Reviews for I Came A Long Way To See You
Mimizuku9 chapter 2 . 11/6/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic! It was funny and sweet and a little sad too! I love how you've written all the characters - Tweek and Kyle in particular. Kyle has this coldness about him (and yet still yearns for affection) that you've given him, and it works so well! As for Tweek, I could just picture those puppy eyes so well haha.
I would have liked to see a bit of Cartman, though. The idea of him as a police officer in this story is just really amusing to me, it would have been awesome to see him rile up Stan and Kyle. But to be honest, the fanfic still feels really complete as it is. I could totally read this as an original standalone story and still love it.
And oh my god, Stan's dad! His thick headedness always cracks me up in the show, you did such a great job showing his stupidity in this fic. I found the dialogue with Stan trying to explain that he's gay so funny!
Ah, anyways. Thank you for posting this! I had such a fun time reading it!
Craneeum chapter 2 . 9/29/2013
This was just plain awesome. I loved the time-frame, I loved the nature of their relationship, and I actually loved Craig's depiction. He was such an unappealing dick but it was still amazing characterization. I don't even like Creek as a pairing but it worked in a really interesting way here. Also Butters as a teacher fits just so well :D
Clover-Reynolds chapter 2 . 12/27/2012
This is my second favorite story you've written. Probably because of the happy ending, or because of the aging characters, or because of Kyle's erectile dysfunction. It's definitely the most contributing factor to most of the problems in their relationship. I also love that for once Kyle didn't get his way, and he seems fine with it (i'm referring to the whole owning an antique store instead of whatever his dream was)
Craig and Tweek are fabulous in this, their dysfunctional relationship is a beacon of hope for me. Not really, it was kind of depressing, but I loved it. Craig's flip flops still make me laugh so hard, so are his balls hanging out of shorts...such a great picture of fashion failure. He's such a douche, and Tweek is such a head case.
I'm glad they are going off to get married, it made me feel closure. Anyway, this thing is full of all kinds of win, so thank you for sharing the work. I love you so much you have no idea. (which is creepy i'm sure, but you do deserve praise.)
lizoftheinfinite chapter 2 . 8/21/2012
Holy Jesus Christ freaking-
This is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read, for so many reasons. The perfect interactions, the relationships, the wit, the plots-
I've noticed from your writing that you have a really clear idea of story. Everything you write such a good structure. It feels like nothing is wasted, each sentence matters, and when the story is over the reader is incredibly fulfilled.
I was smiling all the way through reading this. (And I laughed often).
jesus christ you are so good, okay. Tell me all your secrets of writing so that I may someday be as amazing as you.
I know that you said you don't write original fiction, but you really should, okay, and publish, and make a living off it, because you deserve to.
Every aspect of this was so great. I loved all the little details, all the stupid things they fought over, just how great every word of it was.
Are you participating in SP Mini-Bang? (Even though I know you're . . . running it? Are you? I'm not sure). Because if you are, I'm really excited to see what you write.
Everything. Just. Everything. You're just pretty awesome, okay. Keep writing amazing things forever. Thank you very much.
Amberr-Ink chapter 2 . 11/26/2011
This story is really going to stick with me. I mean, it's up there on my Favorite Stories Ever Read List, and for many, many reasons.

For one, it was absolutely beautiful and incredibly, profoundly unique. I can not even begin to express just how absolutely lovely it is, but I'm going to give it my best try. Everything was so different for what I usually see, from their age, to the setting, and most of all the plot. It was a completely adult, utterly realistic concept. And, my God, I don't know, just the whole overall vibe of the whole thing just made my heart sing with adoration.

Secondly, the entire antique shops thing. I don't know if it's just because I'm fond of old things, but just there being antiques made me very pleased. And the conflicts revolving around that made it all the better, because it just wasn't "oh yeah, that's just where they worked" it was a legit part of all the drama and whatnot, it wasn't forgotten and not just an undertone. I freaking love that.

Also, the characters and their relationships. You really captured them so well and in, well, your own way. I really don't even know what to say about them other than that they were perfect. Like, I am just amazed beyond words here at how great they are. I really wish I could tell you why but I lack the ability to make it make any sense because it's all tangled up with feelings.

