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Drogan3454 chapter 27 . 10/22
Here we are after 30 minutes of crying like a baby with a rash.
Beautiful simply beautiful. The fact that they never got together in canon really pissed me off but bravo...bravo
KB chapter 47 . 10/16
Oh my lord. The beginning of the chapter...You had me going there, you really truly did! Whew! Thank God for Sev's pragmatism!
I am just so in love with this fanfic right now. Severus is turning out to be a... superb soul. Someone with a good heart. We already knew that, but to see him putting his hurt and pride aside...*clutches chest* IT MAKES ME HAPPYYYYYY!
HatakeQR chapter 47 . 10/15
Thank you for the update!
I began to see the old Sev in this young Sev; the qualities i admire the most. The confidence, the calmness, the determination, the willingness to take responsibilities and to do what is right, and the undeterred love for Lily even when being with her is a completely uncharted territory to him. And the good thing is, he won't be miserable like his old self - he has Lily now, and his Lily loves him and says it out loud. He is so much luckier than his old self.
It is so much joy to see them together like a normal couple! They wanted to be with each other more than they wanted to breathe and sometimes I just wish they can become one so they don't have to suffer from being apart.
Hope their collision is not coming too soon!
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 47 . 10/14
waddiwasiwitch chapter 47 . 10/14
Another excellent chapter.
lipasnape chapter 47 . 10/13
powerful, painful story.
FelixFelicisWriter chapter 47 . 10/13
I just wanted to say that you're writing skills are stellar. Really, I found this yesterday and I only stopped to sleep. I have finished reading this chapter now, and let me tell you that this is one of the best snily stories ever, I swear.
I love the way you portray Severus (he is never OOC, and it is something difficult to do). I also adore your Lily (she isn't a saint, she is grey, and that makes your fanfic even better). Their relationship has developed slowly but realistically, and even though it's taken quite some time for them to get together, the moment they did it was even more satisfying.
Thank you so much for writing this piece! It is a gift :) I hope you continue this amazing story and update it soon ;)
Guest chapter 47 . 10/12
I love the new twist on Severus' new "job". I'm really curious how he will go about his new identity. Thanks!
evangeline15 chapter 47 . 10/12
They are so cute together ... for more chapters like this haha! I know the news of the existence of harry will be a bomb, I hope severus not been depressed again haha...and I hope read you again soon too! Thanks :)
Stephair chapter 47 . 10/12
Loved this chapter. Love your story. Hope to see more soon (especially where Lily explains how she fell in love with Severus in the first place-I'm sure he's not objecting, but he's got to wonder)
NessL chapter 47 . 10/12
This was a lovely chapter!
Thank you
Guest chapter 47 . 10/12
mas muy buen cap
bal chapter 47 . 10/12
You make my day with the new chapter! Absolutely fantastic chapter! I love the way Lily and Severus talk to each other, and make a plans. I am looking for the next chapter!
tatewaki2000 chapter 47 . 10/12
I like this chapter ;)

Yay. Ty for sharing!
chicaalterego chapter 47 . 10/12
Yesss! Finally! Now they are dating!
Sev and Lily sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G., kissing!

I look forward to more :)
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