Reviews for Nightmares
bls123 chapter 43 . 6/26
This was amazing! I honestly don't know if there was anything I didn't like about the plot, story, character portrayal, or anything. To top that off, you're an amazing writer, and it was nice not to be completely put off by grammar mistakes or spelling errors. I throughly enjoyed it! (((hugs)))
anishasrikar chapter 9 . 6/25
I really love this book! It is amazing and I love how you've stayed true to their characters! Especially Draco, who we all may love but we must never forget that he's a cocky and obnoxious brat lol. And he can't magically become all heroic and nice. Thank you so much! This is one of the first fanfics I've read where Draco is in character! This makes it so much more real! Plus you're so amazingly talented and creative! This reminds of 'Nightmare On Elm Street'...the hooded figure being Freddy Krueger...damn that movie scares me Shitless
SlyffindorMarauder chapter 26 . 6/24
Is it pointless to review even though you're done with the story? :P because I sure hope not. All I'm saying is... I don't want to stop reading it! Its a lovely story for certain and I've never read anything like it. Most people make Draco the weaker one and its so cool to be able to see the typical roles reversed. Thanks for being an awesome writer! :)
Whitehowler chapter 8 . 6/20
This is a really interesting book or fanfiction whatever you wanna call it
Whitehowler chapter 6 . 6/20
This is a great chapter your story is actually more than 20 chapters long this story is by far my favorite so far
Guest chapter 6 . 6/20
AliieKattz chapter 10 . 6/19
This story is really good! Most the time DracoxHarry fanfics it's like it take 2 chapters then there all fluffy and mushy but not in this fic and it's a lot better keep up the good work!
Moonphaselover93 chapter 17 . 6/18
Love this drarry fic! It is my OTP and I am happy people believe in the ship. Olive that you made it super long how are you supposed to get the whole story in just to chapters right?
Emma58720 chapter 43 . 6/14
Ahaha the loveeeeee! I could read this story a MILLION times again and I would still be as beautiful! Gripped me right from Chapter 1 and I've been like "OMG DRARRY FTW " Since they found out the fact that Draco was the only person who could comfort poor Harry ;-; Love dis so much. Thanks you
Emma58720 chapter 19 . 6/13
Omg! The love During the kissing scene, I was listening to a song called Turn Up The Love and it really set the mood. LOVING the story so far thanks so much for posting
Guest chapter 43 . 6/9
This was so ugh, I couldn't stop reading. Those cliffhangers just drove me crazy, but I'm lucky you completed it all so all I had to do was click next. Your an amazing writer. Keep up the good work, now if you excuse me, imma go check out your other fanfics.
Sophie chapter 43 . 6/7
I'm kind of speechless, I can't even express how bloody amazing this fic is and how much I fucking love it! xxxxxxxxx Just soooo much love! THANK YOU
Sophie chapter 19 . 6/7
God this is so amazing! You develop the story and the relation between Harry and Draco sooo well! xxxxxxxxx And you're right, slash in a thunderstorm is the best!
Gleas chapter 43 . 5/30
Now for Dean, Seamus and Neville to find them in bed... snuggling... cute... yeah... XD! I loved this fic soo much :D Thanx for sharing it with the rest of us
Gleas chapter 41 . 5/30
poor Draco
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