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Guest chapter 32 . 2/17
I just wanted to thank you for writing this story and We That Are Young. They are the best pieces of Fanfiction I have ever read and I feel very lucky to have been afforded an extra glimpse into the FMA universe beyond the canon. Your characterization felt utterly true, and I very much admire the way you have worked in elements of the canon into an original story that reads as if it were canon. It's been a pleasure to dwell in these worlds.

I am also glad that old wounds have healed and you have found your friend again, even if it means losing the rest of this story. I admire you for creating something so beautiful out of what sounds like a difficult time. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Joyce Lidivine Azebaze chapter 25 . 7/31/2020
I love Kimbley so much, he is my second favourite Alchemist, right after Edward. Ha, Smart and unpredictable characters are much better than the morality driven stereotypes. Don't you agree with me. Ed is a good and funny guy most of the time but I have an uncanny preference for crazy psychos. Don't know why.
akapella chapter 32 . 7/11/2020
Thank you sooo much for both this and "We That Are Young"! I am floored by the love you've put into this compelling, epic tale. You created universes within the universe of FMA/FMAB and moreover, when I realized where this ended, I actually thought to myself for a sec 'Oh no, I won't find out if Roy passes his State Alchemist test!'. Aw, gimme a break, I was up all night reading this one!
massiecure chapter 24 . 2/21/2020
hey, i don't think you'll read my comment after more than 10 years of writing this fic. but i just want to express my gratitude

it's currently February 2020 and i just rewatched the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood series, i got my feelings carried away again hence why i went to fanfic i stumbled upon your fic and honestly i got so invested in your fic i forgot this wasn't in the anime/manga. there were minor typos here and there, but it never bothered me, i won't point them out cause I'm sure your loyal readers have lol. but anyways i just wanna say i enjoy your fic so much. i rarely got this invested in fics that doesn't have an airtight romance plot. i hope you continue writing, like not just this fic but like writing in general sense cause you charmed so many people teehee
Cristina chapter 32 . 9/8/2019
Thank you.
I say thank you tonyou, one of the most enjoyable authors I've had the joy and pleasure of reading. I binge read "We that are young" and "Shall never see so much" over the course of a week, and what a week it was. I was never one to really take to super domestic, so to speak, novels, but your works really changed that; now I have an appreciation to it I never thought I'd have. Another thing I'd like to comment is the age of this works; I'll be seventeen next week, so when you fist wrote this, around 11 years ago, I didn't even know how to read!
When I fist saw that the first part had 80 chapters and the second 32, I suspected it had been cut short or abandoned, although I didn't want to believe it. I thank you for gracing us, your lucky readers, with a short explanation to as why you desired to stop writing this marvelous work, and even though it saddens me, it also makes me happy that your friend, whoever they are, has come back in to your life. The fact that you concider this work just a distraction (forgive me if I misread or misinterpreted your words, in which case I apologize) amazes me, because, to me, it is a work of breathtaking brillancy.
The way you portrait Riza and Roy's relationship trully stroke a cord within; i love, like, the idea of love, the concept of it, so the longing and the half there touches and the childhood purity was all too much for me; there were moments during which I felt like my chest was going to burst!
I don't think you'll ever read this, seeing it has been more than 10 years since you last up-dated, but thank you from Colombia.
Thank you so very much.
Randomusernameeeee chapter 32 . 8/29/2019
This was an amazing journey and i must thank you for taking us along. Discovering past of these beautiful characters gave me intense and indescribable joy and i will hope that one day you might continue this story. If not it will be alright because it was so good while it lasted. Take care. Much love
Guest chapter 32 . 7/8/2019
Hello! I discovered your stories and have been reading this and the one before with much excitement over the last week.
Even though I read on the last "chapter" that this story would be on permanent hiatus I feel like I must at least write and tell of my admiration and Great Like of this story and its' predecessor.
I really like the characterization and how you fleshed out the origins of the story we all know and love. I like how we see Roy and Riza grow up and change because of what they encounter. And though I, of course find myself frustrated with miscommunications at times, especially the letters in the book, it is a feeling that is in line with your intent (I assume) and a marker if the great penmanship.
Speaking of penmanship: your language is wonderful and flowery and very fitting if the mood. You have an eye for detail in your descriptions and know how much to put in to make it immersive, without being overwhelming.
I like these little nods at other characters and events that our characters encounter, sometimes in so small cameos that they won't reflect upon it, but that we as readers catches up on and enjoy.
And the story, which I saved for my last point, is exciting and emotional in one. There has been times when I've had to put down my phone for a while just because I felt too much while reading and i had to cool off before I finished that chapter.
Even though you probably will never read this comment, I wanna say: THANK YOU for writing and sharing this.
Though I must admit that leaving it unfinished is troublesome as a reader for I want to know what'll happen. Despite that I really enjoyed the experience of reading this.
Since I've forgotten the password to my old ff account I can't comment or favourite as "myself" but if I could I would.
One again
Thank you!
Audrey chapter 32 . 6/6/2019
It’s been ten years and I still come back to this. Thanks for the entertainment.
Guest chapter 32 . 11/15/2018
Oh my heart hurts so badly that this will never be complete but I can't say I did not enjoy this entire journey. It was an absolute pleasure to read this masterpiece and I hope you are doing well :))
Guest chapter 32 . 10/20/2018
I used to read from your royai series way back in 2010, and when I got to this page, I recall felling shocked. But everytime I'd reread your stories, I never fail to feel intrigued and be absorbed by them, over and over again. Every re-reading is like a new adventure on it's own, and I know that there are very few authors out there who can produce that sort of magic. You're one of those special magical people in my book. :D

