Reviews for Not Crazy, Just Unwell
XxxwhenxturtlesxflyxxX chapter 4 . 5/26/2009
no offence, but i'm getting a little tired of the

"I hate my life and everything and everybody in

it mood." I mean, seriously, maybe one or two chapters of it, but not like FOUR! Skip time.

Don't waste all of that space with songs that

people don't know (like me, b/c i'm very

musacally handicapped) because it is really a-

noy-ing! AT LEAST MAKE A GOOD BELLA! not a

suckish personality one! uugh! that just annoys

that h3! out of me! GAH!

Ok, I'm done with my rant!

I loves ya!

juktunm chapter 6 . 3/23/2009
I love this stroy. Please write more when you can.
friendsrox12 chapter 6 . 3/21/2009
i kinda feel sorry for sean, but not really. edward and bella are to cute together
WickederThanYou chapter 6 . 3/21/2009
update sonn!
puppypower149 chapter 6 . 3/19/2009
y did u stop there. it is so good. i hope you continue this story. i dont want this story to stop. its very good. oh and UPDATE
thename'spigeon chapter 6 . 2/27/2009
omg...i cannot believe u just left us hanging at the good part...

but i need more...its like an addiction of some sort. loll :D
Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku chapter 6 . 12/24/2008
I thought this was Bella/OC If bella does fall for sean then you might as well just replace jacob with sean and called that your story!
Msvampirewannabe chapter 6 . 12/22/2008
I love this please update soon.
Miz636 chapter 6 . 12/20/2008
Aw! More for this story as well. I feel bad for Sean, but I want to know what happens next!
iceblueguitar chapter 6 . 11/23/2008
it made me cry :(( aw,edward
lifeisawesome chapter 2 . 10/22/2008
um... yeah, sorry.


Watch your POV! You keep shifting from first to second point of view. Do not do that! You do it in your other stories,too.

But good plot. Another thing, your lines and sentences run together too much. Good luck.
Aliya Regatti chapter 6 . 10/13/2008
Isabella4ever chapter 6 . 10/9/2008
great story update fast
Cumberbatch-has-a-Sexy-voice chapter 6 . 10/4/2008
Thank you. I cant wait for it to continue.:)
All.The.Pretty.Corpses chapter 6 . 10/3/2008

So... *thinks* So... romantical! *bursts into sobs of joy literally*
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