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live.small.joys chapter 35 . 8/9
This is amazing. I wish I had more words to articulate all the things I love about this story. I really want to thank you for it—- it’s just so well done. I really hope you’re doing well and are continuing with your very obvious talent. I would love more to this story— I keep checking in and hoping for a new additional chapter.:) Best wishes.
Alaia96 chapter 29 . 6/2
Its official….this is better than canon, its offical.
Alaia96 chapter 21 . 6/2
The first time I’ve ever liked Renee, amazing
Debbie Hicks chapter 35 . 1/5
then suddenly he Made me wear his mother's ring used my powers My mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts our minds are merging our minds are one and whole sharing a strangest alien thing a truth of my true heritage born with teenaged Ocampan ears was shell-shaped but ceremonially pointed but had regal slanted my walk was permanently altered as Mother shall be wife you never be husband we are Mated for life Edward what is she Vulcan long hair is rare in Vulcan women looks 17 is in fact 65 years old myself tried used my telepathic powers slowly intoned the words alien but extraterrestrial acting like T'Pau very gracefully firmly placed my fingertips then suddenly in a correct posture my mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts our minds are merging our minds are one a burst of energy an burst of shocking alien planetary ceremony freed her by released the pain was using the Vulcan mind meld was a telepathic Commnication a very powerful mind-ink was still working cured her of Royce's attack nuked good who turn you freaks with them pain with them/young ones with but aliens/Vulcans had a power to mind meld was a telepath by psionic but psychic touch nuked brought there she's not human from the planed Vulcan dead but her blood is Gaean forest green is a but religious pure but virginal chaste Vulcan holy but priestess's T-Negative like Spock so theirs good beheaded them you fourteen die screaming from here ripped into pieces good what not humans each three/them rest of is a Acolyte of Gol a priestess resided on Vulcan swears in the Vulcan language is fully time permanently fluent she's what 5.6 tall is not human can use her telekinetic abilities swears to Apollo is a Virgin Alice are you ok Adapted heals very strangely groan my head is driving me crazy no thank you please began using my telekinetic abilities was in my Spirit week robes flimsy loose egg-cream but snow white with Vulcan jewelry was in fact around my neck clasping on the wrists well-groomed but straighten longer hair in a coif ringed bangs swirled sides swore to protect them Exposed my pointed ears and regal slanted eyebrows my feet in sandals thanks Mom from Light Years gracefully was more lithe was very more than elegant moving began hearing from Science class a movie Bells yes it's from Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock from the home and their own as all of them of as all of clothes made a boon to Hestia swearing he was very tall but muscular madam he had manners you dare give orders to a chaste but virginial Vulcan priestess two one young other older much older Sir! yes, crap listen punk it's a ringer oh no he paled of muscles of our executor he's so handsome me he's very sexy oh my god Bells I Need your sage counsel pardon myself acted coldly he's taken who is she with her mate It's a ceremony going on what it called Fal-Tor-pan refusion on who Captain
Spock Child of Solkar Child of Skon proclaiming loudly in a very sharp voice gasp oh my god What a priestess the guards were on one knee hi down here myself spoken the Vulcan language fluently where she learn to speak their language it's old and ancient so her brother they are carrying' him hi Paul this school is great guess Sis Breeding bugs ugh they are so disgusting these kids are young good lord they were gone holy cow Edward yes Welcome to Vulcan it's an arid planet see this Mount Seleya Momma Mia he was built a lot of human girls found him attractive he noticed me in these robes were for women pardon Reldai we searched for help for medical what do you dare address me Meet my kitten breed American shorthair tabby he squealed a sneeze exploded two blew their own noses ugh it's her kitten what is he Saint Bernard he's cute The next day is Galaxy High day yes this cartoon is retro oh man over here I Will be waking up out of bed living on an Asteroid meeting herself pressed on it let's see Pluto hey Bells yes Bree thanks better wear a coat his classroom is freezing below zero an most Alien teacher made of ice holy planets that will be bone-chilling and speaking in a German accent groan working at Luigi of Italian food Strom's brain clicked on food he was hungry A-hem her brown eyes darted at her mate oh meeting Booey and Glida she had the best but worst but wildest gossip from here yikes good god man almighty holy Moses Rose then it ended so the next day myself in these movie from help of Paul well Alice see this gasp fantastic futuristic clothes He noticed how beautiful a spit crap some spirit week no way pack hi there whew thanks Bells for driving me by aircar lifting from NASA Yes oh no not that he went white of him, muscular tall Stacey notice how powerful a friend oh watch it Rachel he noticed how gorgeous she was a womanizing Werewolf like Captain James T Kirk always flirting who is that drop dead beautiful woman oh really oh yeah gulp he swallowed Paul watch your manners on him sorry Aunt yes that is some cartoon Sammy sorry busy sis that's our brother cool sis got to breed Martian ants Yikes oh my word sis goodness Alice from help no way taking from her Bella that is some hairdo from Archie 3000! gracious heavens to Betsy her baby kitten rested in a cat carrier what are reading cat murder medical mysteries yes herself blushing a red color we have an announcement we are going where boldly no one gone before vacation as all of them start packing but in your RV's, you now live full time huh Aunt just eating, she has a stomach to crunch honey that is some leave ceremony the child was busy sorry Dad we are going Camping then suddenly what a doozy of this no way Jose' gracious me oh my Excuse me pardon me it's my kitten easy boy he was still wiggling his tail then it happened leaving Forks for Rye in a campground based on Star Trek T'Vel giggling merging with theirs with theirs suddenly nuked freely but was huge but larger rooms for us/them were traveling it nuked freely more monstrously then as all of them all of bodies both vanished good dead but trapped in Rye by now in a gated campground never return but they are forbidden to live good Blew up then too late as all of couples it's night again but as all of them snoring caused Commander Strom to eat like this.
Freelook chapter 35 . 1/4
A truly great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Happy New Year. Hope you are good and healthy.
Freelook chapter 26 . 1/3
Great chapter. Thanks for posting it.
butterfingers11 chapter 35 . 12/8/2022
Please come back and finish this! Love this story, I’m dying here!
Vanella chapter 35 . 10/20/2022
I know you completed this fic over a decade ago but I have never read it. Heck, I don't even know if you will read this review.
I saw that it was on hiatus which usually stops me from reading further, if at all. This was a fabulous story once Bella got past her Jacob friendship. Never am a fan in any Bella/Jacob fiction. How you wrote the characters and their interactions kept me reading. Edward still tried to do what he thought was best for Bella but this Bella was a bit more mature and called him on his BS.
I think where you stopped writing is perfect. Thank you.
Paradizei chapter 11 . 8/12/2022
The Batman quote is so full-circle
Violet Belikova chapter 33 . 7/2/2022
I’m reading! And so nervous that there are only 2 chapters left
live.small.joys chapter 1 . 2/9/2022
I love this. Please update:) Thank you so much for sharing and posting it.
kenyatta.harmon0516 chapter 1 . 2/6/2022
UntitledEnder chapter 13 . 1/15/2022
Lol sweet Jesus. I wanna take a drink every time they say they don’t drink in this chapter.
fireflylaane chapter 1 . 8/25/2021
After I started this I could not put this fanfic down I finished it in an afternoon way too good brooo
fireflylaane chapter 1 . 8/25/2021
Can I just say that this was SOOOOO DAMNNN GOOD?!
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