Reviews for Neighbourhood Idiots
ShuraShura chapter 1 . 7/19/2008
lol nice x3
Crimson Vixen chapter 1 . 7/16/2008
Hurrah! Review time! (cracks fingers) and this'll be a perfect warm up - after this I'm going to try to review all the other 7 or 8 that I owe reviews to. Ohoho I'm just so terrible when it comes to reviewing on time, don'tcha think?

Anyway, set in winter, eh? I think its BECAUSE of the summer heat maybe that you wrote this - I was at Cedar Point yesterday and it was so hot there and everytime I saw someone with a drink or ice cream, well... I've never craved a drink so much in my life. I think its normal to wish for summer in the winter, and winter during the summer, etc etc, and maybe it carries through your writing... Or maybe I'm jsut rambling. That could CERTAINLY be the case.

Mahh even the first paragraph, very wonderfully descriptive. Lol but I lawled pretty good at the way is rolled into the shouting. Such a break into the silence, eh? It was great cuz I'm like, all calm and picturing it in my head and it just shattered at that line. ...And then the imagery grew even better at the things you were making those noisy neighbers do.

Btw I LOVE the POV at that first part. It's very interesting to see it through someones eyes like that, before jumping to our boys to see what's REALLY going on, lol. Its funny cuz at first I'm like "oh they're dealing with annoying people" and then I realize it's THEM. You should see the dopey smile on my face, cuz it all just fits like that.

Poor Kazu. He ALWAYS seems to be the butt end of the worse dares, doesn't he? Getting locked out? It's so sad and you feel so bad for him, but then when Ikki is thrown into the mix it always just seems funny instead. And OMG the thought of a hand just shooting out to grab the hat and then Kazu being lock out and laughed at is just making me wriggle in my seat. I love you Blizzy, I really do.

I feel so bad for Kazu, tho, still, you know. The poor thing is the easiest and most satisfying to pick at, I think, cuz his reactions are so pure and raw and fun to write and see. But you must admit, after what they did to him (and by saying they I'm sure I mean mostly Ikki), I'd be screaming and pounding at the door too. I think that's what Kazu gets tho, when it comes to doing ANYTHING to prove himself to Ikki, even if its just a dare.

To make it worse, Kazu, much like myself (at least in the way I see him) is a freezebaby (why else would he wear all those layers!)

Even his knee lift hopping is funny to picture, specially with his um (cough) situation. Why is that kid so fun to torture?

Lol Oh and Ikki you dog you, just staring at the kid in this state. But in the end, that's really why we love him, isn't it?

I do like how Kazu is able to stay so fuming mad while he's so shivering cold. No matter what it is, in some way, he's always trying to show Ikki what he can do! lol or mebbe thats just me. OMG a half an hour thats utter torture! He'll get sick! Eeghh! Blizzy yer so mean but its in such a cute way that I'm conflicted how I should feel.

Oh, LOL, only ten mins. Well I'm sure in Kazu's state it would SEEM like a lot longer. Ah I bet Ikki's hand on him felt like heaven - even the slightest bit of heat must feel wonderful. Its a plus that its Ikki. Touching him. lawl. But oh Ikki, 'you are cold' he's good at stating simple things that piss other people off. I actually giggled thinking "uh, ya think!"

Leave it to Ikki to not see the severity of his little pranks, tho. Again tho, I think its one of the things we enjoy about Ikki. And Kazu too, even tho he'll never admit it.


OH NOES! Down into the snow! Just when I thought the poor thing couldn't get colder, and he was in the clear! But I guess with all the factors, its hard to say what caused it, but Ikki is there, and easy to blame.

I am VERY fond of the line "Ikki, you are the DEVIL!" lol, I can so see it and hear it in my head. Bah the way you described it all tho, I'M starting to get chilly with how cold Kazu dear is. And Ikki, a tru devil indeed, just watching. Laughing. I love him. I can very clearly the way Kazu's eyes look, in the way you described them, awesome work there. But I absoluely melted, SQUEELED like a stereotypical fangirl (and lets face it, it happens to the best of us) when Ikki grabbed him and apologized.

What a sweetly placed kiss, and oh Kazu, how can you deny him? Kazu must feel so greedy and needy with Ikki's mouth being so warm, and it must be a nice contrast of cold and hot, I'd imagine. I do like tho, how you made sure to keep Kazu reminding himself that he should be pissed at Ikki, even though he enjoyed that kiss.

I really hope that Kazu DOES lock Ikki out for a while, to get even, but something tells me that either he won't, or he won't do it for very long. And omg I just love the ending, jumping back to the neighbors for a fitting end.

Blizzy I was honestly going to try to crit you and such but I can't find ANY to crit! I love this to pieces and you are AWESOME for writing it.