Reviews for Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary
The Indigo Spirit chapter 21 . 9/27/2008
Another AWESOME chapter! I really really really look forward to reading more!
Lauz1 chapter 21 . 9/27/2008

Right there, wide eyed, opened mouth with a mixture of shock/awe. Bella's condescending nature towards herself really brings out Edward's best side. He opens up more with her, letting little pieces of information out. So my want to slap some sense into Bella and her self depricating ways were pulled back because of Edward's reactions.

Ah *sigh*

Another perfect chapter, though I dont know why I'm surprised. Your writing has a constant, steady flow and always leaves the reader pining for more. And for that, damn you and your better than Stephenie Meyer ways! Hehe.

If this is the calm before the storm then half of me never wants the storm to come but the other half is so curious as to what the storm will bring. Who will it bring together? Who will it tear apart? Will there be anyone left standing? What will be revealed? Haha, so many questions.

Always awaiting an update (which I've noticed happens Saturday morning - well my time anyways. Damn UK hours be damned)

Laura :)
harlequinwrds chapter 21 . 9/27/2008
Can I just say that if this chapter is a "calm" before the storm, then I wouldn't mind if you wrote everything in that sense.

This chapter was enjoyably intense. The angst and the electricity between Edward and Bella at lunch was flying right off the screen.

It was amazing.

I truly enjoyed this chapter and am pretty much falling off my seat at this point awaiting to see what is in store for them to get exactly where they belong.


Thank you.

As I stated previously, this is my favorite new fan ficiton.
JulyPie chapter 21 . 9/27/2008
This chapter was awesome, I thought you did Renee really well, you added a lot of depth to the character.

Also, Edward was as always fabulous. You put a lot of detail into the description, like saying he was tracing the lines on his palm, and it made it really realistic and you could really get into the moment. So in short, go you!
purplerebecca chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
Oh, this is wonderful. _
darcy13 chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
Spectacular chapter. Bella's voice rang so true in this chapter. She truly articulated her emotions and fears just like a teenage girl. She knows what she needs and what she wants, but hasn't a clue how to go about getting it. I loved when she talked about being overly cautious and compared herself to Renee's throwing caution to the wind. Who finds happiness? It's usually the person who is willing to risk and throw caution to the wind.

Here's the line that is truly telling-"Edward knew me, each and every part; no matter what I did, I could never hide from him." There's really nothing else to say.

Great story. Love your Bella. She's so real and true.
jbluvs2sing chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
Once again your chapter didn't disappoint. I really appreciate how you are true to the characters that Stephenie created. I get so sick of reading the stories that have them together almost instantly. I like to see that Bella struggles with her decision to love Edward...that she is worried about hurting Jake...she's real. Thanks for writing this.
GinnyW 31 chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
Yes, it's angsty, but this chapter is absolutely amazing. I can feel Bella's struggle and I feel her the ache in her chest and I know the way that she feels for Jacob and also for Edward and I know how easy it is to make that 'smarter' choice... But she wouldn't be happy.


This is nicely done, powerfully written, and I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Thank you.
AmaranthineSomnium chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
You bloody made my weekend. :) But I have to be perfectly honest and say that this chapter DID disappointment me. Greatly. Why? Because it ended. Again. I could gush on again, like I do every chapter, about how I love this story. But let's face it, I think you know by now how great a story it is.

I love how each chapter just *makes sense*. The reasoning and is amazing. I love that Bella finally gives up and calls Renee, and how Renee uses that as proof of how different this love is. To be honest, I do think that Bella loves Jacob. There are a lot of different kinds of love, and Bella and Jacob share just one of those. But the love that Bella and Edward share is a different kind-the kind of love when you truly understand the person, heart and soul. It is so much more than just friendship or passionate love. It's the connection that people search their whole lives for, the one that makes any other love pale in comparision.

I don't think that Bella would really feel the need to "get away" so much as there would be something inside her telling her that this mundane life isn't what she is supposed to have. All roads, in my opinion, lead to Edward. For Bella, he is that something that we all find ourselves searching for, some of us not quite sure where it is we are going or what we are trying to find.

This is a great chapter, with some fantastic insight. This story makes me smile, even when it leaves me hanging.
abovetheserpentine chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
i loved Bella's realisation at the end. i think you portrayed Renee to a tee! i REALLY love this story, it's magnificant. i think i like your Edward better than Stephenie's! haha. good work, keep it up, and update as soon as you can! :)
Edward-dazzles chapter 21 . 9/26/2008
I am definetly not dissapointed! I absolutely love this story. I think you do an amazing job with each and every character! Keep up the good work and PLEASE update soon. Can't wait to read the next chapter! ]
hot 101 chapter 20 . 9/26/2008
I LOVE your story!.I just found it a couple of hours ago and I just couldn't stop reading!.Its very, very well written and I get so cought up in your writing style!.And very original! its rare to find an original fan fic these days LOL:).I'm loving the build up to the relationship that Bella and Edward (hopefully) have!.To me the chase is the most interesting part to a story! not that I won't it to be to much longer until Bella breaks up with Jacob LOL but don't get me wrong, I still love Jacob, but Edward is just...le sigh...:).Ok, Ok, I'll stop rambling now LOL;).

P. pumpkin part...So sweet! that was one of my favorite parts!.
crazyfan4SS chapter 16 . 9/26/2008
love your story...had it bookmarked but postponed reading it due to it catergorized as angst/romance (i steer clear of these stories cos i hate the feeling you get when reading it)- but so many ppl reccomended this fic- i had to see what this was all about- and so far so good...i love how slowly edward and bella's relationship is forming..(but when is it going to develop soon! im getting impatient! lolzz) im team edward all the way (lets leave it at that since i dont want to bash jacob too much... lolz)..keep up the good to read more (prefer your chaps ur characterization as well..thinnk this is the most spot on character story i have read!
kellsouth chapter 5 . 9/26/2008
Sweet! Carlisle...

I love how canon, yet original, this story is.

And what a cliffhanger! I won't get to pick this back up until late tonight. Blast! But you've definitely given me something to think about...
kellsouth chapter 4 . 9/26/2008
O.. this is getting even better! I have so many questions, but I guess since I'm still catching up, I'll just keep reading and maybe get my answers. :)

Great writing!
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