Most of all, this is just a fantastic STORY. As in, just not that it's a fanfic about certain characters and their love life, but that I took something away from this. Not to look into it too much or anything, but I kinda felt a message in it? Again, for the sake of not sounding young and stupid, I can't really put into words what, but it really made reading this worth while. I really enjoyed just reading it and seeing how it all came together in the end. What more could I ask for? :)
w0rmsign chapter 2 . 11/11/2011
I loved this a lot :)

ugh, *Craig*, so awesome and ridiculous, easily my favourite! But everyone so fun to read, and I'd love to know why Kenny is in jail.
pennywhistles chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
god. i hate when people write Tweek like this, you know? Dependent and unable to care for himself and goddd it just hsdikfhi i hate it. i could never see him like that. he's neurotic and twitchy, yeah, but not a child goddamn it.

also, i don't like style. i love kyman. i always have.

but what i hate even more is how much i motherfucking loved this my god. it was fantastic. kyle was amazing and stan was perfectly in character and Tweek was -admittedly- the cutest thing and Craig was his asshole self, but in kind of a sweet way, and god i loved it.

the scene when Stan tells Kyle how he got the money to go to San Francisco...I was legit crying. it was so sweet and lovely and touching and i absolutely adored it. and i loved when Craig and Tweek reunited. I thought that was amazing.

So, despite my personal hatred for super ultra mega dependent Tweek and Style...I loved this a lot. Really, so well written and all the characters were perfect and i was hooked on every word from the first sentence to the last.

amazing job, man. keep it up.
damn expensive eggs chapter 2 . 10/22/2010
I keep rereading this because it's utterly quotable. Especially Craig. Kyle, also. I really freaking love it. I meant to review earlier but the first time I read this was when I was sleeping on the floor of my friend's bedroom and I read the whole thing on my tiny phone screen. I refrained from bursting out into laughter to wake her up but it was just that great - silent laughs. And I COMPLETELY adore the break from the norm to go and make them like forty years old. I think that's one of the things that makes this story really unique.

So, just saying, this is one of my favorites out there, okay.
RoguefanAM chapter 2 . 3/3/2010
Oh god, this fic is so sweet. I think I'm gonna cry.

This is the type of relationship I hope for when I'm older. Granted, I don't want Kyle's sex drive, but everything else seems so nice.

lol, Butters. Is he with a woman nearly half his age, or did she just look young? It makes sense he ending up with someone so good looking.

Not much else to say. Love this to bits. It's different and fun. No one likes writing about older couples, so this is a breath of fresh air. Hope to see similar works in the future. :)
mimarin chapter 2 . 10/25/2009
"His life was bundled up with Kyle’s like a china tea set, or a pair of candlesticks, or bookends: You couldn’t buy one without the other."

BRILLIANT. SOLID ADORATION. There are so many stinging lines in this chapter (Craig wanting to get shot in the face when he turns 50, the idea of Kyle masturbating to NPR). I love that you had the balls to only mention Kenny and Cartman briefly; all the details in this story feel so precise and unforced. I've never been a Craig/Tweek fan, but the unapologetic kinky/caring dynamic between them was one of my favorite parts of the story. And of course, the ending filled me with warm fluffy middle-aged glee.
mimarin chapter 1 . 10/25/2009
oh god the apt wonderfulness of this fic *slays* me. i love seeing stories with the boys unabashedly middle-aged, with their unique set of problems, and the characterization had me throttled with laughter. dramatic, bitchy kyle weary everyman stan evil, luxe toppy craig (but with occasional tenderness! i love that he let tweek off the leash in the store because it was hurting him) sex-slave tweek elementary teacher butters a thing of beauty. i feel that the sartorial details were hilarious and - a rare thing in fanfiction - inserted naturally in the prose: craig's miniscule shorts and flip-flops, stan's v-neck cable-knit sweater, kyle's flimsy lounge pants. clever and heart-breaking and realistic 3
Foodstamp chapter 2 . 7/29/2009
Part four on dA starts with Kyle and Stan interrogating Tweek on the couch, which I really, really love. My favorite facet of this scene is the glimpses we get of Stan and Kyle through each other’s eyes. Kyle’s is like, “Stan’s standing at the wall looking upset, but WHATEVER,” whereas Stan’s got a huge paragraph of how emotionally torn he is. The last line in that part, “Stan was just the band, providing the sensational background to the whole thing” really rings true here, in more ways than one. It’s amazing that Kyle is so pissed about this that he orders Tweek to write them up a new contract after seeing firsthand that Tweek cannot button a shirt by himself.