I hope that you'll continue this someday. It's a really nice story. I love your style of writting, your original headcanons (oh, they'd fit really well into cannon!), and I adore your story-telling. Missing your stories, and young roy and riza! 33
Gabi1994 chapter 32 . 4/11/2018
Thank you so much for sharing all That you have can’t say how wonderful it was to read
ari chapter 32 . 10/28/2017
i read « we that are young » almost ten years ago and it is still, by far, the most comprehensive and wonderful fan fiction i’ve come to read. i knew of this sequel to that story but never did i dare to read this until it was completed. while i am sad to say that we may never see the end of this, i wholeheartedly thank you for writing and sharing this with us. i am glad to have picked it up nine years later, even in its incomplete state, because i’d rather have experienced a portion of your amazing prose than miss out on it at all. it makes my heart warm to know that you left not in sorrow but in happiness! thank you again, and know that, if ever you decide to continue this, you’ll always have a faithful reader by me.
hedgehog chapter 32 . 8/31/2017
I first read this story many years ago, beginning with We That Are Young. Out of all my years of reading, this has become my favorite fanfiction. Your ability to craft their story has kept me up many nights, reading until I saw the sun rise again.

Every year or so, I'll revisit this site solely to see if this fanfiction has continued. Although I've always been slightly disappointed every time I see that this story is still on permanent hiatus, it pleases me to see that you've continued writing. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to return and see this story has been completed. I won't stop checking. Thank you so much for letting me into this world!
LiannaAila chapter 32 . 6/30/2017
I actually cannot express my feelings through words right now, but I'll try my best, in hopes that you will read this someday. Deep down, I know how much your story and characters have impacted me, and that I will keep this feeling of warmth and longing your words have lit. It is authors like you that inspire me to write and strive to accomplish the goals I dream of reaching. Maybe someday I can evoke raw emotion and touch my readers with a story I have left untouched for almost a decade. Roy and Riza will be in my heart, perhaps not forever, but long enough to leave a lasting impression. Since you have not returned to their world yet, I hope that all is well. Though I would love to see this story completed, I understand if it is not possible. I wish you the best of luck!
SaltyStrawberry chapter 32 . 9/30/2016
Dear Stoplight Delight,

Although it's been 7 years since you stopped writing this and chances of you reading this review are slim, i still have to leave my thanks for this piece of art. There are no right words nor enough letters to express what i think and feel about this story you have wrote. Nevertheless, i feel i must try.

This is by far the best fanfiction i have ever had the privilege to read. You have explored their relationship so detailed, studied their charachters and wrote a backstory so fitting, it might as well be canon. I am completely stunned. I have been nonstop reading through days and thought about it through nights and there is nothing to get my mind of it. I can't believe how a person can think so carefully and so much, how you led the charachters so painfully slowly through their life, shaping them into people they will become in the end.

This is such a magnificent charachter study, i am speechless. There is not much concrete plot - their goal starts shaping at the end of We That Are Young and is present here as the main motivation, but instead it bends to charachters getting through their life. It's a novel of character.

And you write so accurately too. You can get into the mind of a child, teenager, grown man, obsessed man and mentally ill woman so well. At one point i think about how this story started and how it stopped. I can't believe how different it is, how it feels like two different worlds. So much happened and it never once stopped being addictive.

I have so much more to say, but i honestly can't get my mind to work out the words anymore.

Although i will probably always he wondering what would happen next, i can hardly complain for the permanent hiatus. It's like mozart's requem - if it was finished by his hand, it would be too perfect for this faulted world. This is too perfect to be finished.

I am beyond glad that at the time you left the last note your life was getting better. You deserve all the happiness in the world and i sincirely hope things are still as best as ever in your life. You are by far my favourite writer. I never respected someone as a writer so much as i respect you. i bow to you, head touching the ground.

And lastly, thank you. Thank you for sharing this amazing story you wrote with us readers. For givong me such enjoyable time and so much food for thought.
Thank you.

I hope you're well,
crying of laughter
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