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Gduih chapter 1 . 12/2
I like this fanfic, but Dumbledore being evil is not ok with me and the part about conceiving Harry. It is really makes the whole płot down rated.
Ikonograph chapter 16 . 9/28
Jesus Christ every part of this fic is so wildly creepy. The fuck is actually wrong with you?
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 55 . 9/15
Good story! I would have preferred an epilogue, but that is just my opinion. Well written and thought out.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 54 . 9/14
Meh, I was hoping James would die a hero or something. These last 3 chapters have had me a bundle of anxiety. I'm not sure how why it is taking Snape months to figure out the nagini anti venom when it only took like a week 7 years later when Arthur Weasley got bit? I guess because plot?
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 50 . 9/14
Umm she could have obliviated him? I still can't believe that she has been researching immortally for 8 years and hasn't figured anything out yet.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 33 . 9/14
Man I don't know how to feel about this chapter. I have always been of the opinion that Harry Potter is the only one who can actually fulfill the prophecy, not because of fate but because of the circumstances leading to his being marked. It is unlikely that Neville could have been because no one was begging for the life of his parents. So for my opinion, if Harry isn't the boy who lived than the prophecy just goes unfulfilled and Voldemort must be beat another way. And I really hope this does not turn into one of those stories that takes like 20 years for Lily and Sev to get together.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 31 . 9/14
So she saved Peter, the one person nobody cares about. Well hopefully that is the first of many. Too bad about Sirius and Remus.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 26 . 9/14
Hmm I had a thought about this. I have been wondering this whole time if when Lily goes back she will go back to the same night, or 6 months after she left. I thought that was impossible because in December of 79 she would already be pregnant. But then I thought about the Outlander series and I realized that this could be a very reasonable explanation of "Snape is Harry's biological father". So now I'm really curious how this will go down.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 25 . 9/14
This chapter hurts a little. I hope Lily realizes that she should not trust Dumbledore! Honestly Harry not being born is probably the easiest solution. Plus what is she really going to go back to a man she realizes that she doesn't love just so she maybe has a son she does want? That seems hard to swallow.
Chelsea Greenwell chapter 10 . 9/13
I have a feeling if you keep walking in the veil you can time travel, but it is designed that you will stop. And if you stop you will stay and die. Sirius was stunned so he stopped and died. Also Lily is so dense/naive to never figure out that Sev loves her and not platonically.
HelpmeHermione chapter 9 . 6/21
I love this line: The only thing worse then the world like this is the idea that someone wants it to be this way.
Ausre chapter 55 . 5/29
After reading and enjoying your story I can only say thank you!
It was amazing. Al characters were faithful to the original. You didn’t turn James into a manipulative monster or Lily into a “ saint with good girl complex”.
Snapes Dialoges we’re also very accurate.
It amazed me that at some point I could not predict what was going to happen next and even the universe had turn so strange or new, the characters had already trapped me and I had to keep reading until the end.
Only Dumbledore was a but twisted, but I understand that you needed a villain.
So thanks a lot for making me enjoy so much.
konji3024 chapter 55 . 4/4
This is the best sevlily fanfiction I've read. Especially in the end. Great work and I hope to see more!
lucy chapter 11 . 4/1
Gidgit2u chapter 55 . 2/25
I started reading this yesterday and couldn’t put it down! This is the story of Severus and Lily I’ve needed and never found until now. Normally I find Lily put on a pedestal but you’ve made her REAL! And you didn’t shy away from that with any of the characters. Mad respect! Your characterizations, the canon yet so much more than canon richness, the theology, SEVERUS 3, how you played with time in such a realistic and unique way… Dumbledore at his most manipulative and psychopathic….all of this story’s amazing twists and turns incredibly told and bound with your fantastic storytelling. So much love for this story! Thank you for writing it :)
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