I’m so glad that Tweek finally defended Craig a little. I feel like it has to do with Stan and Kyle—well, mostly Kyle—ganging up on him. But the fact that Tweek is in a generally happy relationship made me really relieved. It wiped out the whole internal conflict I had going about whether or not Craig was the bad guy or Kyle was the bad guy or whoever. Whether or not they can see eye to eye, they’re on equal footing, which I appreciate a lot.

That Stan sees fit to examine a crack in the ceiling at such a pivotal time is significant to me, as I see all the architecture in this story as at least partly symbolic. Finally, he lays down the law to Kyle, and the fic really starts moving. Coincidence? I think not!

Haha, Kyle wouldn’t fit through the office window! I LOVE THAT.

I think it’s ironic that while Stan has a stronger emotional tie to the shop, Kyle’s the one who cares more about it financially (at least, that’s what I got from the line about the utility bills).

By the time we reach the part about Tweek possessing childlike qualities, I’m totally waiting for it. Age plays a big role in this story, I think…all sorts of age. Emotional age, physical age, what age means to certain people. It’s funny that it becomes a theme in and of itself in this fandom because you never see it. To make it a factor already gives it weight (not unlike Kyle, pft). I’m not saying that their being older has nothing to do with the rest of the fic, because it’s full of themes that require, temporal maturity! The marriage thing, their relationships, the importance of schedule—but you could’ve made this a story where they were in their twenties or thirties, and you didn’t. I am aware of that, and I think the paragraph about Tweek is a very elegant nod to that premise.

Likewise, Stan acknowledging himself and Kyle as a united front is a psychological turning point for him, I think. Or, actually, it sets to motion the train of thought that becomes his turning point. Seeing the way all these pieces are falling into place is thrilling.

I hope you aren’t offended by this comparison, but Kyle coming home in the cold is very “Love Story.” I was expecting the whole “love means never having to say you’re sorry” thing, albeit in a much more sophisticated, eloquent, caustic tone. Just the connotations are enough, the sense you get of reconciliation. I suspect we would’ve seen some kind of make-up conversation if it weren’t for Craig. Stan and Kyle are so holding each other when he shows up! United front, indeed! What’s admirable about Stan and Kyle is that despite all the shit they give each other, they show great strength whenever they stand together. Because it doesn’t happen often (in their onscreen fic time, at least) it’s kind of stunning in its beauty. I love that.

Is it significant that Stan and Ky break their embrace to allow Tweek and Craig their moment of reunion? I think it is. These couples have been competing for the spotlight in various ways, and Stan and Kyle letting go to observe the moment is almost like a concession on their part—a quiet one that doesn’t say “you win” so much as “we see your point.” A neutral understanding. Oh fuck, how stupid did that sound? Don’t hate me.

I did not miss the fact that they held hands and broke apart one more time before the end of the scene. They’re really trying, here. They’re just not quite there yet.

I’m also seeing some symbolism in the weather, by the way. I know that’s not at all a stretch, but I still like the way you did that.

Two little things: you’d think Stan would be pleased that Craig can distinguish his wardrobe from Kyle’s, as I see Stan being generally more fashion-conscious while Kyle has these little nervous moments of being fancy. Also, Broflovski-Marsh with the hyphen is way pretty without an “and.” They’ve been Broflovski-Marsh this whole time, whether they knew it or not.

Kyle getting dressed up the same for Craig as for Randy says so much. It’s almost—well, oedipal isn’t quite the word, but in that vein! Especially since I see Craig as an alternate love interest for Kyle. Not reading too much into that, though, I do find it charming that Kyle seeks the same type of approval from this man he allegedly hates as he does his life partner’s father. Reading even less into it, it’s cute that Ky likes to look good in bad situations.

THIS: “You look like the sort of man who drinks a lot of hurricanes,” he said knowingly. “Because I sure as fuck know you’re the eye in plenty of them.” I THINK IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES IN THE WHOLE FIC. Snappy, smart, perfect. Fucking love it. It’s right up there with, “You are not fucking South Park’s fucking goddamn gay Batman.”

