana...Anna-Banana...I thought I left that name back in Middle/High School...oh god that name...and I never even read the book.

Yaoi-Beloved chapter 29 . 8/12/2013
I forgot to comment before but...MY NAMES ANNA :D
Yaoi-Beloved chapter 22 . 8/11/2013
Aw! I LOVE this sort of Raph. It makes so much more sense for a guy to go "DOI" then to be confident with the girls they like...especially if they are Underground Ninja Mutant Turtles xD
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