Craig knows to talk to Kyle, not Stan! How great is that? (Though while you keep reiterating Stan as the background person, I think he conveys an undeniable sense of leadership in many matters.)

This probably wasn’t important, but I thought it was great how Kyle contested the “selfish” part of Craig’s insult and not the “pig fucker” part. You can tell Craig hit a nerve.

I’m going to say this for the forty-millionth time, but we see that Craig and Kyle come from totally different worlds—and Craig calls him about it in no uncertain terms when he says that things can’t be categorized as neatly as they think. That’s important, because I feel like this scene is where it finally hits home. But, even humbled, Kyle also sees that Craig is making the same prejudgments about him and Kyle as Kyle is against Craig and Tweek, which levels their playing field in tons of beautiful ways. (Craig compliments Kyle directly after they reach this unspoken understanding, and that takes so much venom out of their interaction. I love the way you did that.)

Have I told you this before? I cried like a baby when I found out that Craig and Tweek were married. On behalf of Kyle, I was really aching for their marriage, and for just one second—forgetting the fact that Craig and Tweek are now sympathetic characters to me, and that Ky has X faults, and Stan has X faults—it just seems completely unfair that these people could have something that Kyle couldn’t. You feel for Kyle in that way, that very flawed, helpless, human way. He deserves his happy ending, too. Hearing that Craig got his first was like a punch in the stomach. (Except I liked it, despite being very, very upset by it. CRIED. SHAMELESSLY. TEARDROPS ON MY KEYBOARD, SEKRIT.)

(Remember earlier when I said that Kyle was the financial mastermind behind the antique store? Craig is too, of his respective shop. There’s another way you equate unlike characters to each other. Now I’m pretty sure all four of them have something in common with the other three.)

Fuck, this site has character limits on reviews, so I have to wrap this up fast:

1. Money itself has been devalued by these events, and is almost working as an inverse concept. Craig’s offering them their old rent feels like him admitting that they’re NOT worth less than him and Tweek.

2. This fic wouldn’t have been complete without one final sexually charged moment between Craig and Kyle. Well done.

3. Someday I do hope to hear more about Kenny and Cartman in this universe.

4. It is so fucking amazing that Butters has a young girlfriend. Also, they are actually set up as the most “typical” of couples, but the fact that she’s a billion years younger surmounts any delusions of normalcy we might’ve held for Butters. That’s brilliant, because this is absolutely a story about alternative couples.

5. Despite having no reason at all to dislike Butters and Lillian, the knowledge of their marriage hit me the same way as Tweek’s and Craigs. I feel for Kyle SO HARD.

6. Butters retreats from the storyline by means of just wanting to be a customer. How gorgeously fitting, Sekrit. Truly.

7. Kyle rationalizes his distaste for antiques in a hugely relevant way. Can’t tell you how much that impressed me, and how much it moved me.

8. Way to integrate current events with the California refs.

9. I see Randy Marsh’s acceptance of Stan and Kyle as the be all and end all of their trials. I feel like it’ll all be good for them from then on out—well, as good as it gets for them.

I am so nearly fucked for space on this site, Sekrit. I’ve had to stop double-spacing. Here is where I am supposed to summarize my feelings for this fic, but I can’t—both for space restrictions, and the fact that I love it all. Despite my abbreviated conclusion, this is my all-time favorite story, and I meant everything I said in my reviews. This has everything I want, it is pitch perfect, and reading it is such an enormous pleasure that I feel indebted to you every time I open it again. Most importantly, you challenged me to change how I look at relationships in all of their messy incarnations—I am equally moved by every character, and have learned new lessons from all of them. No one else could’ve achieved such a richness of cast, such a wide range of sympathies, a deceptively simple storyline that pushes the reader’s emotions as far as they can go without breaking them.

I will always, always carry this with me. That this is a story about antiquing is ironic, because it is, undoubtedly, a clas
Foodstamp chapter 2 . 7/29/2009
Part three of four, re: dA chapters

You get such a sense of intimacy from these characters, even in small details, like Stan’s bagel-slicer. This might seem over-analytical, but I think you can tell a lot about a person from their kitchen. (Izzy, for example, has a metal breadbox.) Stan having a bagel-slicer makes a lot of sense to me.

Of course you don’t need me to tell you how awesome it is that Tweek doesn’t know how to make his own coffee. That’s the first big warning flag about his character. But I also love how he says that he is “completely dependent,” and when Stan pursues that disclosure, Tweek doesn’t elaborate. That demonstrates Tweek’s loyalty to Craig, even when they’re fighting. It’s like he doesn’t want Craig to get in trouble. (Though I guess you could also interpret that in a different way—that Tweek is too ashamed of his reliance to want to talk about it? I prefer the first theory, but that’s what’s interesting about their relationships: they can be just as unhealthy or alternative or beautiful as you want them to be.)

This is super cool: whereas Kyle and Tweek had a pretty decent conversation that actually became a little personal, Stan is totally out of his element when dealing with Tweek and his obvious emotional problems. I think of Kyle as the more…damaged of the two? Stan and Ky, that is, not Kyle and Tweek. And “damaged” sounds a little overdramatic, but I actually think Kyle has more brewing below the surface than Stan does in this fic.

Tweek’s pretty meek, but he can still summon the nerve to complain about the coffee! Great touch. And this line of his: “I just like strong things. Strong, forceful, bitter, unpleasant, stringent things.” You were the first to point out that CraigxTweek doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that’s a pretty cute rationale.

Can the coffee also be a metaphor, please? Because Tweek likes it, but it’s too strong for Kyle? That says something to me about why Craig and Kyle aren’t a couple, and it hints at Tweek’s inner strength, yay!

Tweek saying that he doesn’t like things being in order seems initially contradictory to me. I always got the impression that order was something he wanted, but couldn’t achieve. But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me—again, we’ve got Stan and Kyle as a very “vanilla” couple, what with the dinner routines and bagel slicers and family get-togethers. Craig and Tweek are alternative, aren’t they? I really like that.

Two poignant dressing moments occur during this same scene: Kyle buttoning Tweek’s shirt for him, and then Stan helping Kyle put his coat on, oh my god! I don’t think of any of these guys in terms of a sentimental pecking order, but if I did, there it is. Tweek, Kyle, Stan. Aw.

(Kyle’s really sexual to everyone except Stan, isn’t he? There’s this thing with Craig, then his joking with Tweek. What a tease.)

Kyle does the number-crunching in the back while Stan mans the front desk. Is this a Jewish thing? Either way, I love it. I definitely think Stan is much better at customer service.

Oh, oh, I forgot that Stan actually tells Kyle in no uncertain terms that he thinks Kyle’s holding out on him as a means of control! Oops! I think I speculated about that earlier, which renders all my “insight” completely useless. Oh well. The fact that Stan knows concretely that this is what Kyle is doing makes them both a little at fault here, as surely Stan is intelligent enough to figure out Kyle’s reasons. This has been about the marriage thing for a long time now without you having ever mentioned it again. Have you seen “Revolutionary Road” with Kate Winslet and Leo? Don’t bother if you haven’t, but it’s the same sort of deal. They kind of pick at each other; they say nothing about their real problems and focus instead on more trivial things. That’s the same fascinating aspect of Stan and Kyle’s relationship, and it’s really poetic and realistic and beautiful, the way you do it here.

God, between the sea foam carpeting and the lavender countertops, Kyle sure made some poor decorating choices! Bonus: I now use these same colors whenever I make houses for Stan and Kyle in the Sims. Damn you, Sekrit.

I love the quiet line about Kyle wanting a baby. I actually can’t tell you how much I love it. It makes me a little teary.

(Did you do the “million sea foam carpet fibers” line on purpose? You know, like the Towelie episode?)

I think it’s so charming how Kyle is the one who refers to Tweek’s situation as a life of “emotional abandonment.” If we needed any further evidence of Kyle’s own emotional needs, there it is—he’s projecting on Tweek, though not unreasonably. By the way, I love that whole scene. It concludes with an outright admission that Kyle lashes out at people when he’s feeling dumb. We needed to hear that by now. It reminds us that he’s human and he’s hurting.

Again with your Sharon and Randy. What can I say about them that you don’t already know? You keep them so consistent, hyperbolized in their (relatively) old age. Specifically, Sharon murdering vegetables and telling Stan to stick up for himself, because I totally think she’ll always be more of a man than her son. (It’s awesome that she’s still in touch with Sheila.) I like how we learn about Tweek’s parents in such an effective but not overdone way.

I double-checked this, and I was going to say that I felt a contrast between the Sharon-Stan conversation and the Randy-Stan conversation, but visually, they’re about the same. That makes it even more awesome. You get this distinct change of pace between how he talks to either parent. This might be because I think Sharon’s is more intellectually fueled, at least on the outside, while Randy’s seems succinct and basic despite being almost the same dialogue-to-prose ratio. Your command of rhythm is apparent between these two scenes. In his own way, Randy is very informed, in just the same way that Sharon is slightly oblivious. You made them perfect for each other because of their differences—a kind of balance that you maintain with every couple in this story. Well done.

(I had to look up Tom of Finland. Oh my god, Sekrit. What a great thing to reference!)

Finally, the whole permanent vegetative state thing has got to be a reference to Best Friends Forever. I love it when you do these rehashes of old official themes. The knowledge of Tweek’s ownership of the shop could not have come at a better place, because it has such weight after these when-X-character-dies scenarios, even with their comedic value. Stan stopping the car was, like, emotional punctuation. I totally felt him slam the brakes when I read that, if you get me.

I liked this chapter break so much on DeviantArt, and am so glad I read it there first.
Foodstamp chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
Okay, remember how I'm responding to the dA chapters? That is why you get too many reviews, and two out of the four are anon. Here is my response to part 2:

Your Butters is freaking wonderful. He’s amazingly, dopily in character, but he serves as a punch line for the whole story because he ends up being the normal one. Love what that says about the rest of the cast! Plus, I can totally see him riding his bike to town and taking in his rabbit to share with his students and eating delicious raisin bran. The way you tacked Kyle’s line into Butters’ introductory paragraph—“Oh, whatever”—managed to discredit his character and validate him at the same time, and it was super sweet how Stan thinks they should be paying him more (despite being horrified at the idea of wearing the same sweater as him). They say you should measure people by how they treat their lessers, not their equals, and Stan and Kyle are still likeable even though they’re higher on the totem pole. Amazing stuff, Sekrit.

In retrospect, Butters’ mention of his girlfriend comes a lot sooner than you’d think it would. In that way, we’re kind of forced to giggle about our own preconceived notions. But you still set him up so that Lillian is both an acceptable and endearing facet of 40-year-old Butters. Sexually active 40-year-old Butters.

I like how Stan had the reaction at this realization, having been frustrated by his sex deprivation since the beginning of the fic. Then, with the marriage issue, it becomes Kyle’s hurdle! Their microfight over the backrubbing kind of epitomizes their current relational status without being overly dramatic.

Sneaky, bittersweet few lines about their good old days. I saw what you did there. That was unexpectedly moving.

I never thought to rank rabbits below Pomeranians on a gay pet scale—I’ve, um, really never actually thought to make a gay pet scale—but you’re totally right. And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Stan and Kyle’s failing business is a perfect metaphor for their relationship. Every time they talk about the problems with the store, I have to pause to reevaluate what they’re saying in terms of how they’re doing with each other. Shit, I know I’ve said that before. But it rings very true. It’s also a great way to keep people interested in the antiquing…which isn’t boring or anything, but it does make all the mechanics seem that much more relevant.

Love it when Stan and Kyle compare the store to their baby. I don’t know if it’s a media myth or what, but unhappy couples in movies are always staying together “for the children.” I think of Stan and Kyle as doing the same thing. See? Who says men can’t have gaybies? This is subtle architectural mpreg or something, Sekrit, and it’s really clever.

The mention of the Indian burial ground was freaking fantastic, thanks. And “they preferred not knowing” sounds like a pretty good general statement for Butters.

I agree that Stan is more the type of person to appreciate things like sales and antiquity and history; it’s a quiet but effective nod to his being a more aesthetic character than his friends, canon. Stan writes the angsty poetry and says lyrical things. Kyle’s more no-nonsense, kind of a neutral. Both their stances on the antiquing make so much sense. I love that, like in the first chapter, Kyle’s stance on the antique shop is primarily dependant on his emotions toward Stan. I think this justifies the less positive aspects of his personality—the overreactions, the occasional irrationality, the sexual stinginess—because it proves that, sometime in his life, he was very willing to meet Stan halfway.

I’m interested how Stan knows for sure than sex as a relationship facilitator is a distinctly Male!Broflovski characteristic. He talks to Gerald or Ike? That’s a cool idea, because Kyle’s relationship with Sharon and Randy still seems strained despite its regularity. I like the Marshes as a difficult family to get along with. Sheila aside, I think the Broflovskis are actually more cavalier than the Marshes about a ton of things. Not many people seem to share that opinion, but that’s the feeling I get from this fic.

This is a great moment: Stan and Kyle tired after a day of work, chilling together on the couch. Stan wanted to hear Kyle’s voice is one of those understated sweet things that really emphasizes the quiet workings of their relationship. The fact that you work in nuance as well as generality is possibly my favorite part of your writing. (Have I said that before about something else? Whatever. You know I love it all.)

You’ve pointed out Stan’s cooking ability in various fic, and this portrayal really agrees with me. Perfect integration of Shelly in a small detail that could’ve been trivial. As Stan to his antiques, you are conscious of your characters’ backstories and family lives.

I’m kind of a sucker for Fosse, for whatever reason, and it somehow pleases me that he still uses VHS. Heheh. That’s gay. He’s gay.

Okay, about Tweek? He is really freaking adorable. I feel like the characters in this are all insanely strange in some capacity, and Tweek expends all of his weirdness in behavioral traits—which leaves him unusually (and endearingly) civil. You sure know how to balance these quirks, because I could see someone like myself epically fucking up everyone until they are completely unrelatable. The way Stan and Kyle react to his arrival is hilariously low-key.

I didn’t catch Tweek’s pill line the first time. Rather, I did, but I dismissed it. Good casual placement of that detail, because in all subsequent readings we can see that you were never being cryptic—the magnitude of Tweek’s disorder is still epic enough to be a plot twist without being a cheap emotional blow. (Heh, blow.)

The antique store is Craig’s leverage over Stan and Kyle. Tweek is Stan and Kyle’s leverage over Craig. I don’t know how to equate the two. This could either make Tweek seem like a more trivial part of Craig’s life, or it could again personify the antique shop as a loved one for Stan and Kyle. I interpret this in different ways each time I read.

Stan never quite gives Kyle an official go-ahead for the whole Tweek-as-currency plan, which I appreciate.

I’ll probably say this again, if I haven’t already, but everyone has crazy sex lives except for Stan and Ky! Poor Stan, getting hit over the head with this realization over and over. I’ve wondered sometimes about Kyle’s awareness of Stan’s frustration, and have decided that it is probably a selective ignorance on his part. I don’t think he’s withholding it just to be an ass. I do think he’s aware of it, though, maybe on a more subconscious level, because his desire for sex is so strongly related to his current feelings of romantic interest. When you think about it, that actually makes Kyle the more tragic, sensitive character! Weird!

(P.S. I like their clothes. The scene where they’re at home is conspicuously full of clothing descriptions, so of course, being me, I’ve decided that it is all very significant. Tweek donning Stan’s clothes is telling because it makes me think he’s the rational person of his own relationship—which not only makes Craig the Kyle, it makes Kyle…teehee. Fat. I see what you did there.)

I am so happy with the scene between Kyle and Tweek that follows, though. I think you needed to touch upon their interaction, and you did it in a way that really humanizes them both. They relate on some levels. You know how I overuse the phrase “different sides of the same coin?” This is kind of like that. But they’re, like…different coins with the same side. If that makes any sense at all. The way that they have some common concerns and opinions is great, especially because you present them through a mild debate in which neither really concedes to the other. It’s a very crafty battle of wills. They both come out of it stronger, and without making one seem like the “lesser” person. Great, great job.

Finally, Tweek was the first person to say he needed time away from Craig. Given how far this whole thing goes, that was probably the wisest choice ever. I think you know what I mean. Tweek needed to not be an unwilling participant in this ordeal, both to justify Stan and Kyle and to demonstrate a small but impressive presence of self-esteem. He shines here, and in every scene after. Thanks for not shafting a peripheral character in lieu of the big names. I’m sure Tweek would appreciate it, and so do I.
let's point out the obvious chapter 2 . 6/16/2009
So SO sweet. Gosh